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This story contains explicit sex.

Kate Moss and Mila Jojovich were traveling through the French countryside. They were exploring the Loira castles and were heading towards a small “chatelet” which was famous for its dungeons and torture chambers.

They were cheerfully welcomed by the castle s curator Pierre and his assistant, a beautiful red hair named Stephanie.

-“ Bonjour mademoiselles” said the host “ Its an honor to have such famous celebrities visiting our castle”

-“Thank you” said the always lustful Kate with a sexy smile “I love medieval castles…specially the dungeons”

-“Believe” me answered a very serious Stephanie –“……you are at the right place”

-“ As you can see from my short haircut I am finishing “Joanne of Arc” and needed to see a real castle” said Mila

The main floor of the castle was small and beautiful but when they were led to the dungeons both models said –“wow!”

The torture chamber was a huge room with an incredible bonfire at the center, beside it wooden stocks, a well-cared torture rack, an X frame, whips, pincers and many sinister instruments were placed on a metal deck.

“ As you know this is a non-profit museum and we desperately need funding…I wonder if you can help us to advertise it” said the curator.

-“ Sure, you deserve it, this is fantastic…Mila?” said an excited Kate

-“ I agree,” answered Mila.

-“ Thank you very much ladies!” said Stephanie cheerfully “ It would be great to take pictures of you “enjoying the instruments” do you agree?”

-“ I want the stocks!” said Kate happy and exited as always.

-“ I want to feel the rack!” said Mila.

The models were gently tied on the chosen instruments: Kate Moss had her wrists tied together to a chain attached to the ceiling, her bare feet bound on the wooden stocks. Mila Jojovich was stretched on the torture rack.

The curator said to Stephanie: -“ Don’t you think it would be more real if they are naked?
-“ Sure” was the red head s answer.

-“Hey wait a minute!!” replied Mila
-“ This is too much! said Kate “ now let us free!”

But a smiling Stephanie began to strip the clothes of the supermodels while telling them:-“ …..you will never forget this experience”

Once naked, both prisoners showed their anger and began the cursing and menacing : -“ You ll both go to jail for this, this is kidnapping!!!” “ we demand that you……”

-“ Shut up WITCHES!!” said Pierre “ You will feel the instruments!!!!!!!”

Pierre and Stephanie went where the stretched Mila. An obviously excited Stephanie started to spin the wheel producing a “trac” “trac” “trac” sound who terrorized the victims.

The beautiful white naked body of Mila was utterly stretched, she felt no pain but was absolutely immobilized. The man started to poke the sexy exposed armpits with a feather and as expected, the reaction was a loud scream:-“AAAAAAYYYY” “STOOOP YOU MOTHER FUCKER AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH”

Delighted, Stephanie joined Pierre and began to work in the upper body of Mila who was absolutely terrorized. They continued to work carefully, they tickled the pale underarms and well defined ribcage and tummy, once they discovered the ticklishness on Mila s navel Stephanie used her gifted tongue to tickle torture it merciless.


The four hands stroked with expert touches, tickling and tickling until Mila was exhausted and covered with sweat, her sexy face showed her fear and her short haircut helped to define her beautiful features……her features became incredibly sexy when the skilled hands began to strike her utterly sensitive breasts.

Stephanie came to her first orgasm while licking the sweet erected nipples of her prisoner who screamed and begged for mercy…..but mercy never came, Kate was watching excited and frightened how her friend was enduring the torment.

The tickling and licking of her breasts was becoming pleasant and exciting to Mila who came to an embarrassed orgasm….then Stephanie went where her bare soles and after staring them for a couple of minutes said to her victim:-“ You have really sexy feet Mila and I ll make you feel as the REAL Joane of Arc”

Her first tickle attacked Mila s toes who desperately wiggled and spread them on an unsuccessful attempt to escape from the torment:-“ OHHHH NOOOOOO NOT MY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOESSSS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! HAHAHAHHA!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASSEE !!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

Now her sexy feet were tickled by both Stephanie and Pierre….they used feathers, tongues, teeth and of course fingernails. One of Stephanie s most successful techniques was to use her mouth to suck and lick Mila s toes while her sadistic fingernails worked up from the helpless round pink heels.

After almost an hour Mila was exhausted and broken, her body was aching product of the stretched and tired muscles. Pierre climbed over her and introduced his dick inside her fantastic mouth, Stephanie continued to tickle the sensitive bottoms of her feet and demanded:-“ Lick him! Suck him! And SWALLOW IT ALL!!!!!

Mila obeyed, she swallowed Pierre s semen who was delighted by the sensation and the vision of her beautiful face and gifted mouth. The prisoner thought it was over but Stephanie climbed over one foot and introduced Mila s toes inside her own wet vagina and started to ride until she came several times.

Stephanie then knelt between Mila s legs and lovingly tickled and cared the exposed sex…she touched it, and licked it with great expertise enjoying her taste and making her come, next Pierre untied her legs and grabbing her by her ankles penetrated her deeply….

Finally Stephanie showed her real sadistic instincts when she started to nibble and bite Mila s feet who shouted, screamed and begged for about 10 minutes until overwhelmed by the tickling and nibbling she fainted…..

Kate Moss is a foot fetish and a sadistic tickler by her own merits, she tickle tortured Elle Mac Phearson and Heidi Klum among other friends. She was excited by the previous show and was expecting a similar treatment on her sensitive soles……she never thought it would be so terrible.

The tormentors were tantalized by Kate s special beauty, she was absolutely sexy with a naughty rather pervert look, her body was inviting, her breasts quite small but beautifully shaped, her legs, slightly curved with sexy knees and calves, her feet were delicious but rather strong and wide for such a light woman.

The process began as usual in her upper body, Pierre tickled her sexy back sliding a feather along her spinal cord making Kate excited as hell. She came a couple of times when her breasts were licked and cared by Stephanie.

Kate was suffering but utterly enjoying the torment, her hipper sensitive feet were tickle tortured from heels to toes, her high sensitive arches were lightly tickled. The harder skin of the balls of her feet were sadistically nibbled, the soft skin between her toes was licked and pinched………..she came six times:

When ordered to suck Pierre s dick Kate showed her expertise…her gifted mouth tasted him and also the remaining scent of Mila s pussy, she sucked and licked and swalloed until the last drop of his semen.

Stephanie told her prisoner:-“Dear Kate, I loved to tickle your sexy body and fantastic feet, I will remember how they taste for ever….unfortunately I m afraid you enjoyed it too much and after all this is a torture chamber”

After the speech the red hair placed a container full of red-hot burning coals very close to Kate s exposed soles.

-“ PPPLEEEASE STEPHANIE DON’T HURT ME DON’T BURN MY POOR FEET I Beg you HAVE MERCY PLEEEASE !!!!” screamed a now really frightened Kate.

-“ By my own experience I learned that warm dry feet are really ticklish, and my Dear, your lovingly tootsies are wet from my saliva…… so lets dry them!!!” answered Stephanie with a sadistic devilish grin.

The effect of the heat was immediate, as desired Kate s soles were now dry, pink and utterly sensitive. The frightened British supermodel begged : -“Stoop It Pleease!!” but the red hair started to tickle the soles…from heel to toes making her scream:


Now the tormentor placed a burning candle, waving its flame right under the harder spots of the victims soles, while doing it she told Kate :-“ I think this is better than a podiatrist!!! Let me burn off those little calloused spots on your heels”

-FOR GOD S SAKE STEPHANIE STOOOOOOPPPPP!!!!!!!!” begged a terrorized Kate Moss.

Smiling the torturer untied her while Pierre was doing the same with Mila., both women were now dressed and after a toast with champagne were escort to the castle s exit.

That evening while Stephanie and Pierre were relaxing after dinner they heard the door knocking. It was a stormy night and when they opened the heavy door they were happily surprised by the beautiful sight of Kyle Bax and Jennifer O Dell.

The newcomers asked –“ Please, Madame, Monsieur, our car is broken, we are lost, can we stay this night ?”

Both Pierre and Stephanie looked at each other, they were really lucky tonight.

12-16-2001, 01:41 AM
:) Hey Diego, are we really going to have Kylie Bax as the next victim of the tickling Rack? I can't wait!!!

12-31-2001, 10:01 AM
Jennifer O Dell and Kylie Bax are ready..... its coming very soon