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05-08-2001, 10:17 AM
There's a brief but really awesome tickling scene in this older movie called Flesh Gordon . High quality fantasy fare with a young maiden at the mercy of Emperor Wang. She's laid out naked on a table with mechanical arms holding her down, and mech. hands with feathers giving her the old what for. A great shot of her toes flexing and curling under the onslaught. It's available at a lot of Blockbuster stores . And of course, it's under the Comedy section!!! Well worth the price of admission.

11-15-2004, 06:34 PM
I remember this! I also remember renting it repeatedly, back when they were new and had yet to start selling their old used tapes! A tickler's classic!

Em Es
12-04-2009, 09:11 AM
Most movie tickling scenes seem to be /m, and usually m/m at that. How cool that way back in 1974 Flesh Gordon presented that naked, attactive young woman getting gang-tickled, albeit by feathers, which we all know to be the least effective instruments of tickle torture. Erotic, nonetheless.

Having seen the Flash Gordon series on public television in the 1970s, I got many of the jokes in Flesh Gordon. A funny movie I recommend.

Jack Sanfini
12-07-2009, 10:48 PM
Show a clip !!!!!

12-08-2009, 03:59 AM
theres one posted around here somewhere a few different times..dont know how to search for it though...but its here at least 2 different times.

edit - i found one of the old posts..but its deleted, so maybe its no longer here?

12-08-2009, 06:10 PM
You ever try telling someone you only wanted to watch a porno for its' special effects? Be prepared for some very strange looks. :wow::doh::evileye:

Soda Bobinski
12-08-2009, 10:19 PM
I'm getting such a kick out of the fact that this thread was first bumped after over three years w/no initial reply , & now again five years after that.

See ya in seven , 'Flesh Gordon' thread. :wavingguy

12-08-2009, 11:26 PM
holly shit LOL i didnt even notice this was one of those "dug up from the dead by a newbie" threads or id have never responded! gosh i feel stupid now

01-01-2010, 11:32 PM
Gee, I only watch porn for the costumes. Nice find. Thanks.