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12-20-2001, 07:06 PM
The Goddess of Justice and Vengeance had just finished another day of punishing the mortals who were over self confident and overly proud in his/her achievements and good fortune. She also rewarded those who upheld virtue. Nemesis was tired this insignificant, foolish race of humans, but she wasn’t the one to complain. Hades dealt with them forever in the afterlife.

Hurrying to the meeting of the Gods, Nemesis flew up to the top. Everyone was there, in exception of Hades, with Zeus at the head of the table with his very easily made jealous wife, Hera. She’s perfect for Hades, Nemesis thought. There were times where Nemesis had to protect Hercules from Hera because of her jealousy toward the mortal woman Zeus had impregnated and birthed his son who’s only a Demigod.

“Nemesis, it’s a pleasure that you could make it,” Zeus told her making Hera red with resentment. Hera was jealous of any woman, Goddess or mortal, who Zeus talked to.

“Well, I needed a break for punishing mortals and helping Herc,” she replied. She went and sat down beside her mother, Nyx.

“How is my son? Staying out of trouble?” Zeus asked.

“Yeah. He’s a good boy. Jason and Iolaus are also fun to be with,” Nemesis commented.

Zeus then went to the topic on hand. There was a Demigod walking down below with the mortals and he was getting a little too strong for his own good. He’s been able to persuade Goddesses and some Gods to grant him anything he wanted. How was still unknown to them, but enough to know that he must be punished.

“Who’s this boy?” Nemesis asked. It shouldn’t be too hard to stop this Demigod and throw him Hades’s way.

“Micah. He’s a new boy at the Academy where Hercules attends,” explained Hermes, Zeus’s right-hand man. Hermes was the messenger and he kept track of everything.

It was now time for Nemesis to head out and find this Demigod, but she didn’t know that Micah was the son of the God of the Underwood and her naivete was going to get her into deep trouble.

She found the boy sitting in the shade underneath a tall tree. He didn’t seem evil. Micah was very handsome from what she could see. Too bad he’s an evil Demigod, she thought.

“Micah, isn’t it?” she asked him when she reached him.

He glanced up from where he was sitting. He had one of those sly looking smiles upon his finely chiseled face. Micah looked a lot like someone Nemesis knew, but she couldn’t place whom.

“Yes, it is. You are,” he replied his voice almost hypnotic.

“Nemesis,” the Goddess replied. Suddenly everything went black for the young Goddess.

When Nemesis awoke, she found herself tied to a bed with golden head and backboards. She also found herself not in her usual attire, but in what mortals called a bikini. The Goddess of Justice tried to break the bonds that held her, but she just couldn’t. Even with all her power, she just couldn’t break the ropes.

“Those were dipped in sphinx’s blood. Centaur’s blood would have killed you, but I didn’t want that. I just wanted you restrained,” the all-too familiar voice of Micah spoke as he entered the room. “Sphinx’s blood not only restrains any God or Goddess, but it also prevents you from disappearing on me.”

She struggled mightily, but it was useless. “What do you want, Micah?”

“You didn’t honestly think I didn’t know who you were. Dad warned me about you and Hercules. So while Hercules is on a false hero saving, I get to persuade you to grant me access to Mount Olympus. Not only me, but my father too.”

“Persuade me! Never! Never will I grant you access to Mount Olympus! Never!” Nemesis defended. But she had to admit; she was getting scared.

“Oh, you will. One way or another,” he said slyly as he produced a feather out of thin air. “You can’t imagine how many people I’ve persuaded just by using this one single feather that I got from my dad. He and Persi have had many laughing times together.”

Now Nemesis was really scared. Even though she was a Goddess, she had the most unbelievable ticklish body any Goddess has ever known. She wouldn’t be able to stand this at all. Her train of thought was interrupted when Micah started dragging the feather up and down her foot slowly. It didn’t tickle unbearably, but it did annoy.

“Please, Micah. Heehee! You don’t understand how unbearably ticklish I am!” she yelled.

“Unbearably ticklish? You? I don’t believe it,” he said. In truth, he’s always been dreaming of this day since his father told him about Nemesis. Nemesis was the most gorgeous Goddess he has ever seen. Aphrodite was too self absorbed, Hera was always jealous, Athena was too much like Ares, but Nemesis upheld justice and punished those puny mortals who were overly self confident and proud in achievements and good fortune.

Micah abandoned the feather and started using his fingers. Almost instantly Nemesis burst into hysterics. He didn’t care if he was granted access to Mount Olympus or not, he just wanted to be with Nemesis forever.


Micah scrambled his fingers up and down her soles, digging under her toes. He kept this up for awhile before giving Nemesis her first break.

“Now be brutally honest. You liked that?” he teased as he moved to her upper body.

She was breathing heavily. Her chest ascending and descending. “That was torture!”

“Now should I believe that or not?” he asked elusively.

“Yes! My gods! Please, no more,” Nemesis begged.

Now this was something new. Nemesis never begged for mercy. This should be interesting, he thought as he moved toward her upper body. Mainly he wanted to attack her armpits next.

“Oh, come on, Nemi. You know you love this,” he taunted as he pulled out a blindfold and covered her eyes. He then stripped her of the bikini. Micah knew she was lovely, but the light accented her golden body which Micah thought made her even more gorgeous. He started to lightly run his fingers over her protruding ribs.

Nemesis started giggling. She didn’t think she could go through another round of tickling. She felt her heart beating erratically as her lungs burned as she gulped in air.

“Micah, HEEHEEHEE, please! No more! I can’t st-HAHAHAHAHA-and this!” pleaded Nemesis.

Micah then took the advantage and dug his fingers into her sides and ribs causing her to go from giggling to hysterical laughter. It was music to his ears.

“MI-HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-CAH, OHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ZE-HAHAHEHEHEHEHEEHEH-US! PLEA-HEHEEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHE-SE!” Nemesis begged in her laughter. Her blazing red hair was now matted on her forehead as sweat glistened her body.

Micah now forgotten the deal he made with his father, King of the Underworld. He loved making Nemesis laugh. She had such a gorgeous laugh. Since he was so intoxicated with what he was doing, he didn’t notice that Hades and Persephone appeared. His fingers were now kneading the ticklish flesh of Nemesis’s stomach, but it was soon ended when Hades spoke. It was relief for Nemesis, but chagrin for Micah.

“Has she agreed to allow us access to Mount Olympus?” Hades asked his voiced boomed like thunder.

Before Micah could answer, Nemesis had gotten her breath back and answered instead. “I’ll never allow you access to Mount Olympus! No matter what you do to me!”

“You puny goddess dare to defy the king of the underworld! You shall pay!” he roared taking out his arrow that was dipped in centaur’s blood, ready to kill the Goddess of Retribution.

“Father! No!” yelled Micah.

Hades turned toward his half-mortal half-god son. “Persi, do what you with the goddess while I talk to Micah.”

That put fear into Nemesis. Persephone had perfect long nails. She planned to finish what her husband’s son started. Soon laughter filled the room again as Hades took his son off to the side.

“What’s with you, boy!? I ask you to do a simple job and you haven’t broken her!” Hades bellowed.

“But father, I want Nemesis to be my wife,” he told his father.

Hades stared at his son before sending a glance toward Nemesis. An evil thought came to Hades blue flamed head. It was time to bring out the big weapons. Even Persi was afraid of what he was thinking. By time, Hades decided on his plan, Persi was using her flawless long nails on Nemesis’s golden ribs and sides. Really forcing the laughter out of Nemesis’s sore body.

Out of thin air, Hades produced a silky, blue feather. Immediately, Persephone stopped tickling Nemesis’s aching body and moved out of the way. Though to the naked eye it was just a feather, but to the naked body it was the worst tickling device Hades came up with.

“It seems my son has taken a liking to you. He wants to marry you. Will you be his wife and allow us access to Mount Olympus?” Hades asked. “Or do I have to persuade?”

Gulping air into her burning lungs, Nemesis replied, “Do…your…worst!”

“Well, can’t say I didn’t give you a chance, Nemesis,” Hades said as the one feather multiplied into a dozen and three feathers. Two at her pits, two at her sides, two at her ribs, two to sweep around her breasts, two at her nipples, two at her feet, one to sweep around her belly, one to dip into her navel, and lastly one at her pleasure mound. First, the ones at her feet started. After five minutes would past, another pair would start up until finally all were tickling Nemesis’s lightly blushed golden body.

She was a hysterical state. She swore that soon she’d lose her mind. She’d be so close to an orgasm when Hades had the pair at her feet speed up and the one at her mound to stop. So that made her sexually frustrated. In her mind, she begged Aphrodite to help her to release her sexual frustration, which she normally never did.

Micah was enjoying his beloved’s torment, which he added to by removing the feathers at her feet and used his fingers, which also seemed to heighten her fervent state. Hades and Persi were enjoying Nemesis’s torment that Hades was lightly tickling Persi with a feather causing sweet giggles to escape her mouth.

But soon they’re enjoyment was to come to a halt for Hercules, son of Zeus, came to Nemesis’s aid. Breaking through the wall, Hercules came with his steed, Pegasus. Hades and Persi disappeared for they knew better to miss with Hades’s brother’s son. However, Micah was so enrapt with tickling his sweetheart’s feet that he didn’t notice Hercules.

Hercules and Micah fought, but eventually, Micah went back to the Underworld with his father.

“Herc, thank the gods you’re here. Please untie me!” Nemesis begged her voice hoarse. Hercules was about to help when he spotted a feather and picked it up. “Herc, what are doing with that feather? Herc, my dear friend, untie me! Now!”

“Oh, come on, Nemi! It’s not like I’m going to hurt you,” Hercules teased as he started sweeping the soft feather over Nemesis’s ticklish feet.

Soft giggles were coming from Nemesis voice. “Herc, ple-HEEHEHEE-ase, don’t! Do-HAHAAHAHAHAAHAAH-n’t!” But her pleas fell on deaf ears for Hercules always wanted to see how ticklish Nemesis truly was.

(Hey, this is my first story so I hope y'all liked it! :D)

12-20-2001, 08:11 PM
Tickling involving the Gods!!! What a great concept! Nice to see people being this creative. Nice job!:cool:

12-22-2001, 09:58 PM
'Hercules the Legendary Journeys' with a touch of the Disney version...Nice

12-22-2001, 11:19 PM
Just a little bit of 'Hercules' Trivia...

Mentioned in 'Fire Down Below' when Nemisis is restrained when taking human shape, she couldn't escape, so there's no chance of her disappearing once she's already tied up, and in that episode she was captured by a Bola.

12-23-2001, 05:52 PM
I've only watched a few episodes of 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys' so I don't know much from that show. I never seen 'Fire Down Below'. So I didn't know that. I got most of my information about what Nemesis did and what she represents. I just added my own li'l touches. But I don't mind being corrected or anything. By the way, what's a Bola?

12-23-2001, 07:20 PM
if it's anything like e bola, you can count me out...

12-23-2001, 07:42 PM
A bola is a classical weapon consisting of three balls (occasionly round stones) each at the end of a iron cord (sometimes rope) all three cords meet after two or three feet, and are woven into a handle.

The weapon is used by spinning it above ones head and releasing it at a target. The weighted ends make it fly rather well as it spins, and when it contacts a target, they swing around and bind the person. Tripping the victim, and making it difficult for them to get away. It's main use was to catch runaway enemies/slaves, and to act as a harrasement weapon in battles.

Good story by the way, I quite enjoyed it!


12-24-2001, 10:51 AM
Huh, I thought it was some kind of mystical monster. :o Thanx for setting me str8, Myriads!

12-26-2001, 04:55 AM
I enjoyed that story.

I must've slept through it when it happened. Just like Zeus to not invite me to his parties. What a jerk. :sowrong:

love feet
12-13-2009, 01:42 PM
very nice!

Marquis De Sade
01-05-2010, 01:20 AM
For a first story this was pretty fucking awesome. I like the concept and the breakdown of a God was quite the spectacle. Can't get much bigger than that.

01-05-2010, 10:35 AM
I never would have guessed this was your first story. Awesome job Nem!!!! I really, really liked this one a lot!

01-05-2010, 11:05 AM
very nice!

For a first story this was pretty fucking awesome. I like the concept and the breakdown of a God was quite the spectacle. Can't get much bigger than that.

I never would have guessed this was your first story. Awesome job Nem!!!! I really, really liked this one a lot!

Oh wow, I never thought I'd see this story back on the front page. Lol. :blush:

Thank you all for kind words. I'm glad to see that people still enjoy my very first story. :happyhop: