View Full Version : "Taken"...Part II (Starring Rachel Leigh Cook)

12-20-2001, 05:17 PM
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12-20-2001, 08:44 PM
Dave, I truly enjoyed this. Thank you. :cool:

12-20-2001, 09:02 PM
Interesting, I say. I wouldn't want to be in her spot. I'd be scared shitless! NEway, keep it up, Dave!

12-21-2001, 12:18 AM
Another great story from the master

The best part....it is to be continued:D

12-21-2001, 01:02 AM
There were a ton of things that he was into, some of them illegal in a few states and few he couldn’t even spell.

Uncle Steve? Is that you? ;)

12-21-2001, 09:13 AM
Anyone besides me just FEEL this poor girl's misery? (and my hip bones and ribs don't even stick out like dat)

Jake's not really a bad guy, right? He's just misunderstood...any one of us would have done the same thing in his place. Right? Right????

Well done, Dave2112. As usual.


12-21-2001, 06:45 PM
*bowing, a la Wayne's World*

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!

12-21-2001, 07:15 PM
Thanks for all of your kind words.

Nice to see another Master about, 5150! Congrats, and thanks for all of your contributions.:cool:

12-21-2001, 07:19 PM
Master? :wow: :wow: :wow: When in tarnation did THAT happen? I mean, uh . . . yes. Yes I am. Naturally. :scared: :idunno:


12-21-2001, 07:53 PM
*shrug* no matter how many posts I'll eventually accumulate, it'll still say MODERATOR...eh, guess it's better than "TOKEN DUMBASS", right?:rolleyes:

01-03-2002, 04:29 PM
Part II is as great as I thought is would be! Keep up the good work!

01-03-2002, 05:42 PM
Sorry I took so long to give a review for part 2, but hey, I love all your stories. Rachel was especially ticklish in this one. I truly enjoyed this dark tale of suspense and intense drama. Keep up the great work, dude!


01-31-2002, 11:12 PM
Awesome job so far! Are you continuing with this story, Dave, or did I just not look hard enough for part III? =)

02-01-2002, 05:18 AM
There will be a Part III, but it might be a while. I've just wrapped up a couple of long projects and I have a story on the drawing board for Jen, plus another working it's way out of my head.

Soon, I will finish this. Thanks for your appreciation!:cool:

02-01-2002, 03:59 PM
I look forward to it! :cool: