View Full Version : CAT Gatherings...What's going on?

04-14-2005, 09:00 AM
It's been a while since we've posted anything about our gatherings here. So, I thought I'd post this to let anyone who may be looking know what's going on.

Though we've had a handful of small, last minute get togethers, we haven't had a formal gathering in some time. This is mainly because we were getting ready to move. Now that we're in our new house, we've been trying to get things done. It's new construction and we had a moron for a contractor. So, we've been doing a lot of stuff (both inside and outside) ourselves as time and health permit. That's left us with little energy or time to any have "bigger" get togethers. We also have limitted space. So, that severely restricts us on numbers. (There are no clubs or anything to do gatherings at in our area...aside from hotels which are not a good option around here.)

Since we're getting to a point where we'll be able to start doing things again in a few months, I thought I'd let folks know where we're at. Gatherings in the future will be mainly for couples only. (Our first gathering ended up being all couples and we found that we liked the dynamics better.) But, we will likely do some more open ones at some point along the way...just because there are so many folks in this area.

It should also be stated up front that our gatherings focus primarily on the social interaction, though folks are free to play if they wish...and usually do. We do NOT focus on trying to be match-makers. That's for individuals to figure out on their own. We just like getting to know people and providing opportunities to meet others in the community. I'll be posting here when we have a more open gathering.

Couples interested in our couples only gatherings should join us in our couples group over at TC Forums. Look for us under the think tank discussion area HERE (http://www.ticklingcommunity.com/forum/default.asp?C=10) Note that you'll have to register and give me your handles to set access in order to see and post in the couples group. We have a couples only gathering planned for this fall that's already filling up fast.