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01-31-2005, 08:46 PM
okay folks, the WOW series is back. sorry for the delay as i felt sick last weekend and didnt want to do anything at all but sleep. but, i am back and so is the series. thanks for your feedback as it does keep this series alive. can you believe the series has been running for 3 years? that is a long long time. thanks to all the fans who have read this series since day 1. anyway, hope you enjoy this next part. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com WWE Divas at www.wwedivas.com GLOW characters at www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/7076/ and Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com



CHASTITY www.crush-girls.com/cstars/charitygood.jpg

"..ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! introducing first, representing the Brat Pack, here is... CHASTITY!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

some pop music began to play and Chastity made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a short plaid skirt, with a white blouse, long white cotton socks and white canvas shoes, Chastity began to strut her way towards the ring. she rolled her eyes at the fans as she focused on her match. Chastity never got the opportunity to show off her skills to a nationwide audience as CRUSH, the organization that created her character, never made it to television. but she is a part of WOW now, so the opportunity was there for her. plus, if she could beat Victoria tonight, it would definitely shoot her career to the stars. she made it to the ring and leaned in a corner of the ring.

Johnny C: "Chastity doesnt look to happy Brain. why not? she has a wonderful opportunity to make a name for herself."

Bobby: "Johnny, if you are a woman and you had to face a man, would you be happy?"

Johnny C: "but she isnt facing a man! she's facing Victoria!"

Bobby: "Victoria IS a man! she is definitely built like one."

Johnny C: "who are you looking at? Victoria is a very beautiful woman!"

Bobby: "sure she is, if you like horses!"

"....and her opponent, please welcome....VICTORIA!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the song "All the Thing She Said" by Tatu blared on the loudspeakers and the crowd erupted into cheers as Victoria made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a thick black bikini top, with red spandex shorts and thick black boots, Victoria waved to the crowd and made her way to the ring. Victoria was excited as she knew she was getting closer to getting her return match against Trish for the WOWF World Title. she made it to the ring and looked at Chastity. she liked her schoolgirl outfit and figured she was going to punish the naughty girl.

Johnny C: "What a tremendous athlete Victoria is Brain! i believe it's just a matter of time before she becomes the WOWF Champion!"

Bobby: "oh please Johnny! Trish Stratus is too much for Victoria! she's definitely more talented and she definitely is more ATTRACTIVE!"

jersey_tickler, the referee, called for the bell and Chastity charged towards Victoria. Victoria saw her coming and simply stepped aside and Chastity went crashing into the turnbuckles. she staggered out of the corner, then Victoria easily scooped her up and slammed her to the canvas. Victoria looked down at the moaning Chastity, then dropped an elbow on her. she went for the cover. 1.........2.........kickout. Victoria smiled as she pulled Chastity up by her blond hair. Chastity began to feebly punch Victoria's belly, but Victoria only smiled. Chastity, out of desperation began to lightly scrabble her fingers across Victoria's abdominal muscles and Victoria let out a giggle. Chastity's eyes popped wide open and immediately began to tickle Victoria's ribs, getting Victoria to fall to the canvas. Chastity then continued to tickle Victoria's ribs, sending her into screams of laughter.

Bobby: "look at the big ticklish baby! and you say she's going to beat Trish. please! she's about to lose to Chastity!"

Johnny C: "look at Chastity tickle Victoria! Victoria is laughing really loud now!"

Victoria's body thrashed on the canvas as she felt the fingers digging into her ribs. she heard jersey_tickler ask her if she wanted to submit, but she refused. she then punched Chastity in the jaw and Chastity fell backwards. Victoria got to her knees, but Chastity was faster and managed to kick Victoria in the ribs. Victoria curled up into a ball on the canvas as Chastity stood over her.

"now you bitch! let's see if those big feet of yours are ticklish!!" Chastity threatened.

Victoria felt Chastity grab her ankle and felt the buckles and straps of her boots coming undone. she was then forced on her stomach by Chastity and Chastity put her in an ankle lock. Victoria screamed in pain, but she knew Chastity was going after her boot. Chastity got the last buckle undone and then without hesitation, pulled Victoria's boot off. she then began to peel off the thick white sock as Victoria began to squirm. finally the sock was removed and Chastity stared at Victoria's big wide sole. she then flicked her finger off of Victoria's sole and heard a giggle come out of Victoria. her eyes lit up and she began to scrabble her nails all over the sole and Victoria exploded in laughter. jersey_tickler asked her if she wanted to give up and Victoria refused. Victoria then used her strength and rolled over onto her back, pulled her legs up with Chastity resting on her soles, then pushed off, sending Chastity across the ring. Chastity got back up and charged Victoria. Victoria then lowered her shoulder in Chastity's gut, then got to her feet and prepared to powerbomb Chastity, but then slipped her into position for the Widow's Peak. she executed her finisher and Chastity was out cold. she then rolled the woman over onto her back and made the cover. 1.........2........3!!!!!!

Johnny C: "what a finisher! Chastity is out cold and Victoria wins!!"

Bobby: "talk about a lucky victory! if she's as ticklish as she looks, how is she going to beat Trish?"

jersey_tickler called for the bell, then raised Victoria's hand in victory. Victoria let out a sigh of relief as she looked down at her barefoot.

"ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout......VICTORIA!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the song "All the Things She Said" by Tatu began to play and Victoria then looked over at Chastity who was being rolled out of the ring by jersey_tickler. she stopped him for a moment and reached for Chastity's ankle. Chastity was still out cold and Victoria removed her shoe, then peeled her long sock off, exposing her plae sole. with a wicked smile, Victoria began to tickle Chastity's foot which made her wake up into laughter. Chastity began to squirm around as she felt her foot getting tickled. Victoria laughed then let go of Chastity's ankle. she then flipped her off and Chastity began to pout as Victoria left the ring victorious.


the fans turned their attention towards the WOWVision screen as Dawn Marie appeared on screen. Dawn Marie was dressed in a white nightgown that didnt leave much to the imagination and she laid across a couch. she had slippers on her feet and fans could see the sheer white garter stockings she had on. Dawn then propped her body up on one elbow and blew a kiss to the screen.

"hello everyone, this is everyone's favorite Diva, Dawn Marie! what a *wonderful* time i am having here in WOWF! as you all know, i was victorious in my match against that trollop Christy Hemme last week and the stipulation was that Torrie Wilson, the SEXY Torrie Wilson, had to be my plaything for a night. well, WHAT a night it was! Torrie is so beautiful and her body was all mine! i had *so* much fun with her! i know all of you want to know what happened. well, i took Miss Wilson up to my hotel room and i told her to dress in something special in mind. here, take a look at the picture..." Dawn Marie told the crowd.

a still picture of Torrie Wilson appeared and Torrie was wearing a thin bikini that only covered her nipples and her womanhood. it essentially was dental floss. the crowd exploded in cheers looking at Torrie in such a way.

".....beautiful isnt she? well, i toook her by her sweet hand and lead her into the room. i then planted a wet, hot kiss on her lips while i grabbed her ass...." Dawn continued.

a still shot appeared and showed Dawn Marie kissing Torrie on her lips and Dawn's hand was shown grabbing a "cheek" of Torrie's rear end. the look on Torrie's eyes was that of complete shock.

"...she tastes soooooooo good! those lips are delicious, let me tell you! anyway, it got to a point where i kissed her body, then i ordered her to lay down on the bed. i had her strapped down SPREAD eagle and utterly helpless and under my mercy. Torrie has such a sensitive body and i couldnt wait to explore it! i pulled out a feather and i tickled her sweet body with it! i tickled her armpits, i tickled around her breasts, i tickled her ribs and belly. i kissed her belly button and i tickled her good!" Dawn continued.

another still shot appeared and it showed Dawn Marie with a feather tickling Torrie's armpits. more shots appeared and it showed Dawn tickling Torrie's belly, ribs and kissing her belly button.

"...then i moved to her *sweet* feet! oh my goodness! she has such beautiful feet! nice soft toes, soft skin and so delicious. let's just say i sucked and tickled those feet of hers for a long....long time!! my tongue was between her toes and licking her feet all over. did any of you know her heels were ticklish? oh they are! just like her arches, the balls of her feet and i found a special spot on the base of her toes. i could have played with those feet for hours...." Dawn continued.

still shots appeared showing of Torrie Wilson's barefeet and soles. another shot showed Dawn sucking on Torrie's big toe and tickling her sole with fingers. another shot showed with Dawn smiling in the picture with her tongue placed between Torrie's big toe and index toe.

"i really like her feet! her toes tasted good when i poured chocolate all over them. i licked and sucked all that tasty treat off her feet! i then tickled those delicious feet until she nearly passed out! i must admit, i am in LOVE with Torrie Wilson's feet! but then it was time to remove her bikini top! now folks, unfortunately Debra, our General Manager, wouldnt let me show Torrie Wilson's breasts, but you can imagine those perky nipples of hers looking at me as i tickled them! her breasts are perfect! i got to play with them as they were under my control! i own Torrie's breasts! i bet you know now that her breasts and especially her nipples are really.....really.....really ticklish!" Dawn whispered to the crowd.

the men in the crowd let out a thunderous cheer as they listened to Dawn's story! they only wished they could watch! then the camera showed a kitten jump up on the lap of Dawn Marie.

"oooh kitty! what a pretty kitty!" Dawn cooed as she then began to tickle the cat's belly. the cat purred on her lap as Dawn's fingers stroked the cat in her lap. "just one more thing folks, let's just say this wasnt the only time i tickled a kitty! i got to tickle........Torrie's kitty!" Dawn Marie said with a wink.

the crowd cheered loudly as they knew exactly what Dawn Marie meant without it being vuglar. a lot of men only wished they were there to witness the whole thing.

"...i tickled her kitty for a long time. i think her kitty liked it as it drooled all over the place! such a bad kitty! the drool just poured out just by my tickling of her kitty. she has such a pretty kitty! i can still feel my fingers stroking it, making it purr.... that cat of hers must have drooled all over me at least TWELVE times that night! after i finished playing with her kitty, i tickled her sweet feet again. that broke her. she was begging me to do anything to stop the tickling, INCLUDING her volunteering to play with MY kitty. of course i let her do that and i listened to her laughter as my pretty kitty was played with by Torrie. let me tell you pet owners out there. if anyone can play with a cat, it is TORRIE WILSON! she is really good as i had to clean up after my kitty drooling all over Torrie's face. bad kitty! after that i just sat there and tickled her feet for at least another four hours. poor Torrie, she was really tired. she passed out after i tickled her toes. but i will tell you this, in the morning, we did it all over!" Dawn told the crowd.

at this point the crowd was in a frenzy after hearing Dawn's story. they began to chant Torrie's name, then a HLA chant broke out. on screen, Dawn only smiled.

"so, there goes my tale. Torrie, i know you're watching this. i love ya darling and i cant wait to *play* with you again....oh, and Stacy Keibler, i got my eyes on those HUGE feet of yours! so folks, i hope you enjoyed my story! kisses!" Dawn said as she blew a kiss, then the screen faded to black.

Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler and Christy Hemme were in the back watching Dawn's story on a monitor. Stacy rolled her eyes in disgust and looked at Torrie. Torrie lowered her head in shame, then covered her eyes as she began to cry and ran off the set. Christy and Stacy looked at her run away with sympathetic eyes. they knew their friend was just totally humiliated.

Johnny C: "i have no idea on what to say Brain..."

Bobby: "I DO!!! that was HOT!!! WOOOOOO BABY!!!! i think i need a cold shower after that one! i got a daschund for Dawn to play with if she wants to! like she said, she is really good with animals!"

Johnny: "i dont think Dawn wants to play with weasels!"

Bobby: "she wont play with a weasel. but she can play with a brain anytime, ANYPLACE! HLA!!! HLA!!! HLA!!! HLA!!!"

Johnny C: "will you calm down! this next match coming up is huge!! Americana defends her title against Sable!!!"

AMERICANA (WOWF United States Champion)


SABLE (Glamour Girls)


"..ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Women Of Wrestling Federation UNITED STATES Championship! introducing first, representing the Glamour Girls, here is..... SABLE!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the music of Sable blared on the loudspeakers and the crowd booed as Sable made her appearance at the top of the stage. wearing a black sports bra, with white boxing shorts and black wrestling boots covered with kickboxing shinguards, Sable began to walk towards the ring. she has waited a long time for this rematch and couldnt wait to embarass Americana once and for all. she wanted championship gold and this was her best chance. Sable knew Americana was afraid of her and she was going to make her suffer.

Johnny C: "there she is Brain, that vile Sable!"

Bobby: "vile? how is that lovely vixen vile? Sable is such a great competitor, she is finally going to get what she deserves!"

"...and her opponent, coming to the ring, here is the WOWF UNITED STATES Champion, please welcome.......AMERICANA!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the song "American Badass" by Kid Rock began to play and the crowd exploded into cheers as the WOWF U.S. Champion, Americana, appeared at the top of the ramp. dressed in an sleeveless American flag print bodysuit, with red, white and blue wrestling boots, Americana waved and smiled to the crowd. the red-strapped U.S. title belt was snug around her waist and she was ready for action. she hated the fact that Sable called her lucky in being the champion. Americana was a former GLOW champion and she proved her skills by becoming the WOWF U.S. Champion. she really wanted to win this match to prove to Sable once and for all she is truly a great champion.

Johnny C: "oh yeah! there she is Brain! the U.S. Champion and how fitting is it that Americana is the United States Champion?"

Bobby: "it makes me want to gag! she is probably the biggest joke of champion EVER! i thought Asian Surrender were terrible as tag team champions, but it makes me sick seeing our great nation being represented by this loser!"

sceej56, the referee, called for the bell and the match began. Sable charged after Americana, who ducked under Sable's wildly thrown punches and countered with some of her own. Sable began to stagger and Americana nailed Sable with a clothesline. Sable got back to her feet and Americana clotheslined her again. Sable got back up to her feet, but this time, Americana scooped her up and slammed her to the mat, then dropped an elbow onto Sable's chest. she then went for the cover. 1.......2........KICKOUT. Sable got back to her feet, but Americana threw her against the ropes and delivered a standing dropkick.. the crowd roared as Sable was laid out on the mat. Americana again went for the cover. 1.......2.......KICKOUT! Americana then pulled Sable up to her feet by her hair, then began to chop away at her chest. the corwd chanted "WOOOOOOOOOOOO!" with every chop and Sable staggered. Americana then threw Sable off the ropes and prepared to do a back body drop. Sable stopped in her tracks and kicked Americana in the head. Americana stood up in pain, then Sable delivered a clothesline from hell. Sable then went for the cover. 1..........2........kickout.

Johnny C: "that was close! Americana barely kicked out!"

Bobby: "now we are going to see Sable destroy this woman!"

Sable then began to drop elbow after elbow on Americana. she then went for the cover. 1..........2..........kickout. Sable screamed at Sceej56, but he told her it was only a two count. Sable then scooped Americana up and slammed her to the canvas. she then dropped a leg across Americana's throat and went for the cover. 1..........2......kickout. again, Americana barely kicked out. Sable slapped the mat in frustration. she then slapped Americana. she pulled Americana to her feet, then put her in the abdominal stretch. Americana yelled in pain as her body was contorted. Sable screamed at Americana to give up and Americana refused to submit. an evil smile then formed on Sable's face as she lowered her fingers and began to lightly stroke the belly of Americana.

"..eeehehehehee...stop." Americana giggled.

Sable then began to tickle harder and Americana exploded into laughter. her head began to thrash around as she felt powerless to stop Sable's tickling fingers. Sceej56 asked Americana if she wanted to submit, but she refused. Sable then tweaked Americana's ribs and Americana exploded in hysterical laughter. she still refused to submit and her legs began to get weaker. Sable smiled as she felt Americana's body turning limp. she then let go of Americana and the champion fell in a heap.

Johnny C: "Americana is in serious trouble now!"

Sable: "look at Sable stalk her victim. oh well Americana, your reign of terror is about end!!!"

Sable circled around Americana's limp body and smiled when she heard giggles coming from Americana. she then kneeled down next to her and planted her fingers into Americana's sides, giving her a "lobster claw". Americana exploded in laughter and her body shook violently as Sable dug the claw deeper into her sides. Sceej56 once again asked Americana if she wanted to submit, but she refused. Sable kept her tickling going and Americana began to get very lightheaded from the laughter she was pouring out from her mouth. Sceej56 raised her arm and it fell. Sable kept tickling harder when Scee56 raised the arm again and it fell. Sable smiled because if the hand drops one more time, she is the new champion. Sceej56 raised it one more time and let it fall, but Americana didnt let the hand drop and tried to get herself out of the predicament by poking Sable in the eye. Sable tended to her wounded eye and Americana tried to catch her breath. Americana got to her feet and tried to swing at Sable. Sable ducked, then kneed the champion in the midsection, then executed a DDT. Sable rolled Americana over. 1..........2......kickout. Sable again slapped the mat in frustration. she then decided enough was enough and rolled Americana onto her stomach and folded her legs against her rear end. she then began to pluck the bootlaces loose and Americana began to panic. she felt her boots getting pulled off one by one, then her socks came off leaving her barefeet in stirrups from the body suit, and her soles exposed. when Americana reached for the ropes, Sable then began to scratch her nails all over Americana's feet.

"now bitch, LAUGH for me!!!" Sable screamed.

Americana laughed hard when she felt the nails tickling her tender arches. she hated getting her feet tickled as she was extremely sensitive. she squealed like a pig when Sable went after her toes. Sceej56 asked her again if she wanted to submit, but she refused. she was close to the ropes and knew she had to make it there. the tickling of her body was taking a toll and now her weak spot, her feet, were getting tickled. Sable enjoyed tickling the soft pink soles in front of her. she liked how her fingers made "marks" on the pink flesh when she would zip her fingers up and down the soles. she played with the delicate skin between the toes. she loved watching Americana's hair whipping all over the place in ticklish agony. Sable knew the title was hers. it was just a matter of seconds now. she then felt Sceej56 tap her on her shoulder. Sable then jumped in the air and pumped her fists. then a look of anger appeared on her face when Sceej56 told her Americana grabbed the ropes. Sable grabbed Americana's ankles and dragged her back to the middle of the ring. she then dropped a leg on Americana's chest. then she got to the second rope and jumped off, trying to land another legdrop. this time Americana moved out of the way and Sable landed on her rear end hard. she bounced up to her feet and next thing she knew she was rolled into a small package pinning manuever. 1.......2.......3!!!!! Sable kicked out, but the 3 count was made!

Johnny C: "it's over! Americana got the three count!"

Bobby: "that was a FAST count!!!"

"..ladies and gentlemen! the winner of the match and STILL Women Of Wrestling Federation United States Champion, AMERICANA!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

Sceej56 raised Americana's hand in victory and handed her the title belt. she staggered to her feet and raised her arm in victory. then Sable came from behind and attacked her. she knocked Americana to the mat and put her legs into a leglock where she soles were face up. Sable then raked her nails over Americana's soles and once again Americana laughed hard. she then tapped the mat but Sable wasnt letting go. she wanted to make Americana pass out. she tickled the feet harder and Sceej56 warned her to let her go. Sable cursed at him and continued tickling Americana's feet. the crowd then went wild as Victoria ran down the ramp and into the ring. she nailed Sable from behind, knocking her off Americana. Sable got up and charged Victoria. Victoria then kicked her in the midsection and picked her up and placed her in position for the Widow's Peak. she then executed it and Sable laid on the mat knocked out. Victoria then tended to Americana and handed her the title belt. the song "American Badass" played and Victoria held Americana up as she held onto her title belt. Victoria smiled as she saw Sable on the mat, out cold as Sceej56 tended to her. Victoria had just sent a message to the Glamour Girls. the message was: dont mess with her friends!

Johnny C: "what a victory for Americana as she remains the United States Champion! thank goodness for Victoria otherwise who know what Sable would have done to Americana!"

Bobby: "mark my words Johnny boy! Victoria has just started a war. there is going to be hell to pay!"

Johnny C: "well Brain, that wraps up another show! see you fans next week for more WOWF action! this is Johnny C, for Bobby 'the Brain' Heenan saying good night!"


UP NEXT: Christy Hemme will take on Carmella and Victoria gets her title shot against Trish Stratus!

okay folks, how did you like this episode? did you enjoy Dawn's story? feedback always welcomed.