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12-19-2001, 06:55 AM
Sometimes girls SAY they’re not ticklish and sometimes it seems they really aren’t. These two stories should encourage anybody who finds themselves in the situation of trying to tickle someone who is “not ticklish”.

When I was about 12 or 13 years old, there were these two Puerto Rican girls from Queens that used to come out for the summer. One girl, Deb, was our age and was kind of dating my brother. She was deathly ticklish….so ticklish that you couldn’t really get her because she was bit of a tomboy and could fight, kick and scratch…..

The older girl, Shauna, was gorgeous, dark skin, really cool, and for some reason (maybe because they wasn’t a lot to do in our town), she hung out with us younger kids and was kind of dating this kid who was in 8th grade (who looked a lot older and was what would be described as a “hunk”). This kid happened to be our friend as well so we all spent the summer hanging out. This girl Shauna once gave us all make out lessons!! She lay down on the grass and let us all take turns kissing her and she would give advice. Then we’d all go around again!!! Thank you, Shauna, wherever you are!!!

Shauna wasn’t ticklish. I tried. She was willing to submit and let me try but no matter how I poked on the ribs or scurried around her gorgeous sole….nothing. That it until……..

We were at the beach, she looked gorgeous in a black one piece, her long brown hair falling at her shoulders as she lay stretched out on her back getting a tan. I think she was wearing dark sunglasses, looking very glamorous. By this point, I had given up trying to tickle her to make her laugh, but on this day, I sat down by her feet and just stroked and played with her soles…..causing her to moan agreeably and say “That feels good.”. It was after a few minutes of this that I discovered a NEW tickling area previously unbeknowenst to me. For some reason, I started pinching in between her toes…..and her foot twitched. What’s this? Is that a ticklish reaction? Instinctively, I slipped my hand around her ankle and got ready to grip….and then I started inserting my fingers curiously in between each one of her long toes. She started to giggle and titter…but didn’t really pull away, as if she was as interested as I was! All of a sudden, at the end of one long peal of giggling, she screamed out “IT TICKLES!!! God, it tickles!!!” and laughed some more. I was in heaven. This was a new teaching! Between the toes! Who would have thought?!!! I continued to simply push my finger through the toes and wiggle around a bit……nothing really sensual or artful, I was literally just playing with her foot and she was giggling like crazy, her head snapped back, her mouth wide open in a gleeful smile and giggling girlishly….it was really hot. Thinking the rest of her foot might be sensitized, I went back down to her soft soles…….but still nothing. After a few minutes, her entire foot became desensitized and she said “I guess it went away!”. Unfortunately, that’s the only time I got her…..but it was good enough for me.

Flash forward to college. There are many times I have said “the most gorgeous girl I ever tickled” or “the hottest girl ever”, etc. Through not any plan or “player” mentality….I have known a lot of gorgeous girls. Maybe it’s because I’m in NYC. Maybe it’s because I was a musician and an actor (for a little while). It’s NOT because I’m so damn good looking myself!!! So I don’t want to say that I exaggerate about these girl’s beauty because I don’t. However, it must be said that the following girl’s beauty is in a class by itself. This girl could have been a model or landed on a tv show and to this day (I saw her again recently) she looks as gorgeous as any girl I’ve ever seen……drop dead gorgeous. Stop traffic gorgeous. It’s hard to compare her to any other “celeb” girl because she only looks like herself, with her own style. Long, silky yellow blonde hair…..an absolute perfect, pretty face, full lips, flawless, soft silky skin…..she had gorgeous full breasts, perfect luscious body……a total head turner. And a total free spirit. When we were in college, she was VERY promiscuous…but not in a slutty way (she was an actress! Hahaha!). I remember her telling me she was fooling around with these two spanish brothers, one on each breast. Later she’d switch over to lesbianism for a while, going with this much older woman director. Later, she’d be a muse to many a brilliant artist. Like I said, I saw her recently, and she looks as stunning as ever.

She also had (has) the most gorgeous feet I ever saw. And on one of the first times we were hanging out, at the school cafeteria, she slipped out of her shoes and propped them right up on the table, two soles right in front of me. I lost my breath. Up until that time, though I had a thing for feet, I never realized just how beautiful they could be. This was a new standard. I remember I had been chatting when she did this and my conversation stopped dead in the tracks…silence! Unable to resist, I reached over and planted a tickle on those silk, delicious soles and……..nothing. She fixed me a look, paused for a second, and then swung her legs back off the table and back into her shoes. Damn!

Soon it was US who was fooling around. And so, of course, I tried to tickle her to which she said…”I’m not ticklish anymore. It’s a waste of time.” (ARRRGHH!!) “I used to be really ticklish but it just went away.” “You mean you’re not ticklish at all?” “Oh, if someone’s kissing my neck, sometimes I can’t deal but other than that, I’m not ticklish”. Do you know that from then on I became more of a friend than a lover and I have no doubt that that had something to do with it. Another time I complimented her on having the most gorgeous feet I’d ever seen and she seemed so grateful and surprised and gave me a big thank you.

So now it’s maybe 3 or 4 years later and we’re just friends. We were always touchy feely, massages, etc and on this day, she’s laying on a dorm bed of a mutual friend and I’m massaging those gorgeous feet and her legs. Of course, there isn’t a time that I don’t see her that I don’t wish she was ticklish, especially when I’m touching her like this. Around this time, I’d discovered another secret spot I’m sure you all know…..the electric area right above the hip bone! As memory has it, I said “You want to feel something weird?” and I took both thumbs and started massaging both areas. At first, she stirred and squirmed and said “Oooh…..it kind of hurts….”, as her face started to register more discomfort and trying to stifle a few giggles…….and I said laughing, “NO IT DOESN’T …..IT TICKLES!!!” and at that she completely let go and just EXPLODED with beautiful giggles…..total music. Her hands grasped my wrists (I can still feel her nails almost digging in) but I had her and I just kept pressing and tickling and she threw her head back and laughed and laughed, eyes squeezed tight. She didn’t say anything, didn’t scream “No” or “Don’t”, just pure feminine giggles. Her laughter was as beautiful as she was and I remember not being able to believe that I finally had conquered her! Deep, deep hitches, convulsions of laughter. I remember taunting her once or twice “I thought you weren’t ticklish!”

And here I make my mistake again. I say “Let’s see if the rest of you is ticklish now. “ and I start stroking her soles. Nothing. Tried going in between the toes, consciously thinking of the previous story I just told and thinking lightning might strike twice. Nothing. Squeezed her gorgeous thigh. Nothing. Go back to her hip bones. It’s gone. In fact, over the years, I tried tickling her there a few times….nothing. It was a one of thing.

Anyhow, here’s the best part…..she said LATER, “I want to really thank you for tickling me and showing me a little loving”!!!! A LITTLE LOVING?!!!! Now THAT’S a different perspective!!!!

12-19-2001, 03:45 PM
What a great experience! Nice work, being persistent and all. I like the way you think, man! Thank you so much for continuing to share with us, it's greatly appreciated.:cool:

12-19-2001, 04:01 PM
I don't respond nearly enough to the posts that I like. If I read something that I enjoy, I'll start making an effort to reward the poster by giving them my thumbs up.

Those unticklish girls are so annoying. I don't think I'd keep trying once I'd tried and failed. I'd forever look upon them as members of that unfortunate breed that will never enjoy the pleasures of being tickled. Good job on your persistence, and it doesn't surprise me that your college babe thanked you as well.

To all the unticklish women out there, be warned...we WILL find your secret spots...


12-19-2001, 04:06 PM
A victory for all of us who've known the frustration of befriending unticklish girls! That's some good work there, Lou! :D

12-19-2001, 05:35 PM
Mama mia...I swear these two girls were heartbreakers, too! Their poor boyfriends!!!!

Thanks for the encouraging words, friends!!

Slappy McGee
12-19-2001, 11:34 PM
now this is some quality reading material!

dig dug dog
12-19-2001, 11:52 PM

Brilliant, man. You know I LOVE the theme of this post. Excellent description. Thank you, thank you, for sharing it!

One comment. I really believe the girls in question could have continued to be ticklish, but you would have needed to create (or continue!) a more playful attack scenario. After the initial laughter, they knew you were just sort of desperately searching for another spot--but you were not master of the situation, so to speak, and would not take it further.

I might be wrong, of course, but they ARE ticklish, it is just that the mental conditions for it needed to be established and reestablished.

Nice, nice work!!

dig dug

dig dug dog
12-19-2001, 11:59 PM

That was an excellent post of its own. A whole story in a couple of lines, with sound effects and allusion. Not bad at all. As they say, I am, Laughing Out Loud.


12-21-2001, 01:43 AM
Reading this has shown me one thing: just how boring my life is!!!! :D

12-21-2001, 02:06 AM
The way you describle their feet just pops in my head in crisp image. I love those girls who say they aren't ticklish...they make it more fun in a way.
Thanx for the stories...post more!!!