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With a sigh of relief, Jennifer filed away the last of her reports and prepared to relax. The 35 year old account executive was flush with anticipation. It was Friday night and everyone else had left the building. Moreover, there wouldn't be any cleaning crew showing up tonight so she had the building all to herself.

The 5'2" brunette retrieved a shoe box from her desk drawer and prepared for her "relaxation". The buxom woman had a naughty little secret that she shared with no one. She had an incredible lust for self-bondage and the feeling of helplessness that washed over her every time she'd done it. She eagerly awaited Friday nights where she could be alone at the office and undisturbed. She dared not try her little fetish at home where her daughter might happen to pop over and catch her in the act.

She kicked off her heels and slowly rolled down one of her thigh high stockings; plucking it from her bare size 5 foot. Another quiver of lustful anticipation shuddered through her tiny body she adored tying herself up with one stocking on and the other off. She had a use for that stocking.

Jennifer pulled a long section of clothesline from her box that had a pair of handcuffs firmly tied to one end. She tossed the rope up and over one of the many art-deco pipes that ran across her office ceiling, then tied the loose end to the handcuffs also. It was just the right height for if she knelt on her plush leather chair, her arms would be held high above her head ! Next she wrapped her discarded nylon around and around her trim ankles and tied them securely together.

She pulled her leather bit-gag from her box, placed it between her teeth and buckled it securely behind the bun of hair at the back of her head. Finally, she retrieved the keys to the handcuffs, turned around and knelt on her office chair, and reached for the dangling cuffs. She made certain that she held on firmly to the keys, for if she were to drop them, there would be no way she would be able to get free. She had to stretch high but within seconds she had snapped the cuffs around her wrists and her self-bondage was complete!

She moaned huskily she felt so incredibly helpless and vulnerable ! Wave after wave of erotic euphoria washed through her body and she could feel her nipples becoming harder and harder with each passing moment. Jennifer was lost in that sea of lust, moaning ever louder, such that she didn't hear the door to her office open behind her.

With a start of surprise, her boss, Terri, saw that Jennifer was tied up and was just about to blurt "What the hell ?" but something made her stop. The 6' blonde instead said nothing and just watched as the cute 35 year old lewdly gyrated her hips and buns and wrinkled her bare and nylon covered soles. Quickly, she surveyed the scene and caught sight of Jennifer's little "toy box". She swiftly realized that her employee had placed herself in this situation for her own kinky gratification knowing that no one would be in the building tonight.

Terri wouldn't have been here tonight but she needed to stop by her office on the way to a swanky dinner party and pick up the theater tickets she'd left in her desk. Seeing the light on under Jennifer's door, she decided to pop in and remind her not to work too late!
With a wicked grin showing her own kinky lust, Terri slipped out of her 3" high heels and softly walked across the carpet. She was dressed to the 9's in a strapless black mini-gown and .high fashion black nylons. A very busty young lady herself, her enormous cleavage was enhanced by the low cut gown and her push up bra. Quietly she came up behind a still moaning Jennifer. She glanced down into the "toy box" and saw thumb-cuffs, feathers, a riding crop, and an issue of "Tied and Tickled". Her own nipples started to stiffen with anticipation when she realized she wouldn't be going to any boring dinner party this evening !

"Welllll...." she said throatily, "...what do we have here ?"

Jennifer's brown eyes grew wide as saucers when she saw Terri come around to look her in the face. She'd been caught and her naughty little secret was exposed! Frantically, she fumbled with the keys and tried to unlock the handcuffs.

"Unh unh uhhhhh!!!!" Terri chided as she swiftly plucked the keys from Jennifer's fingers. "I'll just keep these for now !"

Jennifer was mortified ! Humiliation and fear crashed through her senses. She felt so utterly helpless and vulnerable and this only served to arouse her even more !

"Now just what is going on here ?" Terri asked in her sternest voice.

Jennifer mumbled through the gag and shook her head from side to side; unable to get any intelligible words past the bit between her lips.

Terri reached around and grabbed Jennifer's phone and quickly dialed a number. "I'm sorry darling, but something has come up at the office and I won't be able to make our date tonight..... Yes..... No, nothing major, just a little matter of employee discipline. That's right..... love you too !" She hung up the phone and sauntered over until she was standing right in front of a still wide-eyed Jennifer.

"Now what should be done with a naughty employee who does this sort of thing on company time, hmmmm ????" she asked as she reached around behind her and unzipped her black mini-gown. Jennifer's eyes stayed transfixed upon her statuesque boss as she watched the black gown slide down to pool around the busty blonde's shapely ankles. Her black silky pushup bra, lacy black panties, garter belt and high fashion hosiery made Terri look every bit the Domme. Kicking the dress away, she walked around behind Jennifer and started digging through the toy box.

"Why, you haven't even used all of your little toys, have you?" she asked as she retrieved the thumb cuffs. "Let's just help you out, shall we ?"

With quiet efficiency, Terri cuffed together Jennifer's two big toes, then used the free end of her nylon to firmly bind her ankles to the office chair.

"I still haven't gotten an answer to my question Jennifer".
Jennifer MMMFFFFFFF'd and NNGGGGG'd as she shook her head.

"Perhaps we'll come up with some ways to loosen that tongue of yours" she threatened as she fiendishly eyed the brunette's helplessly captive upturned soles. Terri could see that the brunette's feet were buttery soft and assumed they would be sinfully ticklish. Slowly she started tracing one long nail up and down Jennifer's soles and her assumptions were found to be quite accurate!

Jennifer exploded with laughter the instant her sensitive feet were touched! Although all that made it past the gag were squealing "MEEEEEEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEE's"

"Oooooooo!!!!! My very helpless employee is just a little ticklish, aren't you ? Kitchy-kitchy-koo Jenny!" she teased as she danced all of her nails across the nylon covered sole and the wrinkled bare foot.

Jennifer's mind was in erotic turmoil. Her sexy boss was wickedly tickling her very vulnerable feet and she was going quite mad with desire. Her nipples were so hard she could feel each beat of her heart pulsing through them! Her wild laughter descended into helpless cackling as she felt her mound fairly dripping with excitement.

Terri tickled the brunette's feet for 10 minutes straight, then paused to let her catch her breath. Jennifer's blouse had pulled out of the waistband of her skirt and her once carefully coiffed bun was now a wild mess of hair as she had been violently shaking her head and body in the throes of her hysterical laughter.

The blonde licked her lips with lust as she gazed at her employee's very hard nipples; showing quite clearly through her thin silk blouse. Terri's own were quite hard at this point as she reached down into the box and retrieved the riding crop.

Jennifer's eyes grew wide once more and a squeak of surprise escaped past the gag when Terri "WHAPPED" her bare sole with the riding crop! The riding crop was more show than anything else. Terri didn't hit Jennifer's soles all that hard, rather, the leather flaps at the end made most of the sound. Still, after 15 minutes of playful bastinado, Jennifer's feet were a very tender shade of pink.

Jennifer had tears of laughter, not pain, streaming down her blushing red cheeks and her loins were on fire with lust and desire when Terri started drawing a stiff feather up and down her pink soles! Tenderized by the riding crop, they were now twice as ticklish as before! The blonde couldn't help but squeeze her own nipples as she feathered the brunette's soles and enjoyed her squeals of laughter.

Terri was nearly as aroused as Jennifer and she feared she might orgasm before the brunette if she kept fondling herself. She put down the feather and came up behind her bound employee. With wicked delight, she snaked her long fingernails up under Jenny's blouse and started tickling her ribs and tummy! Jennifer bucked and writhed as much as her bondage would allow and sputtered and squealed hysterically! No one had ever tickled her like this before and it was driving her crazy! Her eyes were squeezed shut and even more tears streamed from them.

Terri cooed into Jenny's ear and fiendishly taunted her while she tickled away at her tummy and started unbuttoning her blouse.

Jennifer's mind was so far gone with conflicting emotions and so tortured by Terri furiously tickling her sensitive ribs that she wasn't even aware than Terri was unbuttonning her blouse and starting to strip her!

Her muffled squeals of laughter soon subsided into silent laughter as humiliation, excitement, and a burning lust assailed her tortured mind. So lost was she in lustful, helpless laughter that she didn't feel the loosening around her bosom as Terri unsnapped the back of her bra.

Seeing that her tickle-toy was close to passing out from lack of oxygen, Terri stopped to allow Jennifer to gasp sobbingly for much needed air. Her mind still in turmoil and still cackling helplessly, she didn't realize that Terri had pulled up her blouse and bra and was using the bra to tie her blouse around her bound wrists.

Her first realization that she was nude from the waist up was when she felt the cool air-conditioned air hit her already over-sensitive nipples making them even harder than they already were ! Blinking her eyes furiously to dispel the tears, she watched blurrily as Terri approached her. Still cackling, her eyes widened as she saw the stiff feather in Terri's hand.

I bet my Little Bondage Princess is enjoying this! Just look at how hard and stiff those nipples are! I'll bet they're ticklish too, aren't they? she teased.

Jennifer's mound steamed with mounting excitement at the thought of having her throbbing nipples tickled!

With a look of pure lust, Terri slowly began tracing the tip of the feather under the bottom of Jennifer's quivering breasts.

"hoooooommmmmhohohohohooooooooo!!!" she giggled as she squirmed; qrinding her hips in an unabashedly lewd fashion.

Around and around each breast Terri tickled, loving the way Jennifer giggled and squirmed and the way her boobs jiggled and her hips swayed. After each full circle, she would move the feather a little closer to Jenn's painfully hard nipples.

The teasing tickling was sending her mind crazy and she could feel the mounting pressure in her loins that always preceded an orgasm. Just as she thought Terri would start tickling her throbbing nipples and send her over the edge, the blonde would trace the feather away and start tickling her smooth, sensitive underarms!

Evilly, Terri played with Jennifer in this manner, forcing her close to orgasm by feathering her boobs, then bringing her back from the edge in a fit of giggling by tickling her underarms!

The blonde knew she was driving the brunette quite mad with this fiendish torture and that she so desperately wanted to cum. For she knew that when she finally did, it would be a monstrously brutal explosion.

The time had finally come and Terri started flicking the tip of the feather across her right nipple while she wrapped her soft lips around the left and began hungrily sucking it.

"AAAAAHHHHHHGAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW" was all Jennifer was able to get past the gag as a mind-numbing orgasm took possession of her body and violently shook it pieces! Terri watched as her eyes rolled up into her head and listened to her pant and grunt like an animal in heat!

For a good 3 minutes the joyful explosion lasted until Jennifer finally subsided into panting lewdly while tiny tremors rippled through her body.

The blonde knew that Jennifer would be VERY sensitive right now and started flicking the feather up and down her bare foot! Jenny began laughing once again as her bare foot was now more ticklish than it had ever been before.

"What game shall we play next?" Terri asked "...hmmmmm???" Taking a pair of scissors from Jenn's desk, she casually began snipping away at Jennifer's skirt. But she was doing it with wicked slowness; a piece here, a piece there, until the last of her now shredded skirt floated down to the floor.

Terri wanted the brunette back in helpless, silent laughter so she reached around with her long nails and started tickling just above Jennifer's hip bones! She exploded in laughter once again but Terri wasn't about to stop. Finally her squeals and cackling produced no sound yet her body was writhing and shaking with her uncontrollable laughter.

Now Terri uncuffed the buxom brunette's toes, untied the one stocking and retied Jenny's left ankle to the arm rest support of the chair. Rolling down her right stocking, she plucked it from Jennifer's foot and used it to tie her right ankle to the other side.

"I've a new game you'll just LOVE, Jenny!" Terri said as she walked around where she could be seen.

Jennifer was still lauging and giggling fitfully when she watched through bleary eyes as Terri started unsnapping her own nylons and rolling them off her legs. These she used to tie the exhausted brunette's knees to the arms of the chair; spreading her thighs very wide in the process!

With a couple more snips from the scissors, Jennifer lost her panties and was now completely nude and helpless in front of her boss.

"You look soooo darling all helpless and naked as the day you were born! But before we play, let's get rid of that gag so I can hear your sweet, loud laughter!" So saying, Terri unbuckled the bit gag and pulled it from Jennifer's mouth.

Jennifer was still coming down from silent laughter. "..oh gawd... heheheeeeeee!!! Terri eeeeeheheheheeeeeee!!!"

"I call this game 'Spank & Tickle", Terri said as she retrieved the riding crop and stood behind Jennifer. "You've been a very naughty employee so you'll have to be punished!. But you love the way I punish you, don't you?" Immediately, her left hand shot forward and wickedly began to tickle up and down Jenn's exposed side; counting every rib as she worked up and down.

"NYAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Jennifer laughed hoarsely.

THWAP!!!! Terry slapped the riding crop against Jenny's firm but baby soft bare buns!

Her laughter was interspersed with little yelps of pain each time the riding crop found its mark.


Conflicting emotions roared through Jenny's mind; arousal, helplessness, and humiliation, all surrounded by her uncontrolled laughter from being fiendishly tickled and spanked at the same time.

Terri worked over Jennifer's buns with the riding crop until they were bright pink and Jenn had once again slipped into silent laughter. Now she stopped tickling the brunette's side and traded the riding crop for the feather. While Jennifer recovered from her extreme laughter, she felt the feather dancing up and down her wiggling bare butt! It tickled because her buns had just been spanked pink, but it aroused her more than anything.

"Ooooooo hooohoooommmmmmmm!!!!! EEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEE!!" escaped her lips when Terri trailed the tip of the feather down between her buns and spread them ever so slightly to flick where Jennifer had NEVER been tickled before. She knew it wouldn't take much at this rate for her to lose it again!

But Terri didn't want her cumming just yet. She knelt down and started tracing the feather up and down her employee's sensitive inner thighs making her dance lewdly in response.


Terri had knelt down by Jenny's upturned feet and as she feathered her tender thighs, she was slowly running her tongue up and down those helpless bare feet; from toes to heels. Terri knew that she wouldn't be able to stand too much of this tongue tickling, and slipped her feather up to saw it against Jennifer's bald mound just as she started nibbling and suckling her cute toes!

That did it for the brunette! "OOOOOHHHHH GAWWWWWWD NNNNGGGGG !" she screamed guttarly as a second powerful orgasm ripped through her body! No one had ever sucked on her toes before and the electric shocks that shot up her legs torched her off once again. Despite curling up her wrinkly bare soles in the throes of ecstasy, Terri kept nibbling and sucking each and every one, until a very sweaty and exhausted Jennifer gasped weakly for breath.

Terri let her recover and walked to stand in front of her. Eyes with a crazed look beheld the statuesque blonde as she winked at Jennifer and unsnapped her own push up bra!

As if hypnotized, she couldn't take her eyes off of the gorgeous blonde as she slowly and sensuously stripped for the bound brunette. This certainly didn't quench the fires in Jenn's loins rather, it started fanning the flames again! She knew she couldn't stand another muscle-wrenching orgasm like that last one!

Terri sauntered over to her like a hunting cat; her own nipples just as hard as Jennifer's. Grabbing by her wild mess of hair, the blonde domme tilted Jenn's head up and smothered her with an arduous french kiss; all the while teasing and fondling Jenny's still sensitive breasts.

Jennifer was quite tickle-mad by now and any touch set her hips grinding. But Terri's loving kiss was rapidly pushing her to sexual insanity! Her body was a toy for the blonde to play with and she knew every button to push to keep Jenn's fires churning!

Terri finally broke the kiss and while still teasing the brunette's painfully throbbing nipples, whispered into her ear "...I wonder how many more times I can make you cum until you pass out Jenn!"

"oooommmmmm mmmmmnnnnnn!!!!!" Jenny moaned as Terri put her nipples up against hers and started rubbing them around and around.

Terri covered her lips with another deep soulful french kiss, which she held as her fingers slid down to tickle Jennifer's very hard clit!

Jenny mewled as they kissed and quivered with unholy joy sluttily thrusting her hips to meet Terri's fingers!

Terri waited until Jennifer's increasingly violent hip thrusts told her she was very near, then easily slipped two fingers inside while maintaining the kiss.Swiftly, she tickled and probed, knowing she would find Jenn's G-spot.

Find it she did, for Jennifer's eyes grew wide as dinner plates and she broke the kiss to scream her arousal!


Terri kept tickling her inside, feeling her muscles clamp down on her fingers as the brunette in bondage started experiencing rapid-fire, multiple orgasms.

One after another they hammered her lithe body, pulling her muscles in all directions each one stressing her stomach muscles to the breaking point. Floods of her love honey soaked Terri's hands as she watched Jennifer explode with constant, unstoppable joy!

Nor would Terri stop... she'd found the spot and she was going to keep tickling there until her naughty employee passed out! Fortunately for an exhausted Jennifer, that didn't take very long. Her eyes rolled up into her head and with one last gasp of ecstasy, she slumped, still quivering, into inconsciousness.

30 minutes later, the very weak brunette fluttered her eyes open and found she was free of bondage. She lay on the couch, her arms wrapped around a very beautiful and very nude blonde Terri.

Terri kissed her and spoke softly in her ear "You've been very naughty Jennifer. I think I'll have to check up on you Friday nights for remedial training!"

Jenn giggled and kissed her back, not wanting to wait a whole week for Friday night to come!

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this is probably one of my alltime favorite series, and katy and the mentor definatyely is my favorite. i truly enjoy the sensual sadism that is present in your stories, and can only hope to hear volumes more form you

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I'm going to look around your archive to see what else you have written.:cool2:

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Hey TQ... would it be okay if I tried writting a Jennifer story of my own?

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Like many of the members, I love the stories...they are almost too hot for words!

I was wondering though, when will we get to see Chapter 5???

And, will there be more chapters in the future???

A fellow tickle junkie,