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02-09-2006, 05:20 PM
Jimmy’s Birthday gift pt.2

“Oh, please!! God please don’t!!” Jimmy begged as he lay wiggling as much as his bound naked body would allow. Laurie and Mary-Ann advanced on him with the electric toothbrushes buzzing. They began running them all over his ticklish torso, bringing gales of laughter from their captive.

“NOOOAHAHAHAHAAAAHHEHHEEEEEE!!! STOP OH GOD STOP IT!!!HEHHEHEHHHAAHAAAAA...IT TICKLES DON’T!!!!” Jimmy laughed and scremed as the toothbrushes tickled him to hysteria.

“Heehee..we know it tickles! We watched you tickle yourself silly.” Mary-Ann teased. Laurie began to run the toothbrushes up and down his ribcage, driving him mad. “Tickle tickle tickle Jimmy.” She teased with joy.

“HAHHAHAHAAAAAHHEHEHEEEE!!! NO MORE!! NO MORE!!!HHAHAAHAAAAAAA!!!” Jimmy shrieked and wiggled, unable to escape the buzzing brushes. Laurie took the one she was holding and rubbed it firmly into his ticklish underam, while Mary-Ann tortured his poor bellybutton.

“Isn’t this better than a few DVD’s, sweetie? Don’t you love being tickled by us?”


“If you can’t stand it, why were you tickling yourself? I think you’re lying to us.” Mary-Ann said icily as she continued torturing his bellybutton. “Let’s tickle his feet!!” Laurie shouted with glee. “NOOOO!!! NOT MY FEET PLEASE!!!”

The girls placed themselves at either end of his ticklish, spread apart feet and began to drag thier nails up and down each sole. Jimmy’s toes flexed and wiggled under the merciless tickling while his giggling reached an all time high.


“Tickle tickle tickle Jimmy!! Oh my your feet are just so ticklish!! I don’t think I can stop. How about you, Laurie?”
“Oh no! I could tickle these feet all day long! Cootchie coo Jimbo!!”

“AAAHAAAHAHHHAHEHHEEEEE...NO MORE DON’T!!! STOP TICKLING MY FEET!! STOP TICKLING MY FEEEHEHHEHHEEEEET!!!” Jimmy wailed and cried as the 2 evil girls tickle tortured his feet and toes for what seemed like an eternity. They scraped his forks up and down his soles, wiggled their fingers inbetween his toes. They even licked and sucked his ticklish soles. Just before he thought he would go mad and wet himself, they stopped. Jimmy lay there, a sweating, whimpering mess. That’s when Laurie straddled him.

“Now Jimmy..this is fun, believe you me, but you keep begging us to stop. Tell us, why were you tickling yourself if you hate it?” Laurie asked in a sweet voice. While she was doing this, Mary-Ann lightly stroked his inner thighs with a feather duster.

“Heheeheeeee.....because..hehehheeeeeeee....I have a tickle fetish!! Heeheheeaaaaa...but it’s torture!!! I like it..hehhehehheheee...but I can’t take it!!!” Jimmy blushed as his giggling confession came out. Mary-Ann giggled as she kept up feather tickling of his thighs. That’s when Laurie dug her wiggling fingers into both of his extremely ticklish underarms. Jimmy exploded in wild laughter.

“WAAAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHEHEEEEEE...NO MORE!!!AHAHHAHHHAAAAAAAA...I’M TICKLISH THERE!!!HEHHEHHEHEHOHOOOOHAHAAA!!!” Jimmy screamed and howled as Laurie smiled and tickled him half to death. That’s when Mary-Ann looked at his swollen, erect manhood.

“Hey Jimmy! Are you ticklish here?” Mary-Ann asked as she began finger tickling his balls. His reaction was so intense, he almost threw Laurie off of him.

“NOOOOOOOEHEHHEHHEEEEEEEEEHOHOHOOOOOOO!!! MARY-ANN STOP!! STOP DON’T TICKLE ME THERE!!!HEHHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEE!!!!” Jimmy shrieked and bucked as Laurie held on and kept tickling his underarms.

“Keep it up Mary-Ann!! He loves it!!! Don’t you love it, you silly little tickle boy!”

“YES!!! YES!! I LOVE IT!!HEHEHHEHEHHEHEHHEEEHHHAHAAAAAA..OOHOHOHOOOOOOO !!!!” Jimmy screamed out in ticklish agony/delight. His whole body shook and wiggled as the tortured giggles came pouring out of him. Laurie ceased her underarm tickling and began blowing rasberries on his ticklish tummy. Mary-Ann got a case of the giggles as she began to feather the ticklish underside of his cock. Not enough pressure to make him cum, but the perfect amount for a maddeningly combination of tickle and pleasure.


“Tickle tickle tickle! Jimmy likes it here!! Ticklish Jimmy likes his cock feathered!!” Mary-Ann giggled as she joyfully feathered his ticklish erection. Laurie was busy blowing and sucking his ticklish tummy, when she glanced down and saw the pictures of feet he had. “Hey Mary-Ann, I think ticklish Jimmy here has a foot fetish.” Laurie cooed. That’s when the girls removed their shoes and socks. As Mary-Ann continued the cock feathering, she stretched her feet up into his underarms and ticklishly wiggled her toes, while Laurie used hers to tickle his ribs senselessly. Jimmy went berserk!

“AAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHAAHAAHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEE!!!! MORE!!! TICKLE ME MORE!!!!AHAAHAHAHHAHAAHEHEHEHHEEEEEEE!!!!! Jimmy screamed and laughed as the girls used their toes to tickle him crazy. After an hour of nonstop torture, Laurie wrapped her feet around his cock and rubbed him until he came like an animal. The pleasure and sensations were too much, and he passed out soon after.

When he awoke, he was untied. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Laurie and Mary-Ann staring at him.

“Well, ticklish Jimmy, did you enjoy you’re gift? We sure did.” Laurie said as Mary-Ann giggled.

“Yes. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.” Jimmy meekly said.

“Good! Because we are going to do this all the time. Whenever we want, we will tie you up and tickle the shit out of you. You will be our tickle-toy. Do you understand?” Laurie asked sternly.

“Yes. I am you’re tickle toy.”

“Good boy” said Mary-Ann.

The girls raised their bare feet to his mouth and he sucked on their toes lovingly. It truly was the greatest birthday ever.


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Thank you for the nice comments. Hope you all like the 2nd part.

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:bouncybou What a story man!
combining pt.1&pt.2 this is the best tickling story i've read for years,
keep on writing man u may become the best tickling writer or have ur own archive here. :D