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Sarah’s ‘Baby-sitting’ Experience

Sarah was 18 years and 2 weeks old. She was entering her last year of high school and was part of the cheerleading team. She earned extra money babysitting around the houses of some neighbours. Tonight she was baby-sitting for the Kelly’s. She had never experienced the two Kelly boys – and this was going to be one experience she was never going to forget.

She arrived at 8.00pm to find the parents getting ready to go out.
‘We won’t be back until late – probably about 12.00am Mr Kelly said as he fixed his shirt and tie. ‘Where are the boys’ Sarah asked,

‘Oh I’m sure they’ll be down in a minute he replied’. Mrs Kelly came downstairs and greeted Sarah,

‘Come on Tim we’ll be late if we don’t hurry up’ she said.

Tim grabbed his wallet and headed out the door ‘about 12.00am’ were his last words as he slammed the door shut.

The lounge door open the two boys walked in, Michael and Scott were not boys that Sarah knew well. She had heard that they top of their class in school and were already playing for the junior football team.

‘Hey, how are you guys’ she asked ‘Oh we’re great’ Michael replied. ‘Wanna watch some TV, there’s a good movie on tonight?’ ‘That’ sounds good’ said Sarah as the boys settled into the settee beside her. ‘That’s a nice top you’ve got on’ said Scott ‘thanks,’ Sarah replied – not expecting a compliment from a 12 year old boy.

Sarah was an attractive girl and she knew it. About 5’6 tall, slim build, blonde hair and blue eyes – she never had any trouble attracting boys. This was despite the fact that she was only a 32B. Tonight she was wearing a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a Tommy HF t-shirt.

‘Fancy a coke’ Michael said ‘Yeah that would be great’ Sarah replied.

What nice boys this will be an easy way to make 20 dollars. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Michael returned with three cokes and they all settled down to watch the movie. It wasn’t long until the warm atmosphere, comfy couch and powdered sleeping tablets all began to have their effect on Sarah as she dozed off to sleep.

‘Right let’s go’ Scott said as the two boys headed off up the stairs. They soon returned with some scarves they had bought at a local car boot sale. They looked knowing at each other and eased Sarah off the settee as she stirred gently. Little did the unconscious young girl know of these boys growing sexual realisations and desire to tickle girls.

It was not long before they had her hands neatly secured via the scarves to the ends of the settee legs. Soon her legs were similarly secured to a heavy chair. Michael and Scott stepped back to admire they handiwork. They felt that slightly tense, excited feeling that one gets when about to embark on a pleasurable adventure.

They woke Sarah and as she ‘came to’ realised that she had been in some way immobilised during her sleep. She struggled to understand exactly what was going on as she felt Michael climb on her waist. She thought it was a kind of game and confidently announced,

‘Get off me this instant you little worm’ – not realising the full extent of her situation.

Michael replied, ‘I have no intention of getting off you – insolent – bitch, you’re going to have a long night’.

With that he began to lift her t-shirt up and carefully rolled it up to her bra line. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing’ Sarah screamed.

‘Well we don’t think we’re ‘doing’ anything – we intent to tickle you until you wet yourself and pee all over the carpet. Then you can try to explain that to our parents’ Michael said.

With that Michael began to massage her naked midriff with this fingers. Sarah exploded into laughter. She remembered when her three bigger brothers used to do this every Saturday afternoon when her parents went out shopping. One would hold her hands down one would take off her shoes and socks and the other would tickle her bare stomach. It was awful.

Michael continued to tickle her midrift whilst Scott placed his weight on the girls legs to stop her bucking. Sarah started to scream but this was in no way going to stop Michael’s adventurous fingers. Her belly was so soft and smooth, as you would expect from a young girl, Michael was really starting to enjoy himself.

‘Please stop, stop’ was all Sarah could manage as Michael continued to work on her midrift, Sarah was beginning to sweat gently as about 10 minutes of torture passed.

Scott said’ I wonder what’s under those sneakers of yours?’

‘Good idea’ said Michael, lets find out. He got off her and turned round to lie down beside her feet. The boys started to slow unlace her shoes and Sarah started to really panic,

‘Not my feet, please not my feet I’ll do anything’…‘We’ll see about that later’ said Scott.

The shoes came off and underneath were a pair of cute white socks. The boys started to scrape their fingers up and down Sarah’s feet as she screamed for mercy – but there was none. After about another 10 minutes of torture Sarah was sweating heavily from all the tickling and suddenly both boys stopped.

‘Please set me free and I won’t tell your parents about any of this’ she pleaded.

‘Well that’s very reassuring’ Scott said ‘Not that they would believe you anyway’ he s******ed. Sarah suddenly realised her torment wasn’t over yet.

‘I wonder what her armpits are like?’ Michael said. Why don’t we find out?’

‘Well we can’t get to them without taking off that t-shirt of yours, I hope you’re not easily embarrassed’

With that Michael hoisted the t-shirt over her bra line and tucked it neatly in behind her head. Sarah didn’t really go out with many boys and certainly none had seen her wearing only her bra before, if she could have gone any redder she would have.

‘Your breasts don’t seem very big’ Scott retorted to her ‘We’ll have to investigate them more fully later’…the threat seemed ominous to Sarah, who was preparing herself for the next onslaught.

‘You know just to balance things up we really should take her jeans off too’

‘What’ Sarah exploded ‘don’t you even think of it – you little bastards, I swear when I get free you’re both dead’

‘Oh don’t worry about that we have a plan’ Michael said, and with that freed her legs from the other heavy chair. Sarah kinked wildly to no avail, Scott sat on her legs and brought them together. Michael sat on top of her and began to slowly unbutton her jeans. ‘Right off they come then’ he said and she slowly rolled them down over her hips and clear of her legs. Scott proceeded to re-tie her legs and the boys sat back to admire their handiwork.

They had captured a beautiful blonde girl, just turned 18 and now she sat before them in just her underwear and socks. Cute white bra and matching panty set with flowers. Neatly tied up and cursing wildly. There was just something special about looking at this helpless girl struggling, waiting for the next light touch of their fingers. They knew the night was going to be a long one for Sarah.

‘I wonder where we’ll start next…?’ Scott said.

Worth continuing…?

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To tell you the truth, this is one of the best stories i've read in a loooong time. Your descriptions are unique and i can imagine in very well, i PRAY you continue this and make many more stories to the pile:)

12-17-2001, 10:22 PM
oh i am digging this story thus far! :manicd: i love how her socks were left on along with her underwear...and i hope and pray the boys accomlish their goal of making her pee! :devil:

12-17-2001, 10:56 PM
Once again, ANOTHER rarity... a story I'm actually enjoying here. There have been quite a few lately.

It's decent, so I'm curious to see where it goes.

I DON'T know why it is... but the "most ticklish name" to me has to be Sara/Sarah. Every Sara/h I've ever known and every story I've read with one of them in it has made me come to this conclusion. So if I see the name in a title, I'm automatically going to click on it! Nicole also is a quite ticklish name, from vast experience.

Does anybody else find this? Is there a NAME or NAMES that you automatically associate with ticklishness? Aside from obvious celebrities.


Capt. Spalding
12-18-2001, 12:19 AM
It's comforting to know that the present, ah, babysat generation
is not hesitating to take the matter of unwary, supremely sensitive
babysitters in hand. When I think of all the opportunites for like mischief that I--an appallingly obedient child--squandered, why,
it's enough to induce sloppy tears before an indulgent barkeep.
Bravo, brothers! Let no Sara(h) stay straightfaced!

12-18-2001, 02:45 AM
Yes definately finish it. I think it will be a great story...

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12-21-2001, 03:57 AM
Thanks for the positive comments. I'll try to pen part two today.

12-21-2001, 03:01 PM
When I was a kid my erliest memeries of Babysitters was an atractive 16 or 17 year old who tortured me good when I was about 6 or 7. I feel it was she who put this delitouse curse of the Ticklephile (I hate that turm) on me. Now I'm 28, 5'8", and around 240lbs. I do the tickling now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And it is cool how Sara is a ticklers dream name.

12-21-2001, 11:48 PM
Very nice story, can't wait for more. I love having her socks and underwear on, I can really picture it.

As for names, I've found a lot of "Jen-Jenn-Jennifer's" online anyway who seemed to be into tickling. Not sure why.

12-22-2001, 03:48 AM
Yes, tklr5150, Jennifer (and its appreviations and variations) has also proven to be a quite ticklish name itself! It happens to be the name that I know the MOST OF, when it comes to females... I probably could name 25 "Jennys" right now... and when I've gotten the chance... they're very ticklish... especially this one.

Regardless, I think that's fascinating, and makes me curious. Are there any other names that any of you have found to be 'ticklish names'? As in (nearly) every girl you know with that name is (very) ticklish?

Sara(h) still tops my list, by a very wide margin. The last four Sara/h's that I've known have been EXTREMELY ticklish and were some great tickles.


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lets finish this i cant wait to see what happens next!!!