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12-12-2001, 05:27 PM
This is the one you voted on, and the one that won was for a mean person to capture a group of carolers and tickle them, here it is...

Old Man Johnson was definitely the meanest, cruelest, selfish, man on the block. People knew this, and tried to avoid the 65 year old man.
Mr. Johnson was always grumpy, but he got even worse around Christmas time. He HATED Christmas more than anything in the world. Possibly because he had no one to share it with. He lived alone, not even any pets. He never got married, and of course, never had any kids. He looked out his window grimly, watching happy familys walk by, and twirling a red feather in his hand, chucking at what would happen if anyone disturbed him this Christmas...

Morgan struggled to get ready. Smoothing out her simple white t-shirt, she took some of the curlers out of her hair. It looked like she she was going to a wedding, but actually just going around the neighborhood caroling with a few of her friends. Morgan was in simple terms--a beauty queen. Her long bleached brownish-blonde hair was long and perfectly brushed, with slight curls at the end. Her whole, athletic, thin, body was deeply tanned, and she had a great figure.
She heard the door-bell ring, and hurried even faster to get dressed. Finally she was wearing tight low-rider jeans, and a small, sleeveless, white, t-shirt.
She opened the door, and greeted her friends Sara and Cindy.
Her two friends were also beauty-queens, though not as much as Morgan. Cindy was a thin, taller blonde, with a perfect smile, while Sara was the shortest of the three, and was a cute busty brunette. Her large breasts got the most attention of her great overall figure, and she liked to show it off, as all three wore jeans and different variations of tight shirts. Cindy's was white and long-sleeved, while Sara's was burgandy and short-sleeved.
All their shirts were a bit small, revealing a strip an inch wide of their flat tummies.
"Ready girls?" Morgan asked, as they nodded.
They all grabbed their jackets, and headed out.
"This is gonna be fun!" Cindy said excitedly.
The trio walked down the street a bit, and stopped at the first house that looked like someone was home. They walked to the front, rang the doorbell, and began singing "Jingle Bells."
They finished, the family thanked them, and walked to the next house.
As they were walking, Cindy commented on Sara's singing.
"Geeze Sara, you sure hit a super high-note on that last one," she teased.
"Oh shutup," Sara kidded back.
Sara then playfully wiggled tow index fingers into Cindy's sides, getting beneath the jacket as the shirt offered little protection.
"Heeheeheeeheey!! S-stop ithehe!!" Cindy giggled, finally getting away from Sara's tickling fingers. All three girls always playfully tickled each other, and all were EXTREMELY ticklish, which always meant for some good laughter and giggles. They all had certain spots too. Morgan was most ticklish under her arms, Sara had the most ticklish tummy, while Cindy's feet were the most ticklish.
They caroled too about 7 more houses, until they approached Mr. Johnson's dark, un-decorated spooky looking house.
"Let's skip this one," Sara suggested.
"No look! A light's on!" Morgan pointed out.
"But that's Mr. Johnson's house! The meanest man ever!" Cindy reminded her friend.
"Oh come on girls, let's do it, Christmas is the time for forgiving, and i mean c'mon, what's the worst that could happen..."
The girls agreed, and walked up Mr. Johnson's driveway.
Morgan rang the doorbell, and the three braced themselves, framing their faces with pearly, white smiles.
No answer.
Morgan waited a bit, and rang again.
Still no answer.

Mr. Johnson heard the doorbell ring, and went to the side-window to see who it was, he hated confronting people if he didn't have to.
He looked, and saw the three gorgeous girls, all probably eighteen to twenty he mentally noted. He then got an awful idea. A perfectly awful idea. (quote from the Grinch:) )
That evil lightbulb went off, and he put his plan into action.
He finallt opened the door, with a fake smile plastered to his face.
"Hi Mr. Johnson, we're here to sing carols," Morgan said cheerily.
"Oh isn't that nice, well come in," he offered, hating the nice tone on his voice.
"Well we can do it from here just fine," Sara said.
"Oh come on, i don't bite. Come on in and enjoy some candy and relax."
Sara and Cindy were ready to bolt out of there, but Morgan, with her happy and guilable child-like personality, dragged the other two girls in with her.
They sat down on an old, plaid couch in his murky living room.
"Let me get you some candy," he said as he left them and entered the kitchen.
Sara and Cindy were scared to death, but Morgan was relaxed.
"See!? I told you nothing would happen, he's just a nice old man."
"Well, i guess so, nothing's happened...yet," Cindy said grimly.
"Oh cheer up," Morgan told her blonde friend.

Mr. Johnson srummaged through the drawers in his kitchen, and found what he was looking for.
These would work perfectly. He poured the whole bag into a bowl, and luckily, they looked just like little round peppermint candies.
He re-entered the living room with the bowl of candy, and placed it on the table in front on the girls.
"Here you go girls, some nice peppermints before you sing, they soothe your throat."
The girls thanked him, and each popped one into their mouths.
They sucked on them for a few seconds, until Sara turned to Morgan.
"They taste kinda funny," Sara whispered.
"I know, but just eat it, it would be rude to say they taste disgusting," Morgan whispered back.
"Everything alright?" He asked.
"Oh yes, they're delicious," Morgan lied.
Each girl finally swallowed them, and then each got up to begin singing.
"Any particular carol you prefer?" Cindy asked.
"Yes there is," Mr. Johnson smiled.
"What is it?"
"The three ticklish girls," he replied.
The girls looked puzzled, and then each fell to the couch, Cind first, then Morgan and Sara.
Mr. Johnson chuckled, as he glared evily at the three gorgeou, unconscious girls.

Morgan's eyes fluttered open. She felt woozy, and a little light-headed. She went to get up, but she couldn't. She quickly was back to full reality. She looked down at herself, she was stripped to her white lace bra and panties, and tied with her ankles to the bottom bed posts, with her wrists tied to the upper bar.
She looked to her left and right, Cindy and Sara were in the same position, also in their underwear. They were still asleep though. She realized they were tied to a huge bed, and they were in a basement....Mr. Johnson's! The last thing she remembered was geting ready to sing for him, and now she's tied to a bed in her underwear in his basement.
This was bad.
Her whole body shivered, fear overtook her, and she prayed one of her friends would wake up soon. But as she thought about it...where the hell was Mr. Johnson! Did he just tie them up down her to die!? Would he ever let them out. Morgan was about to cry, until Sara groggily woke up.
"W-what the hell??" Sara asked, looking at the situation.
"I know, what happened?" Morgan asked.
"I told you! We should never of gone inside Mr. Johnson's house! Now he's gonna kill us or something!" Sara screamed.
"Be quiet! He might come back!" Morgan hushed her friend.
"I feel so....vulnerable," Sara said weakly, her large breasts protruding outward, only protected by a thin, small, black bra.
Cindy then woke up.
"Oh my god," she said to herself, as she surveyed the situation for herself.
She tugged at the ropes which tied their bodies taunt.
"It's no use, we're stuck," Morgan said sadly.
"What's gonna happen?" Cindy asked, as tears began to roll down her cheeks.
"Don't cry Cindy, it'll be alright," Sara said reassuringly.
"Hello girls," Mr. Johnson said smiling, as he walked down the stairs to the basement, and admired the three beautiful bodies tied to his old bed in the basement.
"Don't you three look cute," he said.
"What are you gonna do to us?" Sara asked, her lower-lip quivering.
"You'll find out soon enough ladies,' he said, walking up and down the bed, like a hawk stalking its prey.
Cindy was still crying, and mr. Johnson lowered himslef to her face.
"Don't cry hunny, i won't hurt you," he said softly.
"Then w-what are you g-going t-to do?" She asked weakly.
"Let's put this in the form of a question girls," he said as he walked back up, and stopped in the middle of the bed, right in front of Morgan.
"Are any of you girls...ticklish?"


How do you like the story so far??

12-12-2001, 06:32 PM
Sweet! Now post the next chapter (pretty please.)

ps - are you going to do a sequel to the Kelly story?

12-12-2001, 08:06 PM
Morgan? What a coincidence! That's MY name (only i'm a guy). That's not a very common name. Cute story, by the way. *starts praying* pleaseusefeatherspleaseusefeatherspleaseusefeather s...

P.S. Oh, and Tummyticklish? I know this may sound off-topic, but i've been reading u'r posts in the True Life Experiences thread and, 2 b honest, i think i've developed a teeny-weeny bit of a crush on u (despite the fact that my fav tickle spot is feet and u'r weakness is u'r tummy). As i understand it, u'r female and still in school? I think we should talk. Yea, i know, i sound like a flirt or something, but i'm DESPERATE 2 meet more females, as outside the internet i must b the shyest guy in the world (hell, i haven't even had many tickle experiences in my lifetime!). Well, let me know if u'd b interested in talking sometime. Oh, and anyone else whos reading this post...PLEASE DON'T HIT ME!!!!!!

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I Love It!!! Keep It Up!!!! :cool:

12-12-2001, 10:34 PM
"Mr. Johnson was the meanest, cruelist man on the block..." Nah. I've got him beat, and the girls would be a treat, when I tickle them on the feet. All reet!


12-12-2001, 10:40 PM
I know a girl named Morgan, cute too.

Naturally, I'm dying to see where this one goes! Hope to see Part Two soon! :)

When I grow up, I wanna be an Old Man Johnson. First step, I think, is to change my name to Old Man.:p

12-13-2001, 06:25 AM
Thanks everyone, and don't worry, the second part is on its way soon. And Emmseesquared, just post ur adress or ur screenname if u have aol:)

12-13-2001, 11:56 AM
Doesn't every guy here have a crush on Tummy? I know I sure do! :)

12-13-2001, 05:32 PM
Well, i don't have aol; i have Yahoo! and i have MSN. As 4 my email address, it's emseesquared@yahoo.com. Hope 2 hear from u. I need 2 meet more ladies, especially around my age (i'm 19, by the way)

12-13-2001, 06:55 PM
Hey I have AOL, and well everything else, if you want my screenname is punkiepunkerson. I too have been wanting to meet some ladies im 18.

12-13-2001, 07:17 PM
hey tummy. I have AIM and i would like to talk to u some time if possible. My s/n is tcklshHtt

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Excellent set-up, Tummy! I really like where this is going. Great concept and wonderful writing! Keep it up!:cool:

12-15-2001, 09:22 AM
2ND part coming soon...