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red indian
12-18-2001, 12:29 PM
Sister Jo Belle

andrew had been working at the convent for some months as a gardener but had twice been reprimanded for shoddy work and bad time keeping and had got away with just a small fine but this time it was serious, he had been caught stealing produce from the garden and selling it, the head gardener had called in the police and andrew was escorted to the convent to see sister Jo Belle.the police asked sister if she wished to press charges, andrew was terrified of this as he had been ih trouble before and knew he could serve time.Sister said she would not press charges as long as andrew aggreed to "in house discipline" the cops said ok but that sister was to let them know if andrew did not fall in to line with the punishment and they would then take the matter out of sisters hands.Andrew eagerly aggreed to this and was some what relieved and also a little contemptious of sister Jo Belles discipline, how bad could that be for an order of nuns sworn not to " bring harm or pain to any of gods creatures" this was part of the manifesto written on the wall in the main hall along with other rubbish like "we swear to bring joy and happiness to all, especially those who do us wrong, we shall seek to give them the most joy and happiness of all ,so that they may see the error of their ways" So how hard could it be? the cops left and sister summoned two rather butch novices who were built like sumo wrestlers, sister said to them that I was to be prepared to be shown the error of my ways. The two novices seemed delighted to hear those last few words and quickly grabbed andrew ans he was frog marched down in to the basement of the convent.The first room he was taken to was a shower block he was stripped and his hands tied above his head in one of the showers,the two nuns then set to him washing and scrubbing himwith great care and vigour.Next he was taken over to a large padded table and strapped face down, held by wrist and ankle straps.For the first time doubts were starting to creep in to andrews thoughts, what was all this for? beauty treatment with bondage? is that it?.One nun now started to rub some kind of white cream in to his skin, all over his body, the other one concentrated on his feet using pumice stone and exfoliant and other creams and potions.He was then turned over and the process repeated.A special small jar of cream was then produced and after the nuns had stopped s******ing and whispering to each other it was smeared over andrews cock and balls, they paid special attention to the head of his cock. Andrew was then wheeled down more corridors strapped to the table and taken in to a dark room lighted only with candles, there was a large open fire place with a roaring log fire.Andrew was then released from the table and while one nun held his hands behind his back the other fitted on a very small soft leather thong which tied at the sides.He was then lifted on to a long velvet padded table with his hands streched above his haed and ankles together.The two nuns stood back to admire their handy work, one of them pulled a bell cord and they both left the room laughing and gigling to themselves.As andrew lay in the warm room he became aware of something happening to his skin, as the creams and lotions worked in to him his skin was startin to tingle and glow, it felt very sensitive all over his body, but one place was starting to feel very sensitive indeed! his cock was starting to twitch and twist, but it was imprisoned in the tight confines of the leather pouch.As he sterted to come to terms with his predicament he heard young girlish laughter in the distance and as it came nearer he could tell it was two young girls.The laughter stopped out side the heavy oak door and it was slowly pushed open.Two pretty young nuns entered the room and walked over to Andrew, one either side of the table they smiled down at him and one reached forward and touched his side making andrew shudder and draw breath suddenly, the two girls smiled at each other and then with out warning bent down and lifted their smocks over their heads and off.Anrews eyes poped out of his head as he looked at the two nuns now only wearing black silk underwear, the straining of their full breasts to escape their silky bonds was matched only by Andrews cock against the soft leather of his thong.The girls went to the foot of the table and turned sidways to Andrew and began to kiss each other gently and haltingly at first and then suddenly with great passion, almost devouring each other Andrew watched dumb struck as they fumbled with each others bra straps like children opening christmas presents and what lovely presents they were!The girls turned and walked to either side of the table again and lokked down at Andrew and lokked even closer at his thong and its twitching straining contents.Andrews cock was now making him extreamly uncomfortable ans as the girls looked on he begged them to give him release, to his joy he watched as each girl extended a hand towards the ties each side of the thong........suddenly a voice boomed out of the darkness "thats enough girls,you may leave now" Andrwe let out a whimper of frustration as the girls dressed quickly and left.The voice was of course sister Jo Belle, she moved forward in to the light, hands behind her back and looked down with eyes glittering with evil intent."now that I have you in the best condition possible you will now come to understand the full meaning of the oath which we are all sworn to at the convent but before that I have a questoin to ask you " sister lent down close to andrews ear and in doing so brought her hands from behind her back revealing long red pointed nails which she wiggled slowly in his face" are you ..........ticklish Andrew?"

End of part one? what do you think? I must stop making these positive contributions! this makes it two in a row!! I must be getting mellow or something or maybe its those sunspots again jeff, there, you see I had to spoil it.

red indian
12-19-2001, 03:02 PM
So what are you telling me folks? mailer, stienbeck and tennensee have nothing to worry about?

12-21-2001, 01:43 PM
No offence intended, Red, but most of us here prefer F/f or M/f stories, and many actively dislike */m. That's probably why no one else has responded.


12-21-2001, 02:42 PM
Well, I don't know about the actively disliking * (asterik marks) tickling males thing, seems like it may be pretty tough to do.:confused: Interesting Indeed:rolleyes:

I happen to like Female/male tickling, I just don't visit the stories section too often. But a little bird told me I should check this one out. In my opinion, you did a fine job with the build up and anticipation (which is part of tickle torture anyway). You have a little bit of that "form follows function" thing going on there.

Keep up the writing, I'd like to read what happens next!:D But try a paragraph format next time (sheeesh!):p

red indian
12-21-2001, 09:45 PM
I take on board what you both say, to answer Strell, I am sure you are right about this being mainly a f/f or m/f site but I just thought I would try something a little different ,as I must confess to being what you call over there a "switch hitter" (is that right?) and I support the women on here who are in to f/m as a result.

(Paragraph) I have no idea who the "little bird" was Mia but thanks for your comments! mmmm......"form follows function" sounds like an Eng lit essay question, (on my desk by monday week 5000 words!) and sorry about the lack of paragraphs but to paraphrase Beethoven, "do you think I am bothered about your damned paragraphs when the spirit is upon me?!!" but you are right.

12-22-2001, 06:55 PM
Mary had a polar bear,
With which she liked to frisk.

Now, wasn't Mary quite insane,
Her little * ?


01-09-2002, 11:49 PM
I thought I'd finally come see what this looked like on the forum! You know....ever since I told you I left the convent, you seem to understand me more and more. ;)

Does your Sister Jobelle have a southern accent? Just curiuos. And you ARE really ticklish too, right?

Jo...merrily skipping away to think about Red tied down to umm...wait..I'll just write it and post it.

red indian
01-11-2002, 12:51 PM
Just to clear things up for you miss Belle I should have added a note at the end a bit like you get at the start of a film, let me see......"Any references to a person or persons in my story of the same or similar name to that used in the story is entirely.....err.....well......Intentional" I hope that has cleared up any missunderstanding for you.

01-11-2002, 03:41 PM
Well thanks there darlin',...glad you let me know I was right. ;) Now do we ever get to find out how Sister Jobelle finds your weaknesses? Or shall we wait and let me write a DETAILED account of them all later??

red indian
01-11-2002, 05:00 PM
Miss belle! whatever do you mean????

01-11-2002, 05:11 PM
Originally posted by red indian
Miss belle! whatever do you mean????
Whatever do I mean??? hehehe..you sound like me talking!! LOL!!

Since when is Red so shy, eh?