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This is a sequel to Cloak and Feather 2 that I posted to the TMF as a sequel to the original Cloak and Feather penned by the great Morandilas. I hope you get a kick out of it!

Cloak and Feather 3 – From Russia with Tickles

Dateline: The present. 0215hrs
Location: A secret island in the Indian Ocean
Project Funnybone: Joint American, British & Russian intelligence exercise.
Area 6: Blue Team - Samantha Storm (CIA) James Blank (MI6)
Red Team – Elements of Red October unit (Russia)

“HANDS UP!” A Russian voice barked

“So near yet so far.” Samantha said to James.

“We had a good run didn’t we?” James said with a smile.

For three days they had successfully executed all their tasks. Dressed in black turtleneck sweaters, combat pants and boots they had avoided and “dropped” sentries with their modified paintball guns. With two days of the exercise remaining, they were one of the few teams that had gone undiscovered by the Russians.

Three bushes and two patches of grass stood up. They revealed camouflaged Russians holding paintball guns. They surrounded the agents. One of the bushes revealed he to be a wiry Russian man with cropped brown hair. Who grinned at the agents. “Well, well. James Blank, my old friend. How the bloody hell is it hanging?”

“Viktor Terashova! I don’t feel so bad now.” James said with a grin. “Samantha, this is Major Viktor Terashova, one of the finest field agents Russia has ever produced.”

“Ah, so this must be famous Samantha Storm. Top agent for CIA.” Viktor said. “I am big fan of American culture. Tell me, who is better, Britney or Christina?”

“I’m more of a J.Lo fan actually.” Samantha said. This Russian amused her.

“Ah yes, Jennifer Lopez. Nice big bottom!”

“They say you are best female agent in United States.” One of the other Russians said. Samantha noticed that they were all female. The one who had spoken was blonde and taller than the others. Samantha was 5’7 and estimated that the blonde was at least 6’ tall.

“They say a lot. Don’t believe the hype though, I got captured didn’t I?” The raven-haired agent said modestly.

“Ah, my poor manners.” Viktor said. “This is Lieutenant Elena Vorlov of the Red October unit. She is one our best operatives. May I also introduce my junior Lieutenants, Nicole, Natalia and Nadja Zereva. They are sisters.”

“And each lovelier than the next.” James said with a twinkle in his eye. The three young auburn-haired women blushed slightly. James turned to grin at Elena. He was 6’1 and she was looking him straight in the eye. She returned his smile but hers was without warmth.

“Major, what are your orders?” Elena asked.

“Lock them in the medical quarters. At the end of exercise we can all have a big drink, yes!”

“Very good, sir.” Elena returned sharply.

“Now I must be on my way. There are more capitalists to dispatch.” Viktor said jokingly. “James, always good to see you. Miss Storm, it was an honour.” He snapped a loose salute and sped off into the darkness leaving James and Samantha with the female Red October agents.

“Mr Blank, Miss Storm, turn around and place your hands on your heads.” Elena ordered. The two agents did as ordered in keeping with the protocol of the exercise.

Elena smiled wickedly to herself and the brought the edge of her hand crashing down on the back of Samantha’s neck. The American let out a strangled groan and then crumpled to the ground.

“Hey!” James yelled angrily, “What the hell do you think you’re…” Nadja slammed the butt of her weapon against his head and he joined Samantha in a heap.

Elena stood over the unconscious agents with a wicked gleam in her eye. “We will take them to the treatment rooms in the laboratory. We will proceed as per my private briefing to you earlier. It is not often one has the upper hand with such opponents.”

“Won’t Major Terashova punish us?” Natalia queried.

“Don’t worry about that. I am in command now and these are my prisoners!”

Samantha groggily opened her eyes. There was a light above her and she couldn’t move her arms or legs. She realised that they were strapped down with her arms stretched above her head.

“So much for Glasnost.” She muttered under her breath.

She began to examine her surroundings. She appeared to be bound to a treatment table of some kind. The only other furnishings she could see were a steel cabinet, a wash basin and a chair.

She tested her bonds but they were secure. Strong black fabric straps were looped over her wrists and ankles.

She heard a door open and close, and then Lieutenant Vorlov came into view. The tall Russian woman wore a black shirt and pants. She wore a red silk scarf, which matched her lipstick and contrasted with her pale skin and blonde hair. Samantha thought she would be beautiful except for the coldness of her eyes.

“What the hell is this?” Samantha demanded, “You are way out of line here. Let me up! What have you done with James?”

“Miss Storm, you are in no position to bark at me. You are my prisoner and I will do with you as I wish. As for Mr Blank, he is in good hands.”

Samantha was not happy with this response and unleashed a stream of invective in the Russian’s direction.

Elena sighed. “If you are unable to control your temper, I will be forced to take action.

“When I get out of this, you’ll be the one facing action, bitch!” Samantha snarled.

“Oh dear.” Elena responded with a faint smile. She pulled the long red scarf from her neck.

James Blank awoke to find himself strapped to a medical examination table. Natalia, Nadja and Nicole all gazed down at him. He smiled his trademark, dazzling smile.

“OK ladies, once the exercise is over I’d be delighted to oblige you but in the meantime do you think you could let me up?”

Nadja ignored him and began unlacing his boots.

“What do you think you’re doing? Where’s Agent Storm? And which one of you hit me in the head?”

His questions went unanswered as Nadja pulled off his boots and socks. Natalia and Nicole moved towards him, their green eyes gleaming. Natalia lifted his turtleneck from his trousers and Nicole undid his belt.

“Ladies, please control yourselves.” James said with a cocked eyebrow, but it was to no avail.

“Mmmmmph!” Samantha was unable to speak as Elena’s strong fingers jammed the long red silk scarf into her mouth. Elena had started by tying a large knot in the centre of the scarf, which was pushed into Samantha’s mouth. Then the ends were wound tightly round the agent’s face and tied behind her head.

“Really Miss Storm, I warned you to control your temper.” Elena backed away admiring her handiwork. She began strolling around the table to which Samantha was strapped.

“Now, let me tell you why you are here. For years I have heard all about the famous Samantha Storm. You are the model female agent held up to us as an example. I heard an interesting story though. You were recently in Colombia carrying out operations against the Chavez drug cartel weren’t you.”

Samantha’s eyes widened in alarm.

“Ahhh… I shall take that as a yes. I believe you were briefly detained by Chavez’ interrogator, Miss Carla Santa Maria Ramirez. I met her in Costa Rica last year and she does not like you very much. She also told me a lot about your little stay with her. I gather you are very ticklish, almost unbearably so.

Elena stood behind Samantha and ran her fingers through the American’s jet black shoulder length hair. Her cool fingers slid down Samantha’s face and neck and insinuated themselves under the collar of her turtleneck. Her nails stroked ever so lightly against Samantha’s neck and under her chin.

“I cannot believe that a top American agent could be captured and tickle tortured. I will have to see for myself if this is true.” Elena noticed gleefully that Samantha’s chest and stomach were rising and falling heavily with her breathing as her neck was teased.

Elena’s fingers began to move a little faster, she also began to tease Samantha’s ears, the Russian’s fingertips fluttered against her delicate lobes. The bound agent began trying to shake her head away from the unwanted attention. Elena used one hand to hold Samantha’s jaw whilst the fingernails of the other tickled lightly beneath her chin.

“Hrmph! Mmmph!! ‘m gnna kck yr ass btch!!” Samantha tried to shout through the silk gag.

“Ha ha! So the story was true. You really are ticklish!” Elena exclaimed joyfully. Her fingers walked quickly over Samantha’s turtleneck and assaulted her armpits. Samantha tried bucking the hands from her body but she had very little leverage to work with. The Russian began to prod Samantha’s ribs and rub her knuckles against them, then she made claws out of her hands and began to vigorously squeeze and tickle Samantha’s firm, flat tummy.

“Mmmmph! Mmph hheh, heh.” Samantha’s screams of protests and laughter were strangled by her gag.

Elena stood back with her hands on her hips. She gazed down triumphantly at the bound woman before her.

The American’s cheeks were flushed and her ribcage rose and fell deeply with her laboured breathing. Her eyes were murderous but helpless.

The gloating Russian walked to the foot of the table. “There are 48 hours remaining in this exercise. In that time I intend to find out just how ticklish you are. Miss Ramirez taught me a few things that she did not have the opportunity to try whilst you were her guest. I shall enjoy sharing them with you.”

Samantha felt a tug at her ankle. She lifted her head and looked down the length of her body to see Elena unlacing the boot on her right foot. Inwardly she began to panic. How could the same shit happen to the same girl twice?

James Blank was something of a charmer. The tall, handsome agent was used to female attention and attending to females. Normally he would have been quite happy to find himself alone with three pretty women. But in this case he was strapped to a table, they had cut the clothes away from his body and he was left wearing only his Union Jack boxer shorts.

“I don’t know what you’ve got planned but I ought to warn you that you’ll have your work cut out. I’ve come up against Stasi hitmen, ninjas, Indian strangulation specialists, Mexican wrestlers, neo-nazi terrorists, man-eating sharks and even my ex-wife’s divorce lawyer in my time. So far none of them has beaten me. If you untie me now, I won’t report this to Major Terashova.”

The three Russians gazed down silently at him with their big green eyes. James got the distinct impression that they were sharing a private joke and he was the punchline.

Natalia produced a black silk scarf from the pocket of her combat pants. She swiftly tied it over James’ eyes, rendering him sightless. This prevented him from seeing the Zereva sisters produce stiff red feathers from their combat pants.

“The things I do for England.” He muttered quietly. Then he felt something soft and feathery flicker in his armpit.

“Ahh!” He yelped involuntarily. He heard a titter above his head. The sensation returned. What the hell was that? A feather? Someone was trying to tickle him! James felt the feather glide down his sides and over his flat stomach.

He grinned; it was beginning to tickle. A second feather appeared in his other armpit and began slowly circling the sensitive skin there.

“Heh heh. Cut that out, it tickles.” James said smiling.

“That is the idea, Commander Blank.” A voice responded above his head. The two feathers traced intricate patterns all over his athletic upper body.

“Ha hahahaha. Okay, that’s enough, hahaha.” James said, squirming beneath the feathers.

The teasing continued. Then he felt a fingernail scratch lightly against the sole of his foot.

“Gahh hahahaha! OK, Uncle, I give up, whatever. You’ve had your fun.” James cried, trying to jerk his foot away. A set of nails began scratching against his other foot. The sensation sent shock waves up his legs. Then the feathers on his upper body re-announced their presence.

“Not yet, let’s prepare him properly!” One of the women said, James had an idea it was Nadja.

There was a chorus of giggling and then the teasing stopped. He felt a weight land on his thighs and realised one of the women was straddling him.

Now what? He asked himself. He was annoyed that he had lost his composure at being tickled. Then again, he had found the experience strangely…stimulating.

His next thought was not quite as positive as he heard a hissing noise like that of an aerosol and then he felt a wet slippery substance land on his chest. He knew that some interrogators wet their captives’ skin prior to administering electrical shocks.

James was half expecting to feel electrodes stuck to his body but instead a pair of hands began enthusiastically working the substance into a lather. What the hell was going on?

He got his answer soon enough. Nicole produced a razor and began to shave his chest and stomach.

“Do not be alarmed, Commander. You will not be harmed but we prefer to work with a smooth surface.” Nicole said.

James was relieved to realise that he was not going to be shock tortured but he was bewildered as to what would happen to him.

Elena finished pulling of Samantha’s boots and socks.

“Miss Storm, your feet must be very tired and sore after all the sneaking about you have done over the last few days. Allow me to clean them for you.” The Russian pulled a large bowl from the cabinet and filled it at the wash basin. Samantha felt her heart pounding in her chest; she was completely at this woman’s mercy.

Lt Vorlov placed the bowl between Samantha’s ankles on the table and produced a toothbrush from her pants pocket. She gazed down lovingly at Samantha’s feet. They were size 7 with delicate little toes and high arches. The nails were painted a subtle shade of pink. The Russian dragged a fingernail slowly against the sole of Samantha’s right foot. The American jerked as if she had been electrocuted.

“Ahhh, such soft, sensitive skin.” Elena gloated wickedly at Samantha’s discomfort. She gripped the foot by the big toe, bending it backward. She shook the toothbrush in the bowl of water and then began to lightly scrub Samantha’s toes.

“Mmmmph! Mhhm hhah hhah mm mmmmph hahahhh!” Samantha tried bunching her toes but Elena simply pulled them straight as she slowly circled them with the damp bristles.

Samantha screwed her eyes shut and was breathing forcefully through her nose. Elena stroked the toothbrush against the American’s high arch. She took a firm grip on Samantha’s toes and bent them back which stretched the sole of her foot. Now the bristles traced her arch, back and forth, back and forth.

Elena delighted in Samantha’s vain struggles and muffled laughter. The toothbrush weaved back and forth across Samantha’s helpless foot. Each toe was subjected to the teasing bristles. Time and time again, Elena returned to torment Samantha’s delicate arches using both the brush and her fingers. Every time her nails tickled the line of the American’s arch, it sent shockwaves through her body. Elena looked up to see the American vainly struggling with her bonds. There was no hiding place to be had as the Russian took her time teasing the tormented foot. The brush moved slowly then quickly, sometimes in a straight line, sometimes, in circles, sometimes in completely random patterns.

“There that looks clean enough.” Elena said.

To Samantha it had seemed like hours but it was really only a few minutes. The gag in her mouth was soaked with saliva and her breathing was rapid. She was grateful for the brief respite but it did not last long.

“I’d better make sure it’s really clean though.” The Russian said. She took a firm grip on the foot and bent her head toward it. Samantha suffered new torment as the Russian’s tongue began to lick and probe her toes. She groaned loudly into the gag as Elena sucked hard on her big toe whilst running her tongue against it’s delicate underside.

“Mmmmmph, mmmphhh. Stpppp! Mm hehhh hehhhh hahhh!!”

Elena nipped lightly at Samantha’s toes, dragging her teeth slowly against the sensitive flesh.

Finally, she unleashed all ten fingers on the foot, tickling it with an intensity that was unbearable for her captive. Her bunched fingers prodded, wiggled, teased and tickled Samantha’s helpless sole. On the rare occasion that Samantha managed to bunch her toes, Elena took great pleasure in tickling the delightful little wrinkles that formed in the middle of the sole.

“Mmphhah hahaaahhh… Stpppp! Hehhh…mmph hrmph heheheh…”

As quickly as it had started it stopped. As Samantha’s breathing returned to normal, she could hear Elena chuckling above her.

“Oopsie! I forgot to clean your left foot. Oh well…”

Samantha’s mind reeled as she heard the toothbrush being dipped into the water.

To be contd…

12-14-2001, 08:31 PM
Hey cool. I read the first Cloak and Feather, and this was good too. Could you point me in the nearest direction of a website that has all the Cloak and Feather series?

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Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!! You've done a wonderful job with this series. Thanks for keeping it going!:cool:

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A 5-day EXERCISE?! Yeah. Right.

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FootTickle - glad you liked the story. The original can be found here: http://toni.best.vwh.net/cloak.htm
The second story has 3 parts and is on this forum, just go back to the last two weeks in September and you should be able to find them.

Dave2112 - Thanks for your support. I am a big fan of your writing.

EmSeeSquared - umm... I guess that means I am not the Tom Clancy of tickle fiction? ;)

Tickle Stud
12-15-2001, 06:12 PM
Definetly a great continuation of a classic, you've done the story justice and then some, great work!