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12-18-2001, 07:16 PM
"Please, don't tickled me, i'll do anything!!!" Morgan begged, tugging fitfully at the ropes that held her nearly-naked body to the old bed.
"Your armpits are sooooooo soft and smooth, i wonder how they feel," Mr. Johnson said as he inched his fingers closer and closer to her outsretched underarms.
Morgan screamed, and wiggled like mad in an attempt to get away from the oncoming fingers. Her armpits were beyond ticklish, if there was a word for more than just ticklish, thats what her armpits would be!
The fingers were inches from her clean-shaven, smooth soft underarms, which were stretched tightly due to her bondage position and made the skin nice and taunt.
Finally, it happened.
His fingers made contact with her super-ticklish armpits, two fingers in each armpit, and Morgan went insane.
Her laughter was so intense Mr. Johnson was taken back a step, but quickly continued his soft stroking.
Morgan's bleached hair bounced crazily all over the place, scattering in a mad mess of tangles. Her cheeks scrunched up along with her nose, as she screamed and giggled, and of course, laughed.

Officer Dumont sat at his desk lazily in the police office. He was dozing off to sleep, when his green phone began to ring.
"Police Department." He answered.
"Yes police, i'm Mr. Johnson's neighbor, and i've been hearing loud screams and, and...laughter from inside, i'm not sure whats going on..." the voice continued.
"I'll check it out right away, thank you," Officer DUmont said, hanging up the phone, and getting up for what seemed like the first time today. He loved a bit of action, and they all knew Mr. Johnson was a bit of a cook, maybe something was actually going on...

Mr. Johnson's fingers danced up and down Morgan's smooth underarms, sliding up and down in a soft, stroking motion, which tickled like hell. Morgan's laughter continued highly intense with no signs of stopping any time soon. Her thin body bucked wildly, and although her breasts weren't as large as Sara's, they still jiggled around enlaced in only her bra.
Morgan truly thought she would die. THis tickled like nothing she had ever experienced before. Sure, when she was younger her tow big brothers would pin her down and tickle her silly, but once they lingered around her armpits, they knew to stop, becuase she would begin to cry. THis though, was pure torture. Especially being tied down, unable to even try to defend herself. And Mr. Johnson was such a skilled tickler, he knew just how to make her go the craziest with his soft touches.
He soon grasped not one feather, but two small, yellow ones, identical to each other.
"Oh-no!!!!!!!!!!!" Morgan moaned.
Mr. Johson just smiled wickedly, as he slowly lowered a feather to each underarm.
He lowered them closer, and closer, and closer.......
"Freeze!!" Officer Dumont yelled, pointing his gun right at Mr. Johnson.
Mr. Johnson immediately froze and dropped both feathers. Dumont came closer, his gun still transfixed on the old man.
"What the hell have you been doin' down here?!!?"
"He's been, tickling us!" Morgan screamed.
"Tickling?!" Dumont seemed confused.
"Please help us!" Morgan screamed.
That was when Dumont noticed the limp bodies of CIndy and Sara.
"You killed them!" He screamed.
"They just passed out, too ticklish," Mr. Johnson smiled.
"You monster! Your under arrest, get against the wall!"
The old man got against the wall, and with one hand Dumont untied the three girls, ever keeping the gun on Mr. Johnson....
A couple days had passed, and Cindy, Sara and Morgan were still slightly traumatized by the even which happened. Mr. Johnson ended up in the state prison for 25 years, and if he ever gets out, Morgan, Sara, and Cindy better hope he doesn't get a hold of them.....


how'd everyone enjoy my holiday story, hope it lived up to expectations:)

12-18-2001, 11:38 PM
:D :D :D :D :D
Here's hoping for a jailbreak!

12-19-2001, 01:58 PM
i'm up for a jail break too....I think he should have just put the feathers in her pits...NO DELAY!!! but theres always next time in 25 years.haha:D :D

12-19-2001, 04:22 PM
everyone one's hoping for a jail-break i see...
maybe he'll tickle the female guards;)
and sorry biscuit, i forgot the precious squirrels:)

12-19-2001, 04:49 PM
Actually, I'm hoping the girls will stop by my house for some merry caroling! Why should the old man have all the fun? :devil: :D

12-19-2001, 06:31 PM
Luved the endin'! Like every1 else says jailbreak time! A good ole fashioned tickling escape! ;) Heehee! :D

12-21-2001, 01:52 PM
Too bad the cop asn't thinking clearly. After he had the old man in hand cuffs, he could have asked the still-tied girls for the details.

"Did he tickle your feet like THIS? Or was it more like THIS? Are you ticklish anywhere else...HERE, for instance?"

Great series, Tummy.

(Who is older and meaner than Mr. Johnson...and a better tickler, too!)