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12-13-2001, 09:07 PM
We split off. I approached Becky, wringing my hands, and straddled her lap; Jade stood alongside the bed and licked up the trickling stream of blood running out of the cut I'd given Brian.

"All right, friends," I declared, running my hands up Becky's thighs. "Whoever wants to go first, don't raise your hand." I gave them a moment to revel in the irony. "Looks like a tie!"

As my fingers crossed Becky's hipbone, I started to wiggle them, very slightly. Immediately a flurry of giggles came out. A lot of sputtering too, as she was trying desperately to fight it. "Ahhhheheheheheheheheeee mmmphh!!! phhhhahaheehehehehee!!!" I settled there for a while, enjoying the feel of her bare thighs on my palms as her hips shook like jello. As my fingertips massaged her pelvis, my thumbs slid teasingly over her waist, just above the hairline of her pussy. Ever demure, she closed her knees together tight. It was sort of sweet, in a naive and stupid way.

Meanwhile, Jade was digging one hand into Brian's armpit and pinching behind his knee with the other. She'd left some slack on his bonds, so he was kicking and thrashing pretty good. She liked that a lot -- I noticed her leave one of her targets every now and then to give herself a quick rub down low. The gag was gone, letting his already strained guffaws fill the room. "AHAHAHAHAHAHA CUT IT OUT!!!! HAAAHAHAHAHHAHA I HAHAHAH-HATE BEING T-T-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"Poor baby," she taunted. "Hate being what?"


"I don't think he cares for our game much, Jade," I said. Then, to Becky, "How about you, Love? You like it, don't you?" I slid my thumbs a little lower, caressing the sensitive hollows where her legs met her crotch. This, combined with my massaging her hips, proved excruciatingly ticklish . . . and not just in a nasty-torture sort of way either, ask me. Her tightly-pinned knees began to open and shut just slightly.

"Noooooo ahahahahahahahaha nooo please!!" Becky pleaded, in an even squeakier voice than normal. Her head was down and her eyes closed, not looking at me no matter what.

I propped her chin up gently, bringing us face-to-face. "Whassa matter, doll?" I traced my index finger along her waist, then dipping southward, all the way to the tip of her opening. "Don't like it there?"

But the quiver of her lips and the gasp that slipped through them told me otherwise. I half-scoffed, and started my finger in the other direction, up her stomach. "Maybe you like it here better?"

The gasp became a giggle as I found her belly button, twirled my finger in it. "eeeeeeeeehehehehehehehehe!!!! Please!!!"

"You'll have to be more specific than that I'm afraid," I said, scratching my nails lightly over the sides of her tiny tummy. Her giggles became heavier, louder. "HHEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! OH PLEEEHAHAHAHAHAEEEASE STOP!!!" Her face was wound into confusion, laughing uncontrollably yet heartbroken and terrified.

Becky's laughter was overwhelmed by a sudden scream from Brian. I glanced over to see Jade raking her nails up and down the soles of his feet. And swaying a little.


"Aaaan-deeee," she said, sing-songy. "I've found a hot spot. Come help me work on it."

"Little busy, Love," I replied. "Besides, we don't want to kill him yet, do we? Miss out on hours of fun that way."

Jade swayed from side to side, slowly, rhythmically, at the same pace as she moved her hands up and down his soles. He was losing it, in pain from laughing.

I was starting to lose it myself, watching Jade work. She's the sexiest creature I've ever seen, and when you added the sheer delight with which she was able to absolutely torture a human being beyond the limits of his endurance . . . that, my friends, is a perfect woman. Forgive me for digressing into the lovelorn, but that gorgeous girl tickling that poor boy with more passion than I'd ever felt on my best day was truly a sight to behold.

It turned on a light bulb over my head. I stood up and whispered something in Jade's ear. She tittered, did that thing with her tongue. "Hall closet, top shelf," she said.

I retrieved what I was looking for: a feather duster. Then I snatched a roll of duct tape from a drawer in the kitchen. Becky didn't notice either when I returned. Her eyes were squeezed shut again, and she was babbling under her breath -- praying, I imagine. Not that it would help, but you know these innocent types. Something so sweet and cute about it, makes a guy just wanna tickle them till they cry.

"Enjoy your rest, hun?" I asked. "It'll be your last." She still refused to look at me. I just chuckled and had a seat on the floor behind the chair. Her tiny feet were waiting for me, tied together around the leg of the swivel chair. I buried them in the cloud of feathers, twirled the duster quickly.

"Eeeeeee!!! Don't!!! Hehehehehehehehehee!!"

Her feet were only mildly ticklish, but enough for what I had planned. After about twenty minutes, I positioned the duster with the feathers just grazing Becky's soles and taped the handle to the underside of the swivel seat. I spun the seat slightly back and forth a couple times, making sure the duct tape would hold. Becky giggled as the feathers, in turn, swept back and forth across her soles. Perfect.

I straddled Becky again, gave her a kiss. Now she was sad, scared, and repulsed. I swiveled the chair again. She bit her lip and tried to fight off the laughter, but I just kept spinning the chair with my hips, a few inches in one direction, then a few inches in the other, letting each and every feather glide over her feet. She was determined to keep those giggles in.

I decided to make things harder for her. I tickled her inner thigh, slowly closing in on her pussy, while stroking under her breasts. Some faint moans snuck out through her clenched lips. "So, Becky. Do you like to play gentle . . ." I asked, softly stimulating her naughty bits. ". . . or hard?" With that I plunged two fingers into her and dug four more into her ribs. That caught her off guard, cracked her. "AHHHHHHahahahahahahahahaa!!! No please!!!" Becky cried, throwing her head back and twisting back and forth. Her twisting made the chair swivel, which swept the duster all over her soles.

"Aaaaieheheheheheheahahahahahahahahaha no more!!! No m-m-mhahahahahahaha!!!"

With her arms stretched around the back of the chair, her ribcage was perfectly protruded. I poked and prodded and wiggled in between each and every delicate rib. Wormed my finger into her underarms. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

I unzipped and pushed my pants down, making sure to keep at least one hand tickling away. She was still a mess of giggles and pleading when I entered her. She was back to crying intermittently as I began to fuck her, tickling even faster as I did. She tried to keep her legs together, but that only made a tight fuck tighter. We both knew she wanted it, but she had to make with the prim and proper, didn't she?

She passed out before I finished, which didn't bother me much, save for the lack of laughter. Once I popped my cork, I pulled up alongside Jade and held her from behind. "I wore mine all out, baby," I said, stringing some kisses along her neck.

She was intently working over Brian's stomach. Her hands were little claws chomping into his abs, drawing peels of hoarse laughter. "Is it time to feed then?" She looked at me hopefully.

"Yeah, Love. Eat up."

Jade licked her lips, lunged at Brian's throat. He barely had the breath left to scream. I enjoyed the sight for a moment, then fed off Becky. When it was done, we made love among the carnage throughout the night and the next day. Then, when the sun went down, we set out in search of more.

12-14-2001, 02:10 AM
hey tklr 5150, i have been enjoying your stories for a while. this series is quite entertaining. keep up the good work. i like the 1st person narrative. makes for some good humor.

12-14-2001, 05:22 AM
I'm really getting into this series, 5150! You've got a hit here! The first person works great here, and the torture itself is Daveishly devious...:cool:

12-14-2001, 11:58 PM
:wow: Daveish? I'm truly flattered!