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11-17-2004, 04:54 PM
Perhaps this has been suggested before. If so, my apologies.

I would propose having a "Tickling Services" (i.e., "tickling in exchange for money") section or sub-section. At present, the Personals section--and/or sometimes the Tickling Discussion section--is used for this. Maybe I'm the only one that finds this a tad annoying. (Well, in retrospect, I have actually noticed a number of heated debates over this result from such posts in the Tickling Discussion section.) However, it does seem every other (vanilla) online personals I've ever visited considers that type of ad/post...well, unwanted spam on their site.

Still, I think there are many here who might want to use such services. Those folks could more-easily locate them in a dedicated section. Also, I think those who actually want to use the personals to find friends they don't have to pay for, can do so <i>sans</i> advertisements.

11-17-2004, 06:07 PM
I know people have asked if there are services in specific areas. But, I don't recall whether it's ever been discussed to have a section or listing here.

When my site (the tickle chamber) was still open, I'd tried putting together a listing. I took from the posts I'd seen here and then started doing searches and asking people to send info. about those they knew of. It never got very far. I think I had two people here send me info. on places they'd been. Only a handful of the places I contacted responded with information to post.

Good idea. But, while people may share the odd post here and there, I'm not sure how far it would go if we had a seperate section for it. (Don't worry. It's not my decision. Just my two cents. ;) )


PS - love the sig

11-17-2004, 08:38 PM
Thanks, Ann. I think I understand what you're saying. Activity could be low if the section is limited to only announcements and advertisements from "pros."

However, it should not be limited to that. I think a (sub)section would serve to focus requests and inquiries (about professional services in a specified area) as well as for ads. I'm sure there is a significant contingent of (mostly) guys who would like to know about Mistresses, BDSM places, etc. in any given area. Requests for reviews and opinions of such are not hard to find on this board--usually in the TK Disc area. And there are several members I could name who seem to be virtual authorities on such. Such inquiries would be analogous to the ever-popular: "Any ticklish (wo)men in [location]?"

Also, there are a number of Mistresses (and perhaps a few professional male Doms as well) who, themselves, frequently post already. Usually, they have links in their profiles. But an actual section would allow them to promote their...<i>ahem</i>...talents more openly as well. :p

Finally, there are numerous precedents for such on the web already...and they are extremely active! A subsection here would only focus on tickling interests, but I do believe many who use such would find it helpful in a number of ways.

On a more personal note, I've tried the path of "pay-to-play" (lol) once before--after, ironically, taking the advice of one "reviewer" from the TMF. It was very good advice. I've also attended a Gathering advertised here as well. Both are fine if that's someone's cup of tea, but I found neither is for me. (Hey, you have to try to know, right? :cool: ) This request actually comes more from the desire to see a Personals section that's actually just, well, Personals...as opposed to "Publics"...lol

But, I understand you mods do all the heavy lifting with any request. And you certainly shouldn't have to do any more than necessary to keep things running as well as they already do. So whatever you guys decide is fine, of course.

Thanks again for your attention! :)

11-17-2004, 11:31 PM
At this time I don't see a volume of ads that would warrent a dedicated sub-forum for this sort of thing. If I was to see a flood of pay-for-play posts (say 50 from different folks) then I could see the need and could create one.