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This is one of the best tickling experiences I ever had, with a professional BDSM 'slave' in a German studio. The original German version appeared in a Swiss SM-magazine in 2000, this English version was printed as 'Reader's Letter' in the absolutely great TFTA earlier this year. If you are offended by sexual contents, this is not for you.


A German TV reporter whom I helped with building a story about tickling fetishism recommended a certain BDSM studio to me. He knew the girls there had some experience with tickling fetishists, actively and passively. Prostitution and such BDSM establishments are legal in Germany (within certain limits, of course), so I decided to visit that club at the first possible opportunity.

In November 99, I had my first appointment there. I was greeted by a beautiful dominatrix who interviewed me for my requests. Preliminaries were cleared quickly: Only one submissive girl was present at the moment. Lara. She introduced herself, and even this first contact accelerated my heart rate.

Lara has the slim dream body of a fashion model, only incompletely veiled by a semitransparent negligee. She wears her dark blond hair fairly short, in a well-arranged disarray, and her face belongs to the most attractive ones I've ever seen. Her smile bewitches me at once, and her voice possessed that certain erotic something which makes guys go crazy: low volume, unobtrusive, with a deep vibrating overtone, but without appearing "smoky".

We are assigned to a small, rather overstuffed torture chamber. After getting over the business part, we undress. First I tie Lara to the standing X-cross, because that's the best position to explore her upper body. I start by stroking her silky skin softly to find out the most ticklish spots. This produces joyful shivers, and goose bumps appear everywhere. But only when I increase my finger tip pressure, Lara can't help giggling and laughing. It's not really torturing yet, more playful.

I continue the game on her palms. She confesses that every touch there has an erotic quality for her. Okay, I explain, most of the ticklish body parts are erogenous zones. Downward travel my fingers, over the forearms to the elbows. The elbow crease usually belongs to the ticklish spots, and Lara's no exception.

The more interesting part begins as I touch her freely accessible armpits. A first squealing scream escapes her. As my fingers continue to dabble there, her squeals turn into a heavy guffaw. Her face contorts to a tortured but still laughing expression, slightly similar to a climaxing one. I guess this is one of the main attractions for any tickle enthusiast: that very face expression in combination with the helplessly writhing body. The reflex to cover underarms and sides is overwhelming, but the bondage prevents that. The victim is forced to bear the unbearable, and she has only one wish: Stop tickling!!! But an experienced tickler knows that, and he will continue to tickle until the safety signal is given.

From my experience, a mere word as a safety signal is not sufficient if it comes to tickling. Some victims have to laugh so heavily, they can't utter a comprehensible word. But a cough always works. This signal has got another advantage: If your ticklee swallows the wrong way during her laughter, it can be very dangerous to the breathing. But then she has to cough involuntarily, thus interrupting the tickling before the problem gets more serious.

Apart from that, any halfway ticklish person will beg you to stop sooner or later, although she might really be enjoying this sensuous torture. The real kick for the ticklee lies in the neural overloading. A clever safety signal allows the victim to beg and plead for mercy to her heart's delight without depraving her from this special kick. And the begging is an important part in this game of power and surrender.

Therefore, my fingers remain in Lara's armpits a little longer, until her real breathing troubles start. To grant her a little break, I tickle and caress her nipples, already erect from the torture. Next targets are her ribs. As she is really slim, her ribcage is deliciously pronounced, and I start to count her ribs. Each and every touch elicits heavy guffawing. Her most sensitive spots there are the area directly below her breasts, and the short lower ribs near the stomach. Especially the latter makes her double over in her bondage repeatedly, the reflex point is right at the diaphragm. You're almost sure to laugh at a touch there, because that's where all laughter originates, not only during a tickle session.

This area can be tickled in two different ways: Surface touch and deep kneading. Tickling the surface results in twitching and giggling, whereas the strong touch elicits a heavy guffaw coming from deep within. If you continue the latter, it tortures the victim into severe breathing troubles. The same with Lara, and another break is called for. I love to fill these breaks with really erotic stimulation. The skin becomes much more sensitive by the tickling, and a skillful tickler can thoroughly arouse his victim with this constant change between tickling and pure erotic touch.

To bring some variation into my game, I fetch two stiff feathers from the "Surprise Bag" I brought with me. Softly these classical tickle instruments glide over Lara's upper body. They tickle and stimulate simultaneously, as Lara confirms. Repeatedly she moans during her giggling: "That's making me so hot!"

My feathers begin to explore the lower parts: Her inner thighs and the hollows at the back of her knees are particularly rewarding areas. The knee tickling repeatedly makes Lara to lose her balance, buckling forward in her bondage. But there's more: Using my thumbs and middle fingers like a broad pincer, I squeeze her thighs just above the knees. This results in loud screaming and strong struggling; it's real tickle torture.

Then I take the feathers again to tickle her shaven pubic area. She tries to pull her legs up as far as the straps allow, but that's never far enough to protect this sensitive area from my touch. She falls into continuous giggling, sometimes interrupted by loud laughter. Her V-shaped loin creases produce the most intense sensations, she starts to howl at every touch there.

Until then, I carefully avoided to touch her pussy directly, but now I draw my feather full-length though her crevice of lust. As her clit watches the scene with curiosity, slightly protruding and just a little swollen, it gets its proper dose, too. Lara squeaks and throws her body back and forth, she seems to ride the length of my feather. After continuing this for quite a while, I tickle her labiae and the clit head with my feather's tip, which produces new fits of giggling and squealing.

Standing up to apply my fingers on her upper body once more, I see her eyes: they show the expression I call "tickle-drunk", a special gleam produced by laughter and arousal. While I resume the kneading on her ribs, eliciting her jubilating screams, she repeatedly presses her lower body against mine to get in touch with my now fully erect best friend. The victim's reactions, her facial expression, the tortured but still cathartic laughter, the severe struggling and wriggling in her bondage, they all have the effect of some kind of Super-Viagra to me, and her abdominal movements still add to my excitement to the maximum.

Not to make the game too boring, I retrieve some more gadgets from my ominous bag: a small, pointed paintbrush, Q-tips, and a small vibrator shaped like an elephant's head, complete with trunk and two tusks, made of soft vinyl material. By and by, I try them all on her. Especially my "Ticklephant" gets to her: With this implement, I can produce a rich variety of sensations, from stimulating a square-inch area to spotlight touch. It works best on her pussy, of course. Oh, she can't help laughing, but she gets hotter every minute.

As interesting as these gadgets may be, the singularly best tool for tickling still are my skilful fingers. Using them is the most satisfying experience. With them, you can feel the involuntary twitches beneath the silky skin, a thoroughly sensuous sensation. Therefore I resume the finger tickling of her stomach and hips.

She always gets breaks at the right moments, filled with soft kissing on her breasts. During this, she bends down her head to breathe her excitement into my ears, renewing my arousal. As I start to severely tickle her armpits again, she screams for mercy. I interrupt, but she asks me cheekily: "Why do you stop? I didn't use the danger signal, did I? I really enjoy this torture, although it gets unbearable sometimes." That bitch! She gets her punishment immediately by the heaviest-possible tickle attack. Now she is forced into loud, continuous guffawing, and during inhaling, a small "grunt" escapes her. I admonish her: "Coughing is the danger signal, not grunting!" This elicits a new fit of laughter, even without touching her, and during this fit another grunt appears, resulting in more involuntary mirth. Now we both enter a laughing competition.

The first half hour is over, and I decide to change positions. Attached to a wall, there's a leather-covered table, with metal nooses for bondage along the wall. Above it a strong curtain railing with adjustable rings is fixated in the ceiling. Two broad leather straps hang down there. She sits down, back to the wall, and I hook her leather wrist-cuffs to the table rings, widely spread apart. Then I position her calves into the broad leather straps, adding a spreader bar to her ankle cuffs. Standing at the cross, I had no access to Lara's feet, although this part is a main target for every tickle freak.

First I test the bondage stability by some intense tickling on her ribs and in her still accessible armpits. Maybe the break had increased her ticklishness, and her laughter warms my heart. But nothing could deter me from her feet any longer! The very first touch on her arches renders her screaming, and I have to steady the spreader bar with all my strength not got get hit by her wild struggling.

Her laughter is of a different quality now: It really sounds tortured, bordering hysteria. Her feet are incredibly ticklish, and I intend to get out the maximum of the situation. Her toes are very slim and long, literally inviting my licking and nibbling. My tongue between them leaves her a half-crazy wreck, her voice repeatedly failing. And my "Ticklephant's" vibrations on her toe balls makes her scream. She is visibly exhausted now, her face and neck flushed, but still she has this aroused gleam in her eyes. One more reason to concentrate on her pussy.

The leather straps placed her legs pulled upwards and back to her body, her feet dangling right above her hips, and the widely spread thighs offer me excellent access to the sexy area. First I treat her labiae and vulva with my feather, which seems to make her very delighted. She giggles excitedly and repeatedly asks me not to stop. Nevertheless, a strong electrical current seems to flow though her whole body at every direct clit touch, making her squeal. I love being a man, but I would happily give a year's income to experience this incredible sensation of intense itching, tickling, and stimulation on my own body, if only once. It never fails to severely arouse women. The combination with bondage means some kind of psychological rape, as you can sometimes drive them into orgasm even against their will.

Lara's perineum and back door are rather sensitive as well. The best instruments there seem to be the firmer Q-tips. They instigate her bottom to jolt up and down, which looks hot and very funny at the same time. Her incredible reactions to my foot-tickling had brought me to a point where I can't hold back any longer: I start to lick her pussy with all my skill. My hands simultaneously wander over her body, half caressing, half tickling. Her aroused giggles slowly get replaced by an even more aroused moaning. It's not the studied moan of a professional phone-sex girl, it seems to come from deep within her stomach. Her arousal is visible in her movements and her eyes as well. I don't know whether her arching and bucking really is the result of a real orgasm, but it sincerely appears to be. This moment belongs to the most precious ones in my life's memory.

Afterwards, I severely tickle her once more from armpits to toes before I release her. She is completely exhausted and heavily perspiring, but she appears to be totally relaxed. She confirms this: "That felt great! I feel thoroughly loose and worked-out, although I'll probably have some really sore muscles tomorrow, from all the laughing!" Well, I know less enjoyable reasons for sore muscles. Other women, too, have assured me that the combination of bondage, laughter, and arousal had an incredibly relaxing effect on them. Laughter is a proven stress-killer, it supports blood-circulation and the body's own forces of resistance. And I repeatedly experienced that a woman's climax was particularly intense and satisfying after some tickling.

I visited this special lady for several times, each time better than the previous one. At one special occasion, I even involved a second girl for some four-handed play, but that's an entirely different story…

To see Lara, copy and paste (non-tickling pic):

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Keep tickling! :)

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Hal, you devious bastard!!! This was one of the most erotic tales I've had the pleasure of reading. I've done a few things with professionals as well, and there ARE benifits! Your narrative was great and the descriptive quality was, as usual, perfect.

I have GOT to get to Germany one of these days...:D

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Great Story!!!!!!!! Really exciting!!!!


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:yowzer: :yowzer: :yowzer: :yowzer:

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Wow! What a great experience and a well written story! Thanks a lot, Hal!

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Thanks for all the kind words, folks. I really enjoyed my sessions with Lara, she's soooo ticklish! I even have a short .wav of her laughter, but unfortunately I promised her not to put it on the internet. :dropatear

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ausgezeichnet, Hal-- herzlichen Dank