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Ok, so im not over it yet ;) Im sure all other sox fan on this board have similar feelings! So, in honor of our beloved sox, i decided to express my baseball obsession in a new way :D

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this story is F/M!!!

That's F/M!!!

Like i said before, there has been some confusion at other times about this, so, this story is F/M!!!! If that is NOT ur thing, simply click the 'back' button on the browser, please. Thank you.

Now, for those of u who wish to continue-

Please, forgive the typos, i did this w/o a spell check program, lol, so it may be rough at times. And as usual, all characters atr 18+, yadda yadda, it's legal ;) All characters are made up- the teams are made up- i think that about covers the legal disclaimer part, lol

Ok, hope u enjoy the story, and let me know what u think!

~clair :D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

John Ramond swallowed hard, swinging his bat once more nervousally, and stepped back into the batter's box. He kicked some of the dirt up with his cleats, adjusted his hands, and got into his typical stance. The count was already 3-2 against him, and the stadium was roaring with Wolverine fans, all on their feet. The bases were loaded, one walk, two hits, but there were also two outs. Cody Rudder, the day's starter for the Wolverines, was still in, about to complete his first game. He was going to win it, too- unless Ramond, the power hitter on the Tornadoes, could hit one over the fence.
Rudder's piercing green eyes were glaring out calmly from under his baseball cap, the rest of his face covered by his glove. The rookie was the team's nasty little secret, and basically the only good thing they had going for them. While he was a young man, only twenty-two years old, he already had a reputation for being the 'perfect' pitcher, as this was only his sixth appearance.
Quickly, in true 'Rudder-style', Cody wound up and threw the ball almost directly at Ramond. It was his signature fastball, as everyone, including Ramond, would quickly figure out. Ramond instinctively jumped back, but made the mistake of trying to swing the bat at the same time. By the time he had straitened his arms out in front of him, the ball was safely in the catcher's mitt, making a 'thwack' that seemed to echo though the park, even over the voices of the screaming fans.
"Strike three, you're outta there!" the umpire boomed, exaggerating the appropriate hand motions. Ramond let the bat fall to the ground, bewildered, as the Wolverines made a dash for Rudder. Cody was soon cheering along with the, and threw his hat into the air with the rest of the team. The Tornadoes had lost their single-hold of the first place spot, and it seemed that the Wolverines would most certainly be going to the play-offs instead of them, if they lost one more game. The two teams were, after all, now tied for first.
John finally leaned down to pick up his bat, sneering at the happy Rudder the entire time. "I'll get you back" he growled under his breath, "You just wait."

"That was DISGUSTING!" Harry Flank, the coach for the Tornadoes, screamed at the young men in the locker room. "I've seen some poorly played ballgames, but this has GOT to be the WORST and most DESPICKABLE one that Iíve ever seen! What the hell happened out there? Do you NOT want to go to the playoffs? Is that it? And you expect to EVER make it in the MAJOR leagues?! Or even the fuckin' minors?! ANY of you?! Huh? Do ya?"
"Geez coach, we're sorry but-" Graham Kelly started in, starting to take off his catching equipment.
"SORRY!? Sorry?! You boys are SORRY?! The hell you are, do you understand me?! Now you listen up and you listen fuckin good- especially you, Ramond! If we lose one more game by even so much as a fraction of a point, I'm talking to the general manager and getting you ALL kicked off my team and out of the league! Out of this SCHOOL if i have to!! We will NOT lose our first place lead! I donít give a fuck if this is only college baseball! And I'll be DAMNED if I see any of you pussies make the cut! I WILL keep you from the draft, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!"
A soft murmur came from the young Tornado team, all in some sort of agreement. With that, Coach Flank ripped off his navy blue jacket and threw it at the team, then threw his arms into the air and stormed out of the locker room. "PUSSIES! All of ya!" he screamed one last time as the door shut behind him.
A collective sigh of relief could be heard a few seconds after the exit of their coach, and some of the young men actually began to smile and chuckle.
"He sure does get himself worked up about things." Graham said, shaking his head and finishing taking off his gear. He was covered in sand and dirt from head to toe, but it didn't show up much due to his ruddy complexion.
"Sure does." Hank Duquette, the second baseman, replied, opening his locker. "I mean, we played our asses off out there."
"Yeah, and we coulda had it." Justin Reid, the red-headed right-fielder said sourly, "If it wasn't for the damn Rudder kid. In the whole game. Damn, I never seen anyone in college ball that can do that- hell, I've barely seen anyone that good in the majors!."
"We coulda won it, too." Danny Franco, the team's closer, sighed. "Bottom of the ninth, the bases loaded..."
"Full count!" Hank chimed in.
"Hey, don't blame me." John exclaimed, pointing his finger at Danny. "You saw that fastball."
"Nah" Rick Hemply, the center fielder, laughed, "We didn't see it, that's just the problem. That thing just goes too damn fast!"
"It's like a flash." Justin said, "He must throw at least two hundred."
Mike Langlin, the third baseman, looked up. "Get real."
"Im serious!"
"He's a man, not a miracle." the twenty-five-year-old left fielder, Johnny Bauzinkfski, chucked.
"He is a miracle- for the Wolverines."
"Damn it Justin!" Graham exclaimed, throwing his glove into his locker. "Did ja HAVE to bring the name of those fuckers up?"
"Well, I didn't-"
"Only our luck, damn it! I can't believe that we're tied for first with what was once the LAST PLACE TEAM!"
"Don't remind me..." John grumbled.
The first baseman, Teddy Planklis, slammed his locker shut. "Damn the whole thing, there ain't NO WAY we're losing to them next time."
"You know Rudder's gonna be in for it, right?" Hank signed, plopping down on the bench.
"Naw..." Grant Young, a starting pitcher, said "He pitched tonight, how can we face him again?"
"Because we have two more games to play, and so do they." Chris Uriona, another starter, pointed out. "Not to mention our series with the Marines. That makes five games, so unless he gets hurt, Cody Rudder will be pitching in our fateful last game."
Micky Harris, a rugged-looking reliever, was unlacing his cleats and laughed. "Well I'll be damned, he's right."
"Aw hell." Teddy sighed, throwing his arms into the air.
Johnny laughed, running a comb through his sandy-blonde hair. "We better pray he gets hurt between now and then!" Justin walked up behind him and slapped the comb out of his hand.
"Stop trying to be such a pretty boy." he growled. "You're turning twenty-six this Friday, act like it, will ya?"
"Hey- anyone know any hit men?" Graham asked sarcastically.
Hank smiled widely, "We could really use one right now."
"Sure." Rick laughed, stressing his already heavy Italian accent, "My uncle, he knows some guys who can do business with yous."
"How much does he charge?" Teddy asked, lifting an eyebrow.
"For you, a blow job and a bowl of spaghetti."
"Very funny Hemply."
Micky threw his bag over his shoulder, slamming his locker. "Well boys, im out for the night. Have a good one."
"You too man" Mike replied, and the rest of the team just nodded.
"Ya know..." Micky continued, obviousually not satisfied with the team's farewell. "I may not know a hit man, but I got a cousin who sure as hell's got some connections..."
Now he had their attention.
"Yeah?" John asked, looking up at him, "How so?"
Graham sighed loudly, and Hank placed his hands on his hips. "Don't tell me you're actually serious about this crap Ramond!"
"What if I am?"
"You're nuts, just fuckin nuts!"
"He's right" Teddy chimed in, "You hurt a damn hair on Rudder's head and get caught.."
"You'll be expelled, just for mentioning it" Johnny stated, throwing his towel at John.
"At least listen to Micky" Grant protested.
"You gotta be kidding me..." Graham sighed.
"Shut up will ya?!" John yelled at the boys, then turned his face back to Micky. "What connections?"
"Just connections man." Micky replied calmly, not sure he still wanted to say anything.
"He in the Mafia or something?"
"Aw- she?! Bullshit. Get outta my face, Micky."
"Hey, don't kill the messenger here my friend."
"Yeah, get outta here Micky." Teddy sighed, "It's a stupid idea, what fuckers we are to even consider it."
"A girl..." Grant sighed, "That's bullshit, why the hell do we keep you around Micky?"
Micky laughed, "Cuz im the best damn reliever in this league!"
"Yeah yeah yeah, that's bullshit too..." Rick laughed.
Dick held up his water bottle. "I'll drink to that!" he laughed.
"Fuckers..." Micky laughed under his breath, and left the locker room.

John Ramond finished lacing up his Nike's and looked around the empty locker room one more time, sighing. Last home game till the make-up with the Wolverines. After that, done for the season. Depressing.
He swung his bag over his shoulder, hit the lights, and locked the locker room door behind him, starting out into the empty parking lot. He walked only a few feet to his car, opened the door and threw his bag inside. It was then that he noticed the red Jeep Wrangler sitting a few hundred feet away, parked in the shadow of the scoreboard. Micky was sitting outside of it, flipping through a magazine. John walked over.
"What are you still doing here?"
Micky looked up, startled, and laughed. "Flat tire- can you believe that? Looks like someone slashed it, too."
"You can't change a tire?"
"Need a spare to do that."
"And you don't have one?"
"Why else would I still be sitting here?" he asked sarcastically, raising an eyebrow.
"Oh." John stuck his hands in his pockets. "Well....do you need anything? Call a repair man or something?"
"My girl's got AAA. Already called them- they said a half hour, and that was 45 minutes ago."
"Good ol' AAA." John laughed, "Want some company?"
"Eh, you gotta get home to the girl..."
"No i don't, we been broken up for almost a week. Ive got no where to be."
"Sorry man."
"No great loss, ya know? Besides, saves me money."
Both guys laughed, then grew silent. John sat down next to Micky.
"Nice night, huh?"
"Can't complain." Micky smiled, then laughed. "Are you trying to hit on me? Make small talk?"
John shrugged. "You could say that- honestly, Im just trying to get you in bed." Both men laughed again, then grew silent.
Micky shook his head. "Damn Rudder, huh?"
"We shoulda had it tonight."
"Hell yeah."
"I don't know what it is...the guys just can't hit off him."
"I know" John laughed, "I'm one of 'em"
"We could have the series....we probably will."
"Not if that fucker's pitching."
"We COULD do something about that though..."
John just laughed. "Ah, shut up, will ya Micky? There's no way some girlfriend of yours-"
"She's my cousin, man!"
"Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. She's a girl, not a hit man."
"Who says what we need is a hit man?" Micky asked, raising his eyebrows.
John just stared at him for a few seconds, almost in disbelief. "You're serious about this."
"Dead serious."
"No it's not. I want to win, John. I've been in this game a lot longer than you have, im getting too old for this bullshit. It's now or never for the majors. If I don't make it this year, I'm done. I'll be too old- they might as well take me out back and shoot me."
"Micky, first place isn't gonna get you a spot in the big leagues.."
"It sure as hell will give me a better shot. I NEED this, John. Can't you see that?"
John looked at Micky again for a long time, amazed by the serious look in his eyes. He laughed softly to himself, shaking his head again.
"We can't, Micky- we can't hurt him, you KNOW it'll come back to us..."
"Not necessarily..."
"What do ya mean?"
"Are you serious about this?"
"Just tell me-"
"No, John. You gotta be serious about this, cause what Im gonna tell ya is gonna seem pretty ridicules. But Iím dead serious, and it WILL work. If you're not 100% into this idea, than we might as well not talk about it."
John was quiet for a few seconds, then nodded slowly. "Alright, Harris, what have you got in mind? What can your cousin do for us?"
"Well, it's not actually her- like I said, she's got some connections."
"We won't hurt the little bastard- the idea is just to scare him a little. Let him know who's in charge."
"No matter what we do, if that little fucker tells anyone-....he can screw us over."
"No, trust me, he won't."
"Oh yeah? How? How do you know he'll keep his mouth shut? Won't he know it's us?"
"Just trust me, alright? All we have to do is get him to fall into a simple trap."
"A place....our locker room, maybe. If we can just get him to go in there..."
"I don't know...before the game. A few hours. The day before. Maybe-...I dunno, maybe during a practice."
"Won't his team need him?"
"That's our part- we have to plan all this out, and make it so no one misses him."
"And my cousin's friend can take care of the rest."
Micky looked around unsurely for a moment, then leaned in closer to John, and spoke softly of his plan. At first John looked at him like he was crazy, even laughing a little. But as Micky went on with the plan, he became more and more serious, and suddenly, Micky seemed like the brightest guy in the world. John laughed softly when it was all over, shaking his head. "You're nuts, Harris! Fuckin nuts! But ya know what? It's fuckin' crazy enough to work..."

John walked up behind Micky slowly, still dressed in his street clothes. "Hey." he said, grabbing his shoulder. Micky jumped a little, smiled.
"John..." he said, stepping back, "I'd like you to meet Michelle- a close...personal...friend of my cousin."
Standing next to Micky was a cute brunette, with deep brown eyes, a killer smile, and a body to match. She was dressed simply in faded blue jeans, a tight fitting black t-shirt, and a baseball cap. John politely extended his hand. "Hi." he smiled.
"Hey" she smiled back, shaking his hand. Her hands were small, along with the rest of her body. She nodded to Rudder, who was warning up on the pitcher's mound. "That him?"
"Yup." John replied, not wasting any time, "That's our man."
"He's cute."
"He's a bastard."
"I wouldnít worry about him." Michelle smiled, then nodded to Micky. "I'll be right back." With that, she started towards the bleachers, swinging her hips as she went, her long brown hair swaying with each step. Since the Tornadoes were only practicing, only a few random college kids hung around in the bleachers, barely even paying attention to the field. Cody was currently warming up as the rest of the team went through standard drills in the outfield. Michelle took her place along the fence, in front of the belchers, obviousually studying the rookie.
John shook his head, glancing nervously at Micky. "He's cute?" he asked sarcastically. "Don't tell me she's one of those girl. Is she really going to go though w/ this?"
Micky just laughed, holding up his hands. "I wouldn't worry about that man..." he chuckled, "she not exactly into his type....actually, she's not into any guys at all, if you know what I mean."
John raised his eyebrows. "Are you serious? She's doesn't seem-!"
"Yeah, tell me about it, a waste of a perfectly good chick..."
"So why the hell is she up for this, then?"
"She's a kinky little shit!" Micky laughed out loud, "Don't let her fool you....she lives for this stuff....or so my cousin tell me"
"So wait, does that make you cousin-"
"I donít want to talk about it, man."
"'Nuff said." John replied, turning his attention back to the field.
Only a few more minutes passed before the relievers came out to the mound, ready for their own warm-ups. Cody nodded to them and jogged off, headed towards the locker rooms. Michelle turned towards the boys and turned her cap to the side, smiled, and started towards the stands. Micky gently nudged John. '"That's our cue."
"What is?"
"Her. C'mon, don't look at any of the other players."
"What...where's she going?"
"Don't worry about it, man. Let's just go. She's got it from here."
"Um...alright..." John replied unsurely, almost tripping on the wet grass..

Cody took a deep breath before splashing the cold water on his face, then pulled his cap back on.
"you can do this..." he whispered softly, trying to sound as confident as possible, "you know you can. One more game..." he reached for the towel in his gym bag, "...and it's over. Just one fuckin more game..." He took another deep breath and wiped his face dry, then slowly let it out. He smiled, laughing at himself. "God, calm down Rudder...the game's still twenty-three hours away...just caaalm down..."
It is said that most baseball players are extremely superstitious, and Cody Rudder was no exception. He went through the exact same routine before every game, even every practice, whether he played in it or not. He found this routine was a necessity since he got so nervous, and talking to himself was one of the only ways he could calm down. So far, it had worked well, which explained why the team never really questioned any of his quirky actions. They were simply glad he wasn't one of those who refused to wash his socks for the entire season.
After he wiped his face, Cody sat down on the bench, resting his head in his hands and taking a few slow, deep breaths. He looked up at the mirror, then chuckled softly to himself. He looked like a shmuck. He was unshaven and his brown hair was a mess, mainly from being under a hat for the past few days. it was getting longer, there was no doubt about that- he ran his hands through it and laughed at the fact that it could almost stand up strait in the air. His sharp green eyes added to his good looks, and he could easily pass for being classified as the 'rugged, all American' look. He was a typical rookie college ball player- only twenty-two years of age, an eager sparkle in his eye and spring in his step. He lived for this.
A few more minutes passed before Cody lazily stood up, taking another deep breath. He looked around the room and decided it was time to head back outside, a few more warm up pitches couldn't hurt. He glanced in the mirror one last time before leaning down to pick up his gym bag and stopped short. A movement. he swore he saw a movement in the background. Cody spun around, facing the lockers.
"Hello?" he called unsurely. There was no response. "Heeelllloooo..." he called again, his voice echoing. Still nothing. He looked back in the mirror, trying to figure out what he just saw. After a minute or so of starring in the mirror, he laughed softly. "Nutcase..." he chucked, "Jumping at shadows....god am i overworked...." Cody gave the lockers one last glance, then leaned down to pick up his gym bag. As soon as his hand grasped the handle, he heard running footsteps, not even ten feet away. Cody tried to spin around as quickly as he could but lost his balance and stumbled a step backwards, tripping over the bag.
"Shit!" he exclaimed as he fell, his head barely missing the open locker door behind him. His eyes flew open as he hit the ground, immediately scanning the room for the source of the noise. Only this time he realized he wasnít jumping at shadows. the forms of two large men now stood over him, both wearing nylon stockings over their heads, baseball caps, and sunglasses. They were also dressed in dark gray sweatshirts and jeans, almost looking identical.
"Holy shit!" Cody yelled, 'What the-"
One of the guys quickly reached out and grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him to his feet. Cody felt like a rag doll in this man's hands, hoisted up like he weighed less than five pounds. The other guy swiftly grabbed Cody's wrists, as if they had practiced this exact procedure, and pinned them behind his back. Cody tried to cry out in pain, but the first man had already covered his mouth. Cody tried to twist and kick, but it didn't seem to make any difference as they pinned him against the wall. The two men snickered, and the second man let go of Cody's wrists. However, the first man was quickly able to repin them, keeping the rookie helpless. Cody suddenly heard a tear, than another, and a long piece of duct tape was slapped over his mouth in replace of the first man's hand. A similar piece was used on his wrists, taping them together.
"Mmmmmmmm!!!" Cody screamed from behind the tape, still trying to kick the two large men. They both snickered again, and one of them yanked Cody away from the wall, pushing him roughly towards the other exit door. Cody almost fell flat on his face, but the other man caught him and practically carried him the rest of the way to the door. With one strong push they threw him out, and only seconds later he found himself stumbling into the visitor's locker room. Cody heard the door lock behind him as he fell to the floor, still yelling from behind the tape.
The lights in the room were dim, but other than that, everything looked exactly the same. The two men were locking the door, then turned and smiled at Cody again. One of them leaned down and roughly picked up the rookie by the front of his shirt, then half dragged, half pushed him towards the far wall, beneath the bat rack and behind the bench. Cody continued to struggle the best he could, but was no match for the two men overpowering him. The were quick with their actions, as they freed his wrists, then quickly repined them, this time by the sides of his head. They each ripped off another piece of tape and rebound his arms, securely fastening them to the bat rack. His hands, clenched into tight fists, were almost parallel to his ears and about a foot away from them. For safety, the men also took another piece of strong tape and secured them over his elbows, locking his arms in place.
Next the men each grabbed one of his ankles and pinned them, about three feet apart, to the low bench in front of Cody. It wasn't far enough make him sit uncomfortably, but it wasn't close enough for him to be able to wiggle his way out. His cleats twitched, trying to escape, but his efforts soon proved to be useless. Cody was stuck, and even using all his strength, he couldn't as much as budge the duct tape bonds. The two men stood next to one another, admiring their work, then simply left the locker room, locking the door behind them.
Cody struggled a few minutes more, still moaning and crying out from behind the tape. Did they intend to leave him here the whole game? Was this someone's idea of a sick joke? He had to figure a way out, but the more he struggled, the more tired he became. Realizing this, Cody let his body relax, not wanting to hurt himself in any way which could affect the game. That was the last thing he needed.
He turned his attention towards the dim room in front of him. There was noting unusual around him, and the only sound was the steady drip from the shower. He tilted his head as far back as he could, looking up at the ceiling from under his low baseball cap. No cameras. He wasn't being watched, which is something that any kidnapper would probably want to do. But, why would anyone try to kidnap him? And leave him in the visitor's locker room? Wasn't that a little bit obvious? Maybe....maybe his team was playing a joke on him, trying to loosen him up. A last hurrah. Somehow he seriousually doubted that, but it didn't hurt to hope.
Five minutes went by, then ten. Cody was starting to get nervous. This was a really sick joke. He was starting to sweat, and he could hear the ticking of the clock in his team's locker room. How long were they going to leave him here? And...who were THEY? Wouldn't someone have come by now? What if they really were going to leave him here? What if-
Cody's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the unmistakable sound of a footstep behind on of the lockers. It echoed for what seemed like forever, the sound of a high heal on tire floor. It had come out of nowhere- had someone been back there the whole time? Cody's heart started to race as he heard another slow step, and a shadow suddenly appeared on the floor from behind the blue lockers. Another step. Another. Cody tried to cry out, but was still silenced by the tape. Suddenly, the sound of a young woman's voice filled the locker room.
"Whatever Lo-la wants..." sang the voice, softly and seductively, "...Lo-la gets..."
Now a woman's red high healed foot took a step out from behind the lockers, and a hand with long red nails reached it's way around. Slowly, sexily, the young woman pulled herself around the locker, still singing the softly. "And little man...little Lola...want you." Now she appeared in full, her long brown hair sweeping in curls around her face, her short red dress pulling sexily at her hips. Cody's eyes grew as big as golf balls- was this a nightmare or a fantasy? The young woman took another step towards him, a stream of light falling directly on her green eyes, illuminating only them.
"Make up you mind to have..." she sang, and took another few steps towards him "....no regrets...." She now reached out and gently touched his cheek, "...recline yourself, resign yourself...to me."
Her ruby red lips smiled in a sexy, seductive way as she gently caressed his face "Cody Rudder..." she giggled softly, "My my my, you are quite handsome, aren't you?" Cody simply stared back at her, not sure if this was even reality anymore. He swallowed hard. The young woman laughed.
"How rude of me- i forgot to introduce myself. My name is Michelle-...et-hem.....Lola, for our purposes" she said with a smile, "and I have been hired by some....fans....of yours....to cut a bit of a deal. Let's not beat around the bush, shall we?" She took a step back and sat on the bench, crossing her long legs in front of him, her right hand only inches from his bound feet. "I understand that you're quite a ball player, Mr. Rudder. And I also understand that you will be starting in tomorrow's game. Is this true?"
After a few seconds, Cody managed to shakily nod his head, still not sure what this woman was doing here. Michelle smiled.
"Good. Now, I have a bit of a proposition for you. You see, I've heard nothing but good things about you on the field, Number fifty-five. Especially against the Tornadoes. It's quite impressive, if I do say so myself- single handedly taking down the top team in the league. Unfortunately for you, however.....I am a BIG Tornadoes fan. Let's get that out in the open right away."
For the first time since she had appeared, Cody began to sense trouble.
"So here's the plan: you blow tomorrow's game- give up a few runs...four or five at least...simply allow them. My boys can take care of you guys defensively, im sure of that. I just need you to allow the hits. Easy enough. Understand?"
Cody just stared at her in disbelief.
"Ah..." Michelle laughed "I can tell by that horrified look in your eye that you're not quite convinced. Well...allow me to convince you, Mr. Rudder..." she giggled, bending over so she could kneel on the floor beside him, getting very close to his ear. "Either you give us the game - or Iíll force you to." Cody's head snapped sideways, looking at her eye to eye now. That smile crept back onto her face, and she started to giggle again. "Wonder how I'm going to force you? How nice of you to ask. Well, I'll tell ya. It's simple- I'll just exhaust every last bit of energy out of you. When I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk out of this room, never mind pitch in a ball game! I realize that you have twenty-four hours to rest, but believe me, you wont be recovered in time, even if you were playing next week."
Cody was still blankly staring at her, trying his hardest to cover up his fright. He felt that he was in much too much of a compromised position to start any trouble, and even the slightest twinge of emotion on his face could give away how scared he really was. Michelle stood up.
"wonder how I'm going to do that?" she asked sweetly, walking around the bench, her eyes never parting with his. "It's actually quite simple." she placed a hand on his left cleat. "You're not ticklish, are you Cody?"
Cody's stomach dropped as his eyes popped out. Was she kidding? This couldn't be real.....
Michelle started to unlace his cleat.
Cody tried to stay calm, desperately thinking of ways he could get out of this. He was just secured so tightly...the thought of being tickled had never crossed him mind, but now it seemed so obvious. She couldn't do this to him, this had to be illegal, this was insane-
She took his shoe completely off, her eyes locked once again with his. His eyes were pleading, while hers seemed to be laughing. Michelle just smiled that same smile and ran a long red nail up the bottom of his socked foot.
"Coochie coo..." she taunted softly, and Cody squeezed his eyes shut. His breathing picked up and he clenched his fists. 'Don't let your toes twitch...dont let you toes twitch...' repeated over and over again in his head. And for that one moment, he was able to keep his calm. Michelle tilted her head in curiosity.
"No?" she asked, placing the palm of her other hand on his toes and bending them back. "Maybe this will help..." She then sloooowly dragged a long nail up the bottom. Cody tried to control himself again, but lost the battle. His entire body jerked as she reached the dead center, and he cried out against his will. Michelle laughed.
"Just as I suspected!" she giggled, allowing all five of her fingers to tickle his socked foot, causing him to erupt in ticklish laughter. ďtickle tickle tickle..." Cody squirmed and fought against the bonds but they still didn't budge. He felt suddenly more helpless than he ever had in his entire life- he was trying as hard as he possibly could to fight the sensations, but they took him over in no time.
As Michelle tickled one foot with one hand, she began removing his cleat with the other. Only seconds later her nails were madly tickling both of his feet, doubling his laughter.
"oooh, I like this! Let's just take off these socks now..." she laughed, reaching up under the bottoms of his baseball pants. his green striped socks had been pulled up all the way to his knees, but with one swift movement she yanked them both off, exposing his even more vulnerable feet.
'NO!' Cody tried to yell out, but it only came out as a muffled "Mmm!!"
"Coochie coochie coo!" Michelle teased, again tickling the soles of both feet. Cody was laughing even harder now, his face turning a light shade of red. Beads of sweat trickled down his temples, and tears started to form in the corners of his eyes.
Michelle teased his feet for another ten minutes, bending the toes back to tickle the bases (clearly the most ticklish spot on his feet) and dancing her nails up the ticklish soles. "This little piggy went to market..." she giggled, grabbing his big toe and tickling the base, "...this little piggy went home..." she said as she tickled the next one. "goochie goochie goo! Aaw, the big bad baseball player doesn't like his toes tickled, does he? Aw hunny, whatís a matter? C'mon Cody, what's wrong? Tickle tickle tickle! Coochie coo! Haha, coochie coochie! Now, this little piggy had roast beef....you like that? Kitchy coo! This little piggy....this ticklish, wigglie little piggy....had none! And THIS little piggy......I bet you know what's coming next!" she exclaimed, bending back his toes again, "THIS little piggy went weeweeweeweewee!" she began tickling his toes like mad again, causing Cody to scream from behind the tape. "All the way home!"
Michelle violently tickled his feet for another five to ten minutes, but it felt like years to poor Cody. He could barely breath behind the tape, his face was turning red from laughing. His entire body seemed to collapse when she finally stopped and started to walk around the bench again, squatting down next to him. Cody was rapidly panting for air, but his eyes remained wide and locked with Michelle's. She simply smiled at him, gently touching his cheek w/ the her finger tips.
"So..." she said softly, "Have I convinced you yet?"
Cody just stared back at her, in absolute amazement. How could she be saying that? After everything she had already put him though...
"No?" Michelle asked, raising her eyebrows. "Still need more convincing?"
Instinctively Cody began to shake his head and squirm. Michelle giggled, reaching out and grabbing his shirt, pulling herself towards him.
"Whatsamatter, hun? Scared of a little more tickling?"
Cody shook his head again, this time more violently, crying out muffled pleas from behind the tape. This only brought more laughter from Michelle, standing back up and straddling him. Cody wiggled and squirmed, but still couldn't find a weak spot in the tape. Michelle crouched down again, this time on top of him.
"Hmmm..." she teased, "I wonder if you're ticklish anywhere else..." With that, she dug her nails into his armpits, making him scream that loudest yet. Within two seconds his face turned beet red as he howled.
"haha!" Michelled laughed, "I guess so! Coochie coochie coo! Tickle tickle.....hehehe, you like that, don't you?"
Cody was screaming with laughter, desperately trying to bring his arms down. He could barely breath, his mouth was so tightly covered.
Michelle suddenly smiled with a new idea.
"You know what? This tape just isn't working for me....I wanna hear you laugh!" With that, she reached out, grabbing the tape by the corner and ripped it off. Painful as it was, Cody barely seemed to notice and gasped for air, panting like a fish out of water. It took a few seconds before his weary eyes looked up at Michelle, once again meeting her gaze.
"Y-you. ....<cough>...bi-itch..." he started, a certian hate in his eyes forming like a storm cloud.
"Haha! He speaks!" Michelle exclaimed, clapping her hands. "Not let's hear some laughing, huh?"
"I'll...k-kill yo-" Cody started, but was quickly cut off as Michelle dug her nails into his ribs, causing him to errupt with laughter. "-ou- NO! Naaaha! Nahahahaaaa! Noohohooooooo! No Plheeeezzzeeee! N-...n....not t-ther-heare-heare! NOO!! Ahhhhahahahaha! No! Nahahahahaaa! Hahaha!! HAHAHA!"
"Music to my ears!"
"HAAAAAAA! No! No-hohohoho! No-NOOOO!! NOOO!! Nohohotttt my-NOHOHOHOHO!!!" Cody laughed harder as Michelle's fingers began closing in on his armpits again. She tickled him for another few minutes, her nails dancing under his arms and all over his sides. Cody screamed as peels of laughter poured out, helpless to control himself.
"Hmmm...I think we can do better than this..." She said, giving him a wink. Cody's head fell back against the wall, already exausted, and again gasping for air. He tried to form words, but he knew it'd be better to keep his stregnth than fight with her. Besides, he was getting a break from the tickling, which was all that mattered to him. His attitude changed, however, as she began to unbutton his green and white jersey.
"N....no....oh noho..." he moaned, starting to squirm again. When she had it completely unbuttoned, she wiggled her fingers at her captive, who's eyes were the size of golf balls by now. "...no..." he squeaked one more time, but her tickling fingers were already working their way up his sides. "NOHOHOHOOO! NOHO! HAHAHA!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhahahahahahahaha! PLEASE! Fuuuhuhuhuhuck!!! HAHAhahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! Ahhhhhahahhahahaha! AHHHHHHHHAHAHAHA!!!!"
"My my, someone has ticklish armpits!" Michelle giggled, gently teasing the hair under his arms..
"S-S-S-Stoooooohohohooop! Hahahaa...hehehehehe! Noo! HehaHAhahahahaha! Haha-HOHOHOHO!!! hoHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHA!!!! AaaaaaaaaaaahHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHHHHHH!!! SHIIITTTT!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"
"Kitchy kitchy coo...."
"Tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle!"
"PLEASE!! HAHAHAHA- PLHEHEEASE STOOOOPPP!!!!! Nooooohohohohohooooo!!!! NO mo-hohohore! NOHOHOHOHO! Hahahahaha-heheeeeeeehehehehe! Dont!!! Hahahahaha! Stoopp!!"
"Ticklish, Rudder?"
Michelle continued to tickle his armpits, clearly his weak spot. She developled a system for tickling him, which she repeated at least a dozen times in the next fifteen minutes. She'd first twirl her fingers around only inches from his ticklish pits, teasing the hair and giving him goose bumps. As his laughter began to calm down, and his pleas and shouts were understandable, she'd dig in. Her nails would then dance in circles or little patterns until they found an especially sweet spot, one to make Cody scream with laughter. As soon as she found one of those spots, which weren't exactly rare, she's lightly scratch with the tips of her nails, then slowly work her way in until she was screwing her thumbs into the tender skin. His laughter was barely recognizable by this point, and sounded more like a mad scream.
Poor Cody was soaked in sweat from head to toe. His face was beet red, and there were streams of tears constantly rolling down his cheeks. Sweat poured out from under his black baseball cap. He didn't know how much more tickling he could take.
"Poor ticklish little Cody..." she giggled and she began to gently tease again, "I almost feelt bad for you" she smiled, "...almost."
Cody could barely speak as he gasped for air. "P....plea...se....no.....no more....I.....I....c...can't..." he panted, "...cant....<gulp> take it....please..."
"Gitsey gitsey goo!"
"No-hoheheheheheh! N-No! Noho mooore...<gasp>...please...!"
"Hmmm, what do we have down here?" Michelle giggled and her fingers danced down his ribcage, causing him to giggle and squirm. Her hands then found their way underneath his white wifebeater and started to dance on his toned stomach.
"Noohohahaha! No! PLEASE! Hahahaa....heheheheHAHAhaheheh!"
"I wonder if this bellybutton is ticklish..."
"PLEASE!!! Hahahaa....DONT!!!"
The nail of Michelle's index finger wiggled into his navel, bring more laughter from the poor rookie. When she grew tired to that, she began tickling him all over again, playing on him like a musical instrument.
"Hahaha!!! <gasp> No...please....hahahehehehahahahohohoooooo! Nooooo! Hahahaha- I...I ca-...can't breeeeeeeeeatheeehehehehehehe! Pl-ease...sthooooopppp!!! Aaaaaaahhhahahahahahaha!!!"
"Ready to give up yet, hun?" Michelle asked, raising an eyebrow as her nails danced up Cody's ribs. Cody was tying to form works but couldn't control his giggling enough to do so. His struggles quickly turned back into helpless peels of laughter, however, when the nails reached up under his arms. Unrestrained laughter poured out of him for the next few minutes, but a coughing spell gave him the first 'real' break of the tickle session.
Michelle stood up elegantly as her prisioner coughed and sputtered, the last of his tears trickling down his cheeks. She lazily took his baseball hat off, running her fingers through his sweaty hair, as if trying to console him. After he regained composure, Cody looked up at her, more hate in his eyes now than ever.
"Y...you.......b-bitch....." he panted, still out of breath, "....how can...<gulp>....how can you-...do this....to me? Who the....fuck....p-put you up....to this?"
"No one." Michelle smiled, "I do this out of the good of my heart."
"Tha....that's bullshit!"
"And how would you know?" she laughed, placing the hat back on his head and starting back towards his feet. "You certinially dont know everything, Mr Rudder, or you would have given up by now. I admire your will, but honestly darling, you're going through a lot of trouble for nothing!"
"I.....I'm not screwing my....team over-....BITCH!" he snapped.
"Want some water?"
"Well you could at least be polite..." she scolded as she reached out and began softly tickling the bottoms of his feet with both hands. Cody immediately began laughing again, his toes wiggling and scrunching in rhythm.
"Hahahahaaaahaaaaahahahaa! Nopleasestopplease!! Hahahahahaaa- Im s-soooorrry!!!! Ahahaha! No! HEheheheheHAHAHANooohoho! Fuhuhuhuck!!! Ya-ha-ha-ha! Ahhhahaha!!!"
"What a quick change of attitude." she smiled, "Would you like to repeat what you just called me?"
Cody's laughter grew more hysterical, unable to produce any words.
"I see..." Michelle said, focusing on his toes once again. "Well, then tickle-tickle-tickle!"
It was clear Cody was running out of energy. His laughter was every bit as hard and wild, but he had stopped thrashing around and fighting the tape. It was almost like he was giving into the tickling. He knew he couldn't take much more- he prayed to pass out, so he could escape her tickling fingers, but had no such luck. Michelle knew exactly how to keep him in this tortured state.
"Kitchy kitchy coo..." Michelle sang, bending his toes backwards again.
"NOT AGA-HE-HE-HE-HENN!!!" Cody screamed with his last bit of energy, "NOOOO!!"
"Oh, so you want the armpits again, huh?" Michelle smirked, releasing his foot. Cody's head fell back against the wall, still begging with her, his eyes scrunched shut.
"No-...." he panted, shaking his head, "Nonono-ho-ho..."
Michelle straddled him again, his nails snaking their way into his armpits and gently teasing the hair. Cody's body stiffened and he moaned, a few giggles breaking through. "Noooooooohohohooo-he-he-heh-ha-haaa!"
"You like that, don't you? Want me to tickle you more? Huh?"
Cody's laughter grew more intense.
"Coochie coo..."
Cody began thrashing his head again.
"Ut-oh, looks like i found another spot...."
He laughed even harder.
"Coochie coochie coo!" she taunted, teasing the spot with the tips of her nails, "Tickle tickle tickle! Yup, I got a live one! Right heeeeeeeere..."
Cody screamed and she added more intensity. Fresh tears mixed with sweat and streamed down his cheeks.
"Gitsey gitsey goo!"
"HAhahahaaa!!!" Cody laughed, his eyss still squeezed shut.
"Tickle tickle tickle!"
"Aaaaahahahaha! No- no mo-hore! AHHHHHAHAHA!!!"
"Coochie coochie!"
"Coochiecoochiecooooo! Tickle tickle tickle!"
"HAHAHAHA! I-...I-...HAHAHHAHAA!!!! Nohohohoh-"
"Laugh for me, Cody!"
"-HOHOHO!! I C-ANT! HAHAHAH!!! I CANT BR-heeeeeeeeeethe!!!!!"
"Hahaha, coochie coochie cooooooo! Coochie-"
"ALLLLLRRRRRIIIHI-HI-HI-HIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTT!!!!! HHHHHHEeeeeeeEHHHH-HEHH-HAAA-HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Cody suddenly screamed, "FU-HU-HU-HUCK!! HAhahahahaahahaaaa! I can- I cahahahahannnt take any mo-ho-hore! I'll do ittttt!!! HAHahahahaa!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhaaaa!!! I fuckin do-hoo-hoo-hoo it!!!"
"That's a good boy!' Michelle laughed, giving his ribs a last quick tickle. Cody gasped for breath like someone had held his head underwater. He swallowed hard, his eyes slowly rolling up to make contact with hers. He was completely limp in his bonds, his entire body covered with sweat, his face still beet red. He looked like he was going to say something, but then just looked away.
"Now." Michelle said, taking a set next to him, "You listen to me. This is how we're going to do this. You follow my plan, and everything will be fine."
Cody just stared at the ground, his breaths still rapid and uneven. Michelle grabbed his face, forcing him to meet her gaze. "You blow this..." she growled, sounding very different from the seductive, flirtatious girl who had just tickle tortured him half to death, "And you will regret it for the rest of your life, do you understand me?"
Cody tried to look away, but she grabbed him harder, narrowing her eyes. Finally he got the strength to reply a small "yes..."
Michelle smiled, letting go of his face. "Good. Now, here's how we're going to do this..." and she proceeded to explain the plan.

After about fifteen minutes, she planted a kiss on his cheek and stood up. "Now..." she started, opening a locker and taking out a knife, "..you be a good boy and get some rest tonight. You're gonna need it." She carefully slipped the knife under the tape pinning his right ankle, "And remember what I said about telling anyone about this." She cut the bond effortlessly, then started on his left ankle. "Or messing this up for us."
Cody again didn't reply as she freed his left ankle, his eyes still avoiding hers. He was mentally and physically exhausted. He just didn't want to hear it anymore.
Michelle walked around then bench and began to saw at the thick tape holding up his right arm. The pieces holding down his elbows were no problem to rip off, but the ones holding up his actual wrists were a bit more work. When she finally broke through it, Cody sighed with a bit of relief as he slowly lowered his arm. As soon as the other on was free, he rubbed his wrists gingerly, both red and soar from the struggles with the tape. He still didn't say anything.
Michelle leaned down one last time, gingerly touching his cheek. "I know you're not exactly too happy right now. But it could be worse. Now you be a good boy tomorrow, and you'll get rewarded. However, you make one false move, and you'll wish you never even heard of the game of baseball. Got it?"
Cody looked up, almost ashamed, made quick eye contact with her, and nodded. She kissed him once more on the cheek, leaving a red lipstick print, then unlocked the door to the locker room. She looked back as she opened it, smiled, and said "Be good," before stepping out and letting it slam behind her.

Cody readjusted the brim of his hat, blocking the sun from his eyes. He took a deep breath, then stepped back on the mound and held his glove in front of his face, fixing his fingers in the laces of the ball. He checked on the runner on first, the runner on second, wound up, and threw.
"STRIKE!" the umpire boomed. Graham stepped out of the batters box, swinging his bat half-heartedly, as Jason threw the ball back to Cody. Graham stepped back into the box. The count was 3-1, now, with no out and walked runners at first and second. He adjusted his stance has Cody looked in for the sign.
Cody shook off the first two, then considered the third for a few seconds before shaking it off. Jason stood up, calling time and jogging out to the mound.
"What's a matter with you?" he started, "This kid can't take the fastball inside, what are you thinking?"
Cody held his glove over his mouth in standard fashion. "He can hit it." he started, "I saw him do it last time."
"No he can't, he's never been able-"
"He can, man, just trust me."
"Look, im only giving signs from Lefan's perspective, don't fuck this up or you'll be out-"
"I know more than Lefan."
"Rudder- what is wrong with you?"
"Nothing, just....I dunno, get back there, trust me, he needs a sinker."
"Cody, your sinking-"
"Trust me."
Jason stared at Cody for a second, as if in disbelief. "Man...' he said softly, "you're gonna be out by the end of this inning. Especially if this fucker gets a hit off you."
"Yeah...I know." Cody replied, taking down his glove. The umpire took a step towards them from behind the plate, as if trying to hurry things along. Jason just shook his head at Cody, then jogged back, preparing for the pitch.
Cody checked on the runners, first the one at first, then the one at second, wound up, sighed heavily, and threw. Graham's eyes practically lit up as the ball came right down the middle, and swung his bat as hard as he could. Cody's didn't even turn around to watch it go over the fence, but just looked over at the stands, glad to see Michelle's proud smile. His team manager, Frank Lefan, was already jogging out to the mound with Garrett Allen, a relief pitcher.

Bottom of the ninth. Bases loaded. Two outs. 7-6, Tornadoes. And Chris Grayson, the number nine hitter for the Wolverines, had a full count.
Cody was standing up in the dugout, his hands holding onto the chin link fence so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. If this kid could just get a base hit...
Micky Harris wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, then stepped back onto the mound. Quickly scanned the runners at the corners, unsure if he wanted to check on the one at first. he had a little too much of a lead for his taste, but Micky wasn't too concerned. Grayson was already 0-3 tonight, all strikeouts. This would put an end to this nonsense. He wound up, looked once to the side, then pitched. Chris swung- and fouled it off. Micky shook his head as he waited for the ball to be returned.
Again, he checked on the base runners. He wound up and pitched. Fastball, inside corner. There was no way-
Chris swung the bat, almost closing his eyes as he did. He looked as startled as everyone else when he heard the 'clunk' of contact, and immediately took off running. He was even more surprised when he saw the center fielder running backwards with his glove high in the air. And he swore to God that he was dreaming when the ball went over the fence.
The Wolverines exploded out of the dugout, screaming and jumping, while Micky Harris fell to his knees on the mound. All of the fans began to hug and scream, mostly college kids, their faces painted green, black and white. Cody looked up at the sky, closing his eyes, a wide smile spreading across his face, the raced onto the field to meet Chris at home plate with the rest of the guys.
Michelle crossed her arms, taking a deep breath. She stared down at Micky, then at John in the dugout. Both guys were now looking at the floor. The game had been 7-0 when they took Rudder out of the game in the 3rd.

The press was all over it. This was the biggest comeback in the history of college baseball. Somehow the last place team had come from behind and beat the former league champions, even after being 7 runs behind until the sixth. Cody was among the heroes of the game.
"Me?" Cody laughed when someone asked him what it was like to be a local celebrity, "I'm no celebrity. No hero here. I almost blew the game!"
"But they say that you're the one who carried them this whole season," the reporter started, "It's because of you that they made it this far!"
Cody just shrugged. Another reporter cut in front, sticking a microphone in the departing rookie's face.
"Cody Rudder, can ya tell us what happened out there today? Why the sudden choke? Was it nerves? Pressure?"
Cody shrugged again, then smiled, turning back to the reporter. "Let me put it this way- it was a ticklish situation," he said with a sheepish grin, "And we certainly proved who's the better team. My teammates deserve tonight's win more than anyone on this field tonight, and they worked the hardest for it. I give them all the credit in the world for that. And you can quote me on that."

10-28-2004, 12:54 PM
oh! I like your style ticklegal!

10-28-2004, 12:56 PM
Very well done Clair, it puts anything I would write to shame! I now wonder sometimes if it's stories like that or the sport itself that really attracts the fans...;)

10-28-2004, 02:52 PM
ARGH! Hopefully the Red Sox will not win for another 86 years! That's all we can hope for!

10-29-2004, 10:06 PM
While the story had a few slow moments, it also had something that I would say makes it a contender for story of the year: a skilled author. The story was sexy, seductive, and creepily evil all at the same time.

The plot actually grew in the story. It started off as a story watching the best team in the leauge and following their game. Then it evolved to how they would survive against the worst team in the leauge. Then again transformed to following the #1 pitcher of wolferines, only to submit to the tickling and do as he's told. Even with the loss of the #1 pitchers will to use his skill, the team comes together and rises up to defeat the major giant in their leauge.

This story seems as if the inspiration was drawn straight from the yankees/red sox battle these past few weeks. That fued alone over saw the world series itself.

From a tickling only perspective, the laughs were well written out, maybe the best i've seen in about two years. It really read like an actual persons struggling laugh. Realistic indeed.

High point of the story: michelles entrance, singing "whatever lola wants, lola gets"

Low point of the story: When i realised that it had to end sometime...

4/5 stars

10-30-2004, 12:23 PM
AWESOME story....I absolutely loved it.

10-30-2004, 06:20 PM
Originally posted by Lost My Mind
While the story had a few slow moments, it also had something that I would say makes it a contender for story of the year: a skilled author. The story was sexy, seductive, and creepily evil all at the same time.

The plot actually grew in the story. It started off as a story watching the best team in the leauge and following their game. Then it evolved to how they would survive against the worst team in the leauge. Then again transformed to following the #1 pitcher of wolferines, only to submit to the tickling and do as he's told. Even with the loss of the #1 pitchers will to use his skill, the team comes together and rises up to defeat the major giant in their leauge.

This story seems as if the inspiration was drawn straight from the yankees/red sox battle these past few weeks. That fued alone over saw the world series itself.

From a tickling only perspective, the laughs were well written out, maybe the best i've seen in about two years. It really read like an actual persons struggling laugh. Realistic indeed.

High point of the story: michelles entrance, singing "whatever lola wants, lola gets"

Low point of the story: When i realised that it had to end sometime...

4/5 stars

AMEN!!! :D

Clair, that was without a doubt, the BEST f/m story I've EVER read!! :woot: :bouncybou I couldn't agree more with Lost my Mind, this story certainly deserves story of the year, by far! :D

I know f/m isn't everyone's thing, but for those of us who love it, and there are a lot of us, this one truly left me speechless :twohugs: Honestly, there aren't enough emoticons to express how awesome I thought this story was, truly fantastic!! :yowzer:

Descriptive, great dialogue, imaginitive, and ticklishly evil... the teasing was mind blowing! :devil:

You have a talent my dear, we all owe you a debt of gratitude for posting it for us :D :twohugs:

10-31-2004, 08:49 PM
That is an awesome story. Great tickle torture! Thanks for sharing.