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12-15-2001, 09:45 AM
"T-ticklish??" Sara asked frightenly.
"Yes my dears, are any of you ticklish?" He asked again.
Morgan directly knew where this was going, and began pulling on her ropes fiercely.
"Oh, so i think we've got a ticklish one here," Mr. Johnson sat, sitting at the foot of the bed, in front of Morgan.
"Please!! Let us go!!" Morgan begged.
"I will.....eventually," the old man smiled evily and gently stroked Morgan's left bare sole.
"Teeheee!!" Morgan squealed, wiggling her body against the bed, trying to get free.
"You have such pretty, soft feet....Morgan was it?" Mr. Johnson taunted.
He then noticed the cute blonde Cindy, crying cutely to Morgan's left.
"Awwww...poor girl, do you want to be tickled to?"
Cindy suddenly stopped, and begged.
"No! NO!" She screamed.
Mr. Johnson scooted down the bed, and placed himself at Cindy's gorgeous feet, and the most ticklish feet in the room.
"Please don't tickle my feet!!!!! I'll die!!!!!" Cindy screamed. tugging at her ropes wildly.
Mr. Johnson admired Cindy's soft, small, cute little feet, with the cutest toes ever wiggling slightly.
Mr. Johnson gently placed a hand on each foot, and began lightly scratching up and down her bare soles.
"Hahahaahahahhheeeeehahahahahaheheeeee!!!!!!!!" Cindy went bonkers!
Cindy's tall frame shook back and forth, causing the whole bed to rattle.
Morgan and Sara looked sadly as the old man tortured their friend's feet. Morgan curled her toes over, only imagining the torture Cindy was experiencing. Mr. Johnson showed no mercy, stroking up and down her wrinkled soles, clawing into the soft, ticklsih flesh, while the blonde screamed insanely as the man smiled in evil delight.
Mr. Johnson's fingers may have been old, but they were well trained in tickling. They brushed up and down her soles, scratched her heels, played along the sides of her soles, and teased her toes. He would also hold one toe back with one hand, while mercilessly tickling the spot under it with the other hand, getting a great reaction from Cindy.
"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehahahahahaahahahahaahahahaha aahahahahaahahahahahahahahahheheheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! !!!"
Cindy's cute, scrunched up face was turning red, and she was losing air fast. The no mercy tickling on her super sensitive feet was too much for the girl to handle.
"You know what they say Cindy," Mr. Johnson said.
"You always must kiss beneath the mistletoe, but since i don't have any, i'msure you toes will do just fine."
He then gently kissed each of her ticklish toes, causing her to scream loudly with each ticklish kiss.
Mr. Johnson turned around for only a second, but to arrive back again, holding a small, stiff yellow feather.
He then lightly played it across her left sole, drawing invisible figure-eights and other ticklish designs.
THis was truly too much for poor Cindy, the feather tickled like no other, and besides the feather tickling, Mr. Johnson's other hand was furiously stroking her right foot.
Cindy's bra abd panties clad body couldn't take much more, as with one final laugh, her body fell limp, and she didn't move.
"Y-you killed her! You bastard!" Sara screamed.
"I didn't kill her little Sara, she only passed out, she'll come around in an hour or so. But now.....who to tickle next." Mr. Johnson scanned Sara and Morgan's beautiful bond bodies.
"How bout Ms. Potty-Mouth over here, she should be taught to respect her elders, not call them bastards." Mr. Johnson approached Sara's small, tanned body.
Her large breasts protruding heavily, and Sara prayed he wouldn't notice them.
"You know Sara, i've been tickling for soooooo long, i can tell where a person is most ticklish just by looking at them, that's how i knew how to get Cindy," Mr. Johnson whispered into Sara's ear.
"Go to hell!" The petite brunette shouted.
"And i know just where your most ticklish Sara....right, about.....here!!"

12-15-2001, 11:16 AM
Wonderful!! I love this series, Tummy. You're really becoming one of my favorite writers, you have such a sense of...I don't know...nuttiness? Great stuff.:cool:

12-15-2001, 02:45 PM
Keep ^ the gr8 work! I'm lovin' the story! Can't w8 4 the next 1!

12-15-2001, 03:58 PM

Outstanding!!! Anxiously awaiting part 3

12-15-2001, 09:04 PM
This just gives me a big ole' happy as usual :veryhappy: I just love your characters Tummy, they always seem to be exactly the kinds of girls I'd like to get my fingers on.

12-15-2001, 11:27 PM
More feet tickling! More feathers! More! More! More!