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12-22-2001, 10:12 AM
A Christmas Story

I wrote this story as a Christmas present for all the guys and mainly the girls of the TMF chat, with whom I’ve spent so much time of exciting fun together in the last months.
A merry Christmas to all of you and be nice, respectfully, charming and not rough to each other. Lets us have a lot of playful and romantic hours together in the new year.

Yours TicYourToe

Conrad stood right in front of the house of his best friends, who had invited him to spend the holy night (December, 24th) together with them. They had three children, one of them, Julia, now 9 years old, was his godchild. Her brothers were 11 and 7 years old. He rang the bell and immediately heard, how the whole gang including the dog were running to the door, the parents calling something to the children, which they ignored completely. They were too nervous on this Christmas day, where they expected to get all these beautiful things, they had written on their wish lists. The door opened and the three children were hanging round his neck, pulled him in the house at his hands and tried to get out, which presents could be in these five packets. Conrad went in and now he also had the possibility shaking hands with his friends, Mary and Steve, who directed him to the living room, having an aperitive.
Just when they were seated, the bell rang again and the same procedure took place once again. Steve remained seated with Conrad and now told him, that they had invited one of Steve’s colleagues, who also had no family to celebrate the holy night with. Conrad’s reaction wasn’t very pleased, cause he didn’t like these experiments of some of his friends anymore to bring him together with a woman. He was 45 years old, lived his own very content life and really hated it to be confronted with such a situation during the Christmas days. However after a few minutes quiet talk between Mary and Susan, Steve’s colleague (she did not know about this arrangement too), they came in and Susan and Conrad were introduced to each other. Susan was a tall and cute lady, about 35 years old, with short brown hair, a lovely face and long slim legs. She wore a white shirt, a very short red jacket and a red mini, black stockings and red pumps. The four adults were sitting on the couch, taking their aperitives and talked about the weather, their jobs and other kinds of small talk. Conrad still felt uncomfortable with this situation, but nobody noticed it, cause he was familiar with this party talk.

Suddenly the children came to the table and wanted more attention for them. They wanted Susan to come with them to their rooms, showing her their toys. As she didn’t react for a while and tried to ignore it, Billy, the 11 years old boy poked her into her ribs, which immediately resulted in a squealing out from Susan’s mouth. “Yes, let’s tickle her, tickle her, tickle her” cried his 7 years old brother and suddenly the other two joined Billy and tickled her ribs, tummy and legs. Susan laughed out loud and tried to escape this torture, but didn’t came out of the couch and so it lasted until Steve and Mary went between and pulled the children away, loudly scolding them. Susan was breathing heavy, when the parents tried to apologize for their children. “Oh, that’s no problem for me”, Susan responded, “ I am so ticklish as long as I can think and I am familiar, being tickled – yes, sometimes I even like it, if it’s light and playful”. With this statement they changed to another theme and continued their small talk. In Conrad’s brain some exciting thoughts came up. Could it be, that she really liked it to be tickled? That she could enjoy it like him? What problems did he have with earlier relationships, where his girlfriends didn’t share his tickle fetish and finally left him. This beautiful and charming lady in red! It would be too wonderful to think, that they had the same preferences. He couldn’t stop thinking about this, while they were sitting at the table, enjoying their meal, during the giving out of Christmas presents to the last digestive. He only was watching this charming lady and, as she recognized his interest, they started to flirt, looking in their eyes longer and longer. And Conrad had the feeling, that Susan would like his behavior too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They stood in their coats in front of their friends house and were quiet for a moment. “What shall we do now?” Susan broke the silence? “May I accompany you a bit?” Conrad suggested “The night is so calm and peaceful, I really would like to walk a bit”. “That’s a good idea, Conrad, after this beautiful meal it’s really helpful to move a bit”. They had exchanged their addresses; so they both knew, that their apartments would be in the same direction and not far away. They talked about the evening, about the family with their children, but Conrad avoided it to touch the tickle story. They went along a broad street with different shops along, when they reached an electronic shop with TV’s in the window. Like a mood of fate, they both saw at over 10 TV screen the scene from a very old film, where Steward Granger tickles his female partners feet. They both stopped without saying anything, staring at these TV’s. As it was finished, they both smiled and Conrad started the conversion “your statement about tickling was very exciting to hear for me. Do you really like it to be tickled?”. His heart was beating that he could feel it right under his neck, awaiting her answer. “Yes,” she said blushing “it’s really a little peculiarity of mine. I don’t know why, cause it’s such a torture for me being tickled, but it really turns me on”. Now it was the time, that Conrad also felt free to talk about his enthusiasm, to tickle female feet, tummies and armpits and she admitted to have her most ticklish spots on her soles. As they were talking and walking, they suddenly stood in front of Susan’s apartment. “So, would you like to come in for a coffee?” she asked him. And he accepted very quickly, hardly awaiting the things to come.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They went in through the door and removed their coats. They decided to have a glass of champagne instead of coffee. Conrad opened the bottle, still standing, while Susan took a seat on the one end of the leather couch. She removed her pumps and slowly rubbed her nylons against each other. Conrad was electrified, hearing that sound and hardly brought the champagne into the glasses. Then he took the two glasses and went to the couch. They both looked so deeply in each others eyes that they had no word to speak, as Conrad sat down right beside Susan and she immediately put her legs on his lap. They both took a drop of champagne, then Conrad took the glasses and put them on the table. “Don’t be too rough please, Conrad, will you?” Susan pleaded, still looking in his eyes. “No Susan, trust me, I will be very softly and playfully”. With this words Conrad laid his left hand upon her ankles, drawing little circles around them with his thumb and forefinger. He watched Susan’s face and saw her biting her lip and starting to giggle. “Aaawww, are you such ticklish, Hun?” he asked teasing her a bit”. She nodded not being able to say anything. He very tenderly slid along her insteps slowly towards her toes. She wiggled her feet, trying to escape his fingers and quietly started to giggle. He fixed her feet, holding her ankles with his left hand and let his right hand’s fingertips stroke round and under her heels. “oooooohehehehheethiiiiistiiiiiiicklessoooomuuuche heheheheee” Susan started to giggle louder. Just before he could continue to touch her soft and silky soles he recognized, that her laughing suddenly changed into crying, with tears running down her cheeks. He immediately stopped, gave her legs free and went up to the end of the couch, kneeling in front of her. “Oh sorry, Hun, if I was too rough with you” he said, though he couldn’t imagine being the reason for her crying. She continued crying quietly, suddenly wrapped her arms round his neck crying into his shoulder. He felt how her upper body was shaken and tried to calm her, massaging her back with his hands. “Sorry, Conrad,” she started speaking as her tears stopped to run “you must think, that I am a stupid crying little girl. It’s not your kind of tickling, I really love it that way, but I was so lonely the last weeks and had so much fear of these terrible Christmas days, so that all this frustration had to come out. And your tickling was the trigger for that”. They both wrapped their arms round each other, holding each other very tightly. “Would you like me to go now, Susan?”, Conrad asked clumsy. “Would you really dare to leave me alone in this ticklish mood?”, Susan returned and poked Conrad’s waists. This was the sign, he was waiting for, took her arms from his neck and held them behind her head. He smiled in her face while he very quickly attacked her armpits before she could retract her arms. “HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHANOOOOOTHEEEEEEEEREHHHEHEEEE”, Susan laughed out loud, arching back and this time he knew, that it was real laughing. He continued at her ribs, stroking over them one by one then down to her tummy. “Hehehehehehthaaaaaattiiiiiiiickleshahahahahhaa” was her more quiet reaction. But his target however were her beautiful soft feet. During their movement on the couch, Susan’s mini had moved up to show, that her thin nylons were stay ups with a beautiful edging at their ends. It looked so sexy, that Conrad was shivering and Susan was smiling, seeing his reaction. “do you want to remove them, Hun?” she asked, teasing him. Instead of answering both of his warm hands pushed down these nylon stockings piece for piece. “Mmmmmmmmmm, that feels soooooo gooooooood” Susan closed her eyes and relaxed, enjoying the tender touches of his hands and fingers. As Conrad pushed the stockings over her heels, he took them at her toes and pulled them away totally. Now Susan’s cute and soft feet laid before him with the red polished toes, which she was wiggling teasingly. Conrad gently took her legs and stuck them between his legs, making it impossible for Susan to pull them away. Her bare feet were wiggling and trying to hide each other. “Do you like me to do that?” Conrad asked, looking to Susan’s face. “Yes, Conrad”, she answered “now I feel so helpless, I don’t know why, but I really love this”. Then Susan fixed the ceiling with her eyes and bit her lips, knowing what would come now. Conrad was shivering, looking to her wiggling and moving feet. He took all his fingers and very tenderly let his finger tips slide up from the heels over her bare soles. Susan immediately started to laugh out loud, trying to move her feet “HEHEHEHEHEHEHENOOOOOOOOTMYYYYYYFEEEEEEEEEEETHEHEH EHEHEHAHAHAHAHA”. They were really her must ticklish spots so far and Conrad fell in trance, cause he had the chance to do his most favorite hobby. He softly tickled up to her toes, which she was curling, as he touched them. He took both of her big toes with his left hand, giving his forefinger the chance gently to tickle and to drill under and between her toes. “Not my toes, not my tooooeeeeeshahhahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” was the only thing, Susan brought out of her mouth, laughing so hard. He enjoyed tickling her toes and then finally stretched her feet to get access to her wonderful high arches. He tenderly tickled her there only with his forefinger, right under the balls. The reaction was so exciting for him “NONONOHOOOHOHAHAHAAHAHAAHAIIIICAAAANTSTAAAAAANDIT HEHEHEHEEHAHAAHHAHSTAAAAAAHHHHAAAAPAHAHAHA”. He immediately stopped, cause he saw, that Susan needed to breathe and he didn’t want to torture her. He gently stroke over her calfs with his palms, gave her legs free and crawled up between her legs to her face. There he stroke her hair out of her face and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She was smiling and breathing, wrapped her arms around his neck. “This was sooooo exciting, Conrad, I don’t remember being tickled so sensitive before, finding out my most ticklish spots”. They again looked deeply in each others eyes and kissed each other passionately. “But these are only the first couple of a lot of ticklish spots all over my body” she teased him and they both knew, that they would need all the Christmas days to find them out completely.

12-23-2001, 02:03 PM
Dude this is an outstanding story. U need to make a sequel.

12-24-2001, 02:47 PM
Hi Rake,

thanks for your positive feedback - but the story is finshed for public access at this point :-).
If i get more of these feedback posts from people who like those stories, i have alot of ideas for other romantic and playful scenarios. But i need more motivation to write it down *smiles*.