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This story is a nonfiction account of a joint session with Mistress Zara and Mistress Kassandra. All three of us were over 21 years of age at the time of the session. The story contains extreme FF/m tickle torture, spanking, foot worship, and other forms of F/m domination. If any of that might offend you, then don't read it.

The Genie's Revenge
by Milagros317

I am waiting on the bondage bed, naked, with my eyes closed, for Mistress Zara and Mistress Kassandra to enter the dungeon room. I know that they will both be dressed as genies for the role-play that we are doing today. I am anxious for the session to begin.

At last I hear the door open, and I peek at them. Mistress Kassandra is wearing a red and pink genie costume. She looks as beautiful as always, with her dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her lovely feet, size 9, are displayed in open-toed high heels, which have transparent uppers. Mistress Zara is wearing a black genie costume, with silver coins jingling at the bottom of the harem pants at her ankles. She looks fabulous, with here lustrous red hair and green eyes. Her beautiful feet, size 7, are shown off in black sandals.

"Keep your eyes closed, you're supposed to be asleep," says Mistress Zara to me, not yet in character. I close my eyes.

For a minute, I hear them bringing an extra chair into the room, and setting up their equipment. Then they get into their characters for the role play.

"Genie Zara!" says Mistress Kassandra. "Are you here to help me?"

"Yes," says Mistress Zara, "I was sent by the Head Genie herself. I'm a Captain in the Genie Police. Your magic shoes have automatically reported to the Genie Police Headquarters that they were removed from your feet by the finder of the lamp. Is that true? Why didn't you report it?"

"Yes, it's true. He ordered me to keep quiet about it, as the master of the lamp. I had to obey and keep quiet. It's been miserable for me. Every single day he has ordered me to remain absolutely still, while he removes my shoes and tickles the soles of my feet for hours. For hours, until tears are streaming down my cheeks! You know how ticklish I am, it's been pure torture for me."

I continue to pretend to be asleep, lying naked on the bondage bed, as Mistress Kassandra describes how cruel I have been, tickling her feet without mercy every day.

"I am here to uphold the laws on human/genie relations," says Mistress Zara, "and there have been two clear and serious violations. The master of your lamp has removed some of your clothing, in this case your shoes, against your will. Worse, he has touched your body. Both of these violate the human/genie relations laws, and he must be punished for this."

"Oh, thank you," says Mistress Kassandra.

"As of now, his ownership of your lamp is canceled, by this pronouncement," says Mistress Zara. She goes on to speak some nonsense words. "Moreover, you are now free to use all of your powers to punish him, in any way that you see fit, with no time limit. I have been authorized to grant that by the Head Genie. I will help you, and will start off by putting him into a deeper sleep, a very deep sleep."

"Wonderful," says Mistress Kassandra, "the first thing we will do is tie him to that bed, so that he'll be at our mercy when we wake him up."

"I've brought some equipment to help do that," says Mistress Zara, as she gets my bag of leather restraints out.


As I keep my eyes closed, pretending to be asleep, the two of them put leather mitts on my hands, buckling them tightly around my wrists. They attach the mitts to the end of the bondage table above my head. They wrap leather straps around my arms just above the elbow, and secure those to the sides of the bondage table. Mistress Zara notes that that will provide great access to my armpits, a very ticklish spot on humans.

They put cuffs on my ankles, and spread my legs, attaching the cuffs to the two sides of the bondage table. Mistress Zara is about to blindfold me, but Mistress Kassandra suggests that they do that later, after she has had a chance to look right into my eyes.

They buckle two leather straps, attached to the bondage table itself, holding me to the table. One strap goes across my chest, just above the nipples, and the other goes across my thighs.

"He will only be able to wiggle a little bit," says Mistress Kassandra, and there is no mistaking the glee in her voice.

"At the count of three, we will wake him up by slapping his cheeks," says Mistress Zara. "One, two, three."

They each slap one of my cheeks, enough to sting, and I open my eyes and speak.

"What? What is going on?"

"Your ownership of the lamp has been declared null and void by the Genie Police," says Mistress Zara, "and now Genie Kassandra will punish you for your horrible offenses."

"I have used my powers to take away your need to sleep," says Mistress Kassandra, "so that I can punish you 24 hours a day." She is now looking deep into my eyes, and there is a joyful gleam in her own beautiful eyes. "I've extended you human lifespan, too, because you deserve to be punished for a very long time. You will be mine to torment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 999 thousand years!"

My original script for the role-play said 10 thousand years, but Mistress Kassandra clearly feels that to be insufficient. She and Mistress Zara laugh at that thought.

"His first punishment will fit the crime, namely tickle torture," says Mistress Zara.

"Yes, he will be tickle tortured for 10 hours every day," says Mistress Kassandra. "For now, let's give him a taste of it, with half an hour."

Mistress Zara begins at my feet, scratching my soles with her nails, and I screech with laughter. Mistress Kassandra digs into my armpits with her fingers, causing me to howl. They both tickle continuously, with no pause.

Mistress Zara observes that I am very ticklish indeed, and Mistress Kassandra notes that it was foolish of me to torment her in a way which exposed one of my own weaknesses. She begins to taunt me.

"Weak human, you are in for it now. Tickle, tickle, tickle. We're going to tickle you without mercy, and you deserve it. You were so selfish. Tickle, tickle, tickle. You could have wished for something useful for the world, like wishing for me to tell you a cure for cancer. Instead, you used your power over me to enjoy your selfish desires, to tickle my feet. Now I get my revenge, and you get your just punishment. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I have question about human physiology, though. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I wonder how many ribs you humans have. Tickle, tickle, tickle. So I'm going to count them."

She moves down from my armpits and begins to count at my lowest rib.

"Make sure to feel each rib thoroughly, to make sure it really is a rib," says Mistress Zara, who has now moved up from my feet to tickle my thighs.

"I will," says Mistress Kassandra, "but he wriggled and made me lose count, so I will have to start over."

I quake with uncontrollable laughter as she starts over, gets up to rib number 4, starts over again, gets up to rib number 3, and decides to start over yet again.

Mistress Zara has stopped tickling me, and gotten a ballpoint pen. With it, she now begins to draw things on the bottom of my left foot, which tickles a lot.

"He's making too much noise," decides Mistress Kassandra. She puts a ball gag into my mouth, and holds it in place with her bare foot, rather than strapping it around my head. She teases me, wiggling her toes in front of my eyes, as she continues to tickle various parts of my upper body.

As Mistress Zara finishes her elaborate picture on the sole of my left foot, she hands the pen to Mistress Kassandra, who goes to my right foot. She is soon writing letters on the sole, and remarks that she will write them in mirror image, so that I can read them later when I hold my foot up to a mirror. Her writing tickles my right foot in a maddening way.

Mistress Kassandra next decides to tickle me with her toes. She climbs up on the bondage table, and is soon digging her big toes into my ribs and my armpit. She tickles and tickles that way, as Mistress Zara tickles my feet again with her fingernails.

Done with that, Mistress Zara gets a magic marker, and writes an enormous "Z & K" on my belly. That tickles also, as she goes over the letters and the ampersand several times, until she is satisfied with her calligraphy.

Finished with their writing, the two women get implements to use on me, and a blindfold. They strap the blindfold around my head, cutting off my sight. They begin to tickle my feet and armpits with toothbrushes, both ordinary and electric.

I can't tell who is tickling me where, but I shriek with laughter and strain in my bonds as they tickle under my arms and the soles of my feet, with no mercy and no pause. I
This goes on and on, and I think that the 30 minutes must surely be up, but they are still driving me crazy, tickling and tickling. Finally, they stop.

They remove the blindfold, and I see that they are taking a refreshment break, drinking bottled water.

"Do you want some water?" asks Mistress Kassandra.

"Yes, please," I answer.

"He doesn't deserve any water," says Mistress Zara, "after the way he treated you. Mistreating the genie of the lamp, he only deserves to suffer."

"Don't worry, I will give it to him in a very humiliating manner," says Mistress Kassandra. "Open your mouth," she orders me.

I open my mouth, and she takes a sip of water from the bottle, leans over me, and spits it into my mouth. She asks if I want more, and I am still thirsty from the long tickling, so I take two more sips from her in the same manner.

"We're not done tickling you yet," says Mistress Kassandra, "another few minutes, full intensity, no mercy, all-out tickling."

She looks deeply into my eyes again, and says, "We're going to tickle you some more, just as long as we want to, and there's not a thing that you can do about it." There is a look of sheer delight in her eyes, which I have seen before.

The two of them go at me as she said, collarbones, armpits, ribs, and feet, with no pause, until I am red in the face from laughing. At long last they stop.

"That was a bit longer than planned," says Mistress Kassandra, looking at her watch, "he got forty minutes of tickling."

"The extra is still less than he deserves, for messing with a genie," says Mistress Zara.

They both laugh, and begin to untie me.

"You will get 10 hours a day of merciless tickle torture, human," says Mistress Kassandra, "and remember that you will never sleep, so that leaves 14 hours a day for other punishments, for the full 999 thousand years."


I am ordered to lean over a spanking bench, and my wrists are now cuffed and attached to by clips to D-rings in the bench, near wooden pegs that I am ordered to grasp. The bench supports me under the belly, while raising my bare bottom as a target.

In front of the bench is a throne, where Mistress Zara sits, her bare feet in front of my face. Mistress Kassandra takes up a position behind me, ready to spank.

"He will now receive 800 spanks," she says, and I gasp, that is more that Mistress Zara usually gives me. "I will just use my hand for the first hundred, to warm him up."

I am ordered to count each multiple of 10, and Mistress Kassandra hits me first moderately, and then harder, with her palm, for the first hundred.

Mistress Zara sometimes rests her bare feet on top of my head, and sometimes teases me by waggling them in front of my face, as I am being spanked.

Mistress Kassandra switches to a paddle which is not too painful for the next 60 spanks, but then to a very painful one for the last 40 of this round.

"His bottom is nice and red for you, take the next 200," she says.

They switch places, and I am glad that Mistress Zara uses her hand for the beginning of her first round. Mistress Kassandra, now in the throne, rubs her bare soles on my face, and then teases me with her toes as the spanking goes on.

Mistress Zara spanks not only my bottom, but also my thighs and calves for her second hundred, with various paddles. I scream in surprise at the unexpected location of the whacks, and they both think it is very amusing, and laugh at my predicament, tied to the spanking bench.

When the count of 400 is reached, they switch places again. Mistress Kassandra does up to number 600, some quite hard indeed, but some just love taps. Mistress Zara takes over again for the last 200, and also does some hard and some soft, not in any predictable way, to keep me in suspense. My bottom is very sore by the time she gets to 750, and switches to a new paddle.

She is not too unkind for the the next 40 spanks, but pauses before the last ten. She tells me that I am to count them one by one, and thank her for each one. She predicts that I will remember these last ten.

When I say "Oww," on spank number two of these last ten, she orders me not to do so, and she says to start the count over again from one. The last ten really hurt, and it is hard not say "Oww" again.

I thank her after each hard whack. I am very glad when it is over.

"For the next 999 thousand years," says Mistress Kassandra, "you will be spanked 4 hours every day. 10 hours of tickle torture, 4 hours of spanking, and 10 hours of mental torture, of a type that we will show you now."

She and Mistress Zara laugh at the thought of my mental torment.

I am untied from the spanking bench, and allowed to rub my bottom.

************************************************** **

I am ordered to lie down on a mat on the floor, on my back, with my head pointed towards the throne and another chair.

"It is obvious that you are obsessed with women's bare feet," says Mistress Kassandra, "so we will put you under a spell of not being able to move, of being paralyzed, and tease you with our feet."

Mistress Zara says some nonsense words, a spell of paralysis for me, and they both begin to rub their bare feet all over my face, hair, neck, shoulders, and chest.

"Just like Tantalus," says Mistress Zara, "you will be able to see and smell what you most crave, our bare feet, but never able to tickle them, never able to move, always frustrated, just getting whatever contact with our feet that we permit, by rubbing you."

"Ten hours a day of this," says Mistress Kassandra, "of being teased by our feet, mercilessly teased."

They both laugh at the thought of this.

"Sometimes you will not even be allowed to see our feet, or hear what we're doing," says Mistress Zara.

She orders me to put in earplugs, which I do, and then to put on the sound-deadening earphones over them. With all that in place, I am almost deaf, only able to hear loud noises. She blindfolds and gags me, and then they tie my arms to my sides, using a rope around my waist.

Lying on the floor there, unable to see, speak, or hear, I can only feel their bare feet prodding and kicking me, and sometimes tickling me with their toes.

I presume that they are speaking to each other, chatting and catching up, as I lie there unable to hear them. After a while, they continually poke me with their toes, tickling me.

At last I feel them untying my hands and the rope around my waist, and they remove the sensory deprivation equipment.

"We have come to a decision about you," says Mistress Kassandra. "When your 999 thousand years of punishment are up, we are going to turn you into a living ottoman. No eyes, no ears, no mouth, just an ottoman, hypersensitive ticklish skin, and enough muscles to quiver when you're tickled. You will be immortal, and donated to the Genie Police Station on our home planet. You will serve as a footstool for the Genie Police forever, and be tickled by their toes."

"It is the perfect fate for you," says Mistress Zara, "an extension of what you just experienced, no senses but touch, tickled and used as a footstool, for the amusement of the Genie Police force."

This amuses them both, and marks the end of the role-play proper, but not of the session.


"Now you are to receive some extra tortures," says Mistress Zara, "do you know why?"

"No, I have no idea," I lie.

"At our last joint session, you held back on telling us about the dream that you had, don't you remember that?"

"Yes, I dreamed that you rolled for my quota of self-gratification, and got the highest roll, of 6. But in the dream Mistress Kassandra rolled one of the dice also, and got the lowest roll, a 1. You decided to use hers instead of yours, in the dream."

"The key point is that you didn't tell us about the dream," says Mistress Kassandra, "until after you had gotten your quota, which was a quite generous 5. Not telling was a terrible insult to your Mistress, Mistress Zara. You are going to be severely punished for that."

"So we will implement this dream of yours," says Mistress Zara, "not only for today, but for all future joint sessions. After I have rolled for your quota, Mistress Kassandra will always have the power, which I grant her, to lower it, even lower it to zero."

They both find this idea amusing. Mistress Zara then asks for a pair of tweezers, which Mistress Kassandra finds for her.

The first punishment they do is hair plucking. Mistress Zara takes the pair of tweezers and plucks several individual hairs from my chest, my eyebrows, my pubic hair, my moustache, my nose hairs, and my ear hairs. Mistress Kassandra plucks just a few. Mistress Zara obviously enjoys this greatly, and has to restrain herself from going on and on with it.

The second punishment is application of large band-aids to hairy parts of my chest and back. The band-aids are then ripped off, and reapplied, and ripped off again. They both examine them carefully to see how much hair came off.

They now take an empty container of strawberry yogurt, which Mistress Kassandra ate while I was in sensory deprivation, and they both urinate into it. Mistress Zara goes first and contributes only a small amount, but Mistress Kassandra nearly fills the container after she is done.

"We'll save this part until after his reward," says Mistress Kassandra. She puts the cup of urine on a puppy pad on the bondage table, so that it won't be knocked over.

The third punishment they administer is putting pepper up my nose. Even though Mistress Zara covers my eyes with the blindfold, some gets into my eyes, and we have to adjourn the session for a few minutes. I am led across the hall to the dungeon's bathroom, where I wash out my eyes of all the pepper.


Mistress Kassandra now announces that it is time for foot worship, my reward, and that I will get one lick for each ten spanks that I endured earlier.

"Aren't you glad that I decreed you receive 800 spanks?" she asks.

"Yes," I say, "now that it's over, I'm glad it was 800 instead of 500 or 600. It means 80 licks, which is 20 on each sole of the two of you."

"See? You didn't realize that I was being generous to you," she says.

Mistress Zara decides that I will do one of Mistress Kassandra's feet first. I massage it for a while, until she has had enough of that.

"I most humbly beg for permission to begin licking your sole," I say.

"You may begin," says Mistress Kassandra, putting her left foot in my hands.

I hold the foot in both hands, and give it 20 licks, along the whole length
of the sole, from the back of the heel to the tips of the toes, with my tongue
fully extended. I count each lick out loud as its done.

After all 20 are done, I kiss the ball of her foot, and say, "Thank you ever so much for allowing me to lick your lovely sole."

"One more kiss," says Mistress Kassandra, and I kiss the ball of her foot again, reverently.

I now give Mistress Zara a massage on one foot, until she is satisfied.

"I most humbly beg for permission to begin licking your sole," I say.

"You may begin," says Mistress Zara, but only after a ten second pause, during which she pretends to think about it.

I lick her gorgeous sole 20 times, counting out loud, and give her the same kiss and thanks as I did for Mistress Kassandra.

Mistress Zara tells me to go back to Mistress Kassandra and massage her other foot. I am blissful, as if in heaven, as I complete my reward, massaging and licking the second foot of each Mistress in turn. I take my time, savoring each lick, delighting at the sight, feel, and taste of their lovely soles.


"It's time for you to drink up," says Mistress Kassandra, "we'll roll the dice to see how many sips. We'll use the sum."

I fetch the dice, and they each take one. Mistress Kassandra rolls it around in her hand, and reveals a 1. She is disappointed, but makes no complaint. Mistress
Zara rolls a 5. I am ordered to fetch the cup of urine and kneel before them. I take six sips, honestly, neither too small nor too large, and swallow each sip. I count them out loud.

Mistress Kassandra goes across the hall to dump the unused urine in the toilet. Upon returning, she remarks that they should have used the product of two dice, to make me scared that it would be 36 sips, the highest product.

I now give Mistress Zara two dice, as usual, to determine my quota. She rolls one around in each hand. I point to her right hand, and she reveals a 6, the best roll possible, exactly as in my dream.

"That is not final," says Mistress Zara. "Mistress Kassandra has the power to lower it if she wishes, to any number she chooses." Mistress Kassandra has rolled one die, and come out with the worst possible roll, a 1, also exactly as in my dream.

I prostrate myself at Mistress Kassandra's feet.

"Please, please, don't lower my quota by too much," I say, "that would be most unfortunate. Please be kind."

"Why would it be unfortunate for me?" she asks.

"It would be unfortunate for me," I say, "not for you. It might be amusing for you."

"Such obfuscation!" she says. "You really deserve a low quota for that. Maybe I ought to lower it to 1, which is what I rolled with my die. On the other hand, you did take a lot of punishment today. So I will consult with Mistress Zara, who is your Mistress, on whether a quota of 1 would be too cruel."

The two of them whisper to each other for a while, and then Mistress Kassandra announces her decision.

"After consulting with your Mistress, I have decided to lower your quota to 4."

"Mistress Kassandra, I thank you for your kindness in not lowering my quota too much. I acknowledge that you have the right to lower it to any number, even 0, in all future joint sessions, either because you don't like the way I behaved in the session, or for no reason at all, just on your whim, or because you're having a trying day. I most humbly beg you to be kind to me in the future."

"At all future joint sessions," says Mistress Zara, "you will have extra punishments before Mistress Kassandra decides on lowering your quota. I'm sure you will humbly beg her for kindness each time as well."

"And I may not be so kind in the future, you can worry about that," says Mistress Kassandra, and she and Mistress Zara laugh at that thought.

The session is done, and it will be two weeks until I see my beloved Mistress Zara again. It will be 4 months before our next joint session with Mistress Kassandra.

When I get home, and look at my right sole in a mirror, I see that Mistress Kassandra has written "TICKLE" followed by my first name there.

-the end-

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Mistress Zara's website is here:


Mistress Kassandra's website is here:


Attached below are their pictures. Mistress Kassandra (left) is wearing her genie costume, but I don't have a picture of Mistress Zara (right) in hers.

Em Es
09-30-2005, 03:13 PM
Thanks for letting me know you posted this, Milagros. Did you write the entire role-play or did the ladies improvise some of it? Was there anything they wanted to do that you refused?

09-30-2005, 03:23 PM
I made up a menu of 8 or 9 different extra punishments for them to choose from. Since they picked from the things I had listed, I didn't refuse anything.

I have invited them both to add things to the menu for our next joint session. Mistress Kassandra has added a variation on something already on the list. I can think of things that I would refuse to add, but that hasn't happened yet.

09-30-2005, 03:48 PM
wow milagros both women are absolutely gorgeous.

isabeau and great story also.

Em Es
10-03-2005, 08:09 AM
Milagros, you said "I didn't wish to [say] on Max Fisch [that] I have written a review of a recent session with Mistress Zara . . .and Mistress Kassandra. " Any reason you did not want to say on on the MF site?

10-03-2005, 05:32 PM
I've sent you a PM with the answer to that question. :D

10-03-2005, 05:55 PM
rats now i'm curious as well hmmm

isabeau :wow: ;)

10-03-2005, 11:23 PM
Wonderful story as always, Mils! :D To be at the mercy of those two beauties would be a dream come true :D :rotate:

Em Es
10-22-2005, 10:17 AM
Milagros, I like the story you titled Double Trouble (I think - the time Mistress Zara tickled both you and Mistress Kassandra) best. But this one is a close second! I've read it several times. I have almost finished a Kassandra-Zara role-play on which I've been working a long time. I plan to do one or two sessions with Mistress Kassandra and then will try to book a :woot: two-mistress date with Zara and her, I guess late this year or early in '06.

I know you see Mistress Zara frequently. I request an occasional TMF Stories account of one of the better one-on-one sessions you've had with our favorite redhead! How about it?!

10-22-2005, 10:31 AM
I should be able to do that next month. :D