View Full Version : The end of Eric Draven

12-20-2001, 01:21 PM
Well, although there was to be once last installment in my Crow series, I have decided to drop the series since I feel I was not really liking the direction it was going. Killing off ticklees fits in the Crow movie context but I just don't think it's really that much fun to write or for others to read so I'm going to start working on some new stuff which is less violent and more tickle-oriented. I apologize to those who were fans of the series and were waiting patiently for me to create the final chapter but I just don't have it in me to finish that series. I want to concentrate on something a bit less dark.

Watch for my new stuff coming soon.


12-20-2001, 02:40 PM
Dallas, I can completely see where you're coming from. Sometimes it's tricky writing stories and adding that little "to be continued" after them. Many times you come back to it to find that your heart just isn't into it.

I liked the way you did the Crow series. I'm not saying we should kill ticklees, but the subject fit the story. It's like the "Taken" series I'm doing (which is coming back in the next day or two). It's a little dark, but I wanted it to really explore what it's like to be kidnapped.

Sometimes tickling stories are fun, and sometimes they are just stories that happen to have tickling in them. There's room on the TMF for both, and the readers here seem to have a taste for both.

You are a very good writer, Dallas, so I would strongly suggest following your heart. Anything you provide for us will undoubtedly be well worth reading. Thanks.