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12-14-2001, 11:52 AM
"HEHEHEHEHEHEHE" "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Laughing in hesterics Brenda Davis Remain sighlent about her fathers seacret start-up code, as her diabolical master watches from another room. "Three, and a half hours that Davis girl has been tickle tortured for, and she still hasn't broken down with her fathers start-up code, oh well maybe after another twelve hours she'll talk." "Master I have some News for you?" "What is it?" "Our informents have reported that a Private investagator is comming up to the town to search for us"
"Who is this private investagator?" "Eddie James Master" Shaking his head with a smile on his face the masked master now replies "Good let him come, he, and his simple minded twin brother Elvis Aaron James will both die if they think they can stop me." "But Master he is a five time martial arts champion, and a 5th degree black belt in karate." "Eddie James maybe a 5th degree black belt, but he is a former Five-time champion, don't worry he is nothing, I'll kill him, along with his twin brother Elvis if they get in my way."

Just Then the master instructs his technicians to get Brenda Davis, and place her on the Rack. Minutes pass after removing Brenda from the device now secured tightly on the rach she finds herself being tickled by five of her masters best technicians. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
With one tickling her breats, underarms, and sides, The second tickling her inner thighs, and pussy, with the third, and four tenician continuesly tickle Brendas Ankles, bare feet, and toes, While the last man underneath her tickles her beautiful ass. Still Brenda Davis refuses to devolge her fathers secreat code sequence no matter how much she is forced to laugh.

(Alright TMFERS Here is another installment to enjoy, and remember your replies with your feedback is greatly appreciated Thanks again, and God Bless The TMF)

12-15-2001, 06:24 AM
Hey ya Elvis :p
Well done... I enjoyed your posting. Keep up the good work. And see each other in the TMF chatroom.

Ohhh such a nice descriptions of the tickle torture of that poor lady in your story.

yours Elly

12-21-2001, 10:55 AM
Cool Love the work, lets have here tickled some more..