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12-20-2001, 01:54 AM
here is my story countiued sorry my spelling isent good again but here i go.

This is from survivor countiued. Kim was start to wake up so jeff had liz strip to her bra and painties and had her ly down on a table they tied her down the same way kim was before. Kim was now awake and she had a big smile on her face. thats was so great now and boy liz you did a number on me hehe. now its your turn sweety. ok do your worst said liz. oh i will kim replied but first lets get you nacked. hey this isent fair said liz please dont its not right. its ok honey im just going to show you a great time you desrve it cause i know how hard you relinships been with tim and i have had a hard time in the past to and your a wonderful person so i want to plesury you dearly and you just so cute! Don't worry thought im far from a lesbiane. Ok well go ahead said liz. So kim slow removed lizs braw and panties. Your just so adorable liz where should i start? How about you feet since you are a footwaer desiner lets see how ticklish your feet are. Kim then dug into lizs soft plae feet and shopwed no mercy. she was all over her arches her heals and toes. Liz tryed to move her toes to relive the pain but she cont and she had to take it she dint want to give up yet. Liz you have great feet So soft how about i kiss them. no please dont replyed liz but it was to late kim was kissing every inch of lizs bare feet. Dont give up liz im just starting. Kim then moved up to lizs arm and dug in this drove liz even more crazy she tryed to get away but there wasent anyway that was going to happen she just sat there and took the tourment. hm well now lets get a little more personal said kim and she began to tickle lizs breast. you have a nice chest small but cute. Lizs chest was ticklish but not as much as the rest of her body. Well that wasent fun liz but you know what guys im sick of this game i think its time i just make liz my slave. liz had a big grine on her face no way im not doing anything! um youò tied down cutie there is no way to get out of it. kim then sat on the table and began stick her foot in lizs face. suck my toes now you know you want to or i will tickle you more. no replyed liz. ok you asked for it said kim. ok wait i will liz then took kims toed in her mouth and beagan to suck them very gentaly she acutly dint mind kims little feet and she sucked them for about 15 mintues. kim got great pleasure and she wanted to reutrn the faver so she went down to lizs feet and did the same for her. liz enjoyed it just as much and since kim wasent tickling her now she got to relax. oh you feet tast so good liz it makeing me so horny so im going to make you fix. kim then removed her underwaer and climed over lizs face. like my possie liz please. ok this is going to far said liz. rember who is control here honey replied kim. ok i will said liz but im not going to enjoy it. you will dear trust me replyed kim but just to warn you i acualy cum when i get a orgasm so i want you to swalow it all and clean me up. before liz can say a work kim stuck her hairy sex down on liz mouth. liz not evey doing this before just started to kiss it. it acualty tasted good to her and she began to enjoy it. kim was like thats a girl as she was moeaning and she eveintly cumed all over liz face and into her mouth. liz swaloed it with out a problem but now liz was horny and need her self to be relived. kim sotod up said said good job now i should reapy the faver huh cuttie? liz was like please hury up. ok one codation if you give up when im done and say that im your master. ok anything replyed liz. ok her i go said kim get ready for a exprince. she then went at it. liz cont belive how good it felt kim toung was so soft and it felt just right with in three mintues liz had the bigest orgasim of her life and she then passed out. Well kim this is it said jeff im sorry thought you lost. its ok replyed kim it was fun and liz desrved it! after this exprince liz and kim became really good freinds. They never did tuch each othere again unless it was a hug cause they both agred that the thing that the happened betwen them would be a one time thing

well there you go guys what do you think? sorry about the spelling i know its teriable i hope you enjoyed :) oh by the way in case if you were wondering what kim im talking about its kim powers from survivor 3