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12-17-2001, 05:11 PM
"Right, about...here!!" Mr. Johnson suddenly furiosuly dug into Sara's vulnerable sides, raking his fingers up and down the tanned sides.
Sara burst into laughter, squealing and giggling sweetly as her small body bucked againts the bed.
Mr. Johnson kept his fingers going up and down the sexy sides, and soon crawled them up to her taunt ribcage, which poked from beneath her skin slightly.
He then went to work on the beautiful set of ribs, stroking them up and down, as if playing a piano, with each hit getting a ticklish scream from the brunette.
Morgan looked to her left, CIndy was still unconscious from the cruel foot-tickling Mr. Johnson had performed on her before, and it looked as if Sara would end up the same. If Morgan wasn't tied, she could kick herself right now. The other girls kept telling her to stay away from this house....but no, she had to go in and sing these damn carols to him, and end up tied in her underwear on a bed in his basement, about to be tickled mercilessly. Caroling was definetly not on her things to do list next year.
Laughter exploded from Sara's gaping mouth, as the old man's fingers skillfully explored her ribcage, rubbing in between each rib, and quickly tickling each one individually.
Tears rolled down Sara's face, as her large breasts bounced like mountains in an earthquake from the intense rib-tickling.
"Hhaaaahahahahahahahahaahheheeplpleeeeeeheeeeeeehah ahahahaaa!!!!!"
Sara couldn't make out any words, all she could do was laugh insanely. Her mind couldn't even function properly, it was swirling whirl of tickling madness, that send her over the edge of all hope, and tickling filled her body.
Sara might of been able to withstand the tickling on her ribs and sides for a little bit, but then Mr. Johnson found hot spot.
Her flat,
He stopped the rib tickling, placed one finger at the top of her tummy, and gently slid it down to the top of her panties.
Sara screamed loudly.
"I see you like this spot," Mr. Johnson chuckled, as he repeated the motion, getting an even louder scream this time.
"What if i did it with....all ten fingers??" The old man taunted.
"Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!" Sara begged, regaining some breathe and sanity.
"Oh yeeeeeees," he said slowly as he lowered his fingers.
He placed all ten fingers at the bottom of her ribcage, then gently slid them down her tummy. Her tummy muscles twtiched and quivered as they were touched, and Sara bucked up and down roughly against the old bed. Her brown hair got undone in from its neat ponytail, and was sprayed loosely all over in a tangled, sweaty mess.
"Time for tummy tickles Sara," was the last thing the old man said before the most intense tickling Sara had ever endured.
He vicously attacked her flat tummy, dancing his fingertips everywhere, all over each tummy muscles and elsewhere.
Sara's rough bucking started up once more as she howled in maddening laughter.
Mr. Johnson's fingers took the form of "lobster-claws" and he poked and pinched her tummy. After a few minutes of that well-worthy technique, he raked his fingers up and down her tummy in a continous, fast, hard motion. He then quickly snatched the same yellow, stiff feather used on Cindy's adorable feet, and slowly circled Sara's deep innie. He did this while the other hand attacked her right side, gripping it, and wiggling his fingers in and out.
He circled for about ten times, and then finally plunged the stiff tip into the deep button, and explored ticklishly.
Sara's back arched and she actually pushed her tummy into the tickling hand and feather. Her laughter got silent, and she too, passed out.
Her body lay limp, her eyes shut, her mouth left open.
Mr. Johnson left the feather on Sara's firm tummy, and turned to Morgan in the middle.
To her sides, both her best friends unconscious, and soon she would join them.
"Hmmmm...." Mr. Johnson pondered, looking Morgan's deeply tanned, thin, athletic body up and down.
"W-what?" She asked meakly.
"Just figuring out where you are most ticklish, you see i've already got it. CIndy was her feet, Sara was her tummy, and best friends never our most ticklish in the same places, thats why your friends. SO that leaves you with...."
"NO! No! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!" Morgan screamed.


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Another great chapter, Tummy! I can't wait for the next chapter! :veryhappy

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Great as always. A little surprised you didn't save your fave spot for the grand climax, but then I'm all the more anxious to see what you do have in store now! :D

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Great story! A girl after my own heart...:devil:

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Great chapter....hurry up and post the next one!