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CELL 548

By Morandilas

Deep within the frozen wasteland of Siberia is a place known as the Abyss. A secret underground Soviet prison . It is said to be the home of over a hundred captured spies

from around the world. It s prisoners rank amongst the highest of Soviet enemies and they live a life of pure torment at the hands of Dr. Tolenka Krestyanov chief torturer for the KGB.

I invite you now to the Abyss. Today we shall visit cell 548 where you will meet Nadia Varvarinski. An ex Soviet agent for the KGB. You see Nadia was at the top of her class, that is until she was identified as a double agent working for The American CIA. For the Soviet people this kind of treachery could only be met with the most horrible of consequences. A life term in th Abyss. Where each and every day she will face her worst and most dreadful torment. A torture determined by Dr. Krestyanov to be her worst fear.

Let us now take a peak inside of her cell........Ah just in time I see, it looks like her daily torment is just about to begin............

Nadia has been a resident in the Abyss for the last six months. She has since her 2nd month been undergoing a strict regiment of 8 hours exercise, 8 hours torment, 8 hours of sleep each and everyday with the exception of Sunday which is her day to think about the next week of torture that awaits her. Her first month at the Abyss was spent undergoing a series of tests administered by Dr Krestyanov to determine what torture would best torment her during her life long stay at the terrible prison.

After a month of testing Dr. Krestyanov came to the conclusion that the one thing that Agent Varvarinski could absolutely not stand was to be tickled. So that was to be her punishment for betraying the Soviet people. A simple yet very effective torture. One that which would drive poor Nadia insane for she was undeniably, totally, and terribly ticklish.

The cells dimensions are roughly 10 x 10. The walls are padded and a single set of padded stocks sit in the center of the room bolted to the floor. A single fold away cot provides the prisoner with a place to rest.

Nadia now occupies the stocks to which she spends 8 hours, six days of every week. She is wearing a pair of gray issue under-shorts and a gray T-short. Her silky
black hair is kept short as per the prison standards. Her blue-gray eyes are open wide with fear as the prison guards entrap her ankles in the set of stocks, and her body in a straight jacket.

Today's tormentor Prison official Sonya Petrov , a voluptuous underling of the KGB and Nadia s most feared torture because of her long and very sharp fingernails.
Sonya dismisses the prison guards after they secure poor Nadia.

"Good afternoon Nadia" Says an ever cheerful Sonya

"Oh god please no, not again, will you ever stop torturing me!" Cries Nadia

"Never my dear Nadia.....never." Sonya replies.

Sonya steps up to Nadia s captive bare feet and examines them. They are size 7 and flawless with high arches and pretty little toes. Sonya rubs the smooth soles of Nadia s feet.

"Very good, I see the daily pedicures I have ordered are keeping your tootsies very tender." Sonya snickered.

Nadia grimaces at the touch of Sonya upon her soles. The thought of the tickling which will soon begin sends shivers down her spine. Her feet are so hopelessly ticklish she would do anything to prevent her from tickling them.

"Well we better get started, should t we?" Asked Sonya with a smile.

Sonya raised her hands above the stocks and vigorously wiggled all ten fingers of both hands in Nadia s direction.

"Tickle, Tickle" Sonya verbally tormented with a sadistic grin.

Nadia lost it immediately, she began to giggle hysterically while she reflexively wiggled her toes and struggled in her bonds. Sonya had not even touched her yet so powerful was

Nadia s fear of being tickled.

"Please no!!" Nadia screamed

"Silly dear I haven t even begun yet" Sonya laughed.

Sonya laughed as she remembered how she would tickle torture her younger brother when they were kids. She would pin him down and tickle him mercilessly for hours if not stopped by one of her parents. She also shivered at the thought of having to undergo such ticklish treatment herself.

Sonya descended her claws upon Nadia s sensitive souls and began her tickling in Ernest. She stroked her nails up and down while Nadia howled with tortuous laughter. Sonya thought back to a time when she herself was tied spread-eagled by an KGB boyfriend of hers. She only thought he was being kinky at the time, how was she to know he had planned to tickle torture her. He tickled her for over two hours that night, it was pure hell for her especially when he tickled her super sensitive armpits and ribcage.

Nadia begged and pleaded for the tickling to cease but Sonya s incessant tickling continued long into the day.............................

The End

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