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Master feathers
12-18-2001, 06:24 PM
As the limo stopped in front of the building, three figures approach it. Leading the way was a beefy young man whose disheveled appearance looked out of place in such well manicured surroundings. A pace behind him was a pretty young woman, whose old fashioned grey smock dress and mousey brown hair done up in a tight bun did nothing to enhance her looks. The last figure, somewhat in the shadows, was a tall impecablely dressed young man. He moved to the forefront, and we a sweeping gesture of his arm announced to the girls "Welcome to Lady Conway's School" I am Eric and it will be my duty and pleasure to make sure you new arrivals are comfortably settled in your new surroundings.Please follow me into the house,Lady Conway is expecting you.
Eric opened the heavy wooden door to the building and ushered the girls in. He lead them down a long corridor,at the end of which could be seen a door. As they excitedly made their way down the hallway, the girls could not help but notice the portraits hanging on the walls.The faces in the portraits would be reconizable to anyone with any knowledge of successful and powerful women throughout history.
When they came to the door Eric opened it and told the young women to sit in the chairs provided for them in the room. The room itself with its paneled walls and overflowing bookcases had an academic feel to it,immediately putting the girls at ease. Rosa was the first to break the silence between the girls since they had arrived by declaring " Damnnnnnnn! This is some place." The other girls immediately piped in.Sonja exclaimed "This is going to be a wonderful experience." Michelle simply smiled widely and secretly was glad she was here. Gabriella with a cynical tone said " Whoever owns this place has some sort of racket going." The only silent one was Janet whose attention was drawn to the stain glass window which was located directly in front of them. She was trying to figure out why the stain glass depicted two feathers crossed. Her mind was trying to tell her this can't be.
The revelry was suddenly stopped,when a side door opened and a tall imposing woman swept into the room. She made her way to the almost throne like chair behind the large wooden desk. She looked from one girl to the other without expression. Finally after what seemed forever she spoke " I welcome you ladies to my school.I am Lady Elizabeth Conway the Head Mistress.I already know that academicly you belong here but my school teaches much more. I try to impart to my students a certain toughness and strength of will that will be needed when you are ready to take your places in the world. It is my responsablity to fulfill your parents wishes. They sent you here for a reason. That reason being to become ready to take over the top of whatever field you enter. Janet once again seemed to be listening to her own voice instead of Lady Conway's. For their part the other girls seemed to be entranced by the head mistresses words. "We have certain rules and they will be strictly enforced but you will find that this will add to your educationly experience here." Janet was now staring at the prominent engraving on the back of the chair Lady Conway was presiding from.The engraving was of two feathers crossed. Her heart skipped a beat.
Lady Conway stood up and in parting said " Eric will see you to your rooms." The girls stood up and noticed Eric already holding the door for them. He lead them up and long staircase and assigned the girls their rooms. Rosa and Sonja were paired together. In a larger room Michelle ,Janet and Gabriella were quartered. Eric told the young woman to freshen up and please read the manuals that are in the room. Having been a long day the girls showered and decided to get some rest. They all began to read the manuals telling them the rules and regulations.The penalties were not explained in the manual. It was simply stated that infractions would be dealt with.