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12-18-2001, 08:41 PM
“ Where should we start? There are too many ways to excite our unexpected guest.” Bob wondered, holding on to Stella’s barefoot.

“ No! Please don’t tickle me!” She interrupted the conversation between the twins, tightening her toes, hoping they would let her free. Then she felt a light touch, making her giggle like an innocent schoolgirl. “ Hehehehe! Noooo! It tickles!” Her legs were little more powerful than Bob’s grasp, giving her the advantage of avoiding the tickling.

“ She is one tough babysitter.” Bob felt down, knowing it was not going to be much fun stroking her silky sole with all that kicking.

“ I got an idea.” Jim comforted his brother, sending a chill down Stella’s spine. “ Do what I do.” He walked toward her right leg and wrapped his one arm around Stella’s ankle, creating a tight headlock. Then he scribbled his free hand all over her feet without mercy, hearing barrage of musical laughter.

Bob felt left out that his brother was hogging the fun until he saw the boot Stella was wearing on the other foot. Curious, he ran like the wind and stripped the boot off, revealing another masterpiece. The foot was so beautiful; all he could was stare at it until he was bothered.

“ Hehehe! No! Please don’t tickle that foot too!” Stella wailed in laughter. This motivated Bob to tickle her foot by tracing his finger on the arch. He couldn’t believe that he was actually tickling her feet when he thought he would never touch those again.

“ This is the best Christmas present I ever have!” Bob proclaimed, later drowned by the howl of giggles from Stella. She didn’t know what to say, fearing that they might keep her as their entertainment system.

“ I’ll be right back,” Jim told Bob once an idea hit him like a ton of bricks. He dashed out of the room and returned back with a stick of candy cane. The special thing about this candy cane was that one of the ends was licked so much; it was sharp as a pencil. Stella didn’t know what the pervert was up to with his “stupid” scheme. “ Stella, I got a surprise for you…”

“ What is this…hehehehe…. surprise?” She tried to sound angry as possible, but she couldn’t be of Bob who happened was scratching his fingers on the base of her toes. Jim once again created a headlock with the foot he was tickling and draw a line down her sole with the pointed end of the candy cane.

“ No! Stop this at once! Hahahahahehehe!” She failed again to try to stand firm when her ticklish feet were the major weakness of her. Jim motioned his brother to stop tickling her and they did. They stood there, watching her feet, redden by the tickling, flex in peace. Stella wondered why the tickling already stopped. These two boys would tickle her forever in heaven.

“ Rex…” Jim whistled. She hang there baffled by what “Rex” had to do with this tickling. Her face twisted in fear once she felt a tongue slobbering her sole.

“Eeeeek! Hehehehehe!!!” She let out a bubbly laughter. “ Why is my foot so sticky?”

“ It was candy cane I was tickling you with.” Jim retorted. Stella wanted just to die and live happy in heaven, anything to get away from these two little devils. Her hopes flew high when she heard a creck at the door.

“ Jim! Bob! What are you two doing?” A woman voice hollered down the room, with Stella stifling her laughter.

“ Do you have anything to say about this?” Another voice, more hoarse, demanded.

“ Mom! Dad!” The twins recoiled in horror, biting their nails. “ We were just waiting for Santa Claus to come to our house.” The dad was puzzled as he laid his eyes on the dangling feet from the chimney. He marched to the fireplace and gave it a quick tickle. Stella’s laughter burst like little gunfires.

“ Is this Stella?” The dad dropped the pipe from his lips.

“ Yes.”

“ What is the meaning of this?” He lightly scratched the bottom of her feet, hearing little s******s.

“ I was just planning to surprise your sons.” Stella lied. “ But I ended up getting stuck here.” The tickling stopped as everyone in the family felt for her words, since everything started to add up. She was wearing Santa suit. It all made sense.

“ I guess it’s a bit late. But thanks for dropping by.” He gave her once last tickle. He grabbed on to her legs and pulled down, freeing her. Stella was really glad that she could see something rather than just bricks. She sheepishly put on her boots, snatched her empty bag, and walked out of the house, feeling the cold breeze refreshing her.

“ Thank god that nightmare was over.” She muttered to herself. “ I just hope school starts.” As Stella ambled to her house, it was the merriest Christmas that the boys will ever have in their very lives. But then, soon, the tickling legacy of Stella will never die.

More Stella stories will be coming up. Should I make more stories?
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12-19-2001, 05:38 PM
Keep the series goin'! Make her ticklish ordeal a bit longer. I can't wait to read what she gets into next. Maybe Santa's elves may want a piece of her. Who knows! :D

12-20-2001, 12:53 PM
Great story! I love the image of a pair of feet sticking out of someplace without being able to see the rest of the body and the ticklee unable to see what is going on. I could picture her dainty feet dangling in mid air sticking out of the fireplace just begging to be tickled. Great writing on this one!


12-20-2001, 12:59 PM
I agree.....it was very well written.....keep it up!!!! :cool: