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12-17-2001, 11:37 AM
Since I’ve been talking a lot about the Beatles lately, I thought I’d share this super hot experience I had at a Beatlefan convention I went to when I was 14. Being a young musician, the best part would be the all night jam sessions/singalongs as well as the possibility to hook up with some young girl my age (all ages of people went to Beatlefests, and probably still do-I haven’t been to one since the mid 80’s, which is when this happened). I ended up meeting these two pretty, older girls (they were in their early 20’s) who had a hotel room with a couple of their other friends. Two tickling incidents happened that were, for me at that time, the hottest things I’d ever seen.

The girl’s names were Jody and Alyssa…..Jody was an Italian short haired brunette, petite, Alyssa had curly brown hair, was taller…both girls I remember having giant breasts (I don’t know why….it’s not the thing I would normally notice at that time!) and really nice bodies…and for some reason, they adopted me as their little friend. So I hung out with them for the weekend…..and it was great being around older people partying when I was so young.

The first night, these two spanish guys came and hung out with us…..they were cops and they knew Jody from somewhere. I remember one of them was named Carlos. Anyhow, as the night went on and beers were consumed, these guys started hitting on the girls. Alyssa was laying across the bed, on her tummy and her thin-pink socked feet were hanging over the edge of the bed, which is where these two guys were sitting. (I think she was playing cards with someone kneeling on the other side of the bed). One of these gys picked up one of my drumsticks and started tickling Alyssa’s foot. She squealed, giggled and pulled her foot away. The two guys grinned and flashed each other a devilish look. I was sitting there hypnotised at this….I was already tempted to tickle her myself, but she was so much older and I was nervous. Anyhow, a few seconds go by, and this guy slowly lowers the drum stick and wiggles it around her sole and once again she squeals, giggles, pulls away and whines, “Quit it!” Jody says, “I think these guys like tickling feet, Alyssa” and once again, he grazes her with the stick, she giggles, pulls away and says “Yeah….perverts!”. At this, the other guy holds down Alyssa’s ankle and the other guy takes his ciggarette pack and starts scraping her foot, snapping her into hysterics, trying to get away, screaming and giggling and begging “Don’t! Don’t!!”. I practically evaporated into ecstacy! Finally Jody said something like “Come on you guys that’s enough!” and they stopped. They also continued to get on the girls’ nerves and were eventually asked to leave! No sweet lovin’ for you guys!!!

The next night was even better. We were in some all night jam session/singalong in one of the foyers of the hotel, and Jody and Alyssa were hanging out, singing along, drinking, making requests, etc. One of the guitar players (who I might add was dressed all in white, like John Lennon on the cover of Abbey Road, except this guy was young and clean shaven, with long hippie hair) must have taken a liking to Jody. Or perhaps they knew each other. All I know is that at one point, late in the night, I heard all this screaming and giggling and I turned and looked at the other end of the room and there was this guy tickling the hell out of Jody on her upperbody. She was on some kind of bench and he was over her, she was completely on her back, and squirming her way off the bench. I couldn’t see much because he was over her, but suddenly Alyssa rushed over and started tickling her as well! Two ticklers!!! They tickled her right off the bench. Now I could see her HOWLING with laughter as they attacked her tummy. Alyssa ran over to her legs and picked up a foot, took off her shoe, revealing a grey nyloned sole. But her kicking from the upperbody tickling made it hard for Alyssa to get her. Now is the good part.

This guy took a leg and Alyssa had a leg. Jody was on her back on the floor with both of her legs held up high, with her soles pointed right at me! The guy captured the foot in his arm and began to tickle. So did Alyssa but for some reason I was transfixed on his fingers. He was tickling so deliberately, I remember he took one finger, crooking the thumb right underneath it for support, and starting stroking in circles around the sole. Other times he was spidering. Other times he’d be crooking one finger deliberately. Jody was in hysterics. Absolute hysterics. I can hear it even now after all these years!!! Alyssa was also tickling away with the hottest smile on her face, as if she was really pleased with himself. The guy happened to catch my eye as I gaped and stared and he gave a wicked smile and a wink and then cackled and really dug into her foot. This went on forever it seemed. Finally, she screamed out “Get the fuck off me!!” and they stopped. She just lay there on her back, panting….they stood over her and looked down, smiling. Gradually they moved away, going back to whatever…..giving her some breathing space and finally she sat up….totally winded…..another tickled beauty for my memory!!!!!! Those were two of the best eyewitness incidents I’d ever had.

By the way, next time I saw Jody I happened to mention that “all I can remember about last time was you getting tickled….remember that?” to which she replied, “Oh….I’m always getting tickled.”……..oh yeah!! Wonder whatever became of these girls!

12-17-2001, 02:42 PM
Great stories!

Thanks for sharing:D

Slappy McGee
12-17-2001, 05:22 PM
tickling or not, that sounds like it was a fun time. I'm gonna have to get myself to a beatles convention some day.

thanks for sharing.

12-17-2001, 06:24 PM
Thanks for the nice words! What I've done is write a list of a ton of incidents that are embedded in my memory and I'm just going through them, in no particular order. Hence this and my previous couple of posts. I'm happy you like them so much, Bisquit!!! Are there any I should repost?

12-18-2001, 02:40 AM
I love it, this is the best part about this forum. Being able to share beautiful memories that we all will appreciate!