View Full Version : Excert From The Case of The En-slaved Souls Part 2

12-14-2001, 08:12 AM
Immediatly after entering through the door of the tickle room Brenda quickly surcame to the rooms laughing gas, and began to giggle, as she found herself being released from her bonds that she was in.Next she was being led to where she was going to be tickled. Around her she saw different women restrained in different dives, some were tickled under there arms, and along there sides, while others had there inner thighs, and pussies tickled along with there bare feet, and toes. Just upahead of her stood a hollagraphic image of her master, "Welcome to my tickle room slave, where here you will stay until I get the start-up code to your fathers defence system. I hope you enjoy my newest invention?" To any normal person what she saw in front of her just now would send anyone else running for the exit door, but as she found herself being led forword she knew she wasn't going to resist not laughing for long.

Just picture being totaly naked possitioned spread eagle to a device, where 80,000 feathers rapidly traced your intier body all over tickling every part of your body at the same time. Well this was her masters newest invention. It had two cores of moving feathers. The first series would tickle the top of her head, down her neck on both sides, down from there past her uderarms, along her sides, continuing down her legs, to the bottom of her barefeet, and toes moving like a giant cattapiler tracing her body intirerly. But that wasn't the only areas to tickle, there was also another simmilure one that, at the same time would be tickling her sides of her feet, going up her inner legs, around her sexy pusy, and back to where it started again.

While the technicians secured her wrists, ankles, and her head from moving. The hollagraphic immage of her master watched with a satistic smile on his face, as the machine was started-up. Even though it was moving rappidy tracing Brenda Davises Naked body he knew in his sick mind that she would devolge her fathers secreat defence system code in time, all he had to do was wait.

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