View Full Version : AzN knee tickling (true)

12-20-2001, 09:00 PM
At high school this week, a couple of things happen. On 12/19/01, it was after school while I was waiting for someone to pick me up. But while I was sitting on the grass, I noticed at the corner of my eyes, these three AzN girls were tickling each others cheek. What caught my attention was they were talking about tickling. So they each took turn, stroking something(a feather?) on their cheeks. After a few minutes, one girl lift and bends her leg, and the other squeezed it, bursting her into laughter. They all did the same. I thought they were going to do the foot (since one of them were wearing slippers), but they didn't. :(
There was another thing that I would call "tickling," but it was during drama when a girl had her leg on the chair she was sitting on, with her foot dangling (she was wearing slippers and grey socks). Her other leg rest on the ankle, leaving the foot "trapped." The guy was sitting next to her, began to poke her toes. I didn't really see the reaction or laughter, but it was sorta interesting to watch. Sorrie if it's confusing how i tell true stories...but I'll keep ya update on AzN tickling.