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12-12-2001, 12:29 AM
Well despite not getting an overwhelming response to this serial, I've decided to continue writing it for a few reasons, and to continue posting installments for those of you who are enjoying it. What the hell does it hurt, right? Here's part 3 -- heavier on story than on tickling (F/M primarily), but I promise the next chapter will make up for that.

I'll admit, part of me wanted to scrap the plan and just attack 'em direct. Not like we couldn't overpower them or anything. But there was a time for your basic crush-kill-destroy, and there was a time for something more skillful. Becky was innocent, naive, trusted us greatly. Had to take advantage of that.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before Becky excused herself to go take a quick shower. Jade and I exchanged a look, and she made her move. "Brian," she spoke softly, "you haven't seen the whole apartment, have you?" She rose and stepped in front of him, lining her chest up right in front of his face. "Why don't I give you the grand tour?"

He smiled, stood. "Sure."

She lead him back towards the bedrooms, shooting me a sly wink. They disappeared into Becky's room, closed the door. I positioned myself just outside the door, where I could hear both their conversation inside and the water running in the shower down the hall.

"So, Brian," she was saying. "Do you really like Becky?"

"Yeah," he answered. "She's very . . . nice."

Jade chuckled. "Doesn't put out though, does she?"

A little forward, but I figured she knew what she was doing.

"No, not really," Brian said, trying to laugh it off. "Not unless you call kissing and a cheap hand-job putting out."

"I know I don't," Jade said, putting a little more "oomph" into it, if you catch me. "What about you?"

Brian hesitated. Prolly thought it was some sort of roommate test. Next thing I heard were some muffled kissing noises, cut off after a couple minutes. "Wait . . . hold on," Brian mumbled. "We can't . . . I mean, she could come in any minute --"

"She'll be in there for half an hour, at least," Jade assured him. "Trust me."

"Okay. Still, shouldn't we maybe do this in your room? I mean, she could walk in --"

"Shhh . . ."

After that, words gave way to sucking and breathing and God knows what else. The only other thing either of them spoke was when Brian managed to get the phrase, "hey, what're you . . .?" out, before again being shhh-ed.

A minute later Jade appeared in the doorway and gave me one of her patented smiles with her tongue sticking out through her teeth, which I knew meant wackiness would soon ensue. We went back into the bedroom together. There I saw Brian, the dumb dupe, stripped to his boxers and tied spread-eagle to Becky's bed, blindfolded.

"Jade?" he said. "Where'd you go?"

Stupid git. I just scoffed. "Better tend to your mess, Love," I said to Jade.

"Someone else in here? What's going on?"

"No one in here but us chickens, Mate," I said.

Jade wrapped her arms around my waist and started licking my neck, giggling. "Just look, Andy! All helpless and ours."

"Huh?" Brian was clearly freaked. "Wait, I ain't doing anything with some guy! So whatever you're thinking, just -- "

"Oh, relax. I'm not a poofster," I said, approaching the bound sap, tousling his hair. "I'm a killer."

That shook him, for a minute. "Okay, joke's over. You can knock it off."

I nonchalantly snatched a pair of scissors out of Becky's desk and slashed Brian across the chest. Just a flesh wound, but enough to convince him. He screamed. "Jokes' just getting started," I said.

Jade came up behind me and rubbed her body against my back. "Where should we start?"

"You go ahead." I craned my head around and kissed her vamp face. "I just wanna watch you go." She returned the kiss hard, and bounded over to Brian with the look of a child opening a new toy. I watched her straddle him with a small measure of pride. Her first torture, soon her first kill. They grow up so fast.

Jade wasted no time going to work on the boy. Dug her nails right into his pits, making him scream again but in a whole different way. The look on her face when she saw his reaction . . . I can hardly describe it. She just lit up. It was fucking beautiful. Gotta admit, it gave me a tiny lump in my throat.

Her long fingers crawled all over his chest, kneading his ribs like dough. He was bucking crazy and bellowing laughter. I poked my head out into the hallway every so often, to make sure the water was still running in the bathroom. I wondered if that would even be enough to drown out his laughing, as loud and quaking as it was.


"Tsk, tsk, is that any way to talk to a lady?" Jade said. "Someone needs to learn some manners." She started on his abs, skittering her nails all up and down, making Mr. Tough Guy quiver like a bloody sapling. And man, did I envy him. For someone who'd avoided all things tickling like the plague when she was alive, Jade seemed to have a natural talent for it. Every cruel stroke and stab refreshed the smile on her face.

The muscles in his neck were straining as she dug in just above his hips, a sight that clearly wasn't lost on her. She licked her lips, and started to lower her head towards that bulging jugular. I put a hand on her shoulder and stopped her. "Not yet, Love. You'll bollocks the whole plan."

"I can't help it," she pouted. "He looks so yummy."

"Don't worry, you'll have your --" I cut myself off when I heard the water shut off in the bathroom. Time for part two. "She's out of the shower."

Jade grinned, goosed the boy's hips once more. Quickly, she removed his blindfold and converted it into a gag. His residual laughter turned into struggling moans.

Meanwhile, I beat it back into the living room and resumed my position on the couch. Time to play dumb. I kept one eye on the hallway, saw Becky emerge from the bathroom wrapped in a terrycloth robe and head into her room.

I grinned.

A few muffled shouts later, Becky was running down the hall, weeping. I stood and intercepted her. "Whoa, whoa, Becky. What's wrong?" I said, very concerned and all.

"B-brian . . ." she sniffled, "A-and Jade . . ." she indicated the bedroom. I put on my best shock face and gave her a sympathetic hug.

"What? I can't believe . . . oh Becky, I'm sorry." She cried into my shoulder for a moment, before I added, "You know, I think I have just the thing to make you forget all about that."

"What could possibly make me forget about that?"

I released her from the hug, took a step back. And when she saw my face, well, I wager she forgot all about her boy's indiscretion. Becky's shriek would've waked the dead, except that we were already awake. She turned on her heels and ran back down the hall.

Of course, she only made it a few steps before she saw Jade blocking her way, not looking like the helpful individual she was probably hoping to find.

"Where're you hurrying off to, Becky?" Jade said. "Brian and I were hoping you'd join us."

That's when I grabbed her from behind, wrapping my arms around her and lifting her off her feet. She shrieked again, kicking my shins and trying to squirt free. I carried her into the bedroom, stripped her of her robe, and dropped her into her desk chair. Jade swiftly tied Becky's wrists together behind the chair with a couple of belts, while I bound her ankles to the chair leg. She just kept screaming like a bloody banshee. When I was finished securing her, I grabbed her jaw and pinched her mouth shut. "It was fun the first few times," I said, "but now you're starting to hurt my eardrums." My look said business; she hushed up right away.

I stepped back, grabbed Jade around the waist and pulled her up against me. My fingers wiggled into her side just below her ribs, and she burst out laughing. She kissed/bit me on the neck in return. We admired what we now had before us: one quivering shell of a bloke tied to the bed, one sobbing nude girl tied to the chair. Both vulnerable, helpless, terrified, and frighteningly ticklish.

If my heart beat, it would have skipped one right then. Jade and I kissed, long and deep, and then set about this wonderful game called torture.


12-12-2001, 05:35 AM
Wow! Hey, don't ever worry about "too much story"! I'm really enjoying this series. Can't wait to see what happens to poor Becky! Keep up the great work.:D