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12-12-2001, 11:55 AM
Hey all, I am new to the forum and this is my first story so take it easy on me. Enjoy.

It all started one day when the Z gang was relaxing at the beach, Goku and Kuririn were out surfing the waves, Gohan was rubbing cream on Videl’s back, Bulma, Chi Chi, and 18 were laying in their lounge chairs in two piece bathing suits, and sandals on, and little Trunks and Goten were building a sandcastle.

Everything was pretty much peaceful and enjoying, except for Vegeta…who was sitting in one of the life guard chairs, the lifeguard who previously occupied it, now probably just landing after being thrown into the great beyond by Vegeta. Bulma noticed Vegeta sitting up on the tower with his chin in his hands, she could tell he was bored and would much rather be training right now, Bulma at first felt sorry for him, and then felt anger that all he ever does is train and fight, and hardly ever spends time with her or the rest of the Z Gang, she felt that he doesn’t need to train since the Earth has been peaceful now for a year. Bulma took of her sun glasses, got up out of her lounge chair, and stomped over to where Vegeta sit up high, she stopped at the ladder, and hollered up at him.

“ Vegeta! Why don’t you come down here and enjoy yourself! “

Vegeta replied in an annoyed tone.

“ Woman! My joy is not to be spent on menial little things like this! I would much rather be home training! And using my time for something that will actually benefit me! Now go away!”

Bulma was now steaming.

“ Ok Vegeta! Fine with me! If you won’t come down from there! I will come up there and drag you down!”

This brought a raised eyebrow and a smirk to Vegeta’s face.

“ Oh!? Well I would like to see you try Woman!”

Bulma wasted no time, she climbed up to the top of the tower, and stood at the last step of the ladder facing Vegeta with her hands on her hips.

“ Vegeta! You are either coming down now! Or I will drag you down!”

Vegeta laughed and clapped at her efforts, suddenly as Bulma was about to haul off and smack Vegeta, a strong wind blew in from the front of Bulma causing her to fall off the top of the ladder, She fell fast toward the beach, and was caught in a split second by Vegeta who had appeared at the bottom of tower.

“ Your lucky that I caught you Woman, your fragile bones would have broken from such a fall”

Bulma, surprised by Vegeta saving her, and embarrassed at her little incident, which by now everyone was watching, sucked in her pride and made a come back at Vegeta.

“ Hah! Please Vegeta! I fell on purpose because I knew you would catch me! It was the only way I could get you to come down.”

Vegeta growled at this, he was annoyed and his pride was slightly bruised, he had, had enough of Bulma’s antagonism.

“ That is the last straw Woman! You are going to pay for that!”

Vegeta carried Bulma over to the middle of the beach a few yards away from everyone else, meanwhile Bulma was kicking and flipping her sandals around, screaming to let her go.

“ Let me go Vegeta!”

“ As you wish”

Vegeta dropped her in the sand and stepped back a few feet, he was looking at Bulma and thinking of how he could make her behave and stop annoying him, then he got an idea, he remembered one day, when Bulma was getting a foot massage from Yamcha, he stroked her foot and she squealed and pulled her foot away rubbing it, She said she had really ticklish feet, and that Yamcha better not do that again if he values his good looks.

Vegeta smiled widely and came back to reality as Bulma sat in the sand pounding her fists on the ground yelling up at him. He looked down and then fired 4 rings of Ki from his finger tips, the rings grasped Bulma’s wrists and ankles, and pinned her spread eagle in the sand.

“ V..Vegeta!? What are you doing!?”

“ Ohh I just thought since you were yelling earlier about me coming down and having some fun on this vacation, I figure I will!”

“ W..What do you mean?? You aren’t going to hurt me are you?”

“ I would not hurt a frail woman like you, We are just going to have some laughs”

Bulma got a confused look on her face, as Vegeta kneeled down and flicked off her sandals, he stood back up and rubbed his chin admiring his work, and Bulma’s body.

Suddenly Vegeta looked around on the beach for some items to aid his fun, he saw a seagull feather, and a bottle of baby lotion lying around, he quickly blurred over to the items and grabbed them and blurred back to where he stood before with a big grin on his face. Suddenly Bulma realized what he had in mind!

“ You! You aren’t going to tickle me!? You wouldn’t!”

“ Ohh yes I would!”

Vegeta first kneeled down with the feather in his hand, and smiled at Bulma, he decided to first tease her and test where she is most ticklish, he started by crawling over to her stomach, and then slowly dragged the feather across her tummy, Bulma let out some school girl giggles and began squirming.

“ Teeheehee Hohohohoh! Ohhhehehehe! No! Heeehahaha!”

Vegeta grinned evilly enjoying every moment, he began dragging the feather in light swirling circles around her navel, and then took the feather and began twirling it inside her navel, Bulma’s giggles turned into a squeeling laughter.

“ Aieeeeee! Hahahahahah! EeeeeeeHehehehehahahahah! Naaaahahahahah!”

Vegeta kept this up for a few more seconds and then stopped to give her a little break.

Bulma was still giggling and regaining control over herself. Once she did she yelled at Vegeta in anger, rather than begging him to stop.

“ Vegeta! Stop this right now! I’m gonna kill you for this!”

“ My my, aren’t we a bit moody?”

“ I think a few good laughs will cheer you up!”

Vegeta responded by taking the feather and stroking it under Bulma’s right under arm, immediately she began to laugh again and squirm, she tried her best to yank her arm away but the Rings were to strong.

“Ahhhhahahahahah! Vegetaahahahah! Stahahahahap!! I hahahah! Cahahahan’t hahahaha STAND IT!”

Vegeta kept stroking the feather up and down her underarm and then dragged it once all the way from her armpit down to her hip, she let out a loud squeal and shivered from this, Vegeta stopped and decided to have some more fun and really get her going, he tossed the feather aside, and crawled on top of bulma sitting on her waist, he wiggled his wingers above her tummy slowly lowering them, he stopped about an inch from her tummy still wiggling his fingers, she was tensed up with her eyes shut tight, When the tickling did not start, Bulma opened her eyes and untensed wondering why he stopped, as soon as she did this Vegeta dug his fingers into her unsuspecting tummy, and tickled her mercilessly.


He went over her tummy, and down to the sides of her ribs tickling up and down, causing her to bounce around, and shake, as she shook and bounce her bra became unhooked in the back, and a breast popped out, Bulma screamed, and Vegeta stopped tickling.

“ Uh oh! Looks like something slipped! “

“ Vegetaaa! Please stop this!”

Vegeta smirked and shook his head.

“ But I still haven’t tickled your soft boobies or your milky soles”

“ Vegeta! This isn’t funny now STOP!”

Vegeta grinned again, and flipped Bulma’s bra off revealing her soft round breasts, he smiled and blew down on them causing them to turn erect, Bulma became embarrassed and blushed.

“ You like this don’t you woman?”

“N..No! Let me go now!”

“Sorry, no can do! Not till I have had my fun!”

By this time all of the Z Gang were watching in amazement, at what fun it was, Chi Chi and 18 had sat up and took of their sun glasses to watch, Gohan had turned the bottle of lotion upside down letting it drip in the sand as he watched in awe, and Videl looked on with a smirk, and a bitten lip, as she watched in excitement. Goku was now washing in to shore on his stomach, and Kuririn was now playing with Trunks and Goten far across the beach, Vegeta looked up as everyone watched, he smiled and said.

“Anyone want to help?”

Goku was the first to respond.

” Yeah! Sure!! That looks like fun!”

Goku moseyed on over and sat down at Bulma’s under arms.

“ Come on you Guys! This will be fun!”

Goku said as he yelled over to Chi Chi and 18. Both Chi Chi and 18 smiled at each other and winked, they walked got up and skipped over, Chi Chi took her place at Bulma’s left foot, and 18 to her right, Goku looked over to Gohan and Videl and nodded, Gohan of course objected, and Videl patted him on the cheek, Videl ran over and sat, in the sand near Bulma’s legs. Vegeta looked around and made sure everyone was ready to go, he nodded and the tickling resumed on the helpless Bulma.

Vegeta dug his fingers into her tummy again, tickling her mercilessly, Goku dug his fingers into her arm pits brining even more rising even more laughter out of her, Videl began squeezing her knees and legs, and Chi Chi and 18 started tickling her feet with their long nails, wiggling their nails all over her soles.

Bulma burst out into a hysterical high pitch, uncontrollable laughter.


Bulma swung her head left and right, and bounced, her toes wiggled furiously as the sharp nails tortured her soles, the next thing that would happen was unbearable for Bulma. Vegeta yelled to kick it up a notch and started by putting his mouth to Bulma’s tummy and began to blow on it making loud noises, this sent her over the edge, Her laughter turned into high pitched wails as tears began to build in her eyes, Chi Chi and 18 began to suck and nibble her toes, while Videl licked and nibbled the inside of her legs, and Goku began licking one armpit and tickling the other with his fingers, Tears began to stream from her eyes and her face began to turn red, as the tickling continued, mercilessly, Vegeta continued blowing farts, and then began nibbling and sucking bulmas breasts, she couldn’t stand it any longer, and cummed in her panties, she then passed out from exhaustion. The Z Gang was somewhat stunned and excited, Everyone started mumbling and hoping they didn’t go too far, Vegeta assured them she would be fine and relinquished the Ki Rings, he picked her up and took her down to the water as the sun began to set, he carried her in his arms, and brought her into the water with him, he cleaned off her pelvis area and took a little bit of water and wiped the tears from her eyes and the hair of her face, Bulma awake a few seconds later and stared up into Vegeta’s eyes, she whispered a thank you into his ear and then proceded to passionately kiss him, they continued there and later made love on the beach as the sun set, and everyone had gone in, It turned out to be a good day for Bulma and Vegeta after all.

The End.

12-12-2001, 01:14 PM
A GREAT Story!!! I Love The Setup! :cool:

12-12-2001, 01:37 PM
Thanks, I am glad you like it, it was the first story I ever wrote, I do plan on writing more in the future, I was planning on doing a Cowboy Bepop one with Faye as the ticklee. Thanks again for the positive feed back. :)

12-13-2001, 08:22 PM
great job man very good story

12-14-2001, 07:23 PM
Damn, that Veggeta is EEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I always new there was a reason He was my favorite Z Ganger;)