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12-22-2001, 07:14 AM
I had a daydream this morning that you beat me home from the club one weekend
night and I came home with a sexyily built, naive young woman and said that
she had too much to drink and I thought I'd bring her home for a cup of
coffee or two. I had her make herself comfortable, kick her shoes off and
relax while you and I made some coffee. I tell you while we are making
coffee together how we had met at the club and started talking and we felt
comfortable enough with one another to discuss sexual fantasies and she told
me that she had always wondered what it was like to be with another woman.
She said that she had never met a woman that she would like to experiment
with ......until tonite when she saw me and then once we got to talking she
knew that it was me she wanted. I smiled at her and told her that I was
picky when it came to sexual partners and that I found her interesting and
extremely desirable as well and that maybe, one night, we could make our
fantasies come true. I did explain to her that I was one half of a very
closely knit team and that I would like to share the experience with the man
that stole my heart. I explained how discreet it would be and that there
would be no repurcussions but that my love and I did have a fetish that we
would probably like to share with her. She was curious. I just asked her if
she liked to laugh. She admitted that she did. She shared with me a
childhood memory of how her father and brothers used to hold her down and
tickle her and that was the fondest memory for her. I could hardly contain
myself but I just smiled and told her that it was a beautiful memory, a
memory she should forever hold onto. The coffee was finished brewing so you
poured two cups and grabbed yourself a beer and we went into the living room.
Ok....so maybe we added a little Kahlua to the coffee. Why spoil a healthy
buzz? I even added a little to mine. Teehee. We poured just enough to
maintain her buzz and not send her over the brink. You put on some music
and we talked with this young woman. We made her laugh with the silly little
things we do, we shared a little of us with her and we could see that she was
becoming very comfortable with us. In fact, the Kahlua loosened her up
enough that she told us that she thought we were an awesome couple and that
she hoped she could be like us and find someone, one day, to share every
aspect of her soul with. She turned her eyes to me and smiled. I smiled
back and leaned over, gently kissing her and barely letting my tongue graze
her soft lips. I heard her inhale but she did not pull back, in fact, she
returned the kiss without hesitation. You sat back, closed your eyes and
sipped your cold beer and waited for me to set the scene. I pulled back
from her, my green eyes searching hers. I could tell she was willing to
proceed with the evening......or shall I say.... the early morning. I took
her coffee cup from her hand and set hers and mine on the coffee table. I
slid my hand softly across her cheek and behind her neck and pulled her lips
once more to mine. As we kissed, she moved herself closer to me, a soft moan
escaping her lips as I ran my tongue over them. She brought one hand shyly
to my breast and began to caress me as I slipped my tongue between her parted
lips and kissed her tenderly yet deeply. My back was to you and I felt you
run your hand up my back to gently caress my neck as I kissed this woman. I
brought my hand down and slipped it beneath her blouse and bra and caressed
her naked breast. I found her hardenend nipple and rolled it beneath my
fingertips, pinching ever so tenderly. I felt her slide a leg up mine and
rest on my lap. I reached down and ran my hand from her naked calf to
beneath her skirt. The night was warm and she wore no hose. I caressed high
upon her inner thigh, letting my fingertips graze her warm crotch. I could
feel her arch her pelvis each time. I pulled my lips from hers and softly
whispered "take off your blouse and bra.....I want to taste your skin".
She smiled and lifted her blouse over her head, tossin' it aside and reached
back to undo her bra. She had the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. I
moaned as I looked her over. You had moved, ever so quietly to the kitchen
for another beer, barely making a sound. You entered the living room and sat
in the chair across from us. The lights were low and candles were burning
because you knew me well enough to know my love of the candlelight. You
knew the seductiveness that the flickering flames instilled in me. You
watched as I brought my lips to her breast and suckled them. Her eyes
closed, her back arched, allowing me full access to her beautiful breasts. I
pushed her skirt up so that you could see what my fingers were doing beneath
it. I rubbed her wet pussy as I sucked deeply on her tit. She reached to
me and unbuttoned my shirt. I had no bra on and she pushed it down off my
shoulders and began to caress my breasts with naive fascination at touching
another woman's body. She whispered "they're beautiful". I caressed her
pussy beneath her skirt, letting my fingers slide down her gash until I
reached her opening. I gently pushed my middle finger into her opening. I
found it to be extremely wet. I moved my finger in and out of her and heard
her moan loudly. I pulled my lips from her tit and arched my back, letting
her know that it was ok for her to reciprocate. As she sucked my hardened
nipples, one and then the other, I turned my head and my eyes met yours. You
smiled at me, nodded and raised your beer bottle to me. You mouthed "I love
you". Little did this young woman know, but I had called ahead once I had a
feeling that I had found "our victim". You had been expecting my call as
you saw me talking to her and spending most of my night with her, dancing,
drinking and touching each other in a comfortable, friendly way while you so
wonderfully played your guitar upon the stage. I saw the look in your eyes.
I knew that look......I loved that look and I knew it was time. I pulled my
finger from her dripping pussy, I felt her hot, rapid breath against my skin.
She moaned in disappointment as I pulled away from her. I smiled into her
eyes and stood, holding my hand out to her and softly whispered "do you trust
me?". She whispered "yes" and put her hand in mine. I pulled her to her
feet and kissed her gently before leading her to the bedroom. The bedroom
was also lit by candlelight but she saw the contraption on the bed and looked
at me with fear and fascination. I smiled and told her, as I pulled her
skirt down her body, that it was ok, not to be too afraid but that a little
fear would make it just that much more enjoyable for her. I assured her that
she would not be hurt but that she was going to experience a familiar
pleasure. I picked the blindfold from the bed and asked her to place it
over her eyes, explaining the concept of the enhancement of sensory pleasure.
She placed the blindfold on her eyes and stood there. I then, beckoned to
you thru the bedroom door. You entered the bedroom. I led her to the bed
and positioned her body. I stepped back as you strapped her in. As you
strapped the victim in I undressed slowly. Savoring the moment. You
watched me as you strapped her in. Our eyes met, our thoughts anticipating
the time when we would be alone, knowing that we would be cumming together as
one soul in the early morning hours. Our lovemaking being even more
satisfying than the times before. Once she was secure in the rack, you
gently tied her hands together with the soft scarf. I told her that during
this experience she needed to do everything in her power to keep them above
her head. No matter how much she wanted to move them ....... she
must'nt........ She said she understood. I straddled her beautiful young
body, my pussy against hers and leaned down to kiss her. I kissed her lips,
licked her neck, suckled her ear lobes, my tongue probing inside. I reached
up and ran my nails across her palms, down the inside of her arms, stopping
at the bend as I moved my lips to her breast. I sucked and nibbled her
nipples as I ran my hand down her arms to her armpits. I could feel her
shake beneath me. I tickled her armpits gently. She giggled softly as I
continued tickling and sucking her tits. I could feel her rolling her head
from side to side as she fought to keep her hands above her head. I sucked
one nipple and the other as I ran my hand down to her sides. I could feel
her pelvis raise beneath me, her pussy pressing up into my own wet snatch. I
ran my nails up and down her sides as I ground my pussy against hers. Our
clits rubbing together. I could feel my excitement building. I dug my
fingers into her sides and felt her arch roughly, her body upper body moving
from side to side as she laughed loudly "Oh no.....no, no.....oh my gawd!!".
I pulled my mouth from her gorgeous breasts and licked a path down her body
as I slid my body down hers. My fingers still digging into her sides. Once
I reached her stomach, I turned my head towards you and nodded gently. I
raked my nails down her waist to her hips as you moved to the bed. My face
poised above her stomach, my tongue probing her belly button. I watched as
you got upon the bed on your knees, your body beside her waist. You began to
tickle her armpits mercilessly as my nails ran up and down her sides. I
teased her thighs with my tongue as her body thrashed upon the bed beneath
your expertly torturing hands. I rolled off her and laid to her side,
parting her pussy lips with my fingers as I lapped at her gash, running my
tongue from the bottom to the top of her sweet snatch. You tickled her
armpit with one hand as your other hand dug into her side, tickling
marvelously. Her laughter and playful protests filling the bedroom. Her
pelvis bucking beneath my licking tongue as moans intercepted the giggles
sporadically. I looked up towards you from between her legs and saw you
looking back and down at me, a wonderful smile of enjoyment upon your sensous
lips. My green eyes crinkled as I smiled back. You returned to your
torturing as I took her clit gently between my teeth and sucked. She moaned
loudly "ohhh yes....oh gawd yes.....ahhh ahhh".......then more laughter
emitted from her lips as you dug deeper. I flicked my tongue rapidly against
her clit, just like you, my Daddy, does to me, I sent her into spasms of
undescribable pleasure. She arched her pussy upwards as her upper body
rolled from side to side trying, unsuccessfully, to escape your torturous
administrations. I moved my tongue down the sweet tasting pussy, probing
the opening with my tongue as I rubbed her clit with my fingertips. Her
moans overtook the laughter, obvious to us both, our victim is nearly out of
breath. You, the love of my life lightens the tickling to a bare minimum
but yet you continue to illicit giggles from our lovely little victim. My
tongue tasting the sweet juices beginning to flow, I remove my tongue from
her opening, replacing it with my middle finger, moving it slowly in and out
of her with ease as her juices allow it to slip easily in and out. I move my
mouth back to her clit, flicking, sucking and licking alternately. You, my
lover cease your tickling and move silently off the bed. You move to the
foot of the bed, kneeling at our victims feet. You watch me intently as I
bring our victim to climax. You reach behind me as I move one leg slightly
upward, exposing my obviously dripping pussy to you. You reach between my
legs and stroke my clit with your fingertips. I moan against the pussy
beneath my lips, my moans mingling with those of the victim as my mouth
brings her to the brink of her orgasm. I move my fingers faster in and out
of her wet snatch. The wet sounds reaching my ears.......is it her sounds of
wetness or mine as you, my Daddy, inserts your finger deep inside me,
stroking my center so expertly, knowing what brings me pleasure? The victim
and I moan in sync as our bodies reach orgasms seemingly at the same precise
second. She thrashes roughly against my face, her juices covering my
fingers. I move my body against your probing fingers as you feel my juices
flowing. Your fingers bring me to orgasm. I pull my face from the young
woman's pussy as I moan loudly, grinding down onto your hand. You know the
sounds of my pleasure and know that you have once again, brought me to full
satisfaction. As our victim lies, catching her breath and recovers from her
pleasurable experience, You, my lover, pull your fingers from me. I sit up
and slide to the floor beside you. You bring your fingers to your lips,
rubbing my juices over them. I lean towards you, my lips covered with the
juices of our victim, we kiss, my juices and hers mingling as we kiss
passionately. I reach up and slide my hand beneath your lustrous hair,
pulling you closer as our kiss deepens. We finally pull apart and we whisper
"I love you's". I rise from the floor slowly and go to the kitchen to get
our victim water to quench her thirst and wet her lips, and grab you, my
love, an ice cold beer. You Daddy wait patiently as I remove the scarf from
our victims wrists. I slide my body beneath her head, resting it against my
breasts as she takes deep drinks of the ice cold water. You slip quietly
from the room as she drinks. I remove the blindfold from her eyes. She
lowers the bottled water from her lips as she gets the first glimpse of
herself restrained by the sexual invention of my lover. "Oh my"......she
whispers. She looks up at me and says "that was wild....thank you". I
leaned down, kissing her soft, wet lips and smile "Dont thank me
yet........there's more to cum". Her eyes widen "you're kidding
me.........right?". I playfully bat my lashes and grin wickedly. She
whispers "oh gawd....I dont know if I can take anymore". "Sure you
can....you did wonderfully." I looked towards the door, I can see you
waiting patiently in the chair, watching me. The victim cannot see you. I
lean down and whisper conspiratorily to her....."this is my first time too".
She looks at me, her eyes widen....."really?"....I nod and whisper "yes, you
are my first". I dont reveal that she is not my first female lover. She is
the first, of many, tickle torture victims that you and I will share. She
smiles, feeling even more comfortable with my admission. She smiles and
kisses me. I stroke her cheek softly before taking the water from her hand
and setting it on the floor beside the bed. I gently place the blindfold
once more over her eyes and settle myself comfortable beneath her, lowering
her head to my lap, brushing her hair back from her face as I look towards
the door and nod at you. You enter the room as my green eyes gaze upon you
with heartfelt love and longing. You come to me, smiling as you lean down
to kiss me gently before moving to the end of the bed. I recognize the soft
music playing and smile as I realize you, my love have slipped an Enya CD on.
I watch from the head of the bed as you arrange your tools on the floor at
the end of the bed. Before you begin your torture ritual, you move to the
dresser, lighting a stick of Patchouli incense, knowing that this is not just
a night of pleasure for us both but also a sacred night of my religion. You
set the mood for me. I cant help but adore you for your consideration and
respect for me. My love deepens for you even more so at that second. I
feel my body relax as I look towards the window and see my Goddess
Diana....her full face aglow. You, my Daddy, take your place at the foot of
the bed and you begin to oil the victims feet and I tenderly run my hand down
over her breasts. She moans as you massage the oil into her feet. She
whispers.."gawd.....this is so erotic and wonderful....you two are perfect
together". I chuckle softly and whisper "go team". You laugh and whisper
"ditto". We three laugh together. I watch you closely for the moment you
are ready to begin. I see your eyes look up and me and I move my hands from
the victims breasts to her elbows. I grasp them firmly, pulling her arms
towards me. She is trapped. You slowly begin to run the "special brush" up
and down the soles of her foot. The young woman squeals "oh gawd"....she
begins to giggle, trying to pull her legs upward but the rack holds her firm.
As I watch I can see her foot flex as she strains against the confines of
the rack. I feel her hands on my back, holding tightly to me. She squirms
upon the bed, her head rolling from side to side "oh no.....I cant stand
it.....stop......oh gawd". I looked down at you with an evil smile, my
hazel green eyes flashing maliciously. You "brush" the sole of one foot and
then the other. The victims squealing with laughter and giggles. You
continue for several minutes before stopping. The young woman has barely
enough time to catch her breath before you run a feather between the toes of
each foot. The feather moving back and forth between her toes. She is
nearly hysterical with laughter. She screams breathlessly with joy under
your hands. I have to tighten my grip on the victims arms, she is strong. I
feel her nails against the skin of my back, raking firmly. Her back arches,
her full breasts jutting upwards beautifully. I smile to myself with pride
at have chosen the perfect specimen. I look down and see acceptance in your
eyes. You continue your torture ritual for several more minutes. The victim
is tiring and you and I nod in agreement that we have fulfilled our first
time fantasy and that we have provided our victim with an experience she will
never forget and will forever be grateful, although we know we that it's
possible we will never see her again. There is a twinge of sadness for she
was the perfect, first time, victim, but we know that there will be more
victims. Each time being a different and fulfilling experience for all
involved. Time passes, none of us really aware of exactly how much as we
sit silently in harmony and relaxation, each of us with our own thoughts.
The time comes when we must release our victim and send her on her way. You
my love, release her from the confines of the rack as I pull the blindfold
from her eyes and hand her water. I moved from beneath her head and gather
her clothes for her. You and I leave the room while she dresses.....giving
her time to gather her thoughts and to reflect on the events that have taken
place. In the living room, you help me into my clothes, neither of us saying
a word. We share small, intimate, quick kisses as you dress me. We settle
close together on the couch. We stand as the young woman enters the living
room. She smiles somewhat shyly and whispers "I had a beautiful time
tonight. Thank you both for sharing yourselves with me and making a fantasy
of mine even more than I imagined". You and I each hug and kiss her before
sending her on her way. Once we heard her car drive away from our home, we
turned to one another and embraced. You take me by the hand and lead me to
our bed. You hit the replay button on the CD player on the way by. We slide
beneath the covers of our bed where we make love to one another, bringing
each other to orgasm before snuggling down to sleep as the sun rises. ~The