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12-20-2001, 07:19 PM
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How I became a ticklee

I am a very strong-willed girl; I have been spoiled by my parent and have a bad temper and a stubborn personality. I have a brother two years older than me. He is not as fortunately as I. My parents are very demanding on him. But he was very naughty. When we both were in grade school, he was often punished by my parents because he did not do well at school. Once he was tied down to the bed and spanked badly because he failed an exam. Seeing that he suffered so much, I was very afraid and worried that I could be punished like that one day. However for some reason, my parents never hit me and I became more and more spoiled.
During my first year at junior high, I insisted my parent buy me a very expensive book bag and they refused, saying that my old one was still useable. I refused eating as a protest. I lied on my bed for more than a day not eating, ignoring all the persuasion and threats by my mom. She went mad and tied my hands to the bed posts: "See how I am going to taking care of you. I don't want to hit you but I will tickle you."
I was afraid and did not know how she was going to torture me. But my stubbornness and strong will prevented me from backing down. I thought the worst thing would be being spanked like my brother. I thought as long as I could bear the pain, I would never ask for mercy.
To my surprise, my mom did not bring a stick or a belt to hit me. Instead, she sat on me and used her legs to hold my legs tight. Then she pulled my socks and tickled my feet. I never thought that she could do something like that. And the ticklish feeling attacked me relentlessly. I struggled but my legs were held immobile and my hands tied. I could not move my body. I just bite my lips and held on. Every time my mom stroked my sole, my body and my heart shrieked. After 5 minutes, I could no longer hold on and suddenly laughed. At the same time, a wonderful feeling was all over my body and I felt so good. And my temper went away and begged my mom, "No more, please don't tickle, I cannot have any more, ha ha ha, I would get up and eat, ha ha ha ..." My mom was no longer angry and said, "If you dare not listen to me again, I will tickle you like this." Then she untied my hands.
From that time on, my parents used tickling as the form of punishmnet. If I didn't obey them, they tickled my feet. If I made mistakes, they tickled my feet. If I didn't do well at school, they tickled my feet. And they required me to get a certain score at each exam, and the lower I made than their required score, the more they would tickle me. O my goodness. I had to take seven final exams at the end of the term, and even though I could get 80 each on average, they would still stroke me 140 times. And they moved from using their hands to ticke one of my feets to using different inplements like brushes, etc to tickle both of my feets at once. I still rememeber when I failed the English exam in the first term at my second year at junior high, they tied up my hands and feet to the four bed posts and tickle my hands and feet at the same time using brushes. It almost killed me that time. When my mom tickled me, she would take off my shoes and tie me up herself. When my dad tickled me, he always ask me to take off my shoes and lie on the bed myself. Then he held one of my feet and stroked my feet from toe to sole using a brush and counted the number of strokes. He was so serious about that. I felt funny about his seriousness and when that ticklish feeling came, I could not help but laugh like crazy.
They also tried to torture my brother like this but it was not very succesful probably because his feet was not as ticklish as mine. Therefore they returned to spanking. They probably thought that a girl was too fragile for spanking, so tickling became my monopoly.
As for myself, I felt feared initially, later I no longer did, and later I was willing to accept this punishment,because every time after I was tickled, I felt a strange excitement inside my body, and I discovered that my memory power would be at its peak - I could memorize ten English vocabularies at one time and would not forget for a long time. Gradually I fell love into this punishment. Sometiems I intentionally did something wrong so that my parents would punish me by tickling. After each exam, I deliberately reported a lower score to them so that they could tickle me more. I tried to tickle myself but somehow I did not get the same feeling. At last I told my mom the truth when I was preparing for the admission exam to go to high school. I confessed that tickling helped me a lot and asked her to tickle my feet for more than 15 minutes every night. As a result, I was able to get in a good high school in my province.
I knew a lot of good friends, boys and girls, during the days I lived in the dorm at the high school. I told a couple of my intimate girlfriends in the same dorm my secret. They were very interested because they were seeking ways to improve their ability to study. They asked me to experiment on them to see if tickling worked. I used brushes to stroke their soles. Subsequently they grew fond of being tickled. So, within my dorm, and my class, and later the whole school, tickling became popular. Friends tickled friends. And when future opportunities arise, I would let you more about this.

12-21-2001, 03:16 AM
Did your parents ever tickle you anywhere besides your feet?

Let us now, I have heard lots about this (tickling as punishment) but would love for you to share more...

12-21-2001, 11:59 PM
Sorry, that story is not about me. I just translated it from Chinese.