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12-12-2001, 10:57 AM
I love reading the stories but I really enjoy the true experiences the best. I rarely put any of my own because I usually stick them in some form or another in the stories I write. Here is one that stands out for me:

There was a girl I knew when I was 18 who was VERY straight and conservative. We were involved in a show that the two of us were actors in. After rehearsal, we went to a friend's house and things got somewhat loose and silly with all of us. A little tickle fight ensued and I went for this girl who sat alone and watched. She had a sleeveless dress on which I love but her hands were clamped to her sides as I grabbed her ribs and made her squeal. Finally, I managed to pry her hands free and pull them over her head. When I started ticklling her smooth underarms, something amazing happened. Her eyes literally rolled in her head like she went into a little piece of ecstacy before she erupted into laughter. From that point on I would try to get into a situation where I would tickle her. She was so cute, 18, dark brown hair and straight-cut bangs, and about 5 feet tall. Each time my tickling would go up under her arms, the same thing would happen; her eyes would roll and half-close as if she had just had an orgasm or something and then she would burst into laughter. A few times, when she was standing and watching the show from the wings of the stage, she would have her hand up on something and I would just touch my fingertip to her armpit and the eyes would roll, she would giggle and turn to me with a huge smile and say, "Don't do that!" One time, I said to her, "Why? Because you like it more than you care to admit?" and she would avoid my eyes and just smile.

I won't take up too much room here because it'll start looking like a story, but next time I will write about this very beautiful girl I worked with who I got into a little tickling adventure with. It became a game of ours.


12-12-2001, 12:34 PM
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! :cool:

Slappy McGee
12-12-2001, 01:55 PM
that is freaking sexy as hell!!

Slappy McGee

12-13-2001, 09:41 AM
The next girl I mentioned worked with me several years later when I worked in a kitchen. She was one of the prep cooks and I discovered just how ticklish she was when I grabbed her sides as she reached up for something. Her shriek brought concern from other workers. It was embarrassing.
She was a petite, Filipino, very intelligent (grad student) and exceptionally pretty. Our tickling became a game, to see who would get who by surprise. Of course, we learned to 'feel' each others' presence so we developed a rule that when a person was caught just before they would tickle, there would be a penalty.
The penalty consisted of us both going into the walk-in fridge and letting the person tickle for about 30 seconds. I would have her lift her arms and tickle under her arms. If she wore short sleeves I would terrify her by taking my time rolling them up to her shoulders. She was very ticklish there and 30 seconds dragged out quite a while as I would 'stop the clock' when she threw her arms down laughing hysetrically and unable to continue.
As our friendship grew, so did our experimentation. I tied her up in my apartment on two occasions and she went crazy. But she had one rule that was not negotiable, "Do NOT tickle my feet!" she would demand. I didn't want to ruin it for any future bondage sessions so I honored it. But the time I tickled close to her feet she went out of her mind and I thought she would break my furniture. I'm sure the foot-ticklers here would have loved this girl but I settled on the "northern regions" of her which are my preferences anyway.
I even let her see a bunch of Tied and Tickled mags and she asked to borrow them for a while.
We lost touch when she went out of town to school.


12-13-2001, 10:13 AM
great stories!!!

12-13-2001, 04:42 PM
Max! Beautiful stories!!!

You know, the girl from PV, Starr does the same thing with her eyes! She rolls them around in ecstasy when she first gets touched! Maybe you want to check out the vids with her in them.

I used to work with this really gorgeous Fillipino girl that I used to tickle all the time. Hyper ticklish. When she'd be walking with a big box of clothes in her hands, I would start gently spidering my fingers on her sides and she'd be giggling gorgeously while begging me to stop (I did this with another really gorgeous brunette girl as well). I heard she liked me but she was going out with someone at the time...when they broke up, I was hitched to someone else and then we lost contact....but I always wonder (and yearn! Lol!).

Thanks for the great accounts, Mr. Speer!

12-13-2001, 10:45 PM
That IS Friggin' Sexy As Hell!!!! :wow:

12-14-2001, 08:42 AM
Another great memory of a tickling partner came in high school. I went to an alternative school and everything was very loose. We met at times, in an area that also hosted a Sunday School for very young kids. There was a nursery area in another room (I guess for the youngsters on Sunday) that Cindy (name slightly altered) and I would sneak into on breaks. We never mentioned Tickling as a "thing" but she knew that when we curled up under a little pup tent that tickling would happen. She was also sort of petite and thin with waist-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a real cutie with a slight tough-girl demeaner. But she was all giggles when we would be in the tent and I would start to poke and prod her ribs and sides and waist. She would try and tickle me back but she was so ticklish that I would grab her hand and scurry my fingers under her arm and she would be TOAST! Her feet were also very ticklish but I was usually only able to pry a shoe off and scratch her socked foot. The times I tried to peel the sock off I wound up almost sporting a black eye.
The very cool part is that she knew what all that tickling did to me and she 'rewarded' me with a little hand teasing as well so the tickling was all a part of the sexual tension between us. It was also our secret which made it so much sexier.

We stopped when she got a boyfriend but towards the end of the school year she was sitting against a wall in a tank top and shorts and looked so sexy. I walked up and ran my finger up her arm from her wrist to her shoulder. She giggled and hunched her shoulder up and looked at me saying, "The Old Tickle. I haven't forgotten."

That was the last time I had my fingers on her. School was over and that was that, but boy what a bunch of memories I have under that pup tent!


12-14-2001, 02:33 PM
Thanks for sharing, Max! We have GOT to get together someday and just kick our feet up in front of the fire and trade tickling stories.:cool:

12-14-2001, 03:02 PM
Yes, did you ever see the movie Ghost Story? There was a secret society called the Chowder Society where the rich old men somewhere in New England would sit around in front of a fire with brandy and a cigar and exchange ghost stories. Perhaps we need to put our own society together.

Where do you live? You can email me at: maxspeer@mindspring.com and perhaps we can get together some time or speak on the phone. I'm sure we have lots to share.


12-14-2001, 11:08 PM
Count me in! That would be pretty impressive...one upping each other's stories! Most outrageous tickling situation. Most beautiful ticklee! Most dangerous tickling situation! Etc!

12-15-2001, 11:45 AM
I'm glad you're enjoying these recollections of mine. They have been as much fun recalling as you might have reading them. One last word about Cindy. It seemed as if tickling became contagious that school year because there were several instances where I saw her tickled by others. One time she was sitting across the room and this guy in our class had her fingers clasped in his and they were talking and laughing. At one point he lifted her hand (she had a tank top on) and tickled under her arm. She pulled it down real quick. I let that scene play in my head over and over again. It was almost more exciting than doing it myself. I think this is where I started to get fantasies about other Ticklers tickling the girlfriends I had. It still persists to this day. I'm sure that the Nest people can attest to that fact. I love to watch my girlfriend's face from a little distance while a savage tickler approaches, fingers wriggling.

Okay, I digress.

Cindy was also the victim in one of the best gang tickles I had seen in a long time. I don't remember how it started but I do remember her in a blue tank top and white shorts (how's that for a memory) held down by a bunch of classmates with her hands stretched over her head and her ankles held tight. I remember them taking turns tickling her armpits and ribs and her feet. She was hysterical and begging them to stop. In my mind it went on for hours and hours but the truth is, it probably went on for a couple of minutes before she went so out of her mind that they felt sorry for her. Again, I was only an observer; an observer with my mouth hung open.

If you want me to continue I can tell the story of Susie, who was a piano student of mine (I was 17 and she was 16). The two of us had a real tickle Game that we played. I wish I knew where she was these days.


12-15-2001, 09:09 PM
Y'know, I think we've heard just about enough of these accounts of real-life tickling from --

hey! what gives! why I --


Ahem. Sorry about that. My computer got commandeered by the Bizarro Tklr5150, the exact inverse of yours truly. Pay him no heed, and please, continue to share! These are great, Max, your natural flair for storytelling combined with the authenticity of non-fiction!

12-19-2001, 11:51 AM
As I promised, here is another of my recollections.

Susie and I went to high school together. Now this is before the Cindy days when I still went to public school (before I was asked to kindly leave)
I'm trying to think how tall she was because she was about an inch taller than me and I can't remember how tall I was at 17 but I would guess she was about 5'10". She had blond hair down to her shoulders and very pretty. But she (just like Cindy) had a bit of a 'streetwise' hipness to her.
I was fairly proficient in piano at that time and she wanted lessons. There was a strong sexual tension between us. She was a virgin and I wanted her so bad but she was not about to go there.
I wanted to tickle her so badly so I started to during the lessons with a poke here and there. She responded in a way I never thought. She started to tickle back with a fury. The retaliation turned into an all out Tickle Fight and she was GOOD! She had a sweater on so I boldly suggested that she get into something so I could tickle her easier. I told her it was "not fair".
She came downstairs in a sleeveless t shirt and I almost popped my cookies then and there.
She was insanely ticklish wearing that as I ran my fingers all over her soft sides, belly and ribs. When I managed to pin her hands over her head I went in for her unbelievably smooth armpits and she went into outer space.
Everytime I saw her after that we tickled. We dropped the piano lesson pretense quickly in favor of the Tickle Game. If a person hurt the other during the fight there would be a penalty (I'm very big on the penalties) and the penalized person would have to lay there spread wide open while the other tickled for a number of seconds. Her feet were insanely ticklish and that was torture. But I frequently went to her underarms and she giggled the cutest giggle I had ever heard up to that point in my life.
When I went over her house, it was nothing for me to go through her drawers and pick out the perfect Tickle Shirt for her.
Hormones raging, I wanted to have sex with her so badly I was out of my mind most of the time with desire for her.
One time, she was over my house (my parents were away for the night) and she wore a sweater. I gave her an old t shirt of mine and we started our tickle fight. Sometimes I would let her pin me and tickle me and it was amazing seeing this big, sexy woman on top of me, holding my hands over my head and wiggling her fingers. I'm not really a tickle 'bottom' at this time in my life, but there was something about this sexy blond on top of me that made me insane with desire.
After the tickle fight, she was sitting on the couch and reading a magazine. I was so freakin sexually aroused that I was out of my mind. I grabbed a scissors and actaully cut the sleeves off my old t shirt that she was wearing to make the shirt sleeveless. She didn't mind. Then I told hewr to spread her arms out on the back of the couch and sit there while I took my time and tickled up the insides of her arms into her underarms. If I didn't have the self-control I had, I would have jumped her at that point.
We have many tickling episodes during the time that we knew each other. She got married at 18 and that was that until a few years later when I was about to move to California. She called me a few days before and said she wanted to get together. When I told her I was involved with someone that was that again.
I never heard from her again even though I have tried to look for her numerous times.


12-19-2001, 04:12 PM
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