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The Brothers of the Feather Part 2 * (formerly known as "The Zen of Tickling" this bears no resemblance to the first m/f version of the Zen of Tickling.)

Dane's First Night
Briel helped Dane down the hall to his room. The tickling initiation drained him completely. He was barely conscious when he went into his room. Briel laid him down on the bed and unzipped his robe, exposing his bare chest and belly. He just stared hungerly at Dane's ticklish torso. There was a light knock on the door.

Mendel walked in and whispered to Briel. "He is very ticklish, isn't he? You chose well for me. I hope he can tickle me as well as I will tickle him." Briel smiled, He spent time as Mendel's roommate and explored his ticklishness with abandon. He also shivered whenever he thought of those nightly tickings that Mendel gave him. Mendel had brought Briel to the point of madness many times with just the tip of his fingers on his ribs and hips.

"I'm sure you will teach him well. I must go before The Master rings curfew. The last brother who was caught breaking curfew was stripped and rib-tickled for the whole night my all the Elder Ticklers." Briel left. Mendel sat down on the bed and waited for Dane to wake up. He decided to tease Dane with a single turkey feather to stimulate him.
Mendel slipped the feather out of his sleeve and started making light strokes across Dane's belly, making his belly muscles quiver. A giggle escaped from Dane as Mendel skillfully traced the feather lightly over his belly.

Dane began giggling and woke up. "Hey !! Don't you think I was tickled enough for one day? Who are you anyway?" Mendel sat up and spoke.

"You and I will share this room. I am Mendel. We share a room because each Brother is responsible for tickling each other. Have you ever tickled anyone before?"

Dane looked at the bed's head and footboards for the first time and saw ropes to slip over the foot and wrist. there were loops made out of hemp rope for the ankles and feet.

Dane smiled. This could be interesting, he thought to himself. "I think I could live with this. I have to admit, all the giggling and laughing was made me feel better. Do you want to go first?"

Mendel laughed. "I have "First Right". That means I get to tickle you first. Take off your robe and slip your hands and bare feet into the loops."

Dane quickly did as he was told. Mendel stroked the bottoms of Dane's feet playfully. A tickling shiver shot through Dane and he giggled." Please ... I have the most ticklish feet !!!"

Mendel started tickling Dane with light strokes up his ribs.Dane grabbed the loops tightly as he felt each finger touching and tickling him.

"HEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEEHEHEH ..... PLEASE .... THIS T-T-T-IKCLES !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH ...." Dane began thrashing across the bed." Mendel smiled and took 2 feathers and began tickling Dane's ribs and armpits. Dane arched off the bed and began giggling loudly.

Mendel looked at the clock. It was getting late. " I am next. I will strip and lay on my bed." Dane looked at Mendel. He was only used to tickling his partner, who hated being tickled.

"Tell me, Mendel ... just how ticklish are you? Or shall I find out for myself?" Dane stood near Mendel's bare feet. He slowly grazed his nails up the bottoms of Mendel's feet.
Mendel began giggling immediately. He wiggled his feet to avoid Dane's fingers.

"What's this? Mendel ... you have very ticklish feet !!!!!Let's see just how much they can stand !!" Not much scared Mendel, except having his feet touched or tickled. Dane sensed how ticklish his feet were and begin teasing and tickling them. Mendel thrashed about and giggled loudly as Dane kept tickling his arches, between his toes and the underside of each foot.

Briel was walking past the door and stopped to listen to Mendel's pleas for mercy as Dane tickled is feet. Briel felt a stroke up the middle of his back. Elder Timothy whispered, "Stop listening at the door ! Mendel needed to have a new tickling mate. You were becoming ..... to attached to him. You know that I must do!" Briel half smiled. He had been remanded to Elder Timothy for his nightly ritual. Briel followed Timothy into a special room. There Briel stripped of his rope and slipped his wrists into hanging cuffs. Timothy tightened the cuffs.

"For the next 7 nights, I will administer your evening Ritual, body part, by ticklish body part. You know I know how extremely ticklish you've become over the years. I will use this !" Briel welcomed the tickling from Timothy, but was nervous, too, being as ticklish as he was. Briel was easily aroused by being tickled.

Timothy took a large sable portrait brush and began stroking it across Briel's tender belly. Briel broke into a sweat as he felt the bristles on this belly. His muscles tightened. He was trying not to give in to the tickling he felt, but could not hold out for long.

"PLEASE!! NOT THERE !!!! AHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHE .... TIMOTHY! STOP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... HEHEHEHEHEHEH ... T-T-TO T-T-TICKLISH !!!! " Briel thrashed and bucked against the cuffs as Timothy swirled and stroke the brush up and down Briel's belly. He noticed the tent in briel's briefs. Timothy was no stranger to erotic tickling, but he denied Briel that pleasure because he was administering discipline.

That night, the hallway was filled will hysterical laughter,Briel's and Mendel's. Dane fell asleep to Briel's mounting laughter and pleading for mercy while Timothy kept tickling his belly with brushes, feathers and fingers ... til Briel nearly passed out.

End Part 2

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