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12-18-2001, 12:11 AM
Down time with kittie

It was a snowy evening in Canada and Talena and Fallon were sitting there on the couch together. Talena was dressed in a long black dress and dyed purple hair, while Fallon was dressed in a black leather vest and a short black skirt. “Aren’t you cold in that”, Talena said. “ Well…yeah kinda, but I don’t want to go home cause of all the snow. Morgan and Mercedes got stuck in Tortonto remember.” Talena carried another log to place in the fire place. Her parents weren’t home and were out on business. “This is boring, seriously Fallon, im bored. You wanna jam together”. Fallon leaned over and picked up her guitar and started to play a few notes. Talena smiled and leaned over and started to rip on her bass. Fallon started to giggle. “your crazy you know that Talena”. Talena walked over to Fallon and leaned over and replied. “What is that supposed to mean”. Fallon smiled. “well you know”….she started to eye Talena’s body. Fallon reached over and tackled Talena to the floor. “what are you…eeheheheheheh stop nooo don’t.” Fallon began poking Talena in the sides. “Somebody is ticklish”, Fallon replied. “no I am not Fallon and that isn’t fair…HOW DO YOU LIKE IT”. Fallon wiggled from side to side. NOOOO DON’T I AM HYPER TICKLISH, SSTOP TALENA. Talena helped Fallon up. You want to try something with me Fallon. Fallon eyed Talena and saw a small twinkle in her eye. “nooooo I couldn’t I swear to god I would die”. Talena grabbed fallon by her wrists and lead her into the basement. “come on, it will be fun, don’t be such a baby”. Talena took out a table and set it up in the middle of the floor. She took out a set of paintbrushes. She set them on a small chair near the table. “ok hope on and lay down”. “what…your going to lock me down in that, that’s sick. I don’t know about this Talena. Well fine alittle tickling but when I say stop, you better stop or im going to fucking kill you”. Fallon hoped up on the table and laid down spread apart. Talena fastened in her wrists above her head and opened her vest and slid it off. She unlaced her sneakers and took off her socks. “god Talena, its cold”. Talena trailed a finger nail over her underarm. “Its about to get much hotter in here Fallon my pet”. Talena began by scratching her finger nails up and down Fallon’s underarm. HEHEHEHEHEHH THAT TICKLES LIKE HELLLL HAHAH. She began wiggling back and fourth. “ok Talena, that’s it I cant be tickled anymore”. Talena began tickling down her sides. “Well I don’t give a crap Fallon, cause im going to torture you all night”. Fallon’s eyes widened. “what noooo hehehehahahah plezzzzz aaahh hhehehe”. Talena picked up a paintbrush and made small circles inside her navel. She trailed the bristles up her navel and around her stomach. Fallon was in hysterics and wiggling from side to side. Talena started to spider her finger up and down Fallon’s sides. HEEHEEHEHEHEHEHEH GOD STOP HOLY SHIT that ticklessssss HEEHE TAAAAAAALENA HAAHHEHEAAAAAAAAAAHHEHEHEHEH. Talena opened up Fallon’s bra and started to massage Fallon’s breasts. “Fallon, talena said, I swear to god that this is making me so excited”. Talena picked up two q-tips and gently teasing Fallon’s nipples. Fallon began to moan and move her hips from side to side. “mmmmmmmm that feels great actually.”. Talena was startled by the sound of the door locks. The outside door swung open and Morgan and Mercedes walked into the house. “I swear to god this friggin weather sucks. TALENA, FALLON ARE YOU HERE GOD DAMMIT”. Talena ran up the stairs and inside the living room. “Morgan I didn’t hear you guys come in”. “Fallon, Mercedes yelled, FALLON, where is fallon Talena”. Talena replied. “um I think she wanted to go to bed…no wait don’t go down there Morgan. Morgan walked into the basement and saw Fallon tied down to the table drenched in sweat. “holly crap Talena, what the hell are you guys doing”. Talena walked down the basement steps slowly with a flush red face. “I just got bored and all”. “Hello, what am..I an alien body, untie me Morgan”, Fallon exclaimed. Morgan untied Fallon and gave her back her clothes. She had a devilish smile on her face. Morgan grabbed Talena and pushed her onto the table. Fallon grabbed Talena’s legs and together they tied Talena onto the table. Talena struggled at the restraints. “nooo guys seriously I don’t like being tickled, I’ll wet myself. They both began to tickle her underarms with their sharp nails. “hahahhaHAHAHAHAHAH MOOORGAN FFFFFFFALLON SSSSSSTOP I CANT HAHAHAHAH”. Fallon scratched her sides and dug in hard. ‘SEE, Fallon replied, you can take it can you, good suffer”. Together, Morgan and Fallon both tickled Talena’s stomach and waist. She straddled her hips and waistline. Mercedes ran down the stairs following the screams of laughter. “what the fuck you guys, WHAT THE HELL…” Morgan handed Mercedes a paintbrush and explained to that Talena was being bad and she needed to be punished. Willingly, she tickled in between Talena’s toes. “HHHHHEHEHEHHEHEHE GUYS NOOOO IM GOING TO WET MYSELF….SSSS AAAAAAAAOP. Fallon tickled up and down Talena’s underarms and down her sides. She proded and poked her rib cage to get the best reactions. “ok, I think she had enough so lets stop before she fucken dies from laughter ok”. They untied Talena and carried her over to the couch. “TOLD YOU, fallon explained, it’s not fun when you’re the target of torture, but I admit it was fun to be tickled. Morgan raised her eyebrow at Fallon and nodded. “Can we get some freakin sleep please and turn the god dame heat up for Christ sake”.

12-19-2001, 11:04 PM
excellent story aphxa.....fallon sounds like a hottie

12-21-2001, 11:34 PM
OH MY GOD!!!! A KITTIE STORY!!!! Seriously, I was gonna post a request for a story about them.......but I did not think anyone here knew who they were......AWESOME!!!!!!!! :D

02-06-2002, 09:50 PM
I simply aim to please. That is all!

02-06-2002, 10:13 PM
You have good aim.....:cool: