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12-22-2001, 03:56 AM
Searching for this story has troubled be for awhile now. If I could remember the name, that would make it much easier, but it was in here... the Tickling Media Forum. I posted this to the story requests section also, but more people see this and could help out.

I realize most are on Christmas break though, and so will I... but around the earliest posted stories here, there was a really great, partly erotic story (with sex involved) that drove me insane. I'll try to think of some of the details, but like I said, I don't remember its name, because it must have been taken down (?)

There was the beautiful princess of another kingdom that was kidnapped and basically she was being groomed to be the rival king's plaything. I remember the king had two daughters who were learning tickling under him. They would keep her on display for the other members of the kingdom to watch her suffering. During her "preparation" for the king, she was bathed and prepared in different, erotic ways, but she was EXTREMELY ticklish. At the end of the story when she was finally saved, I remember the last paragraph about how the two daughters of the king were escaping and she ordered the guards to seize them... and found out that THEY were extremely ticklish themselves.

I'm sorry if these are scattered details, but I kept searching for this story many times and have not been able to find it. I don't remember its name, but it was posted HERE, during the earliest threads. Perhaps it was taken down because of the sexual/erotic content? Regardless, I remember some GREAT tickling in this story and if somebody could repost it or email it to me (if it was taken down because of the content), I would appreciate it greatly.

And in the spirit of giving, I am NOT 'mooching' off of everybody. I have yet to post or contribute any stories, but I've had many in the works for months now and in time will contribute my (small) share.

I hope this story is found. Again, it would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Holidays to those who celebrate it... and a Happy New Year.

We've come a LONG WAY BABY!!!!!!!

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