View Full Version : Excert From The Case Of The Enslaved Souls

12-13-2001, 08:37 AM
After completing her decent Brenda Davis found herself being takin from the van she was in being led by her captors. To introduce her to her new master. As the two men led there captive down the hallway other slaves could be seen hand sanding the walls, and collums continuess to keep them smooth, as a babies ass. All of the slaves that were in the underground dwellling were all dressed inn various sexy outfits. while some were totaly naked, others wore tight shorts,
G-string bikinies, or thong bikinies, but all of the women did share on simmiler bond, all of them everywhere were all barfooted.

As the very beautiful Brenda Davis kept walking down the hall her long silky black hair could be seen extending down her back glissening in the light. She stood 5'11''tall, and weighed 115lbs,
her measurements are 36-24-36. With her toe nails painted pink she absolutly looked like an excellent aquisishen to her masters harem of slaves.

Now being led into a room just of to the left of her was a control room with a glass window, and a glass door. Brenda now found herself being placed inbetween two wooden collums. Possitioned her wrists, and ankles were then secured tightly to the collums. Then from out of now where she could hear the sound of fingers snapping to slowly awaken her from her hypnotic trance. "What, Where am I, Who are you,
Why are you doing this to me?"Brenda's voice echoed in the almost empty room, as she tried to see her captors face, but unfortunatly his face was all the time covered by a hockey style goalie mask hidding his identity from everyone around him."Well Miss Davis I wish to first welcome you to my underground domain, I hope you are comfortable?" Starting to be a little more vocal than he'd like for her to be her mysterious host instucts his assistent to place a ball gag in her mouth. After seeing it has been applied, and Brenda's outburts had been silenced. The Mysterious host continues speaking.

"I must say Miss Davis you do have a temper, but rest assured in a shrt time from now I will bring a smile to that face of yours rest assured, but now to answer your questions. As to where you are, you are here with me, and my other female slaves,now as to why I am doing this well you could say that I have a vision, a vision of brining slavery back to America, and the world,now as to who I am, that question is simple to answer?" After picking up a hose, and turning it on he now begins to spray Brenda with a very speacial sollution that when dried into her skin will make her extreamly ticklish to any kind of touch. Once the front of her was satturated, he next sprayed the back of her next, at the same time the bottom of her bare feet, and toes were also reacieving burts of this speacial sollution to them.Finnaly after spraying her whole body her host stands now directly in front of her stairing into her brown eyes and exclaims. "I'm your Master!"Before moving her into his tickle dungeon her master instructs his men to place a speacial device on her that not only went around her head holding it in place, but also it held her wrists from moving. Next his men placed Brenda's ankles in another speacial device inabling them as well not to move. Carefully now they lifted her, and began transporting her to there masters tickle dungeon with others inside that were already being tickled unmercifully, by the room technicians.:devil: