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12-20-2001, 09:39 PM
Sailor Moon---Darien's Descent

(note: same notes from the previous story apply, but also wished to note
that future chapters of this story will contain some pretty graphic SEX,
and lots of BSDM topics... viewers under age, you have been warned...)
Part 2.)

Raye smiled wickedly as she run her long fingernails along Serena's soft soles.
It never ceased to amaze her how unbearably ticklish Serena was, and how
helpless she became with a little gentle stroking on her pale size 7 feet. Though
they were friends, and comrades, Raye took delight at being able to reduce
Serena into a helpless pile of giggling girlflesh with just a few tweaks here and

"How is that, Serena dear?" Raye taunted, digging her nails into Serena's high
pale arches. "Not quite so mouthy now, are ya? Kootchie kootchie coo,
Serena, I'm tickling your soft little feet, and yer helpless to do anything
about it. Suffer, girl, suffer the wrath of my ten fingered assault!"

"NNOOOOO hahahahahahah Rayee pleeeaasseee aahahahahahahah oh
God no, please, have mercy-y-y-yyyhehehehehehehe!! Not my feeeet!!"
Serena managed to sputter between gales of laughter. What part of her
mind wasn't shattered by the intense tickling wondered at how she had been
fooled into this position, into a situation that seemed strangely familiar
somehow @...

Raye's clever questing digits moved over to the curve of her instep, and
the few remaining thoughts evaporated as Serena's brain went into total
screamed, shaking her head frantically, her wild blonde hair shaking all
over the place, rattling the stocks, severly testing strength of the wood.

Darien watched, amused. "Careful Raye, you wouldn't want her to pass
out on us now. We've got others waiting to get a chance at Serena too
you know."

"Yeah, whatever," Raye said, reluctantly pulling away, allowing the
exhausted Sailor Scout to grab some much needed oxygen. "No biggee.
I'll have plenty of chances to tickle ol' meatball head next time she comes
to the temple." Raye thought about having Serena, alone, tied down, helpless,
and at her mercy, and it caused a strange stirring within her.

Huh? What the hell? Where did THAT come from? Raye wondered
to herself as she left the line. That was almost... orgasmic. I'm not that way.
Sure, there was that one time way back... but I'm not into girls.

As Raye left, pondering the strange feelings she'd felt, Serena was left to
endure her term, with person after person assaulting her most ticklish spots,
tormenting her like nothing she'd ever felt before. Darien watched from the
sidelines with an ever-present smirk. Without a doubt, Serena would never
forget this day... unless, of course, he wanted her to forget it. A single word
from him would erase this incident from her mind, as if it had never happened.
Of course, he rationalized, part of the problem with his girlfriend was that
she didn't remember all of the lessons he had taught her when she was his
mind controlled slave.

Perhaps its time I awoke her and the others to the truth, he thought.
There hasn't been an emergency or situation that called for Sailor Moon
or the Sailor Scouts in some time now. So why not? Why not indulge
myself, and play with those beautiful women again? After all, what red
blooded man wouldn't like to have eight beautiful, very sexy, very
ticklish girls at his beckoned call?

* * *

Hours later, Serena was resting comfortably on a bench, her arms and
legs pulled tighgtly around her, in a semi-fetus position. "I can't believe
you guys did that to me," she said, sulking. "You let all those people tickle
me nearly to death!"

"It's your own fault, Serena," Rini teased. "You're the one that said you
could stand it. And no one forced you into those stocks."

"Still," Serena replied, "you didn'y have to invite everyone at the fair to
have a turn. God, I thought I was gonna die! And I feel totally wiped

"Well, its over now, Serena," Darien said with a chuckle. "Let's head
back home now. After a little nap, I'm sure you'll be back to your normal
energetic self." Wrapping an arm around her, he helped Serena to her feet.

Arriving back home some time later, Rini jumped out of the car, and ran
towards the house. "Thanks Darien," she yelled back. "I had a great time!"
Once they were alone, Darien pulled Serena close.

"I had a good time too, Serena," Darien whispered softly. "It was fun having
you completely at my mercy for a change. I like it. You have a really cute
laugh too."

"Yeah, well I kinda enjoyed it too," Serena admitted after a moment. "But
don't get used to it. You're not getting me into that kind of position again
anytime soon!"

"That's what you think, my dear," Darien mumbled softly.

"Huh? What did you say?"

"I said, 'It's time for you to awaken, Moon Slave," Darien replied,
holding up a small black rose. Serena's eyes went wide at his words and
the sight of the rose, then glazed over as the hypnotic trigger took hold.
"That's more like it. Now, Serena, my dear, it's time to remember your
true calling, and to assume your rightful place once more."

"Yesss...my rightful...place..." Serena slurred, swaying slightly in her
seat. The vault within her mind slowly creaked open, and she remembered
everything from before: all her friends falling to the evil Darien's power,
one by one... the final confrontation, facing Darien and the other Sailor
Scouts...her fall, trying to resist awful pleasure of their combined fingers,
feathers, raspy tongues, and hot wet mouths, stroking her most tender
places... kneeling and submitting herself to her Master, utterly devoted
to him... and finally being commanded to forget everything, to assume a
new 'secret identity' as her old self, and to play that part so convincingly
that no one, not even Serena herself, would know anything was ever wrong.

With a gasp, Serena came to. "Master Darien?" she asked, glancing
around. "What... what's happening? You summoned me?"

"Awakened you, is more appropriate, I think. Tell me, Serena, do you
remember what happened earlier today in the park?"

Slave Serena giggled. "Oh yes, Master tricked me, then he, Rini, and
half the people in town tickled me nearly out of my mind. It was just
HORRIBLE!" she replied, fluttering her eyes in a way that showed the
experience wasn't as bad as she'd led him to believe.

"And Raye was first in line to tickle you silly," Darien pointed out. "I bet
you'd love the chance to get back at her right about now."

Serena's blue eyes narrowed, and a wicked grin creased her face. "Oh
yes,. Master," Serena purred softly, wiggling her long slender fingers. "I'd
just love the chance to put Raye through the paces."

Darien chuckled softly, turning the car back towards the temple on the
other side of town. "I think I can arrange it, my little Moon Slave. I bet
Raye will be glad to see us too. In fact, I bet she'll be tickled pink."

((end of Part 2))

12-20-2001, 11:59 PM
YOU GOTTA MAKE PART 3 SOON!!! Seriously, I have ALWAYS wanted to read about Mars gettin the buisness!!!! Awesome story so far man!!! :cool:

12-21-2001, 10:24 PM
I appreciate the praise. I'm about 3/4 done with
part 3, and not to spoil the story yet, but as
it should be obvious, this is the start of a trend
for the series. Eventually, *ALL* of the Scouts,
well, except Motaru, who's a baby, will be tickled
silly, at one time or another.

And yeah, I decided to post the previous story,
unfortunately, it was written in MS Works 3 or
some old program, and I'll have to edit and redo
parts of it when I try translating it to text or
a Wordpad Document, so will take a wee bit, but
in the meantime, I'm finishing this storyline


12-21-2001, 11:05 PM
wow, its just as good as the first (and people say that sequels always suck :D )
so how many stories are there gonna be in the end? im gonna read em all!
im happy to hear yer gonna post the first story here, thanx!
well, seeya later!

12-22-2001, 04:20 PM
I love the Sailor Scouts! Hurry with the next one! I can't wait to read all the Sailor Scouts in a ticklish peril, especially Sailor Mars. She's my fave! :D