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03-28-2005, 11:56 AM
okay folks, time for the next part in the WOWF series. the pay per view is upon us and i promise that it will be worth the read! longer mathes! more tickling! the pay per views are going to be big! anyway, enjoy the next part. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com WWE Divas at www.wwedivas.com GLOW characters at www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/7076/ and Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com

"if i didnt know better, i would think that little man, Mclane, is out to get us! i now have a match at PANDEMONIUM with Victoria?" Sable asked.

"you know Mclane! every chance he gets he will try to screw us! one day, that man will actually have sex with a woman, a DESPERATE woman, and leave us alone!" Lana told the group.

"i cant believe he is going to make me take on Jungle Grrl next week!" Sunny complained.

"relax Sunny, i have a plan. remember, if you beat her, i dont have to face her at PANDEMONIUM. let's just say next week, Jungle Grrl will get what's coming to her!" Trish smiled.

"this is Terri Runnels standing by with Gail Kim. Gail, you take on Bronco Billie next. it is a submission only match. do you think you can make Billie submit?" Terri asked.

Gail Kim rolled her eyes at Terri. "of course you nitwit! everybody knows Billie is the submissive type! all you ever hear her say is 'please dont tickle me! i'm ticklish!' what a freakin coward!" Gail shot back.

"but, i also remember that you are quite ticklish as well..." Terri reminded her.

"oh, you think that's funny huh? well, i'll give you something to laugh about!" Gail threatened. she then slap Terri across the face and shoved her to the ground. she then put Terri in the ankle lock.

"help!! help!!! stop!! my ankle!!!" Terri screamed.

Gail then removed Terri's shoe. "let's see how ticklish this foot is..." Gail teased.

"no!! dont tickle my foot!! please Gail!! noooooooooohahahahahahahaha stop!!! it tickles!!! it tickles!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!" Terri laughed.

Gail Kim continued to stroke her nails on Terri tender sole. she laughed as she saw Terri's toes wiggling wildly, trying to escape her tickling fingers. she smiled when she saw Terri Runnels tapping on the concrete floor. finally, some officials came by and pulled Gail off of Terri. Gail smiled as Terri tried to catch her breath. Gail then grabbed the microphone off the ground and faced the camera.

"Bronco Billie! you're next......" Gail said, then dropped the microphone.




Johnny C: "did you see that brain?!! what a cowardly attack! how can Gail Kim do that to innocent Terri?"

Bobby: "innocent? man, do i have some stories to tell you about Terri Runnels! she is FAR from innocent!"

Johnny C: "you know what i mean!!!"

"..ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! it is a special SUBMISSION ONLY match!! coming to the ring, please welcome GAIL KIM!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the music of Gail Kim played and the crowd booed as she made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a black sports bra with black spandex shorts and black hiking boots, Gail made her way to the ring. she had a cocky smile on her face as she made it to the ring. Gail was determined to show everyone why she was the master of the submission holds. tickling Terri was just the beginning. she couldnt wait to destroy Bronco Billie and was going to enjoy tormenting her.

Johnny C: "that woman is talented, but very evil!"

Bobby: "you're right about that! dont turn your back on Gail Kim! i am going to enjoy what she is going to do to Bronco Billie! face it, Bronco Billie is the biggest loser in the history of women's wrestling!"

"...and her opponent!!!! ladies and gentlemen, please welcome BRONCO BILLIE!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the crowd cheered as some country western music began to play and Bronco Billie made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in her white shoulderless blouse, with a blue cowgirl vest, blue shorts and white cowboy boots, Billie began to walk down to the ring. she always appreciated the fans support and tonight she wanted to show them she is a worthy contender. the fact that her two best friends, Terri Gold and Beckie on the WOWE brand, have won titles, only inspired her to do the same. beating Gail Kim was a step in that direction. plus, she saw what happened to Terri Runnels and she had to get Gail for that. she finally made it to the ring and stared at her opponent.

Johnny C: "there she is Brain! WOWF's favorite cowgirl!"

Bobby: "what did you say? WOWF's favorite cowpie? yeah, she does look like cowpie!"

Johnny C: "that's not what i said and you know it!"

Bobby: "but it's the truth! she looks like cowpie and she is just as talented in wrestling as cowpie!"

scubedu, the referee, called for the bell and the match began. Gail charged towards Billie, but she sidestepped Gail and let her crash into the turnbuckles. when Gail staggered out of the corner, Billie dropkicked her and Gail crashed to the mat. Billie waited for Gail to stand up and when she did, she did a German Suplex to her. Gail was groggy as her head bounced off the canvas. Billie then dropped an elbow and went for the cover. Scubedu looked at her funny as it was a submission only match. Billie then picked Gail up by her hair. as Gail stood up, she kicked Billie in the midsection and began to chop away at Billie's chest. Billie was reeling and Gail poked her in the eye. scubedu warned her and Gail flipped him off. she then put Billie in the abdominal stretch and Billie screamed in pain.

"give it up bitch!!! submit to me silly Billie!" Gail taunted.

scubedu asked Billie if she wanted to submit, but Billie refused. Gail cinched the hold in even tighter and enjoyed listening to Billie scream. Gail then winked at scubedu and began to lightly stroke her fingers across Billie's exposed belly. Billie tried to hold in the laughter but the fingers were driving her crazy.

"laugh silly Billie....you know you want too. because silly Billie is soooooooo ticklish!" Gail taunted.

Billie tried to hold in the laughter, but it was no use. a giggle came out, then it all came out as Gail started tickling her ribs. Billie shook her head "no" as scubedu asked her if she wanted to submit. the crowd started to get behind Billie and she tried to get out of the abdominal stretch. Gail tweaked Billie's ribs harder and Billie began to squeal wildly. Billie knew she was in trouble. using whatever strength she had, she managed to hip toss Gail out of the abdominal stretch. Billie fell to the mat exhausted.

Johnny C: "Billie got out of the hold! what a fighter!!"

Bobby: "just a temporary reprieve....Look at Gail, she's looks like she is ready to pounce on her prey!"

Gail Kim looked at Billie on the mat and smiled. she then rolled Billie over onto her back and straddled her. she held Billie's wrists above her head, then began to lightly tickle each of Billie's exposed armpits. Billie shrieked in laughter and her body began to squirm. her legs kicked violently as the ticklish sensations ripped through her body. scubedu asked Billie if she wanted to give up, but she refused. Gail continued to tickle Billie's armpits, then tickled around her neck. Billie shrieked again as the tickling was driving her crazy. she then used her knee and nailed Gail in the back. Gail fell off of Billie and clutched her back. Billie staggered to her feet. if there was ever an opportunity to get back in the match, this was the time. Gail got to her feet and Billie was ready. Billie then swung her foot, hoping to connect on the back of Gail's head. Gail, in a flash, grabbed Billie's ankle, twisted it and forced her to the mat on her stomach. Gail then tied her legs into Billie's, trapping Billie. the soles of Billie's foots faced upward and Gail had Billie right where she wanted her.

"so, you want to use your feet against me huh? let's see how ticklish they are!" Gail teased.

Billie tried to get her legs free, but she couldnt. she held her breath as she felt her boot getting pulled off. "noooo Gail! please dont...."

Gail slipped Billie's boot off and tossed it over her shoulder. she then slipped off the other boot and looked at Billie's socked feet. she lightly dragged her fingers across the socked covered soles and she heard Billie squeal. she then raked her nails all over Billie's soles and Billie exploded in laughter.

Johnny C: "Billie's in trouble now!!!"

Bobby: "surprise surprise!! c'mon Johnny, Billie is a loser!!!"

Gail took great delight in listening to Billie squeal. she looked at Billie wiggle her feet wildly as she continued to poke and tease the soles. Gail then peeled on sock off, exposing Billie pink sole and chubby toes. she then raked her nails on the soft sole and her other hand on the still sock covered sole. Billie was in hysterics as the foot tickling was driving her mad. she was in the center of the ring and the way Gail had her legs trapped, she had no leverage to drag herself to the ropes. all she could do was lie there and suffer. Gail then poke in and out of Billie's tender toes, only sending her into more hysterics. Scubedu asked her if she wanted to submit and when Gail tickled between her toes, Billie tapped wildly on the mat. Scubedu called for the bell!

Johnny C: "it's over! Billie submitted!!!"

Bobby: "I TOLD YOU!!! I told you she's a loser!!! hahahahahaha!!!"

"...ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the bout as a result of a submission, GAIL KIM!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

Gail let go of Billie's legs and stood up as Scubedu raised her hand in victory. Billie laid on the mat and tried to catch her breath. she couldnt believe she just lost and tears formed in her eyes. Gail then knelt down by her head.

"i told you that you are a worthless bitch!! you are just way too EASY to beat! see you later....CHUMP!!!" Gail laughed as she then planted her foot on Billie's back and posed to the booing crowd.


"poor Billie...she must be really embarrassed!" Americana told Victoria and Jungle Grrl.

"she's a trooper! she'll be alright. question is, are you ready for Patti Pizzazz? or should i say Patti Pizzazz AND Lana Star?" Jungle Grrl asked.

"i know Lana is up to something. she wants my title and i'll be damned if she does take it away. there is one advantage in my match tonight." Americana said.

"what's that?" Victoria asked.

"i am defending my title against Patti, not Lana. if Lana wants the belt herself, do you think she would do anything to cost me the match and the title? that would mean Patti would be the champ, not her!" Americana smiled.

"good point! but with the Glamour Girls, you can never be too sure! good luck!" Jungle Grrl told her.

PATTI PIZZAZZ (Glamour Girls)




"ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! it is for the Women Of Wrestling Federation United States Championship!!! introducing first the challenger! accompanied to the ring by Lana Star, representing the Glamour Girls, here is PATTI PIZZAZZ!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

Patti Pizzazz's music began to play and the crowd booed as Patti and Lana made their appearance at the top of the stage. Patti was dressed in a pink cheerleader's top with a white skirt and pink boots. she flashed her pom poms and had a huge smile as she made her way to the ring. Lana Star had a cocky smile on her face as she accompanied Patti. she knew Patti was excited about this title match and Lana wanted to be there during this match. patti was excited about the opportunity to become a champion in WOWF. she remembered when Lana was the World Champion and it looked so glamorous! now it was her chance to do something big and make Lana proud! she got into the ring and did her cheerleading kicks as Lana leaned against the turnbuckles.

Johnny C: "hey Brain, do you think Patti is excited about this match?"

Bobby: "Patti gets excited watching grass grow! this should be interesting. hey, doesnt Lana look DELICIOUS!!

"...and her opponent!!! coming to the ring, here is the Women Of Wrestling FEDERATION UNITED STATES CHAMPION.........AMERICANA!!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the song "Real American" began to play and the crowd cheered as Americana made her appearance at the top of the stage. wearing her red, white and blue bodysuit, with red and blue wrestling boots, Americana began to walk to the ring. she wore the red-strapped U.S. title belt around her waist and she smiled as she got closer to the ring. she saw Lana staring back at her and despite the fact that she knew she could beat Patti, she had to watch out for Lana. she made it to the ring and handed her title belt to the referee, Sceej56.

Johnny C: "what a true American heroine!!! listen to the crowd Brain!!!"

Bobby: "i positively, absolutely, with every fiber of my being, HATE THIS SONG!!! this is Hulk Hogan's song!! why is Americana playing it?!!"

Johnny C: "she's a real American Brain! she is also the UNITED STATES CHAMPION!!!"

Bobby: "i think i am about to barf...."

sceej56 called for the bell and the match began. Patti tried to punch Americana, but she easily blocked it and began to punch Patti back. Patti began to reel, then Americana threw her against the ropes. Americana then nailed Patti with a dropkick and the crowd cheered. Patti staggered back to her feet and Americana nailed her with another dropkick. Patti got to her feet again and this time, Americana clotheslined her over the top rope and over onto the arena floor. Americana pumped her fist as Patti tried to recover. Lana went over to Patti and helped her up. Patti started to whine, then Lana slapped her across the face.

"STOP WHINING!!! now get back in there and TAKE HER OUT!!" Lana screamed.

Patti got back into the ring and Americana easily clotheslined her again. she went for the cover. 1...........2.........KICKOUT! Americana then bounced off the ropes, but Lana on the outside, tripped her. Americana landed on the mat and quickly got to her feet. Lana was facing the crowd, shrugging her shoulders, and Americana slid out of the ring and stood behind Lana. Lana turned around and Americana punched Lana and Lana hit the arena floor in a heap. Americana then got back in the ring, but Patti executed a kneelift, which staggered Americana. Patti then scooped her up and slammed her to the mat. she then went for the cover. 1.........2........KICKOUT. Patti then pulled Americana up by the hair, then chopped her across the chest. Patti then executed a suplex and the champion was stunned. Patti went for the cover again. 1.........2.......kickout.

Johnny C: "that was close!!! Patti almost had the three count!!"

Bobby: "that was a SLOW COUNT!!!! c'mon, make her lose already!!!"

Patti looked over at Lana who had a look of rage in her eyes. she told Patti to get her now. Patti, then grabbed Americana's ankle and put her in the figure four leglock. Americana yelped in pain, but she then screamed at Patti. Patti already began to unlace the boot and Americana tried to fight her off. Patti giggled to herself as she unlaced Americana's boot. it had been a long time since she got a chance to tickle torture someone. she had to watch the other Glamour Girls tickle torture. now it was her turn. she removed Americana's boot, revealing the nylon stirrup covering Americana's white socked foot. she moved the stirrup off the foot and began to remove the sock. Americana whimpered as she saw her sock getting removed, exposing her tender barefoot. she wiggled her toes as she saw Patti's fingers get closer to her foot. Patti liked how soft Americana's foot looked and when her fingertips made contact with the skin, she didnt hesitate to torment Americana.


Patti continued to torment to foot of Americana as she held the toes with one hand and used her other hand to tickle the vulnerable sole. Americana's body thrashed on the mat as she felt Patti's fingers grazing her sole. Sceej56 asked her if she wanted to submit, but she refused. Patti played with Americana's toes and Americana went nuts.

"this little piggy went to market!!! this little piggy stayed home!!!" Patti sang.


Johnny C: "listen to Americana scream!!! she is in big trouble! are we going to see a major upset here?!!"

Bobby: "yes we are!!! Patti Pizzazz is about to become the United States Champion! this is bigger than Douglas over Tyson!!!"

Americana never laughed harder in her life! she has been tickled before, but for some reason, Patti's tickling was tearing her apart. Patti continued to play with the delicate toes, sending Americana over the edge. Americana then tried to reach for the ropes. she knew if she didnt make it to the ropes, she was going to lose her title. her eyes met Lana's on the outside of the ring and Lana gave hjer a devious smile. Americana then dragged her body and Patti stopped tickling. Patti was shocked that Americana was dragging her to the ropes. she stopped tickling and tried to regain her position. but by that time, Americana had grabbed the ropes and Sceej56 told Patti to release the hold. Patti released the hold and complained to Sceej56. Americana tried to stand up, but Lana on the outside, reached in and slapped Americana. Lana began to laugh at what she did and stuck her tongue out at Americana. Americana slapped Lana back and Lana even bit her tongue. Americana turned around and saw Patti about to slap her. she ducked and when she tried to retaliate, Patti pulled Sceej56 in front of her and Americana decked him! he fell to the canvas and Americana was stunned. Patti then kicked Americana in the gut and then got behind her and held her arms. Lana then got into the ring with a handheld mirror and swung at Americana's head. Americana manged to slip free and Lana nailed Patti with the mirror!

Johnny C: "Lana hit Patti!!! Lana hit Patti!!!"

Bobby: "Patti's head just ruined a perfectly good mirror!!"

Lana looked on in shock as Patti laid on the mat unconscious. Americana smiled as she pinned Patti. Sceej56 saw the pin and made the count. 1.........2.........3!!!!! the bell rang and Americana grinned at Lana.

"..the winner of this bout and STILL.....Women Of Wrestling Federation UNITED STATES CHAMPION....AMERICANA!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

sceej56 raised Americana's hand and handed her the title belt. as she celebrated, Lana got into the ring and attacked her from behind. she then put Americana in a front headlock and executed a bulldog piledriver. Americana was dazed as she laid on the canvas.

"do you really think you can beat me? listen to me you tramp, dont you EVER UNDERESTIMATE ME!!!!" Lana yelled. she then reached down and began to tear off Americana's body suit!!

Johnny C: "what's Lana doing?!!"

Bobby: "she's tearing the clothes off that woman!!! hahahahaha i LOVE IT!!!"

Lana managed to tear off Americana's body suit, leaving her in ha sports bra and thong underwear. she still have one boot on and Lana woke up Patti. Patti then trapped Americana's ankle between her thighs as Lana sat on Americana's back. Patti then danced her nails up and down the bare sole and Americana began to giggle. Patti rubbed her head as she tickled Americana's foot. Lana then reached down and began to tickle Americana's exposed armpits. Americana broke out into wild laughter.

"that's right you slut!!!! laugh it up!!!" Lana taunted as she continued to torment Americana.

the song "Money, Money, Money" (Ted Dibiase's old theme music) began to play and the crowd rose to it's feet as David Mclane made his appearance on top of the stage along with WOWF General Manager, Debra.

"LANA STAR!!!!" David boomed.

Lana stopped her tickling and stood up. she rolled her eyes as she saw David Mclane standing there. she reached for a microphone and with one hand on her hip, she spoke into the microphone. "WHAT??!!!"

"you think you're so tough humiliating Americana?" Mclane asked.

"Mclane, i AM TOUGH!!! i dont need to think about it!!" Lana yelled back.

"well, i believe Americana will totally destroy you! in fact, she will get that chance! at PANDEMONIUM, Lana Star, you will face Americana for the WOWF United States Championship!!!!" Mclane announced.

Lana smiled as she heard the announcement. "if you insist..."

"i cant wait to see her totally embarrass you in front of millions of fans!!!" David laughed.

"i cant wait to see you grow up into a man!! are you growing pubic hairs yet?" Lana laughed.

Mclane only looked at Lana in disgust. he then saw Americana stand up behind Lana. "oh Lana....."

"yes?" Lana said rolling her eyes.

"behind you...." Mclane smiled.

Americana clotheslined Lana over the top rope and Lana landed on her rear end on the arena floor. Americana then followed up by clotheslining Patti as well. Lana sat on the floor, rubbing her ass as Mclane laughed.

Bobby: "Americana is going to pay for that!!"

Johnny C: "that was too funny! oh well folks, that will wrap up another show!!! stay tuned next week for more Women Of Wrestling Federation action! this is Johnny C, for Bobby the Brain Heenan! good night everyone!!!!"


UP NEXT: Sunny takes on Jungle Grrl, plus the complete PANDEMONIUM card is announced!!

okay folks, how was this episode? the pay per view is coming soon! stay tuned! feedback always welcomed.