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12-16-2001, 09:20 AM
I went out for a very brief time with this hot, Texan blonde girl. We were working at the same store, and I would poke and tickle her from time to time. I found out she liked me. One time, I remember she was steaming a garment and as I walked past her I poked her in the ribs, she squirmed away giggling and happened to remark "I like that!". Another time, (in fact it might have been soon after this incident, possibly within minutes), she happened to tell a story to me AND a group of other girls how her ex boyfriend had once tied her arms above her head when she was asleep and tickled her silly. She said that she had begged him not to tickle her feet. I couldn't believe it and after that, between her telling me this story and the fact that I had heard she already liked me, I stepped up the fliriting and soon we were fooling around pretty regularly. Of course, me being me, I would tickle her all the time. The only thing was that her feet were totally off limits...she'd play around and giggle but as soon as I went to her feet, she'd start screaming bloody murder, punching....it was impossible. Clearly, this was going to be difficult!

One night, I broached the subject about her being tied up by her ex boyfriend. It turned out he was a bit of a psycho (as this story might reveal) and had stalked her for years, etc etc.....but she did tell me the story and for some of you, this might be a holy grail kind of story. She was sleeping, and she woke up to find herself tied, arms above her head and both legs tied together at the ankle. She was nude. He was sitting on top of her, grinning. She smiled and asked what he was doing. He started tickling her right in both armpits and she went hysterical. He just lingered there and slowly started moving down her sides. She said the more he went down, ever so gradually, the more ticklish she'd feel...the dread and anticipation would electrify the impending regions. I asked her if she was turned on or anything and she said that yes, it was kind of sexy being so helpless. She also said he took his sweet time (her verbatim words). So he kept working down and spent alot of time on her sides and stomach. But then he started tickling slowly down her legs and she said she suddenly knew what was coming. She started to beg him not to tickle her feet, but he didn't say anything and continued slowly dragging his fingers down her legs. Then he turned around and straddled her legs at the ankles, locking them in and, in her words, "he just went to town" and tickled her poor tootsies, driving her so crazy that she said she couldn't even get words out, she was just hysterical. The part that is going to get some of you (though not me!) is he tickled her so much she peed the bed. Then he stopped. She said she was really embarrassed. He didn't say anything.

After she told me the story, she asked me how long I was into tickling? I lied and told her I wasn't but there was something really sexy about the way SHE reacted to tickling that made me interested. Sorry guys! I just wasn't ready to be outed!!!

Anyhow, I finally did get her feet in a really nice, civilized(!) kind of way. She was doing yoga, and she was doing this position where she puts her back and legs over her head (which is down on the ground....kind of like a sideways J), so I went to her soles, held them gently by the ankles and lightly started tickling, causing her to not scream but giggle gorgeously and urgently and finally surrender. I, being merciful, let her go after about 10 seconds, but it was enough to let me see for myself!!! (by the way, she had like a size 9 foot).

12-17-2001, 04:45 PM
Wow, didn't know Texans were so ticklish;)

12-17-2001, 10:50 PM
Wow, you may have hit the motherlode here. Perhaps it is time you came out, eh?

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I always look forward to your posts.:cool: