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04-19-2005, 01:00 AM
okay folks, FINALLY!!! time for another chapter in the ongoing wrestling/tickling series. i thank all the fans for your patience and no, i havent forgotten the series, it is just a matter of finding time to write the. both WOWF and WOWE will still appear at their regular times (Sunday-Mondays), so still look out for them every week. the pay per view is approaching and i hope you are ready for it, because it will be fun to read. anyway, on with the show! characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com WWE Divas at www.wwedivas.com GLOW characters at www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/7076 and Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com enjoy!!!

the pyrotechnics went off and the capacity crowd erupted as the WOWF show began. the fans were excited about the upcoming pay per view, PANDEMONIUM, and today the full card was going to be announced, depending on some outcomes of tonight's matches!

Johnny C: "hello everyone and welcome to WOWF!!!!! i am your host Johnny C and with me of course if Bobby 'the Brain' Heenan!! Bobby, another great show tonight!"

Bobby: "that's right ham n egger! tonight, we will see my personal favorite Lana Star humiliate, ONCE AGAIN, that peasant Hammerin Heather Steele!"

Johnny C: "how about Jungle Grrl vs Sunny? if Jungle Grrl wins, she gets a title shot at Trish Stratus at PANDEMONIUM!!!"

Bobby: "i still cant believe David Mclane made that match! Sunny isnt a wrestler, but she will humiliate that barefoot freak tonight!"

Dawn Marie and Carmella walked into Debra's office and startled the WOWF General Manager. they each sat down and smiled at Debra.

"can i help you two?" Debra asked.

"why yes you can Debra. you see, as you know, i have a ...crush....on certain women here in the WOWF." Dawn Marie cooed.

"yes and?" Debra asked.

"i want revenge against the woman who stole my RAW Diva search crown!" Carmella yelled.

"and?" Debra said, getting impatient.

"well....myself and Carmella here are proposing a match at PANDEMONIUM. how about a tag team match with myself and Carmella on one side..." Dawn Marie started.

"...against Torrie Wilson and Christy Hemme.." Carmella finished.

"you know, that does sound like a good one. consider it done!" Debra smiled. "but, you do realize that they will be ready for you...."

"*snicker* sure they will. but we want to make it more.....interesting...." Dawn Marie smiled.

"okay, what did you have in mind?" Debra replied.

"well, Torrie, Christy and Stacy want us to leave them alone so, if they win, we will no longer bother them. but if they lose, Stacy Keibler becomes our 'slave' for 30 days! which means she has to do what we tell her and we mean *anything*....." Dawn Marie smiled.

"why Stacy?" Debra asked.

"why not?" Dawn Marie smiled back.

"you are a twisted woman. but, i think it will drive fan interest, so yes! that match will take place with the stipulation intact. anything else?" Debra asked.

"that's it. thank you..." Dawn Marie smiled as she and Carmella stood up and walked out of the office.




"ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! introducing first, please welcome MOLLY HOLLY!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

Molly's music came on and the crowd booed as she made her way to the ring. Molly had a sour look on her face as she thought about a particular person. she still remembered how Ice Cold embarrased her a few weeks ago. Molly had a ulterior motive after she finished with Jane Blond. she got into the ring and grabbed Lillian's microphone.

"i want silence as i speak!!" Molly yelled. the corwd booed feverishly and Molly continued. "Ice Cold, i know you are watching. i want you to pay CLOSE attention. i dedicate Jane Blond's destruction on YOU!!!"

Johnny C: "what is wrong with her?"

Bobby: "do you ever pay attention? Molly has a message for Ice Cold. geez! pay attention will ya!"

"....and her opponent! please welcome JANE BLOND!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

Jane Blond's music began to play and the British bombshell made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in a tight black bodysuit, black sunglasses and black wrestling boots, Jane began to walk to the ring. Jane was excited about the opportunity to wrestle tonight and wanted to defeat Molly Holly, a former WWE Women's Champion. she knew that beating Molly would get her some attention, even possibly a title shot against Trish Stratus. she made it to the ring and peered at Molly.

Johnny C: "what an accomplished wrestler Jane Blond is!"

Bobby: "who?"

Johnny C: "Jane Blond."

Bobby: "who?"

Johnny C: "oh never mind! watch the match!"

jersey_tickler, the referee, called for the bell and the match began. Molly charged towards Jane Blond, but Jane sidestepped Molly and began to punch her. Molly's head darted backwards as the punches took their effect. Jane then threw Molly against the ropes and executed an armdrag take down. Molly writhed on the mat as Jane cinched in the hold. Jane smiled, then poke her finger in Molly's armpit, tickling her.

"EEP!!!" Molly shrieked. she then forced her way up and using her other hand, poked Jane in the eyes. Molly then grabbed Jane by her hair and threw her against the ropes.

Jane ducked under the clothesline attempt, hit the opposite ropes and delivered a flying body press. 1........2........KICKOUT! jersey_tickler signaled the two count and when Molly got to her feet, Jane Blond hugged her, then executed a belly to belly suplex. Jane went for the cover again. 1.........2.....KICKOUT. Jane then grabbed Molly's ankle and executed a step over toe hold. she leaned forward and Molly screamed in pain.

Johnny C: "Jane Blond is taking it to Molly Holly! i smell upset Brain!"

Bobby: "you're smelling yourself! i dont know who that woman is, but she better be careful as Molly is a tough cookie!"

Johnny C: "tough cookie? and that's JANE BLOND!!"

Bobby: "who?"

Jane watched Molly scream as smiled. she then reached forward and began to stroke her fingers across Molly's belly. Molly began to giggle as she felt the fingers tickling her. she slapped away at the fingers and Jane smiled.

"is Molly ticklish? you dont want me to tickle your tummy huh? how about this foot then?" Jane teased.

Molly grunted as she felt Jane unlacing her boot. the laces were getting loose and Molly knew if she didnt get out of this hold, Jane was going to tickle her foot! Molly reached up and poked Jane in the eye. Jane fell back to the mat and Molly got to her feet. Molly was enraged as she looked at her untied boot. she pulled Jane up by her hair then kicked her in the midsection. as Jane hunched over, Molly hoisted her up and piledrived Jane into the mat. Molly went for the cover. 1.........2.......kickout. Molly looked at jersey_tickler as he told her it was only a two count. Molly then looked at the woozy Jane Blond and grabbed her legs. she then monkey flipped Jane over and Jane went crashing into the turnbuckles. Jane fell to the mat in a heap as felt herself getting dragged to the middle of the ring. Molly then grabbed Jane's ankle, then her arm and put her in a crossbow submission hold. Jane screamed in pain as her back was arched, forcing her ribs to poke out. Molly then had Jane's ankle get trapped under leg in the hold, then using her free hand, she began to tickle Jane's exposed ribs. Jane tried to hold the giggles in, but Molly kept poking Jane's ribs and finally Jane exploded in laughter.


Molly continued to tickle the ribs, then the stomach, sending Jane into hysterical laughter. the crossbow hold was already painful, now she was being tickled. Molly hoped Jane wouldnt submit. she wanted to torture this woman. her fingers made their way all over Jane's abdomen and Jane started to cry tears of laughter. jersey_tickler asked Jane if she wanted to submit and Jane was about to submit, then Molly let go of the hold.

"oh no you dont...i think i want to tickle your feet.." Molly barked at her. she then grabbed Jane's ankle and put her in a step over toe hold. Molly didnt waste anytime and began to unlace the long black wrestling boot.

Jane laid on her back and tried wiping the tears off of her eyes. she was in pain and know her ankle and knee were in pain. she then looked up and saw Molly tugging her boot off. she tried to clench her toes, but it was too late, Molly removed the boot and stared at Jane's black sock. Molly then rolled the sock off the soft heel, then the creamy arch and finally the toes. Jane wiggled her long, skinny toes anticipating their torment. Molly then raked her nails across the soles and Jane exploded into hysterical laughter. her foot wiggled wildly and Molly held the foot still with one hand and raked her fingers of her other hand up and down the long narrow sole. Jane's head thrashed about and she began to tap the mat. she couldnt take it anymore. jersey_tickler called for the bell.

"ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout, MOLLY HOLLY!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

jersey_tickler raised Molly's hand in victory and Molly beamed. she punished Jane Blond and she hoped Ice Cold was watching. Molly wanted to embarrass Ice Cold for messing with her. suddenly, Ice cold's music played and the crowd went wild. Molly looked up and saw Ice Cold appearing on top of the stage, holding a microphone.

"Molly Holly Polly Wolly!" Ice Cold smiled. "that was supposed to send a message? you barely beat Jane Blond..."

Molly grabbed a microphone and looked at Ice Cold. "well, why dont you come down here and i will teach you a lesson!!!"

Ice Cold ran her fingers through her hair. her hair, in fact, had grown back, not as long as it was before, but long enough now that she wasnt bald. "you know Molly, it feels good to have my hair back. soon, it will all be back. but, i dont like yours. i have an idea Molly. why not at PANDEMONIUM, we have a match. a HAIRCUT match!!!"

"a what? no no no!" Molly refused.

"what's the matter? afraid to lose your hair AGAIN?!!!" Ice Cold taunted.

"okay you dork!! i accept! but it will be YOUR hair that gets shaved! i am going to shave you bald, expose those TATTOOED feet of yours and cover you with tar and feathers!!!!" Molly threatened.

"you want me to look like your mom? see you at PANDEMONIUM!" Ice Cold laughed as she walked to the back.

Molly Holly slammed down the microphone to the mat. she couldnt wait until she got her hands on Ice Cold at PANDEMONIUM.


"Lana, why did you hit me over the head last week?" Patti Pizzazz asked.

"look Patti, i already said i was sorry! besides, i thought your head was harder than that.." Lana said rolling her eyes.

"but my head still hurts. plus, i was almost the U.S. Champion..." Patti whined.

"i'm sorry! besides, something good did come out of it. I get the title shot at PANDEMONIUM! after all, who better to represent the United States but Lana Star?" Lana bragged. "now, let's go get that dork, Hammerin Heather Steele!"

LANA STAR (Glamour Girls)



"ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! introducing first, please welcome, HAMMERIN HEATHER STEELE!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the crowd cheered as the music played and Hammerin Heather Steele made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in her white shirt, with blue jean shorts and brown wrestling/hiking boots, Heather began to walk to the ring. as she smiled to the crowd, she couldnt help but feel a little nervous. she faced Lana several times and usually she ended up submitting to Lana when Lana tickled her sensitive feet. Heather knew Lana was going to try to humiliate her again. but Heather was frustrated at the fac that she was constantly picked on by the Glamour Girls. she was tired of being considered an "easy" match. tonight, she was going to turn her career around.

Johnny C: "there she is Brain, everyone's favorite tool time girl, Heather Steele!"

Bobby: "you mean, here comes everyone's favorite loser, Heather Steele. when is the last time she won a match? in fact, when has she EVER won a match?"

Johnny C: "stop being so mean."

Bobby: "like my good buddy Jesse Ventura used to say, i tell it like it is..."

Johnny C: "didnt Howard Cossell say that?"

"....and her opponent! coming towards the ring with her personal assistant, Patti Pizzazz, representing the Glamour Girls, here is the self proclaimed STAR and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the WOWF, LANA STAR!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the arena lights turned pink and the music of Lana Star began to play as she made her appearance at the top of the stage. dressed in her pink leather top, pink leather shorts and pink wrestling boots, Lana began to walk to the ring. accompanied by Patti Pizzazz, Lana had a cocky smile on her face. one of her favorite victims has always been Hammerin Heather Steele. she couldnt wait to play with her again and send a message to Americana that her title was soon to be hers.

Johnny C: "that woman wreaks of arrogance! she is NOT the star and executive producer of this show!"

Bobby: "dont be a hater Johnny! she definitely is a STAR and she makes this show! that's why she is the executive producer! Lana Star is single handedly responsible for making this entire organization what it is today."

Johnny C: "did she pay you to say that?"

Bobby: "are you kidding? EVERYONE should kneel before Lana. she is the greatest. and i'll tell you what, she WILL become the next United States Champion. i GUARANTEE it!!"

sceej56, the referee, called for the bell and the match began. Lana looked at Heather, then fell to the mat laughing. Heather watched Lana laughing at her and she got pissed. she charged towards Lana, who then stood up and clotheslined the charging Heather. Heather writhed on the mat in pain and Lana pulled her up off the mat by her hair. Lana then threw Heather across the ropes and tried another clothesline. Heather ducked under the attempt, bounced off the ropes again and executed a flying body press. 1...........2...........KICKOUT. Lana got back to her feet, only to hit the mat again from an armdrag take down, then another and when she got back to her feet Heather dropkicked Lana who fell backwards into the ropes and out on the arena floor. Lana crashed in a heap on the arena floor and Patti Pizzazz went to see if she was okay. Heather was feeling bold and got to the top rope. she then jumped off the top rope and onto Patti and Lana on the arena floorm causing a pile of bodies on the floor. the arena erupted into cheers.

Johnny C: "did you see that Brain?!!!! Heather Steele is FIRED UP! she isnt known as a high flyer, but that move was awesome!!!"

Bobby: "she's crazy!!!! Heather Steele is a certifiable NUTCASE!!!!"

Heather got back to her feet and couldnt believe what she just did. she then pulled Lana up and threw her back into the ring. she then grabbed Patti and threw her into a ringpost. Heather was letting all of her frustrations out. she got back into the ring ans saw Lana crawling away from her on all fours. Heather reached out and grabbed Lana's ankle and dragged her back into the middle of the ring. Lana whined as she was being dragged back. this wasnt the same Heather she was used to facing and it scared her. as she laid on her stomach, she felt Heather do a step over toe hold, trapping her ankle.

"you are going to pay Lana, PAY for humiliating me after all this time! now it is YOUR turn to suffer!!! piggy time!!!!!" Heather screamed.

Lana whined and her eyes were wide open as she felt Heather unlacing her boot. lana started to claw at the mat, but it was no use. she wasnt going anywhere. Heather almost ripped the strings out and quickly pulled Lana's boot off, exposing a white sock. she didnt waste time and peeled the sock off, exposing Lana's pinkish sole with the medium length plump toes. Heather had a sadistic smile on her face when she saw Lana wiggle her toes. she then heard the crowd cheering as she raised her index finger. she then slowly stroked her finger across the length of Lana's sole and Lana immediately exploded into laughter.


Heather then began to furiously tickle Lana's sole and was delighted to hear Lana screaming in ticklish agony. she saw Lana's body slithering in place on the mat and enjoyed tickling Lana's foot. it was so soft, so delicate and sensitive. she looked at the silver polish on Lana's toes and Heather had to admit that Lana took really good care of her feet. Heather pinched the big toe and separated it from the other toe, then attack the soft pink webbing in between. Lana screeched again as the tickling was driving her insane. sceej56 asked Lana if she wanted to submit, but Lana refused.

Johnny C: "could we see it Brain?! Lana submitting to Heather Steele?!!!"

Bobby: "come on Lana girl!!! get out of this now!!!!"

Heather enjoyed tickling each of Lana toes and noticed Lana started to wheeze for air as her laughter was going into silent mode. she tickled the center of the ball of the foot and Lana shrieked again. Patti Pizzazz got back to her feet outside the ring and saw what was happening. she saw Lana's boot on the mat and heard Lana laughing. Patti knew she had to act fast. she grabbed a handheld mirror and slid it into the ring behind Heather. she then went to the opposite ropes and got on the ring apron. sceej56 went to admonish Patti and get her off the ring apron. Heather saw this and got pissed. she knew Patti was distracting the referee, but she couldnt force Lana to submit with him. she let go of Lana's ankle and went after Patti. she reached forward and managed to place her hands under Patti's armpits, tickling her. Patti was now hopping up and down on the ring apron as Heahter tickled her armpits. sceej56 tried to break it up and managed to pry Heather away from Patti. Patti then hugged sceej56. Heather tried to get back at Patti, but then the Heather saw stars as Lana Star decked her in the back of the head with the mirror. Lana threw the broken mirror out of the ring and covered Heather. sceej56 turned around and made the count. 1.........2...........3!!!!!

Johnny C: "oh that stinks!!! Lana stole the match!!!!"

Bobby: "hahaha!!!! Lana wins again!!!!"

"...ladies and gentlemen!!! the winner of this match, LANA STAR!!!!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

sceej56 raised Lana's hand in victory as Lana began to smile. she then hugged Patti and then motioned her hands across her waist, signaling that a title would soon be hers. Lana rolled her eyes at Heather Steele. she couldnt believe someone like Heather would dare touch her soft foot. she and Patti then left the ring smiling as another victory came her way.

UP NEXT: Jungle Grrl vs Sunny and Sable faces Farah!!!!

okay folks, how did you like this episode? the pay per view will be here shortly and i promise, the matches will live up to their hype! feedback always welcomed.