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12-17-2001, 10:44 PM
Stella: The Girl who attempted to Steal Christmas

Stella sat there in the darkness of her room wondering how she could destroy Santa's factory. If she destroyed the factory, then that means people will hate Santa because he has no other toys to deliver. No, she thought, the North Pole was too far for her to travel. After all, she lived in New Jersey. She reached her hand down, untying the ribbon that was tied on both of her toes. Then an evil grin appeared across her face, knowing the perfect crime to destroy the meaning of Santa Claus forever.

She felt hot as she brushed her hand through her red suit. She had an empty bag over her shoulder as she opened the door. The heat disappeared as she felt the coolness of the night, stepping on the light white coat of snow. For her final touch, she placed the long red cap on top of her head. She glanced down the vacant street, filled with overwhelming thought which house to visit first. She saw the house next to hers and decided to go there first. The house, sent a cold touch down her spine, knowing that it was the house she babysat those two pestering twins.

When she visited their house for the first time to watch them, they tickled her beautiful feet senselessly. The two mischievous boys introduced the idea of playing cowboys and Indians. Stella was bored as hell, so she agreed to play. The boys tied her wrists and ankles with rope. The boys gawked at her feet that were wearing thin white socks. One of the boys poked the sole of her right foot, sending her to gales of giggles.

“ Hehehehe! No! Don’t tickle me!” She begged through her giggles, with her left foot covering the other. The boys didn’t listen to her plea as they managed to peel her socks off, showing her flawless feet. One of the boys pinched her big unpolished toe and said,

“ This little piggy went to the market,” He told her, unleasing floods of laughter to his ears. She didn’t want to bother to remember the rest of the night. From then, she was very protective of her feet whenever she visited the twins. Those two little boys caused her pain, she thought. Stella had no time to lose and attempted to climb on the rooftop, planning to enter in the house by using the good o’ chimney.

“I’ll prove it to them that Santa is just one loser.” She murmured to herself as she threw a hook with a rope attached that got clipped on the edge of the chimney. When she got on the top, she was proud, knowing part of her mission was complete. She decided to jump down in the hole, get the presents, and get out of the house. She took a deep breath and leaped down the chimney. Fear stuck her right behind her head when she realized that she was stuck. She wasn’t on the ground completely; her feet were dangling a couple of inches off the ground.

She struggled to loosen herself from the chimney, but she felt the cool breeze touching her right foot. She realized that the boot fell, leaving one of her foot exposed. Stella didn’t know what could be worst until she heard something moving.

She wasn’t sure what was moving, but for sure, she heard nothing from it except the light footsteps. When the movement stopped, she felt something that was the worst thing she could have ever felt on that night. A wet tongue sliding up her sole.

“ Hehehehe!” She giggled helplessly, remembering that the twin’s house had a dog. The assault on her foot didn’t quit. It continued attacking the arch and between her toes, sending her to jubilant shriek. The tickling came to a halt, as the salvia dried up, tickling her. She wondered why the dog stopped licking her.

“ What was that noise?” A child-like voice whispered. Stella froze. She knew that the tickling didn’t come to a halt. The tickling will be handed down to them—the twins.

“ I don’t know…look! Towards the chimney!” Another voice retorted.Stella heard heavy footsteps stomping in her direction.

“ Doesn’t this look familiar, Jim?” The one of the twin wondered. He grabbed the bare heel and squeezed it, making Stella chuckle.

“ That laugh is also familiar, Bob. Let me see that.” He grabbed the foot from Jim and scrapped his short nails down her sole.

“Hahahaha! Noooo! Please don’t tickle me!” Stella begged.

“ Hey! Isn’t that ticklish babysitter we had months ago! The one with the very pretty feet?” Bob lifted on eyebrow higher than the other.

“ Yea, now…we could have fun tickling her feet all night because our parents went to a all night Christmas party.” A twisted grin appeared Jim’s face. “ And somehow, they didn’t leave us a babysitter tonight.”

Stella gulped and sweats trickled down her forehead, knowing this is going to be a long night for her and her poor feet.

Be continued....

12-18-2001, 03:53 AM
Wow- I love where this story is going and i wanna go w/ it. i hope her other foot comes odwn in the next part

On to part 2:D

12-18-2001, 05:31 PM
X-cellent! I'm guessin' naughty girls have to be taught some matters, don't they! :devil:

12-18-2001, 06:49 PM
Stuck in the chimney! There's something even I havent thought of! Great story.:cool:

12-18-2001, 07:48 PM
If you had been watching the commercials lately, I saw this one fitness program commercial. I saw a person dressed like Santa stuck in the chimney. I only saw the fireplace, where Santa's legs are dangling. Instead of having an old guy being tickled(yea...if I ever put this story, this board would be evacuated...lol), I continued the Stella series by using this idea. But people out there who loves the Stella series, PLEASE, hep me give me ideas for some tickling occur to this innocent freshman[in high school]. Thanx u.
P.s. if you're those tickling story writers out there, I would advise you to watch TV and also the commercials. They will REALLy pay off if you watch them.