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12-16-2001, 06:37 AM
This is a reminiscence about one of the hottest girls in my life (and I hear she’s even hotter now from those who have bumped into her!). Her name was Alice, long brown hair, gorgeous face….her face looked like a painting….like the Mona Lisa almost…..classically beautiful. Completely hot body, fully developed at a young age. Hot by anybody’s standards, and it turned out she was a good friend of mine due to our mutual love of music and sense of humor.

Anyhow, we were sitting outside on the sidewalk/curb of our high school with this guy Jamie. I started tickling her by taking my finger and slipping it into the side of her sneaker and scooping my finger back and forth on the edge of her sole(I remember she was wearing powder blue thin socks). and Jamie told me to stop. Jamie liked Alice and Alice didn’t like being told what to do by him so she said, “Don’t tell him what to do! You have no control over me!”. Jamie sheepishly apologized and then Alice said to me, “It’s okay, you can tickle me if you want to” to which I said immediately said “ Okay!”, dug my hands into her ribs and she collapsed into giggling,after squealing out one immediate frenzied “NO!” , not realizing what she had sanctioned! She literally fell backwards, flat on her back where she writhed around.

Another time she was in the pose, kicked off her shoes, flesh nylons, I tickled her sole and she squealed out a great giggle.

But the all time best time was once we all piled into the back of a car, three guys and Alice. Since there wasn’t enough room, we pulled her across all of our laps. This other guy was a notorious tickler (I wonder if he’s here!) as well, but I skated my hands across her tight, ribbed tank top tummy and she immediately burst into a frenzied, hysterical “No, Danny, don’t!”(thinking it was HIM) and so we ALL dug in and she was in absolute adorable hysterics, completely trapped on our laps, 6 hands skittering all over her tight bod….it was amazing. Later on my OTHER friend (!) (who wasn’t even a tickler!) got her good on the way home , he was in the middle, she had made some comment to himhe just leaned into her, pressing her against the window of the back seat, said “I’ll touch you here” and got her in the waist and sides, causing her to giggle gorgeously…and incidentally, a very DIFFERENT but equally sexy laugh! Interesting, huh?

Speaking of her super sensitive tummy, I remember another time we were goofing around for a video camera, me and her were pretending we were under the covers in bed and I happened to lean over her for a second and my hands must have accidentally touched her tummy. By this time, she knew I was a tickler and said “NO!” but once again, not realizing at first I was tickling her, I really dug in and she laughed gorgeously and thrashed about but my other arm was already around her waist so I had her trapped with both hands-one hand holding her in place and tickling her curvy side and the other hand buried right on top of her tight stomach and driving her nuts.

Lastly, I remember her telling me about a woman’s body and how to touch a woman’s breasts and how right underneath the breast is a pretty ticklish area and that you should start by carressing that area and then working up to the nipple, advice I’ve always found handy.

I hear for a while she was a shot girl at some bar and she looked absolutely stunning.

12-16-2001, 08:26 AM
i can't wait until i can remember ticklings when i get older, some how the ticklings sound better when your talkin aobut em' a couple of years later.

12-16-2001, 08:57 AM
Thanks for the nice words! I left out a very slight detail but it's THE detail that I remember most when I think about her.....when I skated my hands across her tummy (in both instances), I remember how how tight her tummy was and how warm it was......it was like electric. The first time, like I said, was in a ribbed tank top, the second was a tight grey t shirt.....totally luscious girl! Alice! I wonder who's kissing you now!!!