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10-10-2004, 11:56 PM
okay folks, the final chapter of my series that will involve the entire roster. starting next week, i will write 2 stories. should be very interesting. i just wish WOW would air on tv already. according to their website, they were supposed to be on TV in the fall. well, it's fall and nothing yet. i will keep checking. anyway, remember characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com WWE Divas at www.wwedivas.com GLOW characters at www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/7076/ Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com Terri Gold at www.heatherlee.org and David Mclane at www.davidmclane.com enjoy this chapter!

"i...i dont believe it! i just cant believe it..." Bronco Billie said.

"i know.....Billie, i am going to miss you...." Beckie told her with her voice cracking.

"we've been through so much. i cant believe David would break us up like that..." Billie said.

"we're like sisters....we have faced so many challenges together and now, one of our own is going away..." Terri said, then hugged Billie.

"look at it this way..maybe in the new brand, you can dominate that place. maybe you can become a champion yourself. you really deserve it..." Beckie said, wiping a tear from her eye.

"i just want one thing...." Billie said.

"what is it?" Terri asked.

"i want you two to make me proud and keep those championship belts. let the tWo that us WOW girls are the best. i know you two will do it because...*sob* you two are the best friends a girl can ever have...." Billie cried.

"oh Billie...." Beckie said hugging her.

"you're a special person Billie. make us proud. we will see you again at the pay per views. you can do it.." Terri cried.

the women then did a group hug and let the tears flow. since the inception of WOW, these three women have been very tight. they faced many challenges and hardships together and their friendship only got stronger. after they finished hugging, Terri excused herself as she had to get some air.

Terri began to walk through the hallway in the backstage area and made it to a buffet table. she wiped away some tears from her eyes as she was really going to miss Bronco Billie. she poured herself some water and began to take long, slow drinks.

"well, well, well. it's the LUCKIEST woman in the world...." a voice said.

Terri turned around and her face turned to disgust as she recognized who it was. "what do you want Lana?"

"nothing chump! by the way, why are you crying? PLEASE dont tell me it's because your little sidekick is going over to WOWF!!!" Lana whined.

"Lana, not now. i'm not in the modd to hear---" Terri tried to say.

"Terri, you are so DAMN LUCKY!!! Mclane must really like you!!" Lana told the champ.

"okay, i'll bite. why am i lucky?" Terri asked.

"because Terri Chump! the one person who can beat you is going over to the WOWF!!!" Lana replied.

"who's that?" Terri told her sarcastically.

"why ME of course!!!! Terri, that belt is mine! you stole it! that's why Mclane split us apart. he KNOWS if we were to face again, i will take MY title back and embarrass you again!!!" Lana screamed.

"embarrassed? last time i checked, werent you begging for your life and admitting Jungle Grrl is better than you? what's it like to be HOGTIED by the way?" Terri laughed.

"you think you are so funny!!! enjoy your time here in the WOWE. i hate to say it, but i know Hollywood will humiliate you again and you will be an ex champ again. as for me, i WILL be the 1st EVER WOWF champion! goodbye Terri Gold! one day, i hope you visit a plastic surgeon because you are one......UGLY...woman!!!" Lana laughed as she walked off.

Terri looked at Lana walking off and shook her head. if there was anything good that came out of the roster split, it was the fact that she would never have to hear Lana's whiny voice week after week.




the sound of Spanish music played on the loudspeakers and the crowd cheered as Caliente made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in her orange top with orange shorts and her orange boots. she danced to the beat and the crowd cheered her every move. now that the roster was splitting, Caliente knew she was going to have more opportunity. she knew tonight's match was huge and if she could win, it would give her momentum and make her a serious contender in the WOWE. she made it to the ring and danced further. she had a good feeling about this match as she knew her opponent wasnt used to being tickled. Caliente liked this advantage and couldnt wait to exploit it.

the music of Gail Kim played on the PA system and the crowd booed as the Asian wrestler from the WWE made her appearance at the top of the stage. this was Gail Kim's first match in WOW and she was pumped on the inside. now that she was going over to the WOWF, she wanted to win her first match and prepare herself for possible championship gold. she snarled at the fans who tried to touch her and she made it to the ring. she looked at Caliente and laughed. Gail made sure she studied tapes of the competitors here in WOW and knew about the "craze" in WOW and laughed about it. to her, hurting someone was a lot more fun. but if Caliente even tried to tickle her, Caliente was going to pay a price.

the bell rang and the two women locked up. Gail showed her strength and shoved Caliente to the mat. Gail then flexed her bicep and taunted Caliente. Caliente got back up to her feet and shoved Gail. Gail swung wildly and Caliente ducked. Caliente then kicked Gail in the midsection and DDT her. Gail laid on the mat and Caliente went for the cover. 1..........2......KICKOUT. Caliente then pulled Gail up by the hair and threw her into the corner. she then followed up with a clothesline and Gail was only standing up because the ropes held her up. she laid in the corner reeling. Caliente then looked at Gail's belly and decided to try her luck. she twekaed Gail's ribs and Gail let out a giggle.

"someone's ticklish arent they?"" Caliente laughed.

she continued to tweak Gail's ribs and Gail kept giggling. she has never been tickled in a match before and now that it was happening, she felt like a little girl. she tried slapping Caliente's hands away but Caliente kept tickling. soon her fingers went to her belly and Gail shrieked. Gail, out of desperation got out of the ring and tried to catch her breath. she heard the crowd laughing at her and Caliente pointed at her and laughed. Gail got really upset and slid back into the ring. Caliente waited for her and when Gail stood up, Caliente kicked her in the jaw. Gail laid flat on her back and Caliente went for the cover. 1........2........kickout. Gail barely kicked out and Caliente sighed. she then looked over Gail's body and saw her boots. Caliente smiled as now it was time to see if Gail's feet were ticklish. Caliente rolled Gail over on her stomach and grabbed her ankle. she began to unlace the boot and finally removed the boot. Gail moaned in pain, then also realized her boot was off. she started to squirm as Caliente peeled off her sock, exposing her barefoot. Caliente grinned ear to ear as she stared at Gail Kim's bare foot. she saw the medium length toes and the pale sole. the skin looked awfully tender and Caliente wasted no time in tickling.


Caliente continued to rake her nails up and down Gail's soft sole and the fiesty Asian woman exploded in laughter. Gail frantically reached for the ropes and Caliente tried to hold on and kept on tickling. Gail knew her feet were really ticklish and she had to get free. she stared at her boot that was laying in the ring and reached forward. she was a few inches away. Caliente dug her fingers between the toes and Gail shrieked again, but her hand made it to the ropes. the referee told Caliente to break the hold and Caliente reluctantly let go of Gail's ankle. Caliente then tried to grab Gail's ankle again, but Gail kicked Caliente in the knee and Caliente howled in pain. Gail got to her feet and pounced on Caliente. she grabbed Caliente's ankle and twisted her leg in such a way, Caliente resembled a pretzel. Caliente howled in pain, but the way Gail had her ankle, Gail started to easily pluck away Caliente's laces. Caliente felt her laces coming undone, but there was nothing she could do. Gail had her in her clutches and there was no escape. Gail was intent on baring Caliente's foot. she got the laces undone and easily removed the boot. then she casually peeled away Caliente's black sock and laughed.

"so, tickling my foot was fun huh? well, i see some lint on your foot. let me remove it...." Gail laughed.

Caliente felt Gail's fingers picking away the lint on her foot which sent ticklish sensations through her body. then Gail wasted no more time and began to scurry her fingers across Caliente's sweaty tender sole. Caliente began to cackle away and couldnt even move her foot due to Gail's hold. she was in pain and now her foot was being tickled. Gail smiled as she knew there was no escape. she began to tickle the soft undersides of Caliente's toes and Caliente let out a loud laugh that could be heard throughout the arena. the referee asked her if she wanted to quit and when Gail tickled in between her toes she tapped out wildly. she couldnt take it anymore. the bell rang and the referee raised Gail's hand in victory. she smiled as she looked at a still giggling Caliente. Gail knew she had some momentum going into her new "brand". she sent a statement that she was going to be a force to be reckoned with.


"Chyna, what's wrong?" Hollywood asked.

"i'm still pissed i lost to Terri Gold. that title was mine!" Chyna replied.

"dont worry about it. look at it this way, when the WOWE starts, Terri has no help. no outside interference from the Glamour Girls, just the tWo and Terri Gold. Beckie is a joke. Riot is still your slave. Lita, she's decent, but she wont do a damn thing. there is NO ONE and i mean NO ONE that can stop us. that title will fall to us. it's just a matter of time...." Hollywood smiled.

"i guess you're right. but, now that Sable is gone, what are your plans?" Chyna asked.

"well, Chyna. honestly i plan to go back after MY title. because of that tramp Sable, i havent been able get a rematch. ever since Terri Gold cost me my title by submitting to Lana, Mclane kept me out of the title hunt. then Sable has been in my hair. look, i know you want to be champ too and if you win, i'll be happy. but i want my title back. you feel me?" Hollywood asked.

"yeah, i feel you. either way, the title comes back to the tWo. there is no way Terri Gold can survive this..." Chyna said.

"now it's time to watch Poison humiliate that moron Beckie. she stole George's belt, so Poison, rough her up a bit. teach her that winning that Continental title is the worst mistake she could have ever made.." Hollywood told her.

"no problem Hollywood. after i am through with Beckie, all that's going to be recognizable of her is a giggling pool of goo...." Poison laughed as she hi-fived the other members.

BECKIE, the Farmer's Daughter (WOW Continental Champion)




the music of the NWO played on the loudspeakers and the crowd booed as Poison made her appearance at the top of the stage. Poison reveled in the boos as she walked down the ramp. dressed in a silver top with black shorts, black sheer nylons and black boots she made her way to the ring. Poison was confident especially after what she did to former friend and tag team partner Ice Cold at SCORN. she smiled as she remembered shaving Ice Cold bald. now, she was going to humiliate Beckie. Poison got inside the ring and thought about what her mission was. to punish and humiliate Beckie.

country music played and the capacity crowd cheered as Beckie, the NEW WOW Continental champion made her appearance at the top of the stage. wearing her bandanna print sleeveless top with her cut off blue jeans shorts, her white wrestling boots and the blue strapped Continental belt was wrapped around her sleek waist. she was grinning ear to ear as this was her first match as a champion. she soaked in the cheers as a career goal of hers was accomplished. winning the Continental Championship was the biggest accomplishment of her career. she was close to winning the Tag Team titles, but always fell short. she decided to dedicate this match to her partner who was leaving to the WOWF, Bronco Billie. she made it to the ring and held her belt up high to the fans. suddenly, she was attacked from behind by Poison.

the bell rang and Poison began to punch away at Beckie. she then threw Beckie against the ropes and clotheslined her hard. Beckie moaned in pain and got back to her feet. Poison scooped up Beckie and slammed her to the mat. Poison then dropped a knee to Beckie's chest.

"YOU'RE the champion?!!! you are nothing but a JOKE!!!" Poison screamed.

Beckie moaned in pain as Poison once again pulled her up by the hair, then suplexed her. Poison taunted the crowd and kicked Beckie while she was on the mat. she pulled Beckie up again, but this time Beckie punched her in the stomach and quickly DDT Poison. Beckie rolled her over for the pin. 1..........2........KICKOUT. Beckie then pulled Poison up by her hair, then threw her against the ropes. Beckie then connected with a dropkick and Poison then hit the canvas and rolled out of the ring. Beckie pumped her fists. Poison rubbed her neck and then got back on the ring aporn. Beckie met her over by the ropes and flipped Poison in over the ropes. Poison then began to plead with Beckie but Beckie kicked her again. Beckie then scooped Poison up again and slammed her. Beckie then got to the second rope and dropped a knee. Poison rolled out of the way and Beckie yelped in pain as her knee crashed into the mat. Poison wasted no time and put Beckie in the figure four leglock. Beckie howled in pain as Poison continued to apply pressure.. Poison then smiled at Beckie as she began to unlace the boot. Beckie noticed this and tried reaching towards Poison. Poison only applied more pressure and Beckie screamed again. she was helpless to stop Poison from unlacing her boot and pulling it off. Poison then rolled the sock off and Beckie's foot was exposed.

"oooooooh!!! a pink sensitive foot! tickle tickle tickle!!!" Poison taunted.

Beckie exploded in laughter as she felt Poison tickling her sole. Poison held the toes back and attacked the taut sole. Poison liked how soft the foot was. it was very tender and seemed extremely sensitive. Beckie closed her eyes and tried to block out the ticklish sensations. Poison then revved her fingers rapidly on Beckie's foot and Beckie's eyes bugged out. she then began to reach frantically for the ropes but Poison attacked her toes. Beckie reached further and managed to grab the ropes, but Poison wouldnt let go. she continued to apply pressure to the figure four, trying to snap Beckie's leg and tickling her sensitive foot at the same time. the referee warned Poison to let go, but Poison refused. the referee made his count, then disqualified Poison. the bell rang, but Poison still tickled Beckie's foot. Beckie laughed harder and harder and started tapping the mat. the referee tried to get Poison to break the hold but she still refused. she wanted Beckie to suffer and continued her toe tickling. Beckie was in complete ticklish agony and her leg was in severe pain. this was part of Poison's plan to try to incapacitate Beckie and get her ready for George. the crowd continued to boo as Poison made Beckie howl like a laughing hyena. Poison dug her fingers deep into Beckie's toe crevices and made Beckie cackle wildly.

then the crowd started to buzz as someone started going through the crowd. the mysterious figure made it out of the crowd and went into the ring. the person wore a hat and a trench coat, but the crowd cheered as they saw the long silver boots. Ice Cold then whipped off the trench coat and pounced on Poison. Poison was startled to see Ice Cold and let go of Beckie. when Poison got to her feet, Ice Cold sprayed something in her face and Poison hit the ground in pain. Ice Cold then grabbed a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Poison's hands behind her back. then sitting on her rear end, she grabed Poison's ankles and began unlacing the boots. she got the boots off and stared at the sheer nylon covered soles of Poison. Poison still screamed as her eyes were stinging.

"now laugh for me bitch!!!" Ice Cold screamed.

Poison screamed in ticklish agony as she felt Ice Cold's fingers racing along her nyloned soles. Beckie got out of the ring and gave Ice Cold a "thumbs up". Ice Cold continued to attack Poison's soles and Poison was in hysterics. then Ice Cold stopped. she then got up off of Poison and got on her knees and put her face in Poison's.

"you BITCH!!!! did you think i was going to forget what you DID TO ME?!!!!! you took my HAIR!!!!" Ice Cold screamed as she removed her hat.

the crowd murmured as they saw Ice Cold's bald head. her head was shaven and Ice Cold had a maniacal look on her face. she then reached into the trench coat's pocket and pulled out a pair of scissors.


"SHUT UP!!! it's only pepper spray!! now that i finished tickling those feet of yours, time for me to take a present. since we are no longer going to be in the same group anymore, i decided to take your HAIR!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Ice Cold laughed.

"DONT YOU DARE!!!!!" Poison screamed.

Ice Cold then snipped off some of Poison's hair and stuffed it in a sandwhich bag. she was about to snip some more, but Disciplinarian, Mystery, Daffney and Vine ran into the ring. Ice Cold got out of the ring and ran into the crowd. the crowd cheered as Ice Cold held up some of Poison's hair as the rest of the tWo screamed back and freed Poison. Poison was livid after having some of her hair cut, but Ice Cold laughed. since this was their last time together in the same building, Ice Cold got herself a little revenge......


"Well Stephanie, Debra. what a show. next week, Women Of Wrestling will embark on a new adventure. i am sure the two of you are up to the task." David Mclane asked.

"Dont worry David, WOWE is going to be the most exciting brand of women's wrestling ever!!" Stephanie boasted.

"that may be so, but the WOWF will have the best quality!" Debra laughed.

"ladies, i am sure BOTH of you will do a great job. i know the fans will enjoy it too....." Mclane said with his trademark grin. "TO A NEW BEGINNING!!!!!!"



okay folks, how did you like this show? next week, i will attempt to write about two organizations. i hope you enjoy what i have planned and remember your feedback is always welcomed.