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12-14-2004, 01:47 AM
okay folks, time for the next part in the WOWF series. i hope you have been enjoying this series so far and things will get more interesting in the weeks to come. your suggestions are helpful anbd if there is something you want to see, let me know and i will see if i can incorporate it into the series. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com WWE Divas at www.wwedivas.com GLOW characters at www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/7076/ and Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com

Lana Star was sitting in her chair, in front of a mirror and Patti Pizzazz was brushing her hair. Lana had a smirk on her face as she prepared for the opportunity to become WOWF World Champion tonight.

"Lana, what are you going to do tonight?" Patti asked.

"what do you mean, what am i going to do?" Lana replied.

"i mean, tonight you have to face Trish! for the World title!" Patti told her.

"so?" Lana said, rolling her eyes.

"she's a Glamour Girl Lana! isnt this going to cause a problem?" Patti asked, still brushing Lana's hair.

"look Patti, ever since this merger with the WWE, all the attention has been on them and not on me! dont you remember? i AM the STAR and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER still! plus if, excuse me, WHEN i win tonight, the World title still remains with the Glamour Girls! it is a win-win situation!" Lana smiled.

"but what if Trish wins? would you be able to accept that?" Patti asked.

"Patti, Patti, Patti....i am not going to lose. Trish is a beautiful woman, but we both know i am the most beautiful Glamour Girl. i dont think she would mind me being the World champ. this isnt the WWE, it is still WOW and i am the biggest STAR ever here! hence my name, Lana STAR!" Lana said with a smile.

Trish Stratus approached Lana and Patti with the WOWF World title belt across her shoulder. she stood next to Lana and both women looked at their images in the mirror. "so Lana, what are we going to do tonight? you of course realize i cant lose the title."

"why not? think about it Trish. you are the 1st ever WOWF World Champion. if you were going to lose that belt, wouldnt you like to have another Glamour Girl become the champ? after all, the Glamour Girls are a family right? surely you dont want to disrupt our family." Lana said.

"you're right Lana. we dont want anything to upset the 'family'. so i hope you dont mind losing tonight...." Trish told her.

"huh? Trish you are soooo funny! there is no way i'm losing tonight. i will be the next WOWF World Champion!" Lana said, rolling her eyes.

"sorry Lana, but i hope you show good sportsmanship when i beat you. besides, you have already wore the title belt before. how can i put this? i think new, or should i say, younger, blood should be the WOWF champion." Trish said, shrugging her shoulders.

"like, excuse me? are you calling me old?" Lana asked.

"well, i do see a few bags under your eyes from age, but you are still a beautiful woman!" Trish said with a smile.

"what?! bags? that may be so, but i do see some, well, flab around your belly. you're not pregnant are you?" Lana quipped.

"what?!!! i am not fat!" Trish screamed.

"i could of sworn i saw a moon orbit around you...." Lana smirked.

"why you fake boobed, airheaded trollop! i cant wait to kick your sorry ass all over the mat!" Trish screamed.

"that's if you can put down that bucket of chicken first!" Lana shouted back.

Trish got in Lana's face and Lana stood up. both women began to ridicule each other, while Patti Pizzazz tried to break them up. both women exchanged heated insults until finally Sunny and Sable seperated them.


"SHE CALLED ME OLD!" Lana screamed.

"SHE CALLED ME FAT!!!" Trish screamed.

"both of you sit down and shut up! cant you two see this is what Debra is trying to do? she is trying to cause a rift in the Glamour Girls! you cant let her do this to us!" Sunny screamed.

"she's right! now you two have to face off, but NO MATTER WHAT, you will be good sports. we have to show that bitch that there is unity in the Glamour Girls! honestly, i dont care who's champ as long as we maintain control. so tonight, have a good match and may the best woman win. understand?" Sable asked.

"i guess..." Trish mumbled.

"Lana?" Sable asked.

"oh okay!" Lana said grudingly.

"now if anyone should be upset, it should be ME! i have to face Victoria next!" Sunny shouted.

"oh yeah. good luck with that..." Lana said.

"yeah, but you can beat her! tickle those huge feet of hers and no problem." Trish told her.

"well, wish me luck..." Sunny said as she walked away.

the rest of the Glamour Girls watched Sunny leave the dressing room. they knew she was going to be in for a long night.

SUNNY (Glamour Girls)



"ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! introducing first, representing the Glamour Girls, here is SUNNY!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

Sunny's music played on the loudspeakers and Sunny made her appearance at the top of the stage with the crowd booing loudly. dressed in a white tank top with black shorts and white sneakers with white cotton socks. Sunny had a concerned look on her face as she knew she had a huge task in front of her. she was upset that Debra made her an active wrestler and she knew she would have to do something to show the others that she wouldnt be easy pickings. she knew she wasnt a trained wrestler, but she also knew weakness in Victoria. she knew she was going to have to exploit it if she stood a chance tonight against the former WWE Women's Champion.

Johnny C: "there she goes Brain! Sunny makes her debut match as an active wrestler! she looks awfully scared in there!"

Bobby: "this isnt fair! Sunny is an advisor, she is NOT a wrestler! Debra is trying to destroy this wonderful woman! but wouldnt it be great if she wins?"

"....and her opponent, please welcome VICTORIA!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the song "All The Things She Said" by Tatu played and the capacity crowd exploded in cheers as Victoria made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a white top that showed her belly, white leather shorts and thick black wrestling boots, Victoria made her way down the ramp. she had a huge smile on her face as she got the opportunity to get revenge on the woman who cost her the title last week. she made it to the ring and stared at Sunny. Victoria planned on punishing Sunny, then making her laugh about it.

Johnny C: "there she is Brain, the TRUE WOWF World champion in my opinion!"

Bobby: "thank goodness your opinion doesnt matter! Victoria is NOT the champion, nor does she deserve to be one! i hope Sunny takes her down a notch as she thinks she is so great! she's not! that man-child!"

Johnny C: "a little harsh are we?"

Bobby: "she's the reason why Debra is screwing the Glamour Girls! i hope she loses this match!"

Merman, the referee, called for the bell and Sunny began to move away from Victoria. Victoria motioned her hands for Sunny to "come and get her", but Sunny made a dash for the ropes to get out the ring. Victoria ran over and pulled her back into the ring by her shorts, then turned her around, scooped her up and slammed her to the canvas. Sunny moaned in pain, then yelped as Victoria pulled her up by her hair, scooped her up again and slammed her to the canvas. Victoria laughed as Sunny writhed on the mat in pain. she then grabbed an ankle and one of Sunny's wrists and began to spin her around in the air. she then let go and Sunny went skidding off the mat and crashing into a corner.

Johnny C: "Victoria is throwing Sunny around like a rag doll!"

Bobby: "poor poor Sunny! i hope she has some good insurance after this match..."

Victoria then pulled Sunny up by her hair and leaned in the corner of the ring. she then slapped Sunny across the face, then began to chop away at Sunny's chest. Sunny moaned in pain as Victoria's chops made her chest a bright red. Victoria then ripped off her tank top, leaving Sunny in her bra. the crowd hooted and hollered as Victoria continued to chop away. Sunny moaned in pain as she leaned against the turnbuckles. Victoria then grabbed her cheeks and looked into her eyes.

"cost me the title huh? now Sunshine, it's payback time! but i think you need to laugh off your mistakes...." Victoria smiled.

Sunny moaned in pain and she prayed this match would be over soon. Victoria is a strong woman and her chops and slams hurt her badly. she held onto the turbuckles, but then she started to jerk her body around as Victoria poked her in the ribs. small giggles came out as Victoria lightly stroked her fingers up and down her sides.

"eeeehehehehe...stop...dont tickle me...." Sunny giggled.

Victoria then pulled Sunny out of the corner and put her in the abdominal stretch. Sunny yelped in pain, but then Victoria looked down at Sunny's exposed and vulnerable side and began to tickle Sunny. Sunny's body squirmed as Victoria tickled her sides. Victoria felt Sunny laughing and tickled even harder. Victoria had an evil smile on her face and enjoyed making Sunny laugh. Merman asked Sunny if she wanted to give up, but before she could answer, Victoria tickled her harder, her fingers digging into the ribs, sending Sunny into hysterical screams. Sunny wanted no more and wanted to submit. before she could, Victoria let go of the hold and she slumped to the canvas. Sunny tried to catch her breath, but squealed when she felt Victoria folding her ankles against her rear end and felt the laces coming undone on her sneakers. Victoria plucked the laces loose and easily plucked the sneakers off. she smiled when she heard Sunny whimpering as her socks were peeled off.

"..please...dont touch my feet Victoria..please dont tickle my feet!" Sunny begged.

"is Sunny Wunny ticklish? kitchy kitchy kitchy!!! tickle tickle tickle! ooooooh! such TICKLISH feet!!!" Victoria teased.

Sunny exploded in laughter as she felt Victoria's nails scraping up and down her soles. her tender soles were extremely sensitive and Sunny laughed like a wild hyena. instead of suffering anymore, she immediately began to tap out. Merman called for the bell.

Johnny C: "Sunny submitted! that was quick!"

Bobby: "she's not a wrestler Johnny! of course she submitted! but i have a feeling that she will be much better wrestler in the future!"

"...ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout as a result of a submission, VICTORIA!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

Victoria pouted her lips as Merman raised her hand in victory. she then looked at Sunny on all fours, trying to crawl out of the ring. Victoria grabbed her ankle and dragged her back to the middle of the ring. she then put Sunny in an ankle lock and looked at her long pale sole. Sunny had such attractive feet. long skinny soles, long toes and skin that was very soft and supple. she dragged the tip of her index finger along the sole and heard Sunny whimpering uncontrollably. then she raked her nails along the sole and Sunny exploded in laughter. Victoria wanted Sunny to suffer. she was about to beat Trish and win the WOWF World title, but Sunny cost her that chance. she thought about it in her head and let her fingers tickle Sunny's foot. Sunny was pounding her fist on the mat wildly as the ticklish sensations shot through her body. Merman told Victoria to stop, but she only winked at him, tickled between Sunny's toes and laughed when she heard Sunny laughing wildly. Sunny seemed particulary sensitive between her toes and Victoria enjoyed feeling the soft skin. finally, she let go of Sunny's foot and put her hands in the air in victory. her song "All The Things She Said" blared throughout the arena as she celebrated her win. she looked at Sunny on the mat, crying as she still shook from the ticklish attack. Victoria left the ring to the cheers of the fans. sooner or later, her title shot was going to come, whether it was against Trish Stratus or Lana Star.


Terri Runnels was standing by with the winner of the last match, Victoria. Victoria had a towel around her shoulders and Terri began her interview.

"Victoria, you just finished humiliating Sunny in a big win tonight. what are your thoughts about getting back at the woman who cost you the title." Terri asked her.

"well, it was fun watching Sunny squeal and laugh like the liitle girl she is. but, i want a shot at the title. everyone knows i should have been World Champion and the woman who cost me that chance suffered for it. but, now i want whoever the champion is. i dont care if it's Trish Stratus or even Lana Star! the fact of the matter is, i will be the WOWF champion one day. now, i am going to sit back and enjoy watching Lana and Trish destroy each other. should be a lot of fun. i just cant believe the ring is big enough for those two egos......" Victoria laughed.

"you're right about that. but, fans the title match is next!" Terri told the camera.

LANA STAR (Glamour Girls)


TRISH STRATUS (WOWF World Champion/ Glamour Girls)


"....ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Women of Wrestling Federation World Championship! introducing first, representing the Glamour Girls, LANA STAR!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the corwd booed heavily as the lights in the arena turned pink and the music of Lana Star began to play. appearing on stage, Lana Star waved to the booing crowd as she made her way down the ramp. wearing her pink leather top that showed off her firm belly, pink leather shorts and pink boots, Lana smiled as she walked to the ring, her blond hair flowing freely. she was excited about the chance to become the World Champion again. ever since she lost the WOW World title to Terri Gold, she hasnt received any title shots. she missed being champ and still claims to anyone who would listen that she was the best champion ever. she liked Trish Stratus as they were very similiar in their thinking, but she wore the title belt that Lana craves. if she had to go thru a friend to become champion again, so be it. she got into the ring and waved to the booing crowd. then she looked at herself in a hand held mirror.

Johnny C: "there she goes Brain! Miss Humble herself!"

Bobby: "quiet Johnny! cant you see we are being graced by the appearance at the world's most beautiful woman? Lana Star is from MY hometown, Beverley Hills you know! she is DESTINED to be the World Champion!"

".....and her opponent, representing the Glamour Girls, she is the Women Of Wrestling Federation World Champion, TRISH STRATUS!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the music of Trish Stratus began to play and the crowd booed as the WOWF World Champion, Trish Stratus, made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a black shirt with silver wrestling pants and black wrestling boots, Trish began to walk towards the ring. the black-strapped World title belt fit snugly around her waist and she had a cocky smile as she continued her walk to the ring. Trish was excited about being the World Champion, but felt bad she had to beat her new friend Lana Star. Trish loved her title belt and she planned on destroying Lana to keep it. she made it to the ring and shot Lana a dirty look. they could be friends after the match. right now, it is time for business.

Johnny C: "is Trish Stratus ready for her 1st title defense? Brian, i dont know what's going to happen in this match. we have friend vs friend."

Bobby: "as much as i love Trish, i have to go with Lana Star. Trish is amazing, but Lana is Lana. sorry Trish, but you can always claim that you were the 1st ever WOWF World Champion. too bad it comes to an end tonight!"

Pips33Pips, the referee, rang the bell and the match began. Trish and Lana approached each other in the middle of the ring and gave each other dirty looks. fans could see Trish calling Lana an "old hag" and Lana claiming Trish was a "fat piglet". Trish then slapped Lana, then Lana slapped Trish back. trish then shoved Lana to the mat, but Lana got back to her feet quickly. Lana swung at Trish, but Trish ducked, then scooped Lana up and slammed her to the canvas. Trish then tried to drop an elbow, but Lana rolled out of the way. Trish moaned in pain and Lana dropped a knee into her gut. Lana went for the quick cover. 1.........2.........KICKOUT. Lana then pulled Trish up by her hair and threw her against the ropes. Lana then connected with a dropkick and went for the quick cover. Pips33Pips made the count. 1..........2.......KICKOUT. Lana cursed at Pips33Pips and pulled Trish up by her hair again. Trish then elbowed Lana in the gut and did a kneelift. grabbing Lana's ankles, Trish tried to put her in the Boston Crab. Lana fought it off by grabbing the bottom rope.

Johnny C: "wow! both women are trying to get this match over with quick, but they seem evenly matched."

Bobby: "of course they are! but i'm telling you, Lana will pull out the win! c'mon Lana!"

Johnny C: "gee, let me guess who you're rooting for..."

Trish tried to pull Lana up by the hair, but then Lana raked her nails into Trish's eyes. she then rammed Trish's face into the turnbuckles and Trish fell to the mat dazed. Lana flipped Trish to her side and knelt down. she then "lobster clawed" Trish's side and Trish exploded in laughter.


"c'mon Trish, give up! or i will TICKLE you all night LONG!!!" Lana threatened.

Pips33Pips asked Trish if she wanted to give up, but she shook her head "no". Trish felt Lana's fingers digging deeper into her sides and ticklish shockwaves coursed through her body. she kicked her legs wildly, then reached up and poked Lana in the eye. Lana held her eye in pain and Trish got back to her feet. when Lana turned around, Trish kicked her in the midsection and delivered a DDT. she went for the quick cover. 1..........2.......KICKOUT! Trish rolled Lana over onto her stomach and straddled her. she then plunged her fingers into Lana's armpits and Lana began to squeal!

" Lana laughed.

Trish continued her tickling as she wanted Lana to suffer for tickling her. she felt Lana's body writhing underneath hers and Trish licked her lips. Lana was very ticklish and she was going to show Lana just how good she can tickle. she pulled her hands out, grabbed the back of Lana's head and rammed her face into the mat. Lana was stunned as Trish had a wicked smile on her face. she reached back, grabbed an ankle and pulled it forward, trapping it between her arms. it was like a modified Boston Crab and Trish began to unlace the pink boot. she knew Lana was deathly ticklish on her feet and wanted to get this match over with. she continued to pluck out the thick laces, until finally the boot was loose. Trish smiled when she heard Lana whimpering.

"No!!! dont take off my boot!" Lana screamed.

"i want to see your piggies Lana..." Trish teased as she removed the pink wrestling boot and threw it out of the ring.

"Trish....please.....please dont...touch me....." Lana begged.

Trish cackled to herself and peeled off Lana's sock, exposing the blond woman's soft barefoot. Trish took a moment to look at Lana's foot and admired it. her skin was tanned on the top and the sole pale. the toes were short with the big toe being quite meaty. a silver toe ring adorned the index toe and Lana's pink nail polish sparkled under the ring lights. Trish was savoring this moment. Lana on the other hand, felt chills go across her skin as she wiggled her toes.

"now let's see if these piggies are the slightest bit.......TICKLISH!" Trish laughed.


Trish laughed as her fingers danced along the tender sole of Lana Star. Lana tried her best to buck Trish off of her, but Trish stayed put. Lana was extremely ticklish on her feet and hated having them tickled. her toes wiggled wildly and Pips33Pips asked her if she wanted to give up. Lana refused, even though the tickling was driving her insane. Trish pulled Lana's toes apart and tickled each soft crevice. she was amazed on how soft Lana's foot was. she continued tickling the sole over and over.

Johnny C: "Lana is in trouble now!"

Bobby: "NO!!! c'mon Lana! poor Lana, her feet are too ticklish!"

Johnny C: "ah poor baby! is Lana's piggies ticklish?"

Bobby: "how can you be so mean right now? Lana is suffering!"

Lana continued to cackle wildly as she felt Trish's fingers tickling her sole. she still refused when Pips33Pips asked her if she wanted to give up. Lana wanted to be the World Champion, so she had to fight the tickling sensations. she tried reaching for the ropes, but Trish only tickled her harder. Trish was in nirvana. she held onto Lana's ankle and used her fingers to torment Lana. she sat on Lana's back and held her ankle in a position that Lana couldnt crawl away from. plus, she had her in the middle of the ring. then the crowd started to cheer.

Johnny C: "look Brain! at the top of the stage! it's JUNGLE GRRL!!!"

Bobby: "what is she doing here?!"

Jungle Grrl walked down the ramp with a huge smile. she was enjoying watching Lana suffer and wanted to get a closer look. she made it to ringside and she got into Lana's eyesight. Lana, through her tear soaked eyes, saw Jungle Grrl. Jungle Grrl had a devious grin on her face.

"c'mon Lana, laugh like a baby! just give up...." Jungle Grrl teased.

Trish saw Jungle Grrl at ringside and grew concerned. she let go of Trish's ankle and started to yell at Jungle Grrl. Jungle Grrl rolled her eyes as Lana was very close to submitting. Jungle Grrl then got onto the ring apron and Pips33Pips started to tell her to get down. Trish Stratus yelled at Jungle Grrl and slowly made her approach. she then slapped Jungle Grrl, who then swung back and hit Pips33Pips. Pips33Pips fell to one knee as he was hit in his eye. Jungle Grrl saw that and took another swing at Trish. Trish ducked under and unbeknowest to her, Lana was standing right behind her. Jungle Grrl hit her instead! Jungle Grrl simply shrugged and got off the ring arpon. Trish turned around, pulled Lana up by the hair and put her in a headlock. she then performed her finisher, the "Stratusfaction" and rolled Lana over onto her back. Pips33Pips saw the cover and made the count. 1..........2...........3!!!!"

Bobby: "she did it again!!! JUNGLE GRRL cost Lana the MATCH!!!!"

Johnny C: "i think she was trying to hit Trish, but she hit Lana instead! wow, what a finish!!!"

"...ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout and STILL Women Of Wrestling Federation World Champion, TRISH STRATUS!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the music of Trish Stratus began to play, but Trish stood at attention as she saw Jungle Grrl smiling at her. Pips33Pips handed her the title belt and she continued to look at a smiling Jungle Grrl. Lana began to come to and realized she just lost. she last remembered getting hit by..JUNGLE GRRL! her eyes made contact with Jungle Grrl outside the ring and she was filled with rage! Jungle Grrl cost her a chance again. Trish Stratus helped Lana up and they both yelled at Jungle Grrl. Jungle Grrl simply laughed and walked back up the ramp.

Johnny C: "that was...strange."

Bobby: "LANA was ROBBED AGAIN!!!! now why doesnt Debra do something about that?! huh?!"

Johnny C: "calm down Brain! better luck next time for Lana. anyway, that will wrap it up tonight folks! your champion is still Trish Strauts, but Victoria is on her heels! this is Johnny C, for Bobby the Brain Heenan, goodnight!"

Bobby: "LANA WAS ROBBED!!!!!!"


UP NEXT: Dawn Marie takes on Christy Hemme, plus much more!

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