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01-12-2005, 10:17 PM
okay folks, time for another chapter of the WOWE series. things are picking up and i hope you enjoy what has happened so far. your feedback is always helpful as it lets me know if the storyline is interesting or not. enjoy this next chapter. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com WWE Divas at www.wwedivas.com GLOW characters at www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/7076/ Hollywood at www.webkitten.com and Terri Gold at www.heatherlee.org

"hey Hollywood, next week you get your title back!" Mystery said aloud.

"oh yes, finally i get my hands on Terri Gold. or should i say i get my hands on her feet! after all this damn time, i am finally going to get MY belt back! there is no Sable to interfere anymore. Terri has never beaten me and she never will! not with those ticklish feet...." Hollywood grinned.

"well tonight, i will take the Continental title from her loser best friend, Beckie!!" Poison said with confidence.

"i hope you break her, because if you dont, i will destroy her myself!" Chyna said.

"hey, who was that other woman who interfered in your match with Terri?" Hollywood asked.

"i dont know...but whoever it was, they will pay a huge price as well! they cost me the World title!" Chyna yelled.

"good luck tonight Poison, humiliating Terri and Beckie has always been a great time. now it's time for my beautiful niece to embarrass another loser from GLOW, Cheyenne Cher...." Hollywood smiled.

"that's right Auntie Hollywood. tonight i am going to humiliate that worthless tramp and tickle the crap out of her. just call it, 'Manifest Destiny'...." Innocence laughed.

the rest of the tWo laughed as Innocence left the dressing room. Daffney watched the monitor as he heard about Cheyenne Cher taking exception to her humiliation of Little Fiji.

INNOCENCE (tWo) www.crush-girls.com/cstars/14.JPG



"...ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! introducing first, representing the Tickling World Order, here is INNOCENCE!!!!!" TK81 announced.

the music of the NWO blared on the loudspeakers and Innocence made her appearance at the top of the stage. she smiled as she heard the boos pour out from the crowd and she began to walk down the ramp. dressed in a pink frilly top with pink fingerless gloves, sheer black stocking that were attached to a garter and black hi-top sneakers. she had a devilish smirk on her face as she made it to the ring and even put the tip of her finger on her lip, trying to look innocent. this was a big opportunity for Innocence as she wanted to show everyone that she could become a top star.

Lee: "look at her!"

Coach: "I AM I AM!!!"

Lee: "Innocence huh? any family member of Hollywood is FAR from innocent i tell you!"

Coach: "Lee, you are one BITTER man! just because Terri Gold attacked the General Manager doesnt mean you should hate on the tWo! in fact, you should thank the tWo for exposing such an evil person!"

Lee: "Terri Gold isnt evil!"

Coach: "she destroyed the hopes and dreams of all those kids when she savagely tickled Stephanie's feet! tsk tsk!"

"...and her opponent!!! coming down to the ring, please welcome CHEYENNE CHER!!!!" TK81 announced.

the music of Cheyenne Cher began to play and the Native American princess made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a light blue top that showed her belly, with a light blue Native American skirt, with sheer tan nylons and white moccassin boots, Cher began to walk to the ring. she was pumped as she heard the cheers of the crowd and looked forward to defeating another member of the tWo. Cher made it to the ring and looked at Innocence. she couldnt wait to humiliate the niece of the great Hollywood.

Lee: "now here is another woman the fans can be proud of! Cheyenne Cher is a tremendous competitor and i see big things from her here in WOWE!!"

Coach: "she is going to be put on an reservation when this match is over! you never mess with the tWo! she wants to stick up for a loser like Little Fiji? well then she will suffer the consequences!"

apremont75, the referee, called for the bell and the match began. Innocence seductively walked up to Cher and smiled. Cher looked at her with disgust, then her head snapped back when Innocence slapped her. Cher then went into a rage and tried to grab at Innocence, but she got out of the ring. Cher followed her and chased her around the ring. Innocence slipped back into the ring and when Cher slid under the bottom rope, Innocence kicked her in the sides. Cher moaned in pain, then was yanked up to her feet. Innocence then began to chop away at Cher's chest, which sent Cher reeling. Innocence then threw her off the ropes and nailed her with a vicious clothesline. Innocence then went for the cover. 1........2........KICKOUT. Cher staggered back to her feet and was nailed with a dropkick. Innocence pumped her fist as she saw Cher writhing in pain.

Coach: "this Innocence has some talent!!! wait, why should i be surprised? she IS the niece of Hollywood, the next World Champion!"

Lee: "Innocence does has some talent, but she is still a rookie. she should have covered Cheyenne Cher!"

Innocence waited for Cher to get up one more time. she then speared Cher to the mat and once again gloated about what she did. Cher moaned in pain and held her ribs. she then felt Innocence grab her ankle and roll her over to her stomach. Innocence straddled Cher's back, facing her feet. with one quick move, she pulled Cher's ankle towards her chest and easily pulled off the moccassin boot, exposing Cher's nylon covered sole.

"...now let's see if my little Indian is ticklish...." Innocence smiled.

Cher moaned, but then a giggle slipped out as she felt a fingers stroking her sole. more giggles came out as more fingers began to stroke her sole. the nylon made her foot really sensitive and she began to wiggle her foot wildly. Innocence then attacked the foot and raked her nails up and down the smooth sheer nylon, sending Cher into hysterical laughter. Innocence loved to tickle another woman's feet and she was going to really enjoy someone like Cher. Cher began to laugh frantically and refused to submit when apremont75 asked her if she wanted to submit. Innocence then poked and teased Cher's sensitive toes and Cher began to cry tears of laughter. Innocence had a certain way of tickling her foot that drove her crazy. Innocence would dig her nails between the nylon covered toes, sending Cher into hysterics. Cher then reached forward and managed to grab the bottom rope. apremont75 told Innocence to release the hold and Innocence pouted. she wanted to keep tickling Cher's foot. she then reached down to grab Cher's ankle, but Cher used her other leg and kicked Innocence in the jaw. Innocence fell backwards and Cher got to her feet. Cher knew she had to take advantage, otherwise she was going to have her feet tickled again. Innocence go to her feet and Cher connected on some "Sweet Chin music" and Innocence fell to the mat out cold. Cher went for the cover. 1.........2..........3!!!!!!!

Lee: "HAHA! Cher won!!!"

Coach: "talk about luck!!! Hollywood is NOT going to like this!"

"....the winner of this bout, CHEYENNE CHER!!!!!!" TK81 announced.

the music of Cheyenne Cher played and apremont75 raised her hand in victory. Cher was pumped as this was a big victory for her. she stood on the 2nd rope and celebrated with the fans.


"Stephanie, can i talk to you?" Terri Gold asked as she entered the General Manager's office.

Stephanie looked up from her chair and with a cold stare, she watched Terri sit down in front of her desk. "what do you want?"

"look Stephanie, i swear! it wasnt me that attacked you!! why would i do such a thing?!!!" Terri pleaded.

"Terri, i asked myself the same question. you are supposedly the 'heroine' in the WOWE, but yet you attack me. the tape doesnt lie Terri!!!" Stephanie barked.

"but you never see my face! Stephanie, it wasnt me!!!!" Terri told her with passion.

"but it was you Terri!!! i know what you are trying to do now! you want out of your match next week huh? too bad because Hollywood is your opponent and you KNOW you are going to lose!" Stephanie yelled.

"Stephanie!!! how can you-" Terri tried to say.

"DONT CALL ME STEPHANIE ANYMORE! from now on Terri, you will address me as MS. McMahon!!! understand?!" Stephanie ordered.

"Steph-" Terri again tried to say.

"MS. MCMAHON!!!! GET IT RIGHT!!!!" Stephanie demanded.

"Ms. McMahon, look, i'm asking you to please think about the whole situation. it wasnt me. you have to believe me..." Terri told her.

"GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!!!!" Stephanie yelled.

Terri was about to say something, but decided not to. she stood up and walked out of the office. she knew she wasnt going to convince Stephanie tonight.

BECKIE, The Farmer's Daughter (WOWE Continental Champion)



"this is Julie Day standing by with the WOWE Continental Champion, Beckie the Farmer's Daughter. Beckie, tonight you face a good challenger as you face Poison. but before we go into that, what are your thoughts about the Terri Gold situation?" Julie asked.

"you know Julie, everyone knows Terri is my best friend. but after watching the tape, i can see how everyone thinks she attacked Stephanie. i feel really bad for her..." Beckie replied.

"but do YOU think she did it?" Julie asked.

"i-i cant answer that Julie. i love Terri, but everyone can make mistakes. i dont know what to think..." Beckie said, her head facing down.

"now as for your match against Poison, you faced her before and in that match she had you in the figure four leglock and tickled your foot until the referee had to disqualify her. are you concerned that she may tickle you again?" Julie asked.

"you know, it seems like everyone loves tickling my feet. i am ready for Poison as she has ticklish feet too. this Continental title is going nowhere!!" Beckie exclaimed.

"good luck Beckie.." Julie told her as she saw Beckie walk away.

"...ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WOWE CONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! introducing first, representing the Tickling World Order, here is the challenger, POISON!!!!!" TK81 announced.

the music of the NWO played on the loudspeakers and the crowd booed heavily as Poison made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a silver sleeveless top with black shorts, sheer black nylons and black wrestling boots, Poison made her way to the ring. she was pumped for this match as she had the opportunity to win a title here in WOWE. she remembered how much fun she had torturing Beckie the last time, but this time she was going to make her submit. she thought about Beckie's soft pink feet as she made it to the ring. she motioned her hands around her waist, signaling that the title belt would soon be hers.

Lee: "i have to admit Coach, Poison is one dangerous woman. i think Beckie is in trouble."

Coach: "FINALLY!!!!! something smart comes out of your mouth!!! yes Lee, Poison is a dangerous competitor and she will defeat the best friend of that dangerous person who attacked Stephanie!!"

"....and her opponent, coming down the aisle, she is the WOWE CONTINENTAL CHAMPION, her is BECKIE, the Farmer's DAUGHTER!!!!" TK81 announced.

the crowd roared as the song "Rollin" by Limp Bizkit played and the WOWE Continental Champion, Beckie, made her appearance at the top of the stage. wearing her plaid print top with blue cut-off jeans and white wrestling boots, Beckie made her way down the ramp. around her sleek waist was the blue strapped title belt that she wore proudly. the music was pumping and the fans were in frenzy as she got closer to the ring. Beckie remembered the last time she faced Poison and was determined to not let it happen again. she cherished the Continental title and wasnt going to let go of it.

Lee: "what a breath of fresh air she is! Beckie is one of the most inspirational wrestlers here in the WOWE!!"

Coach: "fresh air? that is cow manure you are smelling!!! Beckie isnt all that great! after all, she doesnt even believe her so called best friend!"

Lee: "i'm sure she is in shock Coach! but you better believe she will stand by Terri like we all should!!"

Coach: "standing by Terri Gold is like standing by Charles Manson!!"

ctft2001, the referee, called for the bell and the match began. they two women locked up and Poison used her strength and shoved Beckie to the mat. she laughed at Beckie and urged her to get back up. Beckie got back to her feet and they locked up again, this time Beckie shoving Poison to the mat. Poison got back to her feet quickly and lunged towards Beckie. Beckie got her in an armdrag take down and repeated it again. when Poison got to her feet, Beckie nailed her with a standing dropkick. Beckie went for the cover. 1........2......KICKOUT! Beckie then scooped up Poison and slammed her to the canvas. Beckie then dropped a leg and covered Poison again. 1........2........KICKOUT!! Beckie then got to the top rope and waited for Poison to stand up. Poison stood up and Beckie jumped off the top rope, hoping to land a missile dropkick. Poison saw this and got out of the way. Beckie crashed onto the mat hard.

Coach: "HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Beckie will win this match only if pigs fly!! as you can tell, they cant!!!!"

Lee: "look at Poison stomp away at Beckie!!"

Poison kicked Beckie repeatedly, further injuring Beckie after her fall. Poison then pulled Beckie up by her ponytail and threw her against the ropes. Poison then connected with a "clothesline from hell" and Beckie fell onto the mat in a heap. Poison went for the cover. 1.........2.......kickout. Beckie barely kicked out and Poison smiled. she grabbed Beckie's ankle and dragged her to the middle of the ring. she then put Beckie in the figure four leglock and Beckie screamed in pain. she knew what Poison was about to do and tried to go for the ropes. Poison laughed as she saw Beckie struggling, then began to unlace the boot that was in her lap. the knot of the lace came undone and Poison happily pulled the laces out of the boot. Poison couldnt wait to get the soft pink prize inside the boot. Beckie told ctft2001 that she wouldnt submit, but also began to whimper as she felt the laces come completely out of her boot. with a gentle tug, Poison pulled the boot off Beckie's heel and easily threw the boot out of the ring. Beckie wore a thin white cotton sweatsock and screeched when she felt a finger drag up her sole.

"now it's time for..........PIGGIES!!!" Poison laughed as she pulled the sock off.

Beckie moaned as she felt her toes getting exposed to the warm arena air. Poison licked her lips as she stared at Beckie's foot. it was just like how she remembered. the sole was pinkish with thick meaty toes that wiggled. she was going to enjoy tormenting this foot.

"...now Beckie the loser!!! is this tender pink foot just the slightest bit.....ticklish?" Poison asked.

"please....dont tickle my foot....." Beckie begged to no avail.

"TICKLE TIME!!!!!" Poison laughed as she scurried her fingers across Beckie's sole. Poison loved how soft the foot was as her fingers sank into the delicate flesh.

Beckie exploded into laughter as she felt Poison's fingers tickling her sole. Poison held onto her big toe to prevent her foot from wiggling and raked her nails along the meaty ball of the foot. Beckie was in hysterics as her feet was always so sensitive. ctft2001 asked her if she wanted to submit, but Beckie refused. her eyes then bugged out as Poison took the liberty of tickling in between her sensitive toes. Poison tickled harder and harder and her fingers dug deeper into the toe crevices. Beckie howled in laughter and she tried to turn her body around to get out of the figure four. Poison felt her body rolling over and tried to stop it. she stopped tickling Beckie's foot to try and prevent Beckie from turning over the figure four. Beckie used her strength and managed to turn the figure four over and now the pressure was on Poison's legs. Poison screamed in pain, then released the hold. Beckie tried catching her breath and shake off the tickling feelings. Poison got back to her feet and went over towards Beckie. when she got close, Beckie grabbed her shorts waistband and lunged her forward and Poison's throat crashed onto the second rope. Poison gasped for air and Beckie sprang to life. she waited for Poison to stand up and when she did, she nailed her with a dropkick. Poison laid on the mat and Beckie took advantage. she then put Poison into the figure four leglock and Poison screamed in pain.

"scream bitch!!!" Beckie yelled.

Poison screamed in pain, but then her eyes went wide when she saw Beckie unlacing her boot!!! "DONT YOU DARE!!!!"

Beckie smiled as she unlaced the boot, then pulled it off of Poison's foot. Beckie stared at the nylon covered foot and giggled to herself. it was time Poison got a taste of her own medicine. "kitchy kitchy koo!!!"

Poison exploded in laughter as she felt Beckie's fingers tickling her nylon covered sole. Poison hated being tickled as her feet were extremely ticklish. she also felt rage as she was being humiliated by having her own precious foot tickled. Beckie went after the ticklish toes and Poison screamed. Beckie then tickled her heel, then the arch, then the ball of the foot, but when she got to the undersides of Poison's toes, Poison lost it and began to tap the mat wildly! ctft2001 called for the bell!

Lee: "that's it!!! Poison tapped out!!! Beckie wins!!"

Coach: "talk about luck!!!"

Beckie let go of the figure four leglock and jumped in the air with glee. Poison laid her head on the mat and covered her eyes in shame. she never felt so humiliated by having to tap out from her foot being tickled. ctft2001 handed Beckie her title belt.

"...ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout, BECKIE, the farmer's DAUGHTER!!!!" TK81 announced.

the crowd erupted when the song "Rollin" by Limp Bizkit played and Beckie held up her title belt high! she was so happy she successfully defended her title. then she saw blackness as she was hit from behind. the crowd began to boo as Chyna had come up from behind and hit Beckie in the back of the head with a chair. Chyna stood over a motionless Beckie and smiled. she then picked up the Continental title belt and put it on her waist. Chyna now had a new mission. she now wanted to destroy Beckie and become the Continental Champion! as Chyna wore Beckie's belt, she saw blackness and fell to the mat in a heap.

Lee: "did you see that?!!! i cant believe it!!!"

Coach: "well this is interesting!! it's SPANISH RED!!!!"

Spanish Red stood over the two bodies of Chyna and Beckie. she whipped her hair around and laughed at the two bodies under her. she then stepped on both of them and walked away. just as she was about to leave the ring, she saw the Continental title belt laying on the mat. she picked it up and kissed it. she then dropped the belt on Beckie's chest. Spanish Red then left the ring to a chorus of boos.

Coach: "you know Lee, there are so many twists and turns here, it's like a soap opera!!"

Lee: "the Continental title race is going to be good! well folks, that's all for tonight! stay tuned next week as Terri Gold takes on Hollywood! good night everybody!!"

Coach: "that's right folks! next week, we will have a NEW WOWE World Champion!!! this is the Coach, with Lee Marshall, goodnight!!"


UP NEXT: Chyna is in a rage and Terri prepares for her title defense against Hollywood!!!!

okay folks, how did you like this episode? will Terri Gold be able to defeat Hollywood? or will Hollywood regain her title? feedback always welcomed.