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Kathy Ireland, Teri Hatcher, Brittney Spears

"Kathy are you sure noone followed you?" the lady said as she hurriedly let her into the farmhouse. "Yes Teri, for the hundredth time noone followed me. So stop worrying that we'll be caught. Howie will never find us. I swear you're nervous tonight...."
"I'm sorry Kathy baby.....i'm just scared someone is going to find out our little.....secret....." Teri said, taking off her long coat. She wore a little blue dress that hit her mid-thigh, dark- blue stockings, and black pumps. She stretched her arms over her head enticingly.....

Kathy groaned and took Teri into her arms. "You do want to get to the bedroom don't you darling....?" she drawled as she blew over Teris chest slowly. Teri giggled, feeling the goosebumps rise as they always did when Kathy did that. "Then we'd better get up there fast! All this cloak and dagger stuff gets me all hot....!" and ran up the stairs.

Kathy, resplendent in her tight elastic red shorts and rainbow colored top followed Teri up the stairs, her barefooted long legs taking the steps at two at a time in her haste, thinking how funny life was sometimes. After that party last month everything changed for them. After everyone had left Terri, claiming she was too drunk to drive, began flirting outrageously with Kathy that night, and....she smiled wickedly remembering Teris screams of laughter tied to the futon. Well tonight will be even better , she thought, approaching the bedroom.

Teri waited on the bed submissively for Kathy. Kathy came in, walked over and began to fit Teri with leather cuffs, securing her to the bed. Straddling Kathys hips she took out a feather."ooooooh thats a pretty one Kathy......."Kathy just smiles and began to stroke Teris underarms with it. The response was fantastic.

"AHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAAAA" Kathy screamed, bucking wildly. Her chest heaving, her nipples hardning instantly. Kathy felt her nipples grow hard in response. "I got it at a nice little store in town.......you like?" Teris response was another peal of laughter as she squirmed between Kathys legs. "NOOOOOOOOOO.....STOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP! "But Teri i'm just getting started......I can't stop yet......." Kathy began to stroke her ribs, which she knew was just as ticklish, and recieved another laughing fit for a reward.

"NO......NOOOOOOOO........HEEEEEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHAHA HAHAHAHAHAH AH AH AH HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA" "Oh i see u used that lotion i gave you....ur skin is so smooth!" for another minute she worked the feather over the ribs and decided to try another area. Slowly teasing her way down to Teri's soft belly. "Now heres a spot i remember...." She began to torture the belly just above the navel with the point and Teri rose to new heights. "AAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEE NOT THE BELLY KATHY PLEEEEEEEEASE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAEHEHEHEHEHEHAEHAHEAHE!!!!!!" Pretending deafness Kathy hummed a tune as she slowly worked the point down to the belly-button, as Teri squirmed and begged. Her ears beginning to ring a little bit because of Teris high pitched squealing.

Kathy worked the point like an anoying ant below the belly button. She began to write her name with the point there. "Can you guess what name i'm writing Teri? If u can i'll stop....." Teris only response was her laughing, silently now being driven there by the naval maneuvers. "What was that? I didn't catch that..." Teri gasped and moaned in the pause. "Well for not answering you still get a prize." Kathy then got up and strolled to the end of the bed. "NOOOOO! What are u doing?" Teri watched as Kathy pulled up a chair and sat down in front of her feet. "Oh my.......Kathy NO! You know what that does to me...." Teri swallowed, because her absolute worst spot was the soles of her feet. Kathy just smiled, as if Teri could see the canary feathers drifting down.

"Now then....lets get to the real fun....heh heh" She drifted the webbing of the feather down the left sole, twirling it in her fingers. Teri responded with a mighty jerk on the bonds, actually moving the bed an inch to the right. "OH PLEASE NOT THERE NOT THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEAAHHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAA AAH!
HAHAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHEHEHEHEEEEH EHE EHE EHEHEHEHEEEHAAAA" Kathy closed her eyes. "Heaven...." she murmured mesmerized by the madly wiggling soles in front of her.

After three minutes Kathy began to paint the other sole. Teri was in a rampage in her bonds on the bed. she began to get that desperate look the lee gets when near the edge of hysteria. Kathy looked at her and stopped for a second. "You do remember the password right?" "Teri, wondering why she stopped, gave a nod breathing heavily. "Ok honey I was just checking.....cause u might use it real soon." And with that she began to saw the feather between Teri's toes, drawing it through once. Teri let out an ear-splitting wail. "NOOOOO NO NO NO NO NO PLEASE KATHY NOT THE TOES....ANYTHING BUT THE TOESSSSSSS!"

Kathy gave Teri a mischievous wink and began to saw the feather between each of her toes, counting the strokes as Teri was finally driven to what they both wanted. Screaming and wailing and giggling insanely, Teri's hips began to buck of their own volition. Until finally, succumbing to the inevitable, Teri let out a deep belly laugh and began to tremble from the incredible O she was having.

After Teri was through, she lay there panting as Kathy undid the leather cuffs and began to stroke Teris legs soothingly. Calmer, but still pretty wound up she grabbed Kathy and pulled her onto the bed. Quickly she buckled the cuffs on kathys wrists and legs, as Kathy gave the token resistance and prepared for the worst......


12-18-2001, 06:49 PM
Awesome story, this is another great story, i really liked the idea, it seems more realistic than others, but i dont understand the britney spears part?

12-18-2001, 10:01 PM
very enjoyable story!:veryhappy but yeah, i'm confused about the britney part :confused:

12-19-2001, 05:44 AM
Well, I forgot to mention it was a three-parter in my rush to post. She comes in at the end of pt 2.

12-19-2001, 04:09 PM
good thing you explained about the britney thing because i was going to ask!

t s s
12-19-2001, 05:51 PM
EXCELLENT STORY RAKE !!:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

12-19-2001, 10:46 PM
:cool: great story. Very realistic and inventive.